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Computer and Communication Companies ("C" entries)

  1. C & A, X.509 certification, encryption, digital signature, PKI technologies, Cinisello Balsamo, IT.
  2. C & C Web Design, Web site design, e-commerce, Brentwood, CA, US.
  3. C & J Engineering, Design/manufacture of replacement rotors for spin rinse dryers, Fremont, CA, US.
  4. C & M Distributors, Instructional, informative, and education videos and CD-ROMS, Plano, TX, US.
  5. C F H Computers, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, software, upgrades, repairs, etc., Tampa, FL, US.
  6. C-Double Web Development, Web site design, Web presence/hosting, Bakersfield, CA, US.
  7. C-Grams, Satellite earth station monitor/control systems, communications, networks, Kingston, NH, US.
  8. C-J Group, Web site design, Web presence, Internet training, etc., Brecon, UK.
  9. C-SPEC, Wireless LAN technology, "OverLAN", Dayton, OH, US.
  10. C-Tek Advanced Solutions, Telecom products, cellular phone accessories, etc., Pleasanton, CA, US.
  11. C-wraps, Computer monitor "clothing" (artistic utility wrap, "Computer Wear"), Glendale, CA, US.
  12. C. Hoelzle Associates, Printer and image scanner service, Irvine, CA, US.
  13. C.O.F. Communications, Network cable installation (fibre, copper), service - voice/data, Tulsa, OK, US.
  14. C.P.U Finance, Computer leasing (financing), London, UK.
  15. C.U.B.E. International, Network integration, computer repair, etc., Phoenix, AZ, US.
  16. C/F Data Systems, Accounting software for construction contractors (Contractor Management System), Weymouth, MA, US.
  17. c1 Systems, Thin client systems, Stevenage, UK.
  18. C2, "Century 2000" software for year 2000 problems for AS/400 MIS systems, Schaumburg, IL, US.
  19. C2Net Software, Stronghold Web server and Internet encryption software, Oakland, CA, US.
  20. C3 Development, Third party tools and templates for Topspeed's Clarion, Palos Heights, IL, US.
  21. C3 Online, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, installation/upgrade, Meadow Vista, CA, US.
  22. C3I, Sales and marketing automation, New York, NY, US.
  23. CA*net Networking, Internet Transit Internet service in Canada by invitation only, Toronto, ON, CA.
  24. Cabco West, Cables (e.g. V.35) and wiring harnesses computer systems, Sidney, BC, CA.
  25. Cable and Wireless, Telecommunication products and services, London, UK.
  26. Cable Television Labs, R&D consortium of cable tv system operators., Louisville, CO, US.
  27. Cables N Mor, USB, SCSI, null modem, network/computer cables, adapters/converters, etc., Sterling, VA, US.
  28. Cabletron Systems, intelligent wiring hubs and network management software for LANs, Rochester, NH, US.
  29., Network integration, cable installation/cabling, Doylestown, PA, US.
  30. CacheWEB, Web site design, Web presnece/hosting, e-commerce, etc., Logan, UT, US.
  31. CAD Technologies, Web presence, banner design, Web promotion, custom programming, Irvine, CA, US.
  32. CAD-UL, Embedded Tools, C/C++/EC++ compiler and debugger systems, etc. , Ulm, DE.
  33. CAD/CAM Consulting Services, Engineering services for mechanical and manufacturing companies, Newbury Park, CA, US.
  34. CAD/CAM Services, CAD/CAM equipment and scanning/conversion services, Celina, CA, US.
  35. CadCom Telesystems, CTI, e.g. TAS equipment, messaging, voice mail, loggers, etc., Enid, OK, US.
  36. Cade Consulting, multimedia software (e.g. "Agents Only" for real estate) for Windows, Birmingham, AL, US.
  37. Cadence Design Systems, Design automation software, San Jose, CA, US.
  38. Cadix International, CATV (CAD) design and management software (CX-P21), Eugene, OR, US.
  39. CADmazing Solutions, ASIC EDA IC CAD strategies and methodologies, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  40. Cadre Software, Dynamic web based Org Chart software (CORRI), Holly, MI, US.
  41. Cadscape Technologies, Web site design, multimedia (Flash, Director, MPEG, etc.), Calgary, AB, CA.
  42. Cadtex, Computer aided design (CAD) software for the textile industry, New York, NY, US.
  43. CADVision Development, Internet service provider (ISP), Calgary, AB, CA.
  44. CaeSoft Development, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence provider, Tracy, CA, US.
  45. Cafe Cyber's Home Page, Internet cafe, coffee house , Rochester Hills, MI, US.
  46. Caged Design, Graphics, Web site design, Adelaide, SA, AU.
  47. CAI/SISCo, Consulting for government information technology (IT) providers, Gaithersburg, MD, US.
  48. CAiCE Software, Civil engineering and surveying software, Tampa, FL, US.
  49. Caines and Associates, Internet publishing, display systems, computer-based training, multimedia events/attractions, Richmond, CA, US.
  50. Cajun Computers, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, online catalog, Livingston, LA, US.
  51. Cal-Com Phone Wiring, Telephone equipment, phone, FAX, modem jacks, cabling, Torrance, CA, US.
  52. CalComp Technology, Computer graphics peripherals - e.g. plotters, printers, scanners, etc., Anaheim, CA, US.
  53. CALCONNEX, Internet service provider (ISP), dial-up, Bakersfield, CA, US.
  54. Caldera, Linux for business, Orem, UT, US.
  55. Caleidoscopio S.r.l., (Italian) Data Processing Solutions for Companies, Vaciglio, IT.
  56. Calfifornia Computer Sales, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, on-line catalog, Laguna Beach, CA, US.
  57. Calgary Backup, On-line data backup service, Calgary, AB, CA.
  58. California Computer Specialists, Website design, computer maintenance, IT training, La Mesa, CA, US.
  59. California Graphics & Peripherals, Main boards (motherboards) and graphic accelerators for IBM PCs, Fremont, CA, US.
  60. California IC, Computer systems (Macs, PCs), memory, peripherals, accessories, Irvine, CA, US.
  61. California Prime Line, Web presence provider, Internet service provider, Web site design, Redlands, CA, US.
  62. California Software, Internet related software, Corona Del Mar, CA, US.
  63. California Software Laboratories, Programming (Windows), ecommerce, consulting, Foster City, CA, US.
  64. California Switch and Signal (Cal Switch), Electromechanical components: switches, connectors, fans, etc., Carson, CA, US.
