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Computer and Communication Companies ("B" entries)

  1. B and B Computer Solutions, Web site design, network integration (NT and Novell), sales, service, Shreveport, LA, US.
  2. B & C Data Systems, Computer Based Training (CBT) programs (e.g. Novell®), Portland, ME, US.
  3. B & C Interlink Tech, Web site design, Etobicoke, ON, CA.
  4. B & C Technologies, Internet consulting, hardware and software integration, Ann Arbor, MI, US.
  5. B & F WorldWide, Computer protection and tracking software (Fortres), Caruge, CH.
  6. B & M Marketing International, Business information and services - e.g. Internet start-up, Coventry, RI, US.
  7. B & R SYSTEMS, Computers, printers, toner cartridges, web site design, networking, Fultondale, AL, US.
  8. B & W Enterprises, Computer systems, software, accessories, telephone, satellite, etc., Waycross, GA, US.
  9. B. Com Communications, Internet telephony software (e.g. Net2phone, Deltathre), Island lake, IL, US.
  10. B. Mastin Computer Services, Network integration, computer repair/upgrade, personal/small business, Chandler, AZ, US.
  11. B.A. Microwaves, RF/microwave development, production, 10Mhz-40Ghz range, Nesher, IL.
  12. B.Lue D.Zine, Web site design, software development, outsource, Phuket, TH.
  13. b2net, Systems integration, servers, storage, HP, Sun, Oracle, Cisco, etc., Chesterfield, UK.
  14. BA*TV, television productions (e.g. Building America), Washington, DC, US.
  15. Baan, Enterprise software applications and services (e.g. Orgware), RH Putten, NL.
  16. Baarns Publishing, Microsoft Office enhancements, utilities, and information, Mission Hills, CA, US.
  17. Baber Information Services, An AS/400 resource plus computer directories, Irving, TX, US.
  18. Background City, Background images for Web sites, Singapore, SG.
  19. Backi WebHosting Services, (German) Web presence provider, Web promotion, Effretikon, CH.
  20. BackPoarch Solutions Resource, Human resource tracking software for home health services, Woodstock, GA, US.
  21. BackupUSA, Online backup and data recovery services, New Orleans, LA, US.
  22. Backweb, Information delivery using "push" technology, San Jose, CA, US.
  23. Badger State Web Designs (BSWD), Web site development, Brookfield, WI, US.
  24. Bahnware, outfitters for the Information Revolution, La Canada, CA, US.
  25. Bahwan IT, Systems and network integration, systems administration, Muscat, OM.
  26. Baillie Associates, Training and development for CA-MANMAN and BAAN software, consulting, Nottingham, UK.
  27. Baker Computer and Data, Unix consulting, systems/data management, NAS, SAN, backups, Richfield, WI, US.
  28. Baker Computer Consulting, Consulting, computer support/service/training, etc., Windows focus, Northglenn, CO, US.
  29. Baker Hill, Financial software (OnePoint, lending, credit) for small business, Carmel, IN, US.
  30. Baker Web Design, Web site design, graphics, Flash, Web presence, e-commerce, etc., Wildomar, CA, US.
  31. Bakson, Security, surveillance, safety systems (e.g. PC Patrol, PatrolCAM), Huntington Beach, CA, US.
  32. Baldwin Hackett, Software development (e.g. transaction, transport, etc.) and related services, Omaha, NE, US.
  33. Balentine & Associates, Call center consulting services, Charlotte, NC, US.
  34. Ballarat NetConnect, Internet service provider, Ballarat, AU.
  35. Baltimore-Washington Telephone, telephone service, Pikesville, MD, US.
  36. Bam Consulting, Web site design, graphics, database, consulting, Yahpank, NY, US.
  37. BAM Technology Research, technology market research, San Francisco, CA, US.
  38. Banana Programming, Terminal software (BananaCom) for the first time modem user, Missoula, MT, US.
  39. Bananatree, Web site design, Web presence, promotion, ISP, Oregon House, CA, US.
  40. Bancomzvjazok (BKC), Custom programming (e.g. offshore), DBMS, reengineering, etc., Kiev, UA.
  41. B&B Electronics, Serial communications products (e.g. RS232, RS422, RS485, protocol converters, etc.), Oranmore, IE.
  42. B&B Software Group, Lottery analysis software (LottoPix) for Macintosh, Carrollton, TX, US.
  43. B&C Microsystems, Testing and programming equipment for electronics/semiconductor industry, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  44. B&E Technologies, Consulting (e.g. year 2000), programming, Web site design, etc., Waterford, WI, US.
  45. B&K Communications, Internet service provider (ISP), wireless, VoIP, etc., Monroe, Michigan, US.
  46. B&K Computer Services, Computer systems (PCs, Macs), peripherals, accessories, online catalog , Mercerville, NJ, US.
  47. Bandwidth Media, Web site design, advertising, marketing, training, etc., Lakeport, CA, US.
  48. BANG Interactive, Multimedia development, Web site development, graphics, etc., Atlanta, GA, US.
  49. Bang Networks, Real time Web information delivery, e.g. "DirectPath", San Francisco, CA, US.
  50. Banjara Systems, Software development, Web site design/graphics, consulting services, San Jose, CA, US.
  51. Bank of Brodhead, Internet service provider (BRODnet), Brodhead, WI, US.
  52. Banner Software, Test case generation software (e.g. Datatect), Sacramento, CA, US.
  53. Bannerbridge, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, systems integration, etc., Basildon, UK.
  54., Web site design, database, programming, Web presence, etc., Las Vegas, NV, US.
