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Media (and 21 Cross References)

  1. .net, Reviews, competitions, software, general computing.
  2. 64 power, (German) Nintendo 64 video game review magazine.
  3. Ad Nauseam, A running commentary about the information society.
  4. All Net Devices, News/information about Internet handhelds, smart phones, set-top boxes, etc. .
  5. Amiga Report, weekly Amiga related magazine.
  6. Analyst Views, Information technology (IT) information links, daily updates.
  7. Application Development Trends (ADT), Application development tools and services magazine.
  8. B2B eNews, Business-to-business, direct marketing & Internet commerce.
  9. BackChannel, newsletter of the American Association of Advertising Agencies.
  10. Benchmarks, the computing center news journal from the University of North Texas.
  11. Beta Books, View books under development for computing professionals online.
  12. Bitpipe, Library of free IT white papers, webcasts, product information.
  13. Broadwave Studios, Web site design, graphics, Internet marketing.
  14. Business to Business Weekly, (Dutch) Weekly business on the Web review.
  15. BYTE, article archive only as of 9/12/95.
  16. Canadian Computer Reseller, Newsmagazine for value added computer reselling.
  17. Canadian Journal of Communication, from the Canadian Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology.
  18. Canadian Printer, Canada's business magazine for the printing industry.
  19. Career Magazine, from National Career Search - more of a career matching service.
  20. CATSlash Magazine, Hacking, phreaking and anarchy e-zine.
  21. CD-ROM Above Board, CD-ROM reviews and information, mostly PDF information.
  22. CLECnews, Online magazine for Competitive Local Exchange Carriers, customers.
  23. Communications Update, Telecommunications news service and communications market analysis.
  24. CommunicationsWeek, from CMP Media.
  25. CompuNotes, Weekly reviews, news and interviews from the PC world.
  26. Computer and Internet InfoZone, The, Computer and Internet information magazine.
  27. Computer Currents, Computing resources for beginners to programmers.
  28. Computer Game Entertainment (CGE), Computer game online magazine.
  29. Computer Gaming, from Ziff-Davis publishing.
  30. Computer Law Observer, The, Articles on computer law with an international flavor.
  31. Computer Life, from Ziff-Davis publishing.
  32. Computer Paper, The, Canada's largest computer monthly.
  33. Computer Retail Week, from CMP Media.
  34. Computer Shopper, from Ziff-Davis Publishing.
  35. Computer Sun Times, from Computer Sun Times Publishing.
  36. Computer Telephony (.com), Web magazine focusing on computer/telephone integration.
  37. Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine, from John December.
  38. Computerist Magazine, News, reviews, opinion and information about technology and computing.
  39. Computerworld, Computer focused news and information.
  40. Computing, Information technology magazine.
  41. Computing Japan, English language Japanese computing magazine.
  42. ComStar, "Computer Digest" hardware, software (e.g. multilingual) online catalog.
  43. Crossroads, The International ACM Student Magazine.
  44. Current.Cites, citations from over 30 journals scanned networking and related technology.
  45. Cyber India Online, Computer and communications e-magazine, India focus.
  46. Cyber Media Show, The, Talk show on Internet strategies, tactics and applications, real audio.
  47. Cyberkind magazine, from University of North Carolina.
  48. Cybernautics Digest, from KFH Publications.
  49. Cyberscope Magazine, Current Internet issues, news, etc..
  50. Cyberspace Today, California's source for News and Happenings in the On-Line world.
  51. CyberWire Dispatch, by Brock N. Meeks.
  52. c|net radio, news (including audio) from the digital domain.
  53. d't, (German) Personal Computer (PC) magazine from Verlag Heinz Heise.
  54. d.Comm, information technology magazine.