  65. Caligari, 3D graphics modeling software (Truespace), animations, Mountain View, CA, US.
  66. Call Center, The, Live telephone answering services, voice mail, San Diego, CA, US.
  67. Call My Agent, commercial marketing e-mail services, Gulf Breeze, FL, US.
  68. Call on Us Telecommunications, Pay phones and phone card packages, San Antonio, TX, US.
  69. Call One, Voice and data communication services, network integration, Chicago, IL, US.
  70. Callagenix, Telephone call mamagement services, Marlow, GB.
  71. CallAmerica, telephone services for business, San Luis Obispo, CA, US.
  72. CallFree World, Telephone consulting (e.g. calling cards, long distance, etc.), Manchester, UK.
  73. Calputer Business Solutions, Web site design, desktop publishing, computer systems (PCs), etc., Calgary, AB, CA.
  74. CalTech International Telecom, Voice over IP, wireless telephony services, San Ramon, CA, US.
  75. CalWeb Internet Services, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Sacramento, CA, US.
  76. Calydon Technology, MS-Windows-based "Unix Survival" training course, Sweetgrass, MT, US.
  77. Calypso Communications and Internet Services, Internet service provider, network integration, etc., Stockton, CA, US.
  78. CAM Consulting Group, CD duplication, DVD authoring, Web presence/hosting, Web site design, Casa Grande, AZ, US.
  79. CAM Group, The, Customer database software, Buffalo, NY, US.
  80. Cam-Built Prpgramming Plus, Programming (Visual Basic, Access, etc.), Web site design, etc., Bethesda, MD, US.
  81. Cambio, Software for managing networks (e.g. netRunner), consulting, El Paso, TX, US.
  82. Cambridge Digital Media, Multimedia solutions for CD-ROM and the internet, Cambridge, MA, US.
  83. Cambridge Microprocessor Systems (CMS), Controllers (80xx, TMS32010, Z80, 6502, 68xx, Coldfire, PICS, ...), Great Dunmow, UK.
  84. Cambridge Scientific, software for chemists, Cambridge, MA, US.
  85. Cambridge Technology Partners, Information technology consulting, Cambridge, MA, US.
  86. Cambridge Web Design, Web site design, graphics, Web programming (e.g. Java), Broadstairs, UK.
  87. Camelot IT, Adaptive network policy software (e.g. Hark!), Tel Aviv, IL.
  88. Cameo Communications, LAN/WAN hardware/software, ethernet hubs, concentrators, switches, etc., Taipei, TW.
  89. Cameron Communications Group (CCG), Training on ISDN, Frame Relay, PPP, ATM, protocol test equipment, St. Petersburg, FL, US.