  55. Bannister Lake Software, Macintosh, Newton, and WAN software, Waterloo, ON, CA.
  56. Bar Code Graphics, Online digital bar code creation, bar code testing, Chicago, IL, US.
  57. Barbara Sousa and Associates, New/used notebook computers, accessories, Web services, Aloha, OR, US.
  58. Barcode International Systems, Data collection, bar code systems and point of sale products, Riverside, CA, US.
  59. Barcode Scanner Central, Barcode scanners inc. Symbol, PSC, Metrologic - on-line catalog, Palm Harbor, FL, US.
  60. Barcrest Multimedia, Design and manufacture kiosks for computer systems, Ashton-under-lyne, UK.
  61. Bare Bones Software, BBEdit text editor and related software, Natick, MA, US.
  62. Barefoot Computer Training Ltd, Personal computer training, London, UK.
  63. Bargain Machine, Used and reconditioned laptop and notebook computers, Hanslope, UK.
  64., Computer systems (PCs) and consumer electronics, online/live auctions, Irving, TX, US.
  65. Barns Designs, Web site design, desktop publishing, scanning, printing and photo-editing, Torrington, UK.
  66. Barquin International, Data warehousing, knowledge management systems, government/industry, Washington, DC, US.
  67. Barrett Industries, Mobile solar electric power for emergency equipment (e.g. computer/comm.) , Las Vegas, NV, US.
  68. Barrister Information Systems, Time management software for law firms, network service, Atlanta, GA, US.
  69. BARRNet, Northern California Internet service provider, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  70. Barrow Communication, Computer, satelite, telephone, and power conditioning equipment, New Bern, NC, US.
  71. Base Ten Systems, Electronic systems for defense, software for medical, Trenton, NJ, US.
  72. Baseline on the Web, entertainment and media information resource, New York, NY, US.
  73. Basic Electronics, Flexible circuit cards, Garden Grove, CA, US.
  74. Bason Computer, Computer hardware, storage, hard/tape drives, disk arrays, etc., Chatsworth, CA, US.
  75. Bassotech, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, on-line catalog, wholesale, Sunrise, FL, US.
  76. Batech, Electronics for physics and industry, bus systems, quality control, Tangstedt, DE.
  77. Batky-Howell, Computer training for professionals, Englewood, CO, US.
  78., Batteries and battery accessories, on-line catalog, home or business, Carmel, IN, US.
  79. Battery Mart, Retail battery sales, alkaline, NiMH, laptop, camcorder, etc., Winchester, VA, US.
  80. Battery Outlet, Batteries for cellular telephones, Encino, CA, US.
  81. Battery Pro, Notebook, laptop, camcorder, digital camera batteries, accessories, Louisville, KY, US.
  82. Battery Source, Laptop/portables, video camcorder replacement batteries, etc., Thomasville, GA, US.
  83. Battery Station, The, Cellular & radio batteries/accessories , Ottumwa, IA, US.
  84. BAV Computers, (German) Computer systems (PCs), notebooks, accessories, Zuerich, CH.
  85. Bavard, Java Chat software ("Fast Chat"), Glenside, PA, US.
  86. Bay Area Computerman, Computer systems (PCs), repair, leasing, on-site service, San Jose, CA, US.
  87. Bay Area Home Networking, Network integration, DSL setup, file/print sharing, etc., San Jose, California, US.
  88. Bay Area Internet Solutions (BAIS), Internet service provider (ISP), DSL, ISDN, servers, etc., San Jose, CA, US.
  89. Bay Junction Technology, Internet service provider (ISP - ADSL), Web presence, consulting, etc., San Jose, CA, US.
  90. Bay Networks, Network and network management products and services, LAN/WAN, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  91. Bay Street SEO, Web promotion, search engine optimization (SEO), Toronto, ON, CA.
  92. BAYAZIT Design, Web site design, Arlington, VA, US.
  93. BayNet World, Internet publisher, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  94. Bayou Internet, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence provider (WPP), Monroe, LA, US.
  95. Baystate Technologies, Computer-aided design (CAD) software (e.g. CADKEY for PCs), Marlborough, MA, US.
  96. BayTech, Data & remote power switches, controllers, print sharer/spoolers, statmuxs, Bay St Louis, MS, US.
  97. BBL-Software, (German) Consulting, training, software development - Informix, Symantec, etc., Borchen-Alfen, DE.
  98. BBR, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Layton, UT, US.
  99. BBS Telecom, Small business telephone systems, Austin, TX, US.
  100. BC Computers, Computer repair, virus removal, networking, training, consulting, Cazenovia, NY, US.
  101. BC TEL, Telecommunications (e.g. telephone) services, Burnaby, BC, CA.
  102. bc w3 design, Web site design, Altrip, DE.
  103., Internet Fax business for Internet Service Providers, Danville, CA, US.
  104. BD Interactive (BDI), Web site design, multimedia, graphics, Internet marketing, Port Chester, NY, US.
  105. BDC Software, Custom software development, database design, business software, Aliso Viejo, CA, US.
  106. BDM International, software integration, technical services, enterprise management, McLean, VA, US.
  107. BDR Systems, Manufacturing system software (Plant Manager) for Windows, Downingtown, PA, US.
  108. Be, Be Operating System (BeOS(tm)) and related hardware/software, Menlo Park, CA, US.
  109. Be Free, Affiliate network e-commerce software (BFAST), Marlborough, MA, US.
  110. BEA Systems, Middleware software (e.g. TUXEDO, Object Broker, MessageQ, etc.), Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  111. Beach Financial, Buys and sells new and used computer (mainframe) and banking equipment, Safety Harbor, FL, US.
  112. Beacon Internet Services, Web presence, Web site design, consulting, Kitty Hawk, NC, US.
  113. Beacon Web Design Service, Web site design, Web presence, graphics, maintenence, Grand Rapids, MI, US.
  114. Bear Information Systems, Web site design, contract programming (Java, database, etc.), etc., Fremont, CA, US.
  115. Bear River Associates, Software, consulting and services for MacIntosh, Newton, OpenDoc, Windows, etc., Oakland, CA, US.