  55. Darklight Media, Web site design, multimedia, graphics, printing.
  56. Database, Magazine - some online content.
  57. Datamation, from Reed publishing.
  58. Design Engineering, Magazine for Canadian engineers.
  59. Digital Biscuit, Underground techno magazine.
  60. Digital Rag, from Wimsey Information Services.
  61. Digital Video Magazine (DV), Source for digital video creators.
  62. Discount Long Distance Digest, Long distance and long distance resale industries, Vantek Communications.
  63. DM News Online, Direct marketing online news magazine.
  64. Dr. Dobbs Journal (DDJ), Some content - lead article only.
  65. EDN Access, Design information for the Electronics Industry.
  66. Educom, and Edupage searchable index and archive info. tech. in Education.
  67. Electronic Buyers' News, from CMP Media.
  68. Electronic Engineering Times, from CMP Media.
  69. Electronic Money Tree, The, online magazine for entrepreneurs and small business people.
  70. Elektra, online magazine about emerging technologies, Harvard University.
  71. Embedded Development, On-line magazine about embedded systems.
  72. Embedded Systems Programming Magazine, Some (but not all) content.
  73. EMedia Professional, Magazine - Electronic publishing focus, some online content.
  74. Exopa Terra, The E-journal of Technology and Society.
  75. Feed, magazine (zine, whatever) - irreverant information technology discussion.
  76. First Monday, Peer-reviewed Internet journal about the Internet.
  77. Game Bytes, game information.
  78. Game Trend, Interactive electronic entertainment online magazine.
  79. Gator's Byte, Weekly web site promotion column.
  80. GFX News, computer oriented online magazine in .GIF format.
  81. GlasNews, East-West contacts in communications publication.
  82. Global Communications, Online technical information on global communications.
  83. Global MONITOR, Canadian online computer news magazine.
  84. GNN News, The Global Network News from nearnet.
  85. GWEB, An Electronic Trade Journal For Computer Animators.
  86. Handheld PC Magazine, Magazine for handheld PC users, Windows CE.
  87. Hewlett-Packard Journal, bimonthly review of technical contributions by HP personnel.
  88. HitchHiker, Internet topics from the Technet Unit, National University of Singapore.
  89. Home Business Review, education and promotion for home business - including Internet business.
  90. Home PC, from CMP.
  91., Home networking/Internet connection sharing e-zine, tutorials.
  92. HotWired, from info. tech. magazine in an interesting format - membership.
  93. ICB TOLL FREE NEWS, Online Journal of toll-free telephone news, marketing, regulation, etc. .
  94. In, Around and Online, Online Service Industry Weekly Updates.
  95. Indian Techonomist, The, Newsletter about India's information industry.
  96. InformationWeek, weekly newsmagazine for business and technology managers, from CMP.
  97. InfoWorld, from InfoWorld.
  98. Innovative Software Konzepte (ISK), (German) Software for the construction industry (e.g. GWBAU), programming.
  99. Inside Dynamic HTML, Web site design information (e.g. from the book).
  100. Inside Games, Computer game magazine, news, previews, etc..
  101. Inside Media, Direct marketing media magazine from Cowles Business Media.
  102. Inside Netware, from the Cobb Group at Ziff Davis.
  103. Inside OS/2, from the Cobb Group at Ziff Davis.
  104. Inside the Internet, from the Cobb Group at Ziff Davis.
  105. Inside Visual Basic, from the Cobb Group at Ziff Davis.
  106. Inter@ctive Week, from Ziff-Davis Publishing.
  107. Interact Media, Shockwave games for Web sites.
  108. Interact-Net, Internet technologies, discussions, and reviews magazine from Newbreed Communications.
  109. Interactive Age, from CMP.
  110. Internaut, magazine from Internaut Books.
  111. Internet Magazine, (Korean).
  112. Internet World, from Mecklermedia.
  113. Into Tomorrow, Consumer electronics/technology radio show with Dave Graveline.
  114. Intranet Publishing, Intranet development information/ideas.
  115. IRIS Universe, the magazine of visual computing, from Silicon Graphics.
  116. ISWorld Net, a new look information infrastructure source from Southern Methodist University.
  117. iX, (German) Multiuser, multitasking magazine, from Verlag Heinz Heise.
  118. j-dom, Zine for Netizens. Current event articles on technology.