  90. Cameron Davidson, photography and photographs on-line, Arlington, VA, US.
  91. CAMI Research, PC-based cable test system (CableEye®), Lexington, MA, US.
  92. Campbell Micro Distributors, distributor of Nanao monitors, Huntsville, AL, US.
  93. Campbell Technical, Parts for DLT2000-8000 drives, Union City, CA, US.
  94. Camros, Software (e.g OAK CORBA ORB), training, etc., Vienna, VA, US.
  95. Camsys Technologies, Rapid prototyping services, 3d printing, Coimbatore, IN.
  96. Can Net Communications, Telecommunications services and products, small business focus, Port Moody, BC, CA.
  97. Can-Am Partners, Telecommunications trade consulting (esp. US/Canada), Vienna, VA, US.
  98. Can-West/Eagle Point Canada, Consulting and training, Nanaimo, BC, CA.
  99. Canada Online, CD and DVD duplication and replication, Montreal, PQ, CA.
  100. CanadaIT, Company information, news and events for Canadian infotech., Oakville, ON, CA.
  101. Canary Communications, Ethernet converter, hub, tranceiver, WDM, etc., San Jose, CA, US.
  102. Cancel Computer Sales, Computer systems, accessories, online catalog, Denver, CO, US.
  103. C&C Computing, Consulting, Web site design, programming, etc., Goodlettsville, TN, US.
  104. CandleWeb, Web browser software supporting animation, Oslo, NO.
  105. CanNet Internet Services, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence provider (WPP), Canton, OH, US.
  106. Canoga Perkins, Fiber optic data communication equipment, e.g. for extension, Chatsworth, CA, US.
  107. Canon Computer Systems, Advanced Technologies Operation, Lake Success, NY, US.
  108. Canter Technology, production and publishing, San Francisco, CA, US.
  109. Canyon Information Systems, Network integration, repair, system integration, etc., Valencia, CA, US.
  110. Cap Gemini, Information technology consulting and development, Paris, FR.
  111. CAPCON, Internet service provider (ISP) and customized information services, Washington, DC, US.
  112. Capella Networking, Internet VAN, Boulder, CO, US.
  113. Capital Access Partners, venture capital for telecommunications and high technology, Bronxville, NY, US.
  114. Capital Area Internet Service (CAIS), Internet service provider (ISP), McLean, VA, US.
  115. Capital Land Services, Registration required search index for wireless sites (Search4Sites), Edmond, OK, US.
  116. Capitola Works, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, Fair Oaks, CA, US.
  117. Caprica Telecomputing Resources, Internet service provider, Monterey Park, CA, US.
  118. CAPTA, (Spanish) Bar code, automatic identification and related software, Monterrey, MX.
  119. Capture Network Systems, Network integration (LAN/WAN), wireless, hardware, services, Mumbai, IN.
  120. Car telecommunications consulting services (CTCS), long distance comm. consulting, Raleigh, NC, US.
  121. Caradyne Group, The, Executive search, e.g. PCS wireless cellular telecom datacom , Gaffney, SC, US.
  122. Caravel Info Systems, Embedded hardware/software design/development, offshore, Bangalore, IN.
  123. Caravel Info Systems, Programming, ISO 9001, embedded systems, drivers, VC++, QNX, etc., Bangalore, IN.
  124. Caravelle, Network monitoring and content delivery software for web sites, Ottawa, ON, CA.
  125. Carbon Based Design, Web site design, graphics, banner and flyer design, St. Paul, MN, US.
  126. Carden Jennings Publishing, Journal, book, Internet publishing, CD-ROM, multimedia, Charlottesville, VA, US.
  127. Cardigan Computer, Computer systems (PCs), acessories, peripherals, consulting, St. Dogmaels, UK.
  128. Cardinal Technologies, Computer modems and peripherals, Lancaster, PA, US.
  129. Cardiology Software Systems, Echocardiography software, Lomita, CA, US.
  130. Cardline Pty. - About Australia, content and Web site promotion, Gold Coast, AU.
  131. Care Technologies, Business software automation, model driven, OlivaNova, Denia, ES.
  132. CareerWeb, Job/employement matching Web site, Norfolk, VA, US.
  133. Carin Coulon, HTML design and Web publishing services.
  134. Carina Software, Astronomy software for the Macintosh, San Ramon, CA, US.
  135. Caritas Internet, Web site design, multimedia (e.g. flash), database, presence, etc., Austin, TX, US.
  136. Carleton, Customer data management (Pure View-Unix/NT), DBMS conversion (Passport-MVS), Minnetonka, MN, US.
  137. CarlisleNet, Web site design, Web presence, Carlisle, PA, US.
  138. Carlos Lederman, Telephone services - call back, voice mail, PBX linking, FAX, etc., Campinas, BR.
  139. Carlson Technologies, Wireless telecommunication engineering and support, Costa Mesa, CA, US.
  140. Carmel Worldwide, Web site design, e-commerce (shopping cart software), etc., Claremont, CA, US.
  141. Carnation Software, Macintosh to host connectivity, Carnation, WA, US.
  142. Carnegie Group, knowledge-based software solutions, Pittsburg, PA, US.
  143. Carolyn Hasenfratz Design, Web site design, graphics, multimedia, St. Louis, MO, US.
  144. Carriers interconnect, Interconnect billing, wholesale business software for telecom, Soto de la Moraleja, ES.
  145. Carroll Communications, Internet office telephony, VoIP, Avaya partner, Farmingdale, NJ, US.
  146. Carronade Group, The, from Liquid Mercury, Multimedia Directory and other information, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  147. Cartoons for Business, by Ted Goff - computers, technology, and other themes, Kansas City, MO, US.
  148. Cartridge Net, Printer, fax and copier cartridges, Germantown, TN, US.
  149. Cartridgeco Online Shop, Inkjet/toner cartridges for Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark, QMS, etc., Loughborough, UK.
  150. Carver Communications, Web site design, Web presence, graphics, marketing, etc., Dallas, TX, US.
  151. Casady & Greene, computer games and utilities, Salinas, CA, US.
  152. Cascade Communications, networking switching products (e.g. ATM and Frame Relay), Westford, MA, US.
  153. Cascade Consulting, auditing, analyzing, and evaluating software projects.
  154. Cascade WEB Publishing, Web site and graphics development, Clinton, WA, US.
  155. CaseExtensions, Source control management training, esp. PVCS and MS SourceSafe, Pueblo West, CO, US.
  156. Casey Design Group, Art/graphics for multimedia, Web; computer based training, printing, Minnetonka, MN, US.
  157. CashGraf Software, Business/home accounting software, St. Petersburg, FL, US.
  158. Casin Industrial, Computer/communication parts/components manufacturer/sales, ShenZhen, CN.
  159. Casnet, Document and information management software, Akron, OH, US.
  160. CASS, Network integration, consulting, services (security, auditing, etc.), Farmington Hills, MI, US.
  161. CastaLink, Planning/scheduling software (e.g. TERMS) for manufacturing, San Jose, CA, US.
  162. Castle Computers, Custom build computer systems, Blue Ash, OH, US.
  163. Castle Electronics, Computer sales and electronic repairs, Mill Hall, PA, US.
  164. Castles Information Network, Internet services provider, Fairfield, CA, US.
  165. Castlewood Systems, Removable disk drives (Orb), Pleasanton, CA, US.
  166. CAT Computer Systems, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, on-line catalog, Alpine, CA, US.
  167., Supplier of CAT-5/e, CAT-6 network patch cables, tools, etc., Carlisle, GB.
  168. Catalyst, IT infrastructure design and consulting, financial sector focus, Tokyo, JP.
  169. Catalyst Systems & Peripherals, Disk, tape, memory, graphics, etc. (esp. Sun), Castro Valley, CA, US.
  170. Catapult Entertainment, networked interactive entertainment (e.g. XBAND), Cupertino, CA, US.
  171. Catch The Wave Design, Web site design, small site focus, Hampstead, NH, US.
  172. CaveBear, Internet WWW, network analysis, and distributed computing, Santa Cruz, CA, US.
  173. Cavern Computer Systems, Network terminals, software (Citrix), computers systems (PCs), etc., Beaumont, TX, US.
  174. Cawley Enterprises, Internet service provider (ISP), telephone, pagers, etc., Cedarburg, WI, US.
  175. Cayena Consulting, Project management for software development, consulting, Saratoga, CA, US.
  176. Cayenne Communications, Marketing communications for emerging technology companies, Menlo Park, CA, US.
  177. Cayman Systems, internetworking products, Woburn, MA, US.
  178. CBC Computers, Computer systems, software, accessories, network, consulting, Arlington, WA, US.
  179. CBC Services, Data communication outsourcing (e.g. networks, desktop support), Whittier, NC, US.
  180. CBD Toner Recharge, Laser printer, copier, and toner recycle services, Lynchburg, VA, US.
  181. CBL Data Recovery Technologies, Emergency data recovery services, Markham, ON, CA.
  182. CBL Data Recovery Technologies, Data recovery from disk drives, tapes, optical, disaster consulting, etc., Markham, ON, CA.