  116. Bear Rock Technologies, Bar code software & hardware (Windows, DOS or Mac), consulting, Shingle Springs, CA, US.
  117. Beatnik, Tools to add sound/audio to digital media, San Mateo, CA, US.
  118., MCSE's, computer, network consultants, upgrades, installations, etc., Boynton Beach, FL, US.
  119. Beaver Dam Productions, Web site design, Web presence, promotion, Omaha, NE, US.
  120. Becca Affiliates Group, Wireless (e.g. cellular, PCS, microwave) installation, repair, College Station, TX, US.
  121. Beck Web Servers & Design, Web site design, Web presence, Oshawa, ON, CA.
  122. Beckemeyer Development, Engineering and Internet service provider (ISP), Oakland, CA, US.
  123. Beckman Software Engineering (BSE), network and communications consulting, Venture, CA, US.
  124. Beddingfield, Electronic systems design and installation, Huntsville, AL, US.
  125. Bedrock Computers, Web site development, CGI programming, database, etc., Thatcham, UK.
  126. Bedrock Information Solutions, Internet VAN.
  127. Beeline Communications, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Orangeville, ON, CA.
  128., Incentive based on-line currency for Internet merchants, New York, NY, US.
  129. Beeper City, Pagers, cellular telephone service, accessories, Las Vegas, NV, US.
  130. Behrendt, Media consulting, Web publishing, online marketing, Berlin, DE.
  131. Beijing Computer Repair, Computer equipment, repair, network integration, Beijing, CN.
  132. Beijing Email, Internet service provider (ISP) and content, Beijing, CN.
  133. BEK's YoMax Communications, Pager and voice mail reseller, Scottsdale, AZ, US.
  134. Bekkoame Internet, (Japanese) Internet service provider (ISP), Tokyo, JP.
  135. BeLarc, Customizing purchase software (e.g. BeLarc Advisor), Concord, MA, US.
  136. BelCom, satellite-based telecommunications provider in the former Soviet Union.
  137. Belforte, Network connectors (copper, fiber), cabinets, enclosures, etc., Torino, IT.
  138. Belgacom, telephone and communication carrier/operator, Brussels, BE.
  139. Belize Telecommunications (BTL), Telephone and telecommunication services (e.g. Internet), Belize City, BZ.
  140. Belk Desktop Designs, Freelance graphic design services, Atlanta, GA, US.
  141. Belkin Components, Computer cables and accessories, Compton, CA, US.
  142. Bell and Howell, Scanners, Arlington Heights, IL, US.
  143. Bell Canada, supplier of telecommunications services.
  144. Bell Microproducts, high-technology semiconductor and computer products, San Jose, CA, US.
  145. BellaCoola Software, Web application software (JAVA, C, CGI, ...), Web/database interface (Unix, NT), Victoria, BC, CA.
  146., Consulting, system integration, accounting emphasis, Encino, CA, US.
  147. BellSouth Telecommunications, telecommunications services, Birmingham, AL, US.
  148. Belmont Research, biomedical software development and consulting services, Cambridge, MA, US.
  149. Benchmark, Reseller of Micro House and Lantec products, Runaway Bay, QLD, AU.
  150. Bendata, Help desk software, Colorado Springs, CO, US.
  151. Benedict Computer, Serial test equipment, RS-232, RS-422, monitors, protocol analysers, Menlo Park, CA, US.
  152. Benefit Software, CompWatch(R) and Fringe Facts(R) employee management software, Santa Barbara, CA, US.
  153. Benjamin Computer Services, Remote backup service via the Internet, West Palm Beach, FL, US.
  154. Bennelong Software International, Data warehouse (Angophora) and related data management software, Hornsby, NSW, AU.
  155. Bennett Group, The, IBM mainframe and MVS consulting, Houston, TX, US.
  156. Bentley Systems, MicroStation CAD software, Exton, PA, US.
  157. Berbee Information Networks, Internet service provider, Madison, WI, US.
  158. Bergen Nett og Media, (Norwegian) Internet service provider (ISP), support, information, Bergen, NO.
  159. Berkeley Design Technology (BDTi), Digital Signal Processing (DSP) software/technology, Berkeley, CA, US.
  160. Berkeley Integration Group, local and wide area networking services and PC retail, Berkeley, CA, US.
  161. Berkeley Internet Connections, interactive multimedia doc.s and custom home pages, Berkeley, CA, US.
  162. Berkeley Software Design, Unix for PCs, Colorado Springs, CO, US.
  163. Berkeley Voice Solutions, Voice recognition software (E.g. NaturallySpeaking) , Berkeley, CA, US.
  164. Berliner Communications, Telecom. RF engineering, site acquisition, construction, consulting, Elmwood Park, NJ, US.
  165. Bernard Hodes Advertising, and Career Mosaic advertising and career management.
  166. Berrico, Internet advertising, Web site promotion, press releases, etc., N. Babylon, NY, US.
  167. Berringa Media, Web site design, graphics, multimedia, print, etc., Calgary, AB, CA.
  168. Bespoke Network Systems, Network integration, cabling, consulting, Merseyside, UK.
  169. Best Data Products, Communication equipment (e.g. modems).
  170. Best Internet Communications, Internet service provider (ISP and WPP), Mountain View, CA, US.
  171. Best Way! Imaging, Imaging, printing materials, instruction, Web site promotion, Bremerton, WA, US.
  172. Bestgen Typeworks, Typesetting, production art, digital imaging, etc., prepress services, Willoughby, OH, US.
  173. BestSource International, Computer memory and peripherals, Fullerton, CA, US.
  174. Beta Colony Internet, Computers (PCs), service, training, cyber cafe, Niles, MI, US.
  175. Beta Research, User interface design, usability, user research, Los Gatos, CA, US.
  176. Betacorp, Electronic commerce with Java (e.g. CyberCAT JAVA - catalog software), Mississauga, ON, CA.
  177., Internet Service Provider (ISP), Web presence, co-location, etc., Englewood, CO, US.
