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  1., Tutorials, courses, articles, practice exams, IT (esp. Windows).
  2. 24 Hours in Cyberspace, Quite a tour of the Web.
  3. 56Kb/s modem transmission information, news, upgrade guides, buyer's guide, and drivers .
  4. Area Code Split Information, Telephone area code change information.
  5. AVies, Modem init strings to improve performance.
  6. Brainspin, from AT&T Labs - technology (e.g. C&C) information for kids.
  7. Broadcast ISDN User Guide & Directory, ISDN content and index, broadcast focus.
  8. Cable and Telecommunications Mailing Lists, from University of Wisconson.
  9. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress, Wrist Pain, information page from ADVOC.
  10., An introduction to the world of computer certifications..
  11. Codec Central, Information about digital multimedia technologies, encoders/decoders.
  12. Communications Library, The, definitions of terms from MCI Worldcom.
  13. Computer Color Matters, Computer color information, gamma, why they vary on different systems.
  14. Computer Commuter, Computer related tips and info. from Dave Cyril on O-Zone.
  15. Computer Industry Data, from the US Department of Commerce.
  16. Computer Science Graduate Schools, Top 25
  17. CPSR Y2k Working Group, Information about the year 2000 (year 2k) problem.
  18. Danish Info2000 report, Denmark, Europe.
  19. Data Mine, The, Information about data mining.
  20. Data Science Programs, Student guide to degree programs in data science.
  21. Desktop Videoconferencing Products, from North Carolina State University.
  22. Digital video, and related Radius digital video information.
  23. DirectX Developers, Information for DirectX developmers and Windows 95 games programers.
  24. Distributed Multimedia Research, Standards and Products, a Survey from Edinburgh University - RARE research.
  25. Driver, Links to driver software for various devices.
  26. Driver Zone, The, Search and information site to find device drivers.
  27., Basic computer/network hardware, software information, network.
  28. Electronic Document Management, Challenges and Opportunities for Information Systems Managers.
  29. Enabling high speed TCP/IP data transfers, User and System Administrator notes from PSC.
  30. Encryption Policy Resource Pages, The, Information about the need to reform US encryption policy.
  31. End-end Internet performance assessments, from the National Laboratory for Advanced Network Research.
  32. Eudora Tips, Descriptions of Eudora configuration features and uses.
  33. European Union, information technology documentation.
  34. FCC ID Number Search, Locate a manufacturer for a product.
  35. Federal Marketplace, US government procurement resources.
  36. Fiber Information Center, from Corning Optical.
  37. Finnish telecom, FAQ.
  38. FRAD comparison (Frame Relay Access Devices)
  39. Framework for NII Services, from the U.S. Nist.
  40. General Internet, Some good basic Internet information, from EZine.
  41. German Telecom, FAQ.
  42. Gilder, George - ASAP article index, Recommended!.
  43. Glossary of of SCSI terminalogy, from Paralan Corporation.
  44. Glossary of Technical Terms (Telecommunications), from Telehub.
  45., Computer professional certification information.