  183. CBM Information Systems, Develop operation support systems for telephony industry, Little Rock, AR, US.
  184. CBST, Web site design, multimedia development, St. Louis, MO, US.
  185. CBSUSA, Programming, consulting, network integration, software testing, etc., Media, PA, US.
  186. CCC Telecommunications, Association of telecommunications managers, West Palm Beach, FL, US.
  187. CCG Technologies, Web site design, esp. active (e.g. Progressive), database, etc., Atlanta, GA, US.
  188. CCI Telephone Co., Business telephone systems, voicemail, TAPI, TSAPI, networks, Salt Lake City, UT, US.
  189. CCnet Communications, Internet service provider, Walnut Creek, CA, US.
  190. CCR Pyramid, Technology consulting, design/engineering services, communications focus, Wellesley, MA, US.
  191. CCS computer Sales, Retail computer systems and hardware, Cedar City, UT, US.
  192. CCS Computer Systems, Computer systems, PCs, Windows, Linux/Unix, retail, etc., Lynnwood, WA, US.
  193. CCS Technologies, System, network, and software integration and services, New York, NY, US.
  194. CCz Technical Services, Recruiting and placing software and electronic contractors/consultants, Redmond, WA, US.
  195. CD Archive, CD "one-offs" - inexpensive, small volume, Columbus, OH, US.
  196. Cd Designs, Web site design, promotion, Port Hardy, BC, CA.
  197. CD Dimensions, CD/DVD duplicators, printers, supplies, Old Saybrook, CT, US.
  198. CD Publishing, minimal information about CD sales.
  199. CD Serve, Nationwide computer maintenance/service, installations, upgrades, etc., DePere, WI, US.
  200. CD-Lab, CD/DVD services, equipment, media, etc., Glendale, AZ, US.
  201. CD-ROM Jacob, CD-ROM sales, production, and support, Bern, CH.
  202. CDavis Enterprises, Web presence/hosting, domain, Web site design, Templeton, CA, US.
  203. CDClark Web Development, Web site design, Santa Rosa, CA, US.
  204. CDE Enterprises, Long distance telephone service - Telecom Professionals, Corpus Christi, TX, US.
  205. CDM On-Line, and CMDnet - Web presence provider (WPP) and content developer, St. Louis, MO, US.
  206. CDMATICS, Internet marketing/consulting, Web site design/support, etc., Amsterdam, NL.
  207. CE Computers, VAR of computers, networks, accounting systems, and multimedia, Georgetown, DE, US.
  208. CE Services, Network integration, maintenance, consulting, security, etc., Warrington, GB.
  209. CE Software, Personal computer software (QuickMail, QuicKeys), West Des Moines, IA, US.
  210. ce-test, Electrical system testing/information, Web site promotion, etc., Delft, NL.
  211. CEB National Payphones, Pay telephone provider, Encinitas, CA, US.
  212. CEDCO Business Communications Systems, Telecom. equipment sales/service (NEC, PBX, ATM, Cabling...), Lexington, KY, US.
  213. CEECO Telephone Equipment, Designer/manufacturer standard and custom telephones, Plantation, FL, US.
  214. Cel, Middleware, client/server migration, web-to-legacy integration, Edmonton, AB, CA.
  215. Celergy Networks, Network integration/installation, cabling, voice/data, Carlsbad, CA, US.
  216. Celerity Solutions, Integrated software for supply chain, distribution management , Concord, MA, US.
  217. Celerity Systems, Digital video servers, set top boxes, CD-ROM storage, etc., Knoxville, TN, US.
  218. Celestin, Mac modem interconnect and network technology, Port Townsend, WA, US.
  219. Cell Computing, Small form factor embedded computers (e.g. CardPC), San Jose, CA, US.
  220. Cell phone Accessories, Cell phone (wireless) accessories, on-line catalog, Houston, TX, US.
  221. Cellnet Cellular, Wireless, long distance telephone, calling card, etc., Madison Heights, MI, US.
  222. CellTalk, Debit phone programming (software) & private label cellular phones, New York, NY, US.
  223. Cellular Boutique, cellular telephone accessories, Houston, TX, US.
  224. Cellular Connection, Cellular telephone and paging sales, Concord, CA, US.
  225. Cellular One, Cellular telephone services, paging, etc., Washington, DC, US.
  226. Cellular Technology and Supplies, Antennas, cables, test equipment, power supplies, etc., Bartlett, IL, US.
  227. Cellware, ATM products, Berlin, DE.
  228. Cenic's Software, Shareware software (PC, Mac), free e-mail service, etc., Las Vegas, NV, US.
  229. Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises, Internet information, Web site design. ecommerce consulting, Las Vegas, NV, US.
  230. Centacom, IP telephony, voice/data convergence, software services, Crawley, UK.
  231. Center for Accessible Technology, Resources for people with disabilties, Berkeley, CA, US.
  232. Center for Adaptive Systems Applications (CASA), Applications to economics, finance, business process control, etc., Los Alamos, NM, US.
  233. CenterView, "Data Director" for Visual Basic, database integration software, San Francisco, CA, US.
  234. Centigram Communications, voice, data and facsimile communication solutions, San Jose, CA, US.
  235. Centnet, Internet service provider, leased lines, T1, Frame Relay, Cambridge, MA, US.
  236. CenTOR Software, CenWARE software for Web, print, and CD-ROM publication, Garden Grove, CA, US.
  237. Centra Computing Products, Software for the real estate industry, Miami, FL, US.
  238. Centra Software, Web based JAVA applications (e.g. Symposium) for group learning and collaboration, Lexington, MA, US.
  239. Central Computing Services, Web site design, graphic design, Rochester Hills, MI, US.
  240. Central Data, SCSI connectivity solutions for Unix, Champaign, IL, US.
  241. Central Data Processing, Scanning, imaging, OCR and ICR services, Forestville, MD, US.
  242. Central House Technologies, Internet and messaging software, Plymouth, CA, US.
  243. Central Office, The, Postal mail receipt, scanning and e-mail forwarding, Santa Rosa, CA, US.
  244. Central Registry, The, Web site promotion (also print and TV promotion), Georgetown, KY.
  245. Central Source, Central Source Yellow Pages - business telephone listings, Salt Lake City, UT, US.
  246. Central Supply Company, Computer systems and accessories, office, educational products, Monroeville,, AL, US.
  247. Central Tech Solutions.Net, Web presence/hosting, domain names, Web site design, equipment, Columbus, IN, US.
  248. CentralNet Inc., Cabling, network integration, Web presence, etc., Richardson, TX, US.
  249. Centrepoint Technologies, Computer telephony technology ("Switchboard") for SOHOs and telecommuters, Ottawa, ON, CA.
  250. Centric Computing, Business & personal computer consulting, training, etc., Nichols, IA, US.
  251. Centric Development, Web site development, graphics, network, database, Kirkland, WA, US.
  252. Centuple Communications, Fax, voice, email Internet interface (Midas), Minneapolis, MN, US.
  253. Centura Software, (formerly Gupta) SQLWindows, SQLBase, and other Web/database technologies, Menlo Park, CA, US.
  254. Centura Software Asia Pacific, (formerly Gupta) Software tools (e.g. Web) and training, Sydney, NSW, AU.
  255. Centurion Solutions Group, Windows based software for law enforcement, Palm Springs, CA, US.
  256. Century Analysis (CAI), software tools, Pacheco, CA, US.
  257. Century Computing, Custom SW and products for GUI, image processing, and client-server, Laurel, MD, US.
  258. Century Design, communications development - documentation, training, etc., Hopkins, MN, US.
  259. Century Microelectronics, Computer memory products, SIMMs, DIMMs, etc., Santa Clara, CA, US.
  260. Century Telephone, Internet service provider (ISP) with considerable US coverage.
  261. CEO Computers, Computer consulting, security, web site design, Web presence/hosting, Encino, CA, US.
  262. Ceram, SPARC compatible systems, upgrades, and IC designs, Colorado Springs, CO, US.
  263. CERFnet, Internet service provider, San Diego, CA, US.
  264. Cermetek Microelectronics, Modem components and telephone line interfaces, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  265. Cerplex Group, The, High-technology repair services, Tustin, CA, US.