  178. Bexley Discount Computer Supplies, Computer systems (PCs), new/used, equipment, Erith, UK.
  179. Beyond Solutions, Online auction software (Visual Auction), Buena Park, CA, US.
  180. Bezeq, Telephone and telecommunications, Jerusalem, IL.
  181. BF Datacom, LAN/WAN network installation (copper/fiber), video-on-demand, Marina del Rey, CA, US.
  182. BF Technic Arts, Web site design (esp. multilingual), Vancouver, BC, CA.
  183. BGG Products, Personal computer systems (PCs), hardware, software, peripherals, Ionia, MI, US.
  184. BH Feldman Consulting, IT outsourcing/consulting, programming, network integration, etc., Houston, TX, US.
  185. BH&A, Customised database system development (Filemaker Pro, Windows, Mac), Brussels, BE.
  186. Bhari Information Technology Systems (BITECH), Systems integration, project management, training, consulting, etc., Chennai, IN.
  187. Bhatti Technologies (BTL), Consulting, network integration, Web site design, etc., Garland, TX, US.
  188. BI Communications, Test instruments/TDR cable fault locators for telecom/datacom wiring, Basildon, UK.
  189. Bi Square Consultants Private, Embedded systems design, ASIC, VHDL Modeling, DSP, etc., New Delhi, IN.
  190. Bibliographic Research Service, primarily for medical professionals, from IBC.
  191. Bicotest, TDRs for fault location, installation, and maintenance on comms cables, Cheshunt, UK.
  192. BidCast, US Government bid database/information service , Boulder, CO, US.
  193. Bidinoff Marketing, Ergonomic computer/monitor mounting systems, Calgary, AB, CA.
  194. Bien Logic, design and support for Web pages, La Jolla, CA, US.
  195. Big Byte Media, CDRs, recordable CDs, CD-ROMs, diskettes, magnetic tape, Austin, TX, US.
  196. Big Mountain Multimedia, Web site design, multimedia, graphics, promotion/marketing, etc., Durango, CO, US.
  197. Big Picture Multimedia (BPM), Internet/Web development tool software (Mortar), Calglary, AB, CA.
  198. Big Picture Technologies, Internet/Web software (e.g. Smart Site), consulting, Calgary, Alberta, CA.
  199. Big Planet, Internet service provider (ISP), voice/data integration, etc., Provo, CA, US.
  200. Big Planet, Internet service provider (ISP), long distance telephone, training, etc., Provo, UT, US.
  201. Big Software, Sales and marketing software (e.g. "Big Business"), Cupertino, CA, US.
  202. BigBiz Internet Services, Web presence provider, FrontPage, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  203. Bigcat Systems, Interactive voice responce (IVR), telephone services, call center, etc., Ann Arbor, MI, US.
  204. BigJobs, BigJobs is a free resource for job seekers and empoyers., York, PA, US.
  205. BiLiM Systems, (Russian) Hardware, software and solutions for networking & telecom., St. Petersburg, RU.
  206. Bilingual Software, English to Spanish translation software, Davie, FL, US.
  207. BillMax Billing Solutions, Billing software, crm, online billing, credit card processing, etc., Fort Worth, TX, US.
  208. Binary 9 Software, music and art related software.
  209., Computer system repair, Little Rock, AR, US.
  210. Binomial Systems, Local/Wide Area Business Network Solutions, Walnut, CA, US.
  211. Bio PC Repairs, Laptop and PC repairs for home and business, network integration, London, UK.
  212. BioBASE, Software for computer-aided identification of bacteria (BioBase), Chelsea, MA, US.
  213. BioComp Consulting Group, Data processing systems/services for the life science industry, Carlsbad, CA, US.
  214. BioData, computer technology for biotechnology, San Mateo, CA, US.
  215. Biodata, Design/build PC-based data acquisition and control systems (Microlink), Manchester, UK.
  216. Biomech Graphics, Web site design, graphics, multimedia, Toronto, ON, CA.
  217. BioNetrix, Software for biometric authentication, Vienna, VA, US.
  218. Birdsall Interactive, Web site design, graphics, Oakland, CA, US.
  219. Birdstep Technology, Database software (e.g. server, manager), Seattle, WA, US.
  220. Birla-Horizons, Offshore software development, programming, consulting, Iselin, NJ, US.
  221. BIRON Ltd., Profesional video and data large screenprojection systems., St. Petersburg, RU.
  222. BIS OnLine, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, etc., Sofia, BG.
  223. BisMark Internet Services, WWW advertising and storefront, MN, US.
  224. Bison Business Supplies, Laser, fax, & copier toner distributer (HP, Brother, Canon, etc.), Great Meadows, NJ, US.
  225. Bit-by-Bit Computer Services, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, software, repairs, network, Huntsville, AL, US.
  226. Bitcenter Computer Systems, Windows security, configuration, application software, K.Motzkin, IL.
  227. BitDefender Antivirus, Antivirus software, security for home computers/networks, Bucharest, RO.
  228. BitMart, Restorer2000 data recovery software, undelete tool for NTFS, Richmond Hill, ON, CA.
  229. BiTMICRO Networks, Designs/develops/markets flash storage, RAID, SAN, NAS, Fremont, CA, US.
  230. BitPusher, IT consulting, management, support services, San Francisco, CA, US.
  231. Bits In a Box, New and used computers, laptops, equipment, Rotherham, UK.
  232. Bitstream, Typefaces, fonts and related technology, Cambridge, MA, US.
  233. BIW Consulting and Information Systems, software and consulting, Weinstadt-Endersbach, DE.
  234. Biz Net Technologies, Web presence provider (WPP), Blacksburg, VA, US.
  235. Biz-comm, Web site development, Web presence and other services, Kingsford, MI, US.
  236. Bizalia, (Spanish) Business web research, internet comunications, Sabadell, ES.
  237. BIZI Networks, Used networking equipment, switches, routers, etc., Tyngsboro, MA, US.
  238. Bizmarts, Computer equipment (used) purchase, refurbish, resell, Canton, GA, US.
  239. BizNet Equity Management Trust (BEMT), Web presence provider (WPP), local index, Port St. John, FL, US.
  240., Wholesale distributor telecommunications equipment, service, Concord, ON, CA.