  119. Journal of Universal Computer Science, Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum, Berlin.
  120. La Red, (Spanish) Hackers underground magazine.
  121. LAN Magazine, Monthly online magazine from EMAP.
  122. LAN on the WEB, the network solutions website.
  123. Lan Times, from McGraw Hill.
  124. LDAPzone, LDAP information, resources.
  125. Learned NewsWire, news and views concerning Online Information, European perspective.
  126. Light Reading, Networking information/on-line magazine.
  127. Linux Today, Online news about the Linux operating system.
  128. Lockergnome Online, Information about software and web sites related to Windows 95/NT.
  129. Lynx, The, experimental online magazine.
  130. Mac Net Journal, hypertext version of the downloadable Mac Net Journal.
  131. Macinstuff, Electronic daily news magazine for the Macintosh community.
  132. MacUser, from Ziff-Davis Publishing.
  133. MacWeek, from Ziff-Davis Publishing.
  134. Macworld Online, Macintosh oriented online magazine from Mac Publishing.
  135. Malice News, A weekly roundup of computing and gamers news.
  136. Marketing Magazine, Canadian marketing, advertising and media magazine.
  137. Materials Management and Distribution, Canadian logistics magazine - transportation, distribution, identification, etc..
  138. McKinsey Quarterly, The, Business, finance, management zine, inc. comp./e-comm./telecom..
  139. Meta Magazine, Web magazine for the Internet community.
  140. Methods & Tools, E-newsletter software development professionals.
  141. MIS Quarterly, Management Information Systems (MISQ) from Cox Business school at SMU.
  142. MODEMnotes, electronic magazine for online Macintosh enthusiasts.
  143. Monitor Magazine, the monthly magazine of the Capital PC User Group.
  144. Music & Computers, Magazine for those using computers to play, compose, or record music.
  145. NCSA News, General interest computer magazine from NCSA.
  146. NCT Web, (National Computer Tectonics) magazine from Markland Communities.
  147. Net Day, from Mecklermedia.
  148. Net.Value, a Web strategy magazine from One World Interactive.
  149. NetDummy, Software newsletter/ezine, tutorials, Windows tips, etc..
  150. NetGuide, information about the Internet and online services, from CMP.
  151. Netly News, The, Internet and information technology news.
  152. NetMarketing, Network (Internet) marketing information magazine.
  153. Netsurfer Digest, a weekly e-zine packed with fun places to netsurf.
  154. Network Computing, from CMP.
  155. Network Observer, The, newsletter about networks and democracy.
  156. NetWork Week, Weekly online magazine from EMAP.
  157. Network World Magazine
  158. NewsPage, from Individual Inc.
  159. NeWWW, A Magazine for and by Internet Explorers, Dartmouth College.
  160. NII Scan, from the National Computer Board, Policy Research Unit.
  161. NSF Network News, information about the NSFNET and Internet, from the InterNic.
  162. OEM Magazine, from CMP.
  163. Off the record, information on business and technology management.
  164. Online, Magazine - Information industry focus, some online content.
  165. Online Gaming Review, Computer game reference and review e-zine, from Airage Publishing.
  166. Open Computing, from McGraw Hill.
  167. Open Systems Today, the newspaper of Open Distributed Computing, from CMP.
  168. PC Computing, from Ziff-Davis Publishing.
  169. PC Laptop, Computers magazine, portable computer focus, Los Angeles, CA.
  170. PC Magazine, from Ziff-Davis Publishing.
  171. PC NetGuide, Personal computing and networking guide with a regional focus.
  172. PC Online, German computer and communications magazine.
  173. PC Presentations Productions, On-line how-to magazine of Windows.
  174. PC Week Online, Online personal computing and networking magazine, Ziff-Davis.
  175. PC World, Personal Computer magazine, Windows, Intel.
  176. PCD (Printed Circuit Design), Magazine. Some content.
  177. Perforations, quarterly journal/media kit - life and technology.
  178. Personal Engineering & Instrumentation News, Magazine for PC using scientists and engineers.
  179. PHOTO>Electronic Imaging, digital education magazine.
  180. Phrack Magazine, Information for hackers.
  181. PR Report, (German) Public relations magazine, Kohtes & Klewes.