  266. Cerprobe, IC wafer test equipment manufacturer, Gilbert, AZ, US.
  267. CertCo, Computer security, digital identities for risk management, New York, NY, US.
  268. Certicom, Encryption for wireless, e.g. elliptic curve, ECC, Hayward, CA, US.
  269. Certified Computer Pros, On-site network/computer engineers, consulting, Ellijay, GA, US.
  270. Certified Network Educators, Novell network education.
  271. Certified Technical Forums, On-line technical support for Microsoft, Novell, and Cisco , Draper, UT, US.
  272., Email service with delivery confirmation, Springfield, NJ, US.
  273. Cettlan, Encryption security hardware for private dial-in networks, Tustin, CA, US.
  274. CFG, Technical, professional or health recruiting, job fairs, Omaha, NE, US.
  275. CFX Communications, Web site design, graphics, promotion, maintenance, etc., Burnaby, BC, CA.
  276. cgi-now, Installed CGI scripts with source, Las Vegas, NV, US.
  277., Web presence with preconfigured CGI support, Lexington, IN, US.
  278. CH Products, Joysticks and controllers for PC/Mac games, education, etc., Vista, CA, US.
  279. ChaiONE, Web site design, applications and marketing, Houston, TX, US.
  280. Chalcot Micro Systems, Computer systems (PCs), Web site design, presence, etc., Endeavour Hills, VIC, AU.
  281. Chalfin Group, The, Business services for information technology companies, Metuchen, NJ, US.
  282. Chamberland Enterprises Educational Computer Videos, Learn computers the easy way with educational VHS Videos!, Houston, TX, US.
  283. Chameleon Systems, Web site design, Web presence, graphics, multimedia, South Salem, NY, US.
  284. Chancellor & Chancellor, brokerage services for the computer technology industries, Tiburon, CA, US.
  285. Chaney Systems (CSI), Consultanting, networked integration, programming, Web site design, etc., New Berlin, WI, US.
  286. Changzhou Bell Data Communication Equipment, Telecom converters and interface products, Changzhou, CN.
  287. ChaniaOnLine, Web site design, graphics, photography, hosting, Chania, GR.
  288. Channel 1, BBS and Internet service provider (ISP), Cambridge, MA, US.
  289. Channel21 Productions, Web site design, Web presence, graphics, Miller place, NY, US.
  290., Web site design, multimedia (e.g. video), etc., Vancouver, BC, CA.
  291. ChannelResources, Recruiting IT professionals (permanent & contract), SF Bay Area, Burlingame, CA, US.
  292. ChannelWave, Web-based software for sales lead tracking/management, Cambridge, MA, US.
  293. Chaos Systems, Amiga computers and multimedia technology, Hoorn, NL.
  294. Chaparral Technologies, RAID disk controllers, storage routers (Fibre Channel, Ultra2 SCSI), JOBS, Longmont, CO, US.
  295., Merchant accounts - e.g. for Internet businesses, Old Town, ME, US.
  296. Charging Bull Enterprises, Web site design and promotion, Kailua, HI, US.
  297. Charis Web Design, Web site design, esp. churches and small business, Glen Burnie, MD, US.
  298. Charles L. Driggers International Group, Web site design, Grand Rapids, MI, US.
  299. Charles River Analytics, Intelligent agents, decision support, modeling, Cambridge, MA, US.
  300. Charlie Chan Printing, Offset printing, graphic design, Web site design, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  301. Charm Net, Internet service provider, Baltimore, MD, US.
  302. ChartWrite, GIS/mapping software, agriculture and land management focus, maps , Lund, SE.
  303. Chase Computer Products, Computer hardware, software and networking, online catalog, San Rafael, CA, US.
  304. Chase Data, Predictive dialing and call center systems, Sunrise, FL, US.
  305. Chase Information Systems, Web site design, multimedia development, Jamestown, NY, US.
  306. Chase Management Services, SAP recruitment agency, Crewe, UK.
  307. Chase Online Marketing Strategies, Consulting, seminars and Web related publications, New York, NY, US.
  308. Chassis Plans, Custom industrial rack mount computer enclosures, San Diego, CA, US.
  309. Chassis Plans, Rackmount chassis/LCD monitor keyboards, San Diego, CA, US.
  310. Chassis Plans, Rackmount systems and rack mount LCD keyboard drawers, San Diego, CA, US.
  311. Chatham Township Data (CTDATA), client/server consulting and integration, Denville, NJ, US.
  312. ChatWear, Caps, jackets, sweatshirts with a computer online theme, Kaysville, UT, US.
  313. Cheap ADZ, Web site design, Web presence, Clovis, CA, US.
  314. Check Access, Remote Web access control service (username and password), Fayetteville, NC, US.
  315. Check Point Software Technologies, Virtual private network (VPN), network technologies, Ramat Gan, IL.
  316. Checkfree, Electronic payment services for home/business, e-commerce, Norcross, GA, US.
  317. CheckMaster, Check printing software (MICR), Oceanside, CA, US.
  318. Checkmatic Software, Software for RCK, EFT, accept check by phone/FAX/Internet, The Woodlands, TX, US.
  319. Checkpoint HR, Payroll software, small to mid-sized businesses , Edison, NJ, US.
  320., IT security consulting, Kingwood, TX, US.
  321. Cheetah Technology Integration, Web presence/hosting, Web site design, promotion, Council Bluffs, IA, US.
  322. ChekFaxx Development, Software to accept checks through fax, telephone, email, and online, Scottsdale, AZ, US.
  323., Electronic check payment services, Scottsdale, AZ, US.