  241. Bizwala, Web site design, hosting/web presence, programming, Henderson, NV, US.
  242. BKS Consulting, Software asset management, license sales, database design, Cardiff, UK.
  243. BL Trading, Sales, etc. Data General, Citrix, Clariion, Windows NT, etc., Hanover, MA, US.
  244. Black & White Software, CORBA 2 enabled software components (e.g. UIM/Orbix and UIM/X), Campbell, CA, US.
  245. Black Box, data communication and connectivity products, catalog, Pittsburgh, PA, US.
  246. Black Dog Design, Web site design and corporate literature, Chicago, IL, US.
  247. Black Fossil Creations, Web site design, presence, graphics, animation, promotion, etc., Conshohocken, PA, US.
  248. Black Knight Internet Design, Web page design, marketing, graphic design, scanning, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  249. Black Magic Technologies, Network security services, Washington, DC, US.
  250. Black Widow Computer Consulting, Network integration, repair, Web site design, etc., Edmonton, AB, CA.
  251. Blackboard Networks, Internet service provider (ISP), Web site design, presence, etc., Philadelphia, PA, US.
  252. BlackHawk Software, Shareware and freeware for Wintel market.
  253. Blast Radius Communications, Web site design, audio/video multimedia development, Vancouver, BC, CA.
  254. Blazie Engineering, Information tools for the blind (e.g. Braille 'N Speak), Forest Hill, MD, US.
  255. Blazing Nova, Web presence/hosting, domain names, Nagercoil, IN.
  256. Bleier Law Firm, computer and communications law firm, Sacramento, CA, US.
  257. Blick Time Systems, Time and attendance systems, payroll, HR, Swindon, UK.
  258. Blink Interactive, Web site design/strategy, ecommerce, marketing, consulting, etc., Atlanta, GA, US.
  259. Bliss Computers, Computer repair, network integration (home/business), Jersey City, NJ, US.
  260. Blissoft, Distributed object consulting, Java, Corba, JavaBeans, Servlets, RMI, SSL, Toronto, ON, CA.
  261. Blitz Datentechnik, (German) Internet service provider (ISP) and consulting, Bamberg, DE.
  262. Blitz Technology Solutions, Smackall mobile games, application development, testing, porting, Chennai, IN.
  263. Blizzard Computers, Computer sales and service, Ellijay, GA, US.
  264. Block Financial, Financial services (e.g. Conductor online banking) for the Internet.
  265. Blockade Systems, Network security access control/password synchronization software, Toronto, ON, CA.
  266. BLOCS Software, Personal and household information software (Home Manager), Yorktown Heights, NY, US.
  267. Bloodhounds International, Computer security emergency response, proactive and reactive services, Calgary, AB, CA.
  268. Bloomin' Banners, Custom Web banners (e.g. animated), Chicopee, MA, US.
  269. Bloorcom, Web site design, marketing, graphics, database, promotion, etc., Vancouver, BC, CA.
  270. Blossom Associates West, Web site design, graphics, Java programming, consulting, Berkeley, CA, US.
  271. BLS, Control systems design, software development, hardware engineering, etc., Prescott, AZ, US.
  272. Blue Atlas Interactive, CBT, distance learning, multimedia & web sites development, Upper Darby, PA, US.
  273. Blue Bay Networks, Technical support, network maintenance, project consulting, San Francisco, CA, US.
  274. Blue Cat Design, Multimedia, broadcast graphics, Web design & publishing, Toronto, ON, CA.
  275. Blue Chip Technology, Designer/manufacturer of single board computers, Industrial PCs, etc., Chester, UK.
  276. Blue Chip Telecom Inc., Network integration, cabling, PBX, telecommunications, South San Francisco, CA, US.
  277. Blue Creative Group, Advertising, graphics design, marketing, Venice, CA, US.
  278. Blue Data, Decision support software, database/report to Web translation (Blue Data Miner), San Diego, CA, US.
  279. Blue Fog Design, Graphic design, Burlingame, CA, US.
  280. Blue Hill Data Services, Mainframe outsourcing and Year 2000 testing center, Pearl River, NY, US.
  281. Blue Lance, Network audit ("LT Auditor") and print accounting ("PrintMeter") software, Houston, TX, US.
  282. Blue Line Technologies, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, video games, Web presence, etc., Dearborn, MI, US.
  283. Blue Mountain Software, Custom software, contract programming in Delphi, Progress, C++, Atlanta, GA, US.
  284. Blue Mountain Systems, Computerized photo ID systems and video imaging systems, Sterling, VA, US.
  285. Blue Ridge Networks, Network security/encryption, firewalls, VPN, etc., Chantilly, VA, US.
  286. Blue Skies Information Technology, Computer, network, communications sales, services, repair, Atlanta, GA, US.
  287. Blue Sky Internet, Internet service provider (ISP, national), Web presence, etc., Gresham, OR, US.
  288. Blue Valley DesignWorks, Web site design, graphics, consulting, Walton, NY, US.
  289. Blue Wave Systems, Digital signal processing (DSP) hardware, software for communications, Carrollton, TX, US.
  290. Blue World Communications, Internet middleware software (e.g. DBMS, Filemaker), Bellevue, WA, US.
  291. BlueBurger Group, computing and communications consulting group.
  292. BlueCom Danmark, Networking, memory, peripherals, motherboards, etc., Birkerod, DK.
  293. Blueface, VoIP, residential and business, Dublin, IE.
  294. Blueridge Technologies, Optix document management for Macs and Windows, Flint Hill, VA, US.
  295. Bluestone, Advanced development technology training, consulting, and products, Mt. Laurel, NJ, US.
  296., Internet service provider (ISP), dial-up, broadband, Reading, PA, US.