  182. ProAction Media, CD/DVD duplicator towers, printers, auto duplication systems.
  183. ProActive Guide, International market guide for software/telecoms vendors, news, index.
  184. PRP News, (Russian) Computer news, companies, business, etc. - Russian market.
  185. Punto Informatico, (Italian) daily telematics and communications magazine, Rome.
  186. Quintessenz, an Internet oriented lifestyle magazine - German, netSphere.
  187. Reseller News, from CMP.
  188. Robot World R2-XL files, E-Zine by Tony Dyson, the man behind R2-D2.
  189. Salon Magazine - 21st, Technology and culture section.
  190. Sam Whitmore's Media Survey, Editorial analysis of computer publications and related web sites.
  191. Scoop! The CyberSpace Tip Sheet, from Clarknet.
  192. Semicontuctor Business News, Daily news for semiconductor industry managers.
  193. Smart TV Magazine, Web TV, digital television, satellite, DVD, PC/TV, etc..
  194. Sources eJournal, Electronic journal focused on intellegence data gathering, DSO.
  195. Spread Spectrum Scene, Wireless, PCS, and advanced digital communications online magazine.
  196. Sprocket, Information/telecommunications news/analysis daily.
  197. Suck, a subsidiary of HotWired.
  198. SuperKids, Parents' and teachers' guide to childrens' educational software.
  199. Support Management Magazine, Magazine for help desk, customer and technical support. Free subscription..
  200. Tech, The, MIT technology magazine.
  201. Technology Access, Technology Transfer magazine from University R&D Opportunities, Novato, CA.
  202. Technology Review, technology magazine from MIT.
  203. TechTutorials, free tutorials covering all aspects of computing.
  204. TechWeb, Technology information from CMP publications.
  205. TechWeek, Bi-weekly newsmagazine for Silicon Valley technology professionals.
  206., Business and technology issues for the new public network market, McGraw-Hill.
  207. Telecom Tribune, Japanese telecommunications and related high-technology industries.
  208., Top stories, telecom tips, etc., telecommunications e-zine.
  209. Telecommunications, Information about the information and communications industry.
  210. Telecoms Strategy Update, from Analysis.
  211. Telecoms Today, Daily news for the Telecoms industry.
  212., Computer telephony and communications e-zine/information.
  213. Testing Techniques Newsletter (TTN), Archive of information about software testing from an e-zine.
  214. Texas Computing Magazine
  215. Think, Technology news plus hyperlinks to commentary, personal opinions, etc..
  216. Total Telecom, Daily news for the telecommunications professional.
  217. Traffick, Web portal news zine.
  218. Tri-City Computing Magazine, Computing industry information in New York's Capital District.
  219. TronSoft, Lottery analysis software.
  220. UK Satellite Control, Satellite information resources and news, UK focus, Strong UK.
  221. Unix review, from Miller Freeman.
  222. Unix World, from McGraw Hill.
  223. Var Business, from CMP.
  224. Virtual Mirror, The, Internet resources and software, Winsock oriented.
  225. Web Developer's Journal, Java/Javascript: tutorials, reviews, downloads, discussion group, links, etc..
  226. Web Digest for Marketers, bi-weekly summary of Web marketing sites from Chase Online Marketing Strategies.
  227. Web Magazine, The, Some online content (e.g. site reviews).
  228. Web Rat, daily comments on the Internet, Web site reviews.
  229. Web Review, journalistic features on "The World Behind the Web", from Songline Studios.
  230. Web Week, from Mecklermedia.
  231. Web-Vantage, Web oriented e-zine.
  232. WebMaster, magazine - focused on the World Wide Web.
  233. WebServer OnLine Magazine, Online magazine for Web site managers and related technical personnel.
  234. WebStorageD2D, Resource for MS Exchange, HTML, ASP, Java, ADO, CDO, Visual Basic programming.
  235. Win95 Magazine, from
  236. Windows, from CMP.
  237. Windows Internet Magazine, from CMP Media.
  238. Windows Sources, from Ziff-Davis Publishing.
  239. Wired, Rest Stop on the Infobahn.
  240. WordTips Newsletter, E-mail zine on tips for Microsoft Word.
  241., Online magazine focused on XML.
  242. ZDNet, Online home computing (PC) magazine from Ziff-Davis..

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