  324. Chelston Software, Call management and control systems (Windows NT), Chorleywood, UK.
  325. Cheltenham Computer Training, Personal Computer (PC) training courses, Cheltenham, UK.
  326. Chengdu Eoptolink Technology, Manufacture optical transceivers, on-line catalog, ChengDu, CN.
  327. Cherokee Data, Storage equipment (disks/tape drives, etc.), Oklahoma City, OK, US.
  328. Chesapeake Computer Consultants, Unix and network consulting, Annapolis, MD, US.
  329. Chesapeake Internet, Interner service provider (ISP), Web presence, Web site design, Reisterstown, MD, US.
  330. Chesapeake Telephone Systems, Business telephone systems, network integration/cabling, Millersville, MD, US.
  331. Cheshire Engineering, Electronic & software consultants: video, graphics, signal processing, Pasadena, CA, US.
  332. Cheshire WebMaster Services, Web site development, Web presence, Cheshire, CT, US.
  333. Chesters Interactive Systems, Interactive training, CBT, TBT, for TCP networks, Solihull, UK.
  334. Cheyenne Software, Windows software, Roslyn Heights, NY, US.
  335. Chi-Squared, Computer systems (PCs) and accessories, online catalog, Birmingham, AL, US.
  336. Chicago Technology & Telecom Supply, IT and Telecom asset management, new, used, Chicago, IL, US.
  337. Chico Web Works, Web site development, Chico, CA, US.
  338. Chicopee Electronics, Wiring, cabling, network integration, security, etc., Chicopee, MA, US.
  339. Chicopee Electronics, Network integration, security, fire, telephone, etc., South Hadley, MA, US.
  340. Children's Software Company, The, educational software, Washington, DC, US.
  341. Chilla Computer & Internet Services, Web site design, computer systems (PCs), software, etc., Knoxville, TN, US.
  342. Chimeron Software, Web site design, Internet marketing, Quezon City, PH.
  343. China Translation, Chinese translation/localization telecom., computer, etc., Beijing, CN.
  344. Chip TECH, Computers and computer components (e.g. perhiperals), Fort Lauderdale, FL, US.
  345. Chipcom, network (LAN) components, switches, concentrators, Southborough, MA, US.
  346. Chips and Technologies, Video and graphic semiconductor chips, San Jose, CA, US.
  347. Chloe Design, Web site design, Montreal, PQ, CA.
  348. ChoiceTechnologies, Business software reviews, Oceanside, CA, US.
  349. Chris de Heer Design, Web site design, graphics, brand identity, Berkeley, CA, US.
  350. Chrisranjana, j2m, .net, c, java, sharp, php, web site design, windows, Chennai, IN.
  351. Christoph & Imschweiler Consulting, backup, archive, and comm. systems, Tutzing, DE.
  352. Christopher & Long, IT recruiting, e.g.: open systems, Tandem, AS/400, Kansas City, MO, US.
  353. Christopher Howard, Web site design, Web presence, Destrehan, LA, US.
  354. Chromatic, Microprocessor research and development (e.g. multimedia, DSP, MPACT), Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  355. Chronicle Technologies, Knowledge management software (e.g. YourWorld[tm]), consulting, London, ON, CA.
  356. Chrontel, mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) for PCs and consumer electronics, San Jose, CA, US.
  357. CHT Communications, Telephone, voicemail, and related communication systems, Laguna Hills, CA, US.
  358. Chuck's Computer Cables, Computer cables and switch boxes, Dallas, OR, US.
  359. Chumbo, Computer software, online catalog sales, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  360. Chun Soo C & C Technology Services, PC multimedia hardware products (e.g. DVD, video, fast Ethernet), Seoul, KR.
  361. Chuo Electronics, JP.
  362. CI Host, Web presence provider (WPP), Bedford, TX, US.
  363. CI Spectrum, Computer technology consulting, network integration, support, etc., White Plains, NY, US.
  364. CI2 WebStudio, Web site design, hosting, optimization, consulting, Southampton, NY, US.
  365. Ciao Systems, POS Software (esp. restaurant), credit, payroll, PMS, multi-currency, etc., Arlington, VA, US.
  366. CICAT Networks, ISDN integration and Internet consulting, Fairfax, VA, US.
  367. Ciceron, professional Web strategy development and design, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  368. Ciena, Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) for fiber networking, Baltimore, MD, US.
  369. CIFELLI Systems & Software, Computer systemss (PCs), hubs, switches, transceivers, MPEG2, etc., Nepean, ON, CA.
  370. Cim Bar Code Technology, Bar code printers, scanners, labelers, taggers, etc., Northbrook, IL, US.
  371. Cimatron, CAD/CAM software for manufacturing, Givat Shmuel, IL.
  372. Cimaware Software, File recovery utilities for damaged MS Excel, Access, Word files, Madrid, ES.
  373. Cimmetry Systems, Viewing/markup software for 2D/3D business/engineering formats(AutoVue), Montreal, PQ, CA.
  374. CIMTEK Automation Systems, Environmental control chambers, Oakville, ON, CA.
  375. CimTelligence Systems, "Process Innovator" computer-aided process planning system, Lexington, MA, US.
  376. Cingular Wireless, Wireless telephone and data services, Atlanta, GA, US.
  377. Cinnamon Multimedia Systems, Graphic design (e.g. 2D, 3d, multimedia), Bnei Brak, IL.
  378. Cintis, Networking/telecommunications support, European focus, London, UK.
  379. Circon Systems, Automate building control systems, LonWorks®, Richmond, BC, CA.
  380. Circuit Assembly, Computer interface connectors (e.g. SCSI), Irvine, CA, US.
  381. Circuit Masters, Computer monitor repair (e.g. warranty, Radius, high res.), Brownsburg, IN, US.
  382. Circuit Path Network Systems, WAN networking using "SATM" - sychronous ATM, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  383. Circuit Test, Buy, sell and repair new or used Compaq computer equipment, Livermore, CA, US.
  384. CIRG Services, The Computer Information & Resource Group, PC training for novices, Fort Lee, NJ, US.
  385. Cirrus Cyberspace, Web site development and consulting, Calcutta, IN.
  386. Cirrus Logic, PC semiconductors (e.g. graphics), telecomm., and consumer electronics, Fremont, CA, US.
  387. Cirtric, Web site design, programming, Clearfield, UT, US.
  388. CIS Technology, FAX Modem, LAN, ISDN, CD-R, and CD-ROM products, Taipei, TW.
  389. Cisco, Used Cisco routers, switches, etc., Garland, TX, US.
  390. Cisco Systems, Switches, routers, and other LAN/WAN networking products, JOBS, San Jose, CA, US.
  391. Cisilion, Cisco products/services, esp. VPN/security and IP telephony, Chessington, UK.
  392. CIT Publications, Telecommunications research and information, international, Exeter, UK.
  393. Citation Systems, Consulting, programming (PC), Web site design, systems integration, etc., Secaucus, NJ, US.
  394. Citiux, Programming, consulting, Internet, databases, network integration, Miami, FL, US.
  395. Citizen 1, Content delivery software (MacroScopeTM) for the Internet, San Francisco, CA, US.
  396. Citrix, Terminal server systems (e.g. WinFrame, MetaFrame), Fort Lauderdale, FL, US.
  397. City Net Express, Internet (Web) storefront, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  398. City Shops, Web presence provider, Web mall format, New Bern, NC, US.