  297. Bluewater Systems, ARM related products, consulting, software, development services, Christchurch, NZ.
  298. BMC Communications Corporation, ARINC 429 data bus PC interface boards, Flushing, NY, US.
  299. BMC Software, enterprise system, application and network management software, Houston, TX, US.
  300. BMD, Point of sale (POS) software and hardware, South Fulton, TN, US.
  301. BMG Communications, Networking data/voice services, telecom., multi-vendor, Charlotte, NC, US.
  302. bmi CAD Services, Computer aided design services for electro-mechanical projects, Simsbury, CT, US.
  303. BNALib, Visual Basic numerical analysis library, Littleton, CO, US.
  304. BNT Informatica, (Portuguese) Web site design, Web presence, shareware, etc., Sao Paulo, BR.
  305. Boardwalk Consulting, Dos, Windows and Unix consulting, Tustin, CA, US.
  306. Boardwatch Magazine, Guide to electronic bulletin boards and the Internet, Littleton, CO, US.
  307. BobNet, Internet service provider, Atlanta, GA, US.
  308. Boca Infomasters, Computer systems (PCs), upgrades, repair, networks, DSL, etc., Boca Raton, FL, US.
  309. Boca Research, Computer accessories (peripherals), Boca Raton, FL, US.
  310. Bocomp Computers, Computer systems (PCs), service, upgrades, networking, Forest Hill, MD, US.
  311. Boffin, Network attached storage systems (e.g. disk, RAID, CD-ROM, etc.), Burnsville, MN, US.
  312. BOGOMIP, Internet service provider, London, UK.
  313. BOLData, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, Fremont, CA, US.
  314. Bolton Computers, Computer systems (PCs), on-line catalog, Bolton, UK.
  315. Bomoon Electronics, Manufacturer of multivision, multicube processor (e.g. "video wall") , Seoul, KR.
  316. Bonneville International, commercial broadcast and media, UT, US.
  317. Bonsai Software, Internet consulting and Web page support services, Livermore, CA, US.
  318. BONZI Software, Voice E-Mail for Netscape, Eudora, AOL, & WinCIM, Paso Robles, CA, US.
  319. BooCoos Networks, Web site design, Web presence, e-commerce (shopping carts), etc., Dahlonega, GA, US.
  320. BookMaker, ClickBook software to produce books from inkjet printers, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  321. BookWhere?, Locator service for used/hard to find software/books, Atlanta, GA, US.
  322. Boomerang Information Services, Fax & e-mail broadcasting service bureau , Palo Alto, CA, US.
  323. boostit, Web site promotion, Sacramento, CA, US.
  324. Boot'n Up Computers, Computer repairs, upgrades, etc., Denver area, Thornton, CO, US.
  325. Boran Software, Real estate management software, Surrey, BC, CA.
  326. Borland International, databases, languages and Client/Server tools for PCs, Scotts Valley, CA, US.
  327. borsapazar, (Turkish) Used computer systems, accessories, buy/sell, Istanbul, TR.
  328. Bosanova, XP and Linux thin clients, tablet PCs, network appliances, AS400, Phoenix, AZ, US.
  329. BOSS Information Technology Services, Software manager, applications, custom software, Montreal, PQ, CA.
  330. BOSS Information Technology Services (BITS), Tow, impound and reporting center software, Montreal, PQ, CA.
  331. BOSS International, Hydrology and hydraulics software, training, information, etc., Madison, WI, US.
  332. Boston Business Computing, OpenVMS emulation for UNIX, DOS, and Windows, Methuen, MA, US.
  333. BOSTON COMPUTER DISTRIBUTORS, Computer systems and accessories distribution, Reading, MA, US.
  334. Boston Engineering Services, Windows software development and Web site development, Boston, MA, US.
  335. Boston Harbor Software, AutoCAD support software for civil engineering, Olympia, WA, US.
  336. Boston Technology Group, Technology, consulting, IT outsourcing business management, Watertown, MA, US.
  337. Botree, Software development, programming (off shore), healthcare, ERP, etc. , Chennai, IN.
  338. Boxtop Interactive, Web site development, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  339. Boylston Group, The, Technology recruiting, Boston, MA, US.
  340. Boys Toys Network (BTN), video games, Macintosh software, Van Nuys, CA, US.
  341. BP Studios, Web site design, graphics, multimedia, Durham, NC, US.
  342. Bracan, Web presence provider, catering to simple farm sites, Edmonton, AB, CA.
  343. BraCan Co, Web site design for Internet Mausoleum Service, Edmonton, AB, CA.
  344. Bracken International, Retail computer hardware and software, Logan, UT, US.
  345. Bradford Groupe, The, Streaming video-on-demand cataloguing and playback software for LANs, Raleigh, NC, US.
  346. Bradley Company, Business software (e.g. distribution, print, etc.), Cleveland, OH, US.
  347. Braided Matrix, Database accounting software ("4th Quarter"), Shokan, NY, US.
  348. BrainRoots Solution, Convergent billing, customer care, e.g. UltraBill, New Delhi, IN.
  349. Brainstorm Networks, Commercial Internet service provider (ISP), Mountain View, CA, US.
  350. Braley Communication Systems (BCSI), Wireless (cellular) network integration, Beaverton, MI, US.
  351. Branch Information Services, Internet service and storefront provider, Ann Arbor, MI, US.
  352. Brand Communications, Remote access and mobile communications (e.g. ISDN, modems, GSM), Cambridge, UK.
  353. Brand X Internet Services, Web presence and value added provider, Toronto, ON, CA.
  354. Brand X Online, Internet marketing, Web site design, etc., Seattle, WA, US.
  355. brand-axis, Web site design, marketing, consulting (e.g. "First Impression"), San Diego, CA, US.
