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Standards Cross References

  1. American National Standards Institute (ANSI), coordinates and approves US national standards.
  2. Computer and Communication Organizations, in this WWW page set - includes some standards organizations.
  3. Computer and Internet Standards Information, from Yahoo.
  4. Computer Technology Standards, Index to Computer Standards.
  5. Cross Reference to Standards Organizations, from NIST.
  6. Directorate for Interoperability, from the (US) Defense Information Systems Agency.
  7. I/O Related Standards Information, from the X3T10 Committee.
  8. Industry Standards Activities, from the SAS Institute.
  9. Information about electronics standards, from the Helsinki University of Technology.
  10. International Standards Organizations, from Intercai Telematics Consultants.
  11. Internet drafts, current from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
  12. Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Entry page.
  13. InterOperability Lab (IOL), communication standards interoperability testing, U. of New Hampshire.
  14. Japanese Industrial Standards
  15. Ken's Dictionary of Computer Standards, Brief definitions of computer terms/standards.
  16. Malaysia, Standards and Industrial Research Institute (SIRIM)
  17. Open Information Interchange Initiative (OIII), Standards and specification information.
  18. Other Internet Standards Resources, from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  19. Other Protocols, from the US Navy Research Laboratory Extensive!.
  20. PC Webopædia Standards links, from Sandy Bay Software.
  21. Public Netperf, Browse or add Netperf network performance data, from HP HOT!.
  22. Slovenia, Standards and Metrology Institute (SMIS)
  23. Standardization Service Telecom Standards, Telecom. standards index/information, European focus.
  24. Standards and Standardization Bodies, from the International Standards Organization (ISO).
  25. Standards Information On-Line, C&C standards information with a bus focus.
  26. Standards Interoperability Testing, from the Interoperability Lab (IOL) at U. of New Hampshire.
  27. Standards Organizations, as listed by John December.
  28. Standards Organizations, Index from the International Standards Organization (ISO).
  29. Standards Page, from the Swiss Center for Scientific Computing, ETH, Zurich.
  30. Standards Page, The, Index to standards information.
  31. Standards, Testing and Protocols, page from the W3 Communications & Telecommunications Virtual Library.
  32. Standards/Standards Bodies/Legislation, from Keith O'Brien's Telecom Info.
  33. Telecom Standards, A list of relevant URLs from Telematrix.
  34. WWW Virtual Library: Standards and Standardization Bodies

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