  399. CityCenter, Web site design, database, ecommerce, Pasadena, CA, US.
  400. Citycom, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, etc., on-line catalog, Union City, CA, US.
  401. CityLink-PCs, Computer systems (PCs), hardware/components, software, etc., Merimbula, NSW, AU.
  402. CityScape Internet Services, Internet service provider (ISP), Cambridge, UK.
  403. Cityscape Solutions, Web site design, web hosting/presence, IT security, Kenosha, WI, US.
  404. CJB, Employment/recruiting service (e.g. computer), database, resume, Marietta, GA, US.
  405. CK Software, Supermarket and retail sales software, Melbourne, VIC, AU.
  406. CK Software, Medical database software (e.g. ck_CompCare), Missoula, MT, US.
  407. CKS SiteSpecific, Online network marketing, advertising, New York, NY, US.
  408. CKS|Group, integrated marketing communications, Cupertino, CA, US.
  409. Clam Associates, Commercial AIX Solutions, Beaverton, OR, US.
  410. Clapperton Publishing (CPL), Newsletters, Enterprise Finance and Business IT Update, London, UK.
  411. Clare Computer Solutions, computer support, San Ramon, CA, US.
  412. Clarent, Software and hardware for telephone calls over the Internet, Redwood City, CA, US.
  413. ClariNet Communications, network services and publications, San Jose, CA, US.
  414. Clarity Design, Electronic engineering, PC board design, test, management, training, etc., Poway, CA, US.
  415. Clarity Online, Web site design and software development (e.g. Lottery and horse racing), Bournemouth, UK.
  416. Clark Research and Development, Digital image capture and processing ("TUT"), Folsom, LA, US.
  417. Clarke Web Services, Web site design, graphics (e.g. banners), Web site promotion, etc., Simpsonville, SC, US.
  418. ClarkNet, Internet service provider, Washington, DC, US.
  419. Classic Software, Games, screen savers, utilities, etc., online catalog, Garland, TX, US.
  420., Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, Los Altos, CA, US.
  421. ClassPass, Computer system training (e.g. Microsoft, VMS, Unix, Oracle), El Dorado, CA, US.
  422. CLC Research, computer memory for labtops, Irvine, CA, US.
  423. Clear Ink, Internet service provider, Web site development, Walnut Creek, CA, US.
  424. ClearPath Telecom, Telecom consulting/master agent, Mesa, AZ, US.
  425. ClearSpeed Technology, Accelerator boards for high performance computing (HPC), Bristol, UK.
  426. Cleartel Communications, Telephone, Internet, Web presence/hosting services, Delray Beach, FL, US.
  427. ClearVox Communications, Headsets for cellular, PCS, multimedia, computer, telephone, etc., San Jose, CA, US.
  428. Clem Systems, Computer systems (PCs, e.g. custom), accessories, support, Web, etc., Fresno, CA, US.
  429. Cleveland Business Systems (CBS), multi-user computer systems (e.g. SBT accounting), Cleveland, OH, US.
  430. Clever Domains, Domain names (DNS) for sale, Orlando, FL, US.
  431. Click Computer Services, On-site computer IT technical support, Scottsdale, AZ, US.
  432. Click Media, Interactive multimedia development for diskettes, CD-ROMs, kiosks, Web, King City, ON, CA.
  433. Click This IT Solutions, Support, computers, network integration, hosting, Web site design, Pretoria, ZA.
  434. Click to Client, Web site design, promotion, consulting, Cheltenham, UK.
  435. Click4value, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, online catalog, Santa Ana, CA, US.
  436. Clickables Software, Plug-&-Play CGI scripts, San Rafael, CA, US.
  437. ClicNet Télécommunications, (French) Internet Service Provider (ISP), PQ, CA.
  438. Client Server Technology (CST), Network (e.g. Novell), hardware, repair and Internet services, Meriden, CT, US.
  439. Client/Server Labs, Computer hardware and software testing services, Atlanta, GA, US.
  440. Client/Server Solutions, Benchmarking & capacity planning software (Benchmark Factory 97), St. Louis, MO, US.
  441. Client/Server Technology, Java, Windows, VB user interfaces for mainframe & AS/400 apps, Atlanta, GA, US.
  442. Clientsoft, Consulting, Burlingame, CA, US.
  443. CLINICARE, Medical group practice software (CPR, PMA, etc.) , Calgary, AB, CA.
  444. Clio Communications, Multimedia, presentations, technology help, tools, Prince Albert, SK, CA.
  445. Clockwatchers, Web site design, Web presence, Lafayette, IN, US.
  446. Clockwork Web, Web site design, Web presence, graphics/multimedia, promotion, consulting, etc., London, UK.
  447. Clockworx Powermouse, Internet and multimedia consulting, Chessington, UK.
  448. Cloning America, Cellular phone extensions, Coalville, UT, US.
  449. CLS Computer Center, Computer systems (PCs, custom), repair, scanning, etc., Potsdam, NY, US.
  450. CLSI, Computer monitor visor (the CLSI Graphics Visor), Mesa, AZ, US.
  451. CLT Research Associates, Market research (e.g. "The "Opinionator" Web survey), New York, NY, US.
  452. Clubmate Software, Software for Rotary, Lions and other service clubs, Newmarket, NZ.
  453. CM Consulting, Web presence provider, Torrance, CA, US.
  454. CMA Consulting Services, Consulting, systems integration, Oracle training, etc., Latham, NY, US.
  455. cma ettworth, AS/400 Fax/Voice solutions, Melbourne, FL, US.