  356. Brandyware Software, Graphics viewing software, e.g. Viewer Pro, Mesa, AZ, US.
  357. Brave New Worlds, Web site design, Java and other interactive development, Pasadena, CA, US.
  358. Bravo Communications, Networking, LAN accessories, printer & peripheral devices, San Jose, CA, US.
  359. BRE Software, Computer/video games (buy, sell, trade), CD-ROM software, etc. , Fresno, CA, US.
  360. Breakthrough Software, Education software (Learning Assistant), Web site design, programming , Portland, OR, US.
  361. Breece Hill Technologies, DLT tape libraries and cartridges, Henley-on-Thames, UK.
  362. BreezeCOM, Wireless Local Area Network (LAN T1/E1) products, spread spectrum radio, Carlsbad, CA, US.
  363. Brenner & Sievritts Informationssysteme (BSI), (German) Mail order computer systems, software, accessories, Berlin, DE.
  364. Brian Associates (BAI), Recruiting, placement, retainer and contingency searches, hi-tech, Brooklyn, NY, US.
  365. Brickell Business Machines, Computer systems and components, online catalog, Miami, FL, US.
  366. BrickRed Technologies, Offshore software development, outsourcing, Noida, IN.
  367. Bridgebranch International Communications, Discount long distance telephone service, Bridgeville, DE, US.
  368. BridgeTerm, Language translation software (e.g. ProMemoria), services, Montreal, PQ, CA.
  369. Briggs Softworks, PC utility software (e.g. Puffer, CryptaPix, Calendar Commander, and File Maven 95), Hewitt, TX, US.
  370. Bright Communications, Telephone systems installation, network integration, services, Dallas, TX, US.
  371. Bright Microelectronics (BMI), Low-voltage JEDEC standard flash memory products , Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  372. Bristlecone Software, Project management consulting and groupware technology, Littleton, CO, US.
  373. Bristol Technology, Supplies Windows/Motif developer tools, Ridgefield, CT, US.
  374. Brit-Net, Web site design, Web presence provider (WPP), Hayling Island, UK.
  375. British Approvals Board for Telecommunications (BABT), Assesment/approval authority, Walton-on-Thames, UK.
  376. British Broadcasting Corporation, The BBC, UK.
  377. Broadax Systems (BSI), Notebook, laptop (portable) and rackmount computers, El Monte, CA, US.
  378. Broadband Communications Products (BCP), HIPPI and fiber optic technology, Melbourne, FL, US.
  379. Broadband Media Exchange (BMEX), Network services for digital media organisations, Bristol, GB.
  380. BroadbandSoHo Solutions, Voice/data communications/networking for small office, Brooklyn, NY, US.
  381. BroadCast Software, Software for electronic distribution of information content, Boca Raton, FL, US.
  382. Broadcom, Integrated circuits for communication systems, Irvine, CA, US.
  383. BroadVision, Interactive commerce management systems, Redwood City, CA, US.
  384. Broadwing, Internet service provider, telecommunications, Manchester, NH, US.
  385. Brode Training and Consulting, IT training, EMC Legato NetWorker, Unix/Solaris admin., shell, Littleton, CO, US.
  386. Brokat, Secure online transaction software, encryption, JAVA JECF, etc., Stuttgart, DE.
  387. Bromley Instruments, Computer electronic and mechanical engineering products, Kent, UK.
  388. Brookline Technologies, Linux computer systems, Linux OS support, White Plains, NY, US.
  389. Brooklyn Internet, Internet services for companies and organizations, Utrecht, NL.
  390. Brooklyn North Software Works, Internet/Web software (e.g. the HTML Assiistant Pro editor), Halifax, NS, CA.
  391. Brooks Internet Software, TCP/IP/network printing software tools, PC/mainframe connectivity, Idaho Falls, ID, US.
  392. Brooktree, Multimedia, graphics, communications and imaging, San Diego, CA, US.
  393. Brookwell Services, Web site development, Web presence, promotion, Livermore, CA, US.
  394. BRP Publications, publishers (Telecommunications Reports), Washington, DC, US.
  395. Brubeck Communications, Computer systems (PCs), software, accessories, Web site design, etc., Sausalito, CA, US.
  396. Bruck & Associates, Information systems, networking consulting & staffing, Naperville, IL, US.
  397. Bruker Analytische Meßtechnik, scientific software, Karlsruhe, DE.
  398. Bryant Broadcast and Data Communications, Manufacturer/distributor of broadcast installation equipment, London, UK.
  399. Bryant Communications, Voice/data cabling, network integration, CAT-3/5/6, fiber, routers, etc., Matthews, NC, US.
  400. Brüll, (German) LAN installation and service, Krefeld, DE.
  401. BSI, Notebook, portable, and rack mount industrial computers, El Monte, CA, US.
  402. BSOFT Software, Analog data acquisition and digital control boards for PC's ISA bus, Columbus, OH, US.
  403. BT Tallis Consultancy, business communication consulting, London, UK.
  404. BTA, Networking integration, consulting (Windows, Macintosh), London, UK.
  405. BTA Digital Works AG, Output management system (PrintMachine), Ruti, CH.
  406. BT&T Telecom Group, Computer telephony, Voice over IP, phone cards, consulting, etc., Quezon City, PH.
  407. BTCI, Information system consulting, e-commerce, placement/recruiting, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  408. BTG, systems integration, systems, GSA resale, and software development, Vienna, VA, US.
