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Computer and Communication Companies Cross References

  1. Arabian Modern Equipment (AME), Database/search engine of Middle East Business Information.
  2. Baber computer, directories of computer Hardware and Software and other vendors.
  3. BizWeb, the Business Web - scouring the Web for goods and services, extensive!.
  4., Index/database of Web presence providers.
  5. Business and Information Exchange Network, business listings for Atlanta, GA.
  6. California Computer Related sites, from Webstart Communications.
  7. California Yellow Pages, and Alphabetical Listing of Calif. sites, from DEC.
  8. Canadian Electronics Industry Guide, Web index and search engine.
  9. Canadian Information Technology Company Directory, from CanadaIT.
  10. Carriers/PTTs, from Keith O'Brien's Telecom Info.
  11. Chipset Online, Index to chipset and semiconductor manufacturers on the Web.
  12. CIX, member list of Internet service providers.
  13. Client/Server Company Index, from db.HOTlinx (Evans & Associates).
  14. Coast Regional Internet Service Providers (CRISP), directory for the US Pacific coast, from SenseMedia.
  15. Commercial Services, from UltraNet Communications.
  16. Commercial Sites Index, from Otis Sytems.
  17. Commercial sources, from Information Bank.
  18. Commercial Web servers, Internet Vans, Storefronts, and represented companies.
  19. Communications & Telecommunications, Manufacturers and vendors.
  20. Companies, from Mike Scott.
  21. Companies, list from Primenet.
  22. Companies in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  23. Computer and Communication Companies, from Webstart Communications Extensive! Searching!.
  24. Computer companies in Hungary, from Skyex.
  25. Computer Companies in the Web, by Oliver Schade at University of Passau.
  26. Computer hardware and software manufacturers
  27. Computer hardware companies, Index by category and alphabetic.
  28. Computer Industry, page from University College, Dublin.
  29. Computer Manufacturer Home Pages, from Global computing.
  30. Computer Organizations in California, Index to California Computer organizations.
  31. Computer Related Companies, Web index.
  32. Computer Review, Index to information technology companies.
  33. Computer Vendors, from Computerland.
  34. Computers, a list of URLs mostly for Computer companies.
  35. Corporate Web Register, corporations on the Web, from the Reference Press. Extensive!.
  36. Corporations, Extensive!, searchable, structured list. Part of Yahoo.
  37. Corporations of Interest to Electrical Engineers
  38. CorpTech, Directory of high technology companies.
  39. CTI Directory, of computer telephony, voice response, and voice activated dialing companies.
  40. Cybercafe Search Engine, The, Database/search engine for cybercafes.
  41. Data Processing Independent Consultant's Exchange (DICE), Database of IT recruiters.
  42. DCI Computer Manufacturer's List, A-Z list of computer manufacturers.
  43. Desktop Publishing, Product catalog.
  44. Desktop Videoconferencing Products, from North Carolina State University.
  45. Directory of Technical Companies, Mostly print magazines.
  46. Directory of UK Telecommunications Software Providers, from HMSO (name/contact only).
  47. Directory: Businesses & Organizations, from Internet Public Access.
  48. Electric, electronic and computer companies, from Dimitris Liapakis at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  49. Electrobase, Database of electronics distributors, reps, and services from Cobro, Extensive!.
  50. Electronic Manufacturing Guide, from CircuitWorld Online Services.
  51. Electronic Market Place, from Global Union Square.
  52. Faster Ethernet Vendors, from WKMN Training.
  53. Firmen im World Wide Web, companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
  54., Computer and Internet related companies, products, services.