  456. CMASS, Computer management/support services, Sierra Madre, CA, US.
  457. CMC Communications, Provider of telecommunications contractors, recruiting, Newport Beach, CA, US.
  458. CMCTECH, (Korean) Foxpro development, Seoul, KR.
  459. CMG Information Services, Internet, interactive, and database marketing services, Andover, MA, US.
  460. CMI Digital, Computers (Everex, Microage), Marina Del Rey, CA, US.
  461. CMP, publications relating to computer technology, Manhasset, NY, US.
  462. CMS, Business reports, including a Telecommunications section, Chesham, UK.
  463. CMS Computers, PC computer supplier, UK.
  464. CNC Technology, Web presence and promotion , Sydney, NSW, AU.
  465. CNet Technology, Ethernet, ATM, Token-Ring, and ARCnet LAN products, Hsinchu, TW.
  466. CNetUSA, Network interface cards, switches, stackable hubs, and bridges, Milpitas, CA, US.
  467. CNG Internet, Internet service provider (ISP, e.g. DSL), Web presence, web site design, Newark, NJ, US.
  468. CNW Network Technology, Web site development, Burlington, NJ, US.
  469. Coactive Networks, Commercial/residentual gateways for network <-> applicance connect, Sausalito, CA, US.
  470. Coast-TO-Coast, long distance telephone and Internet services, Clarkston, MI, US.
  471. Coastal Business Supplies, Toner, developer, fuser, heat tranfer paper, self inking stamps, etc., St. Louis, MO, US.
  472. Coastal Computer Consultants, Buy, lease, sell, and trade computer hardware.
  473. Coastal Technologies Group, Custom programming, Telecom consulting, OSS, CTI, security audits, etc., Boca Raton, FL, US.
  474. Coastal Watch Information Services, Internet service provider and Web content, Halifax, NS, CA.
  475. Coastek InfoSys, Secure networking for electronic commerce (AppStack™, CoastLine™), Scotts Valley, CA, US.
  476. Coastline Imaging Systems, Document image processing (e.g. Coastline Cutter, ImPrint), Ennis, IE.
  477. Cobalt Media Design, Graphic design and multimedia development, Santa Barbara, CA, US.
  478. Cobalt Networks, Network servers, storage, and caching systems, Mountain View, CA, US.
  479. Cobro Publishing, Electrobase database of electronics distributors, reps, and services, Redmond, WA, US.
  480. CoComp, SCSI backup, archive, recovery systems, Colorado Springs, CO, US.
  481. Codale Electric Supply, Electrical wholesale supply, datacomm. products, Salt Lake City, UT, US.
  482. Code Generation, JavaScript tools (WebScripter), Phoenix, AZ, US.
  483. CODE Micro Systems, Computer systems, Vista, CA, US.
  484. CodeHammer, Screen savers and games, London, UK.
  485. CodeMeta, Consulting, training, and contract software development, Manchester, NH, US.
  486. Codenoll Technology, 100 Mbps ethernet switches, hubs, NICs (interfaces), Yonkers, NY, US.
  487. Codestone, Consulting, software development, business focus (SAP, etc., etc.), Poole, UK.
  488. CodeWords, Translation/localisation of software, Web content, documentation, Haslemere, UK.
  489. Codework, Software and services, deployment, control, inventory, security, etc., 1 Simonsway,, GB.
  490. Coe-Truman Technologies, Internet services/Web site design and other business services, Savoy, IL, US.
  491. CoffeeCup Software, Web presence (bluedomino), Web site design software, promotion, Corpus Christi, TX, US.
  492. Cofinity, Internet payment system (email), Palo Alto, CA, US.
  493. Cogent Software, Internet service provider (ISP) and Web and other services, Pasadena, CA, US.
  494. Cogep, Maintenance and asset management software, Quebec, PQ, CA.
  495. Cognigen Communications, Voice/data transimission services (e.g. telephone), Seattle, WA, US.
  496. Cognitive Systems Europe (CSE), Bank and financial institution automation software, Brussels, BE.
  497. Coherent Communications Systems, Echo control and voice enhancement technology (e.g. telephone), Leesburg, VA, US.
  498. Coleman Technologies, IT consulting, maintenance, Web hosting, etc., Surrey, BC, CA.
  499. Colfax International, Custom computer systems (PCs), accessories, software integration, etc., Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  500. CollabNet, Collaborative development software, consulting, Brisbane, CA, US.
  501. Collaborative Marketing, Marketing, specializing in high tech, Internet focus, Los Altos, CA, US.
  502. Collaborative Strategies, Consulting on collaboration technologies, San Francisco, CA, US.
  503. Collective Concepts International, Telephone, Internet service provider, computer systems (PCs), etc., Washington, DC, US.
  504. College Web Designers, Web site design, graphic design, Web presence, North Vancouver, BC, CA.
  505. Collier Communications, Messages on hold audio service, Dallas, TX, US.
  506. ColloHouse, Web presence provider (WPP), colocation, San Francisco, CA, US.
  507. Colman Computers, Computer systems (customized PC servers), network components, etc., Rocky River, OH, US.
  508. Colocation America, Colocation, dedicated, hosting managed services, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  509. Colocation Belgium, Colocation data center, Web presence/hosting, Etterbeek, BE.
  510. Colonial Brokerage, Web site design, promotion, etc., Amarillo, TX, US.
  511. Color Culture, Virtual reality, QuickTime VR, audio/video digitizing, multimedia, Boise, ID, US.
  512. Color Solutions, Color management systems, e.g. ColorBlind, Cardiff-By-The-Sea, CA, US.
  513. Colorado Data Recovery, Hard drive data recovery, including RAID, Denver, CO, US.
  514. Colorado Internet Coop., Internet services organized as a Coop, Boulder, CO, US.
  515. Colorado SuperNet, Internet Service Provider, Denver, CO, US.
  516. ColorBlind, dynamic color calibration software, color management, Cardiff-by-The-Sea, CA, US.
  517. Colorcom, Color consulting, research, Web site design, etc., Honolulu, HI, US.
  518. ColorMagic, Electronic printing services (e.g. Color posters, overheads, etc.), Mountain View, CA, US.
  519. ColorX, Distributor for radius™ dye-sublimation printers, West Linn, OR, US.
  520. Colossal Storage, Nanotech and holographic optical storage, patents, Fremont, CA, US.
  521. Colossus, Web presence provider (WPP), Minden, NV, US.
  522. Colporteur, Custom software development, training, St. Louis, MO, US.
  523. Columbia Data Products, Disk backup, disaster recovery, replication, Altamonte Springs, FL, US.
  524. COM 1, Modems, ISDN, GSM, telecom solutions, Bordeaux