  409. BTR Communications, Public access Unix, Mountain View, CA, US.
  410. Buckley/Swartz, Advertising consulting, concepts, copy (e.g. graphics) & PR writing, Marblehead, MA, US.
  411. Buczek Consulting, Macintosh, Newton, and the 3DO MultiPlayer, Cupertino, CA, US.
  412. Budget Data Services, Data conversion, media conversion, data backup, DBMS, Y2K, San Francisco, CA, US.
  413. Buero-+ComputerService, (German) Web site development, Frankfurt, DE.
  414. BUEROLAND Leipzig, (German) Computer systems, accessories, office equipment, Leipzig, DE.
  415. BugEye Technologies, Cataloguing software and service ("BugEye Lite/Pro" software), Calgary, AB, CA.
  416. Built In Systems, Home network integration, intercom, security, theater, etc., Gilroy, CA, US.
  417. Bull, Groupe, international information technology group, Paris, FR.
  418. Bunyip Information Systems, Internet information retrieval technology (Archie, Prospector), Montreal, PQ, CA.
  419. Burgmann, Windows (e.g. NT, Win95, etc.) news and information, Kapellen, BE.
  420. Burlwood, Personal computer and network systems planning and support, Edina, MN, US.
  421. Burnett Web Development, Web site design, graphics, Wilmington, NC, US.
  422. Burnham Park Software, Windows, Mac, and Unix, software dev. and consulting, Chicago, IL, US.
  423. Busby Web Solutions, Website rental system, Web site design, maintenance, hosting, Jolimont, WA, AU.
  424. Business Acumen Development, Internet, TCP/IP and technical training, Batley, West Yorkshire, UK.
  425. Business Computer Management Services, Consulting, network configuration, Internet, programming, etc., Charlotte, NC, US.
  426. Business Computers & Communications (BCC), ICT/IT consulting, networks, Web site design, hardware, software, etc., Brechin, UK.
  427. Business Domain, The, Web site design, Web presence provider (WPP), Fullerton, CA, US.
  428. Business Equipment Protection, Anti-theft security for computing, A/V and office equipment, Collingwood, VIC, AU.
  429. Business Financial Resources, Merchant accounts for businesses (credit card, VISA, Master Card, etc.), Matawan, NJ, US.
  430. Business Improvement Consulting, IT project and program management/consulting, Grosse Pointe, MI, US.
  431. Business Information Technologies (BITS), Computer based fax services and call center applications, Treasure Island, FL, US.
  432. Business Innovation Technologies, Accounting and manufacturing software, computer systems, accessories, etc., West Bend, WI, US.
  433. Business Microvar, Microsoft retail management system (MRMS) POS software, Roseville, MN, US.
  434. Business Partners, Executive, professional and technical staffing, Lutz, FL, US.
  435. Business Phones Direct (BPD), Office telephone equipment, installation, support, Long Beach, CA, US.
  436. Business Software Support (BSS), Sun Microsystems added value resale (Star Birth), London, UK.
  437. Business Super Highways, Web site development and Internet consulting, London, UK.
  438. Business Technology Solutions, Internet service provider (ISP), telephone services, hardware, etc., Gray, TN, US.
  439. Business Telephone Services, Sales, installation and service of business telephone systems, Tulsa, OK, US.
  440. Business Telephone Systems & Phones, Voice systems, inc. IP telephony, Valencia, CA, US.
  441. Business to Business Internet (BBI), Web site design, Web presence/hosting, High Wycombe, UK.
  442. Business Web Designs, Web site design, presence, promotion, e-commerce, San Diego, CA, US.
  443. Business Web, The, WWW business directory listing, Atlanta, GA, US.
  444. Business100Plus, Web site development, Web presence, Champaign, IL, US.
  445. BusLogic, disk (SCSI) and disk array (RAID) products, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  446. BUSS, Data graphing software and graphic tools (graphics), Bradford, UK.
  447. Butler International, Technical staffing, training, recruiting, etc., Montvale, NJ, US.
  448. Buy Best Names, Domain name registration, Web presence provider (WPP)/hosting, Mumbai, IN.
  449. Buy-DVD-R.COM, DVD-R, CD-R media and computer peripherals, Thousand Oaks, CA, US.
  450. Buyacom, Computer systems (esp. Compaq PCs), accessories, portables, catalog, Irvine, CA, US.
  451. Buyit PC, Computer systems (PCs), computer repair service, La Mirada, CA, US.
  452. Buyonet, Software retail, loadware, shareware, freeware, online catalog, Goteborg, WA, US.
  453. BuyTelco, Internet service provider (ISP), cable DSL, etc., Hollywood, FL, US.
  454., Web site design, Web presence - combination packages, Malibu, CA, US.
  455. BVP Media, Multimedia, Web site design, etc., Englewood, CO, US.
  456. BWH I.T. Services, Web site design, Web presence, Guildford, UK.
  457. Byte Me Computers, Computer hardware - accessories, peripherals, online catalog, Slickville, PA, US.
  458. Byte-Me Computer Services, In-home/in-shop service/repair, network integration, Canton, OH, US.
  459. Byte-Sized Computing, Web site development, custom software and shareware, Basingstoke, UK.
  460., Software and shareware, Web site design, consulting, Basingstoke, UK.
  461. BYTE/WIDE Software, FCS Freight Control Software and video rental, Deland, FL, US.
  462. Bytech India, IT strategy/consulting, staffing, Web site design, etc., New Delhi, IN.
  463. Bytes, Bits & Megabytes, Business telephone systems, contact management, Web presence, etc., Casselberry, FL, US.
  464. Bytex, Switches, e.g. fault tolerance (Unity), RS232, V.35, X.21, etc., Westborough, MA, US.

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