  55. Fortune 500, The, from Fortune magazine.
  56. GeoWeb GIS/GPS/RS companies, search engine only.
  57. German Company Info, German company info in German.
  58. Global Commerce Link list of companies
  59. Gray Pages, The, North Carolina area businesses from Trinet.
  60. Greek Business Pages, from Compupress S.A.
  61. GTS, (Spanish) System & software engineering, automotive & aerospace focus .
  62. Guide to Computer Vendors, from SBA * Consulting.
  63. Hardware and Software Vendors On The Web, from Comspec, Web index.
  64. Hi-Tech commerce page, from NASA GSFC.
  65. Hong Kong Companies Directory, free Fax access by searching to 123,100 Hong Kong companies.
  66. Inacom Corporation WWW list, from Inacom.
  67. Infocomm Industry Pages, Information technology industry index - well organized.
  68. INTAC Business Information
  69. Interactive Age "Hot 1000", Top 1000 North American companies by U.S. sales, from CMP.
  70. Internet Business Center, from The Internet Group.
  71. Internet Business Directory, Brief entries for hundreds of companies - free listing.
  72. Internet Computer Xchange, Telecommunication and computer vendor and product database.
  73. Internet marketing, and advertising and free listing resources from Groupe Delphi.
  74. Internet Service Provider Directory, Searchable directory of ISPs, organized by city.
  75. Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Portugal, from SAPO, Lisbon.
  76. Internet Services in California, Index to California Internet services.
  77. Internet Shopping Network, Company list.
  78. ISDN Hardware and Vendors, from Dan Kegel at Cal Tech.
  79. Italian Business Information System, (Italian and English) searchable and browsable database of Italian companies.
  80. Japan sites, a separately maintained list of just Japanese companies.
  81. Light Reading, Computer networking vendors and technologies.
  82. List, The, Internet service provider (ISP)s. Extensive!.
  83. Macintosh Vendor Directory, Macintosh vendor directory.
  84. My VoIP Provider, Comparison, ranking of voip service providers.
  85. Nationwide Business Directory of Australia
  86. NetAccess Worldwide, Internet access providers with an International emphasis.
  87. NetCruiser -- Business Destinations
  88. NetSearch(sm), search engine for a database including companies.
  89. Networking Resources, from RealTech.
  90. NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages, Extensive! business phone number listings.
  91. Pacific Business Marketing, Web site design, Web presence, e-commerce, marketing, etc..
  92. Printed circuit board (PCB), Companies, organizations and media.
  93. Public Companies, Those traded on a stock exchange (publicly held), from Metzger Associates.
  94. Radio-Locator, Database of Radio stations.
  95. Security Vendor's List, from Thinck Associates.
  96. SGD Networks, Web site design, multimedia, hosting, promotion.
  97. Silicon Valley (and other) Web Directory, from Mentor Marketing.
  98. Silicon Valley Companies, from NetView.
  99. SoftInfo, search of Software and Service companies and products, Extensive!.
  100. Software Industry Directory, from the Software Publishers Association.
  101. Spiderweb, 's classified Name and Subject listings.
  102. Starting Point - Business, - cross reference some companies.
  103. Stepwise NEXTSTEP/OpenStep, list of Next, Inc. related pages, from WhiteLight, Inc.
  104. Stock Market Data, and current quotes for many stocks, from MIT.
  105. Technology Businesses in California, from "Facts Online".
  106. Telecom Companies, from FernUniversitšt Hagen.
  107. Telecom Index, Telecommunication Related "Home Page"s - mostly companies, from Internet Exchange.
  108. Telecom World, Telecommunications manufacturers and products Extensive! .
  109. Television stations, from Yahoo.
  110. Thomas Ho's favorite Electronic Commerce WWW resources, Extensive! but no searching, somewhat dated.
  111. Thomas Register of American Manufacturers, Product and service suppliers database, extensive!.
  112. Toad, The, Directory of Internet access providers (ISPs).
  113. Top 100 * 100 Digest, of America's largest computer, peripheral, software, and network companies.
  114. Vendor Page, from Honeywell Allied Data Communications.
  115. Vendors Online, a list of vendor links from Stanford SLAC.
  116. Vendors' Support & Information, and other "cool" sites, from Simon Fraser U.
  117. Vendors/Organizations, from Keith O'Brien's Telecom Info.
  118. VoIP Providers, Review voice over IP providers.
  119. VPN Labs, Index research, reviews, discussion of Virtual Private Networks.
  120. Web Designer Directory, Searchable index of Web site designers, from E & G Internet Marketing Services.
  121. Web Hosting Stuff, Directory Of Web hosting services, Web presence.
  122. Web Page Designer Preferred Links, from E & G Internet Marketing Services.
  123. Web Portals International, It marketing directory and index.
  124. White pages for businesses, from Home Pages, Inc..
  125., Search by ZIP code for Cellular, PCS, wireless. mobile phone carriers.
  126. WWW.*.COM, list from IBM, Zurich - extensive!.
  127. XMission Businesses

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