  46. Guidlines on the Protectioni of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data, from the OECD.
  47. High Bandwidth Web Page - Links for Beginners, Links to overview articles on ISDN, ASDL, ATM, and others.
  48. HTML Color Chart, Color codes shown in a background of that color.
  49. HTMLand, Advanced tricks of HTML and Javascript webpage..
  50. HTMLSource, HTML tutorials, lessons, information, help, etc..
  51. IBM mainframe and related information, MVS, OS/390, COBOL, etc..
  52. Illegal and Offensive Content on the Information Highway, a background paper.
  53. Info-Society for All - the Danish Model, The, (English) from Forskningsministeriet.
  54. Integrated Communications Management of Broadband Networks, TMN, ATM, CMIS/P, configuration management, etc..
  55. Internet Advertising Center, Information about Internet advertising .
  56. Internet Weather, Packet loss and other stats from major Internet subnets.
  57. Intranets: Readings and Resources, from the Institute for Academic Technology, U. of N. Carolina.
  58. IT2000 - A Vision Of An Intelligent Island, Singapore.
  59. Java Tips, Examples, tutorials, book reviews, applications, libraries.
  60. Jonny's HTML Headquarters, HTML tutorial, including frames, image maps, tables, etc., resources.
  61. Kevin's Bus Mastering Driver Page, Triton, VIA, SiS bus mastering drivers and info.
  62. Kieron Shorrock/Jon Boydell, ActiveX creation guide, project planning and related information.
  63. Learn It On The Web, A terrific resource for anyone who wants to leverage the awesome educational power of the web!.
  64. LincMad, North American (US, Canada, Caribbean) telephone area codes and splits.
  65. Louis Freeh US FBI Encryption Testimony, and a rebutal from Webstart Communications.
  66. Macintosh Crash Tips, General diagnostic procedure for Macintosh freezes and crashes.
  67. MacWindows, Macintosh/Windows integration information, Extensive!.
  68. MalekTips, Windows tips, discussion forums, downloads, etc. .
  69. Media Glossary, from Inside Media and the International Communications Group.
  70. Merokee Dot Com, Reviews on Internet marketing fraud, Web resources.
  71. Microelectronics Industry Information, from the US Department of Commerce.
  72. National Information Infrastructure (NII), Virtual Library - National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  73. Networking, and Distributed Systems research at DEC.
  74. OEM Software Licensing, a guide from Stromian Technologies, Durham, NC.
  75. PC-DISK, Hard disk drive data, jumpersettings, layouts, etc..
  76. PICS: Internet Access Controls Without Censorship, Rating mechanism the Internet content.
  77. Printing tips and tools, from Hewlett-Packard - helpful information.
  78. Promote your Website, Information about Web site promotion.
  79. Puneet Pawaia, Information about India's VSNL GIAS Internet service.
  80. RAID 101, Introduction to RAID w/focus on RAID 5, tuning info, performance graphs, etc..
  81. Removable-Storage-Guide, Guide to building inexpensive removable computer storage.
  82. Rights and Responsibilities of Participants in Networked Communities, from the National Academy of Sciences.
  83. Satellite Term Definitions, from Keystone Communications.
  84. Search engine submissions directory, List of search engine submissions specialists/submission software.
  85. Search Engines, Understanding and comparing, Bush Library, Hamline University, 1995.
  86. Security Controls for Computer Systems, The Ware Report, 1967-1979, RAND.
  87. Security, privacy, cryptography and intellectual property rights, from the OECD.
  88. Security, Science and Technology Strategy, U.S. National.
  89. Serk's Place, (some Russian) Voice modems, computer telephony and related information.
  90. Siva's Notes World, Lotus Notes tips, tricks, self tests, links, etc..
  91. Small Business Resource, The, Information on management, computers, personnel and marketing.
  92. Software Industry Data, from the US Department of Commerce.
  93. SQL-Server-Performance.Com, Performance tuning/optimization tips for Microsoft SQL Server.
  94. SS7 Home, Information about Signaling System 7 (SS7).
  95. System Optimization, and performance information from Scott Wainner.
  96. T1 Shopper, Directory of bandwidth test sites.
  97. TechnoFILE, Consumer non-technical information/guide to home/business technology.
  98. Technology for the National Information Infrastructure, from the HPCC for the NII - U.S.
  99. TECHtionary, Animated dictionary on data networking and Internet technology.
  100. Telecom Mailing Lists, from U. of Michigan.
  101. Telecommunication Definitions, from the Internet Business Center.
  102. Telecommunications Act of 1996 (US), Executive Summary Section by Section, and FAQ.
  103. Telecommunications Library, The, from Tele Danmark.
  104. Telephone Customer's Corner, information about long distance telephone services and rates.
  105. Telephone, Fax, pager reference guide, Basic information.
  106. TeleScapes Glossary, Personal telecommunication Glossary of terms.
  107. Tom's Hardware Guide, Computer hardware information.
  108. Two Curve's History of Internet, US Internet and TCP/IP development at Cern.
  109. U.K. Telecom, FAQ.
  110. Used Laptops/Notebooks Guide, Laptops/notebook info., features, buy/sell, etc..
  111. Used-Computers-Guide, Tips/recommendations for finding used computers.
  112. Washington Telecom Newswire, News related to telecom.
  113. Web Design Matters, 12 things every web site designer should do.
  114. Web Reference, Reference material for Web site development.
  115. Web traffic Co, The, Information about techniques to increase Web traffic.
  116. WEBalley, HTML and Web design tutorials.
  117., Hypertext definitions of computer related terms, Extensive!.
  118. WHO's On-line, Telecommunications/Network specialists.
  119. Windows 95 questions and answers, Archive, index.
  120. Windows Galore, Tips and tricks for Windows OSs.
  121. Windows-Help.NET, Windows 95/98 tips & tricks, support BBS.
  122. WindowsCE On-Line, Information about the Windows CE operating system and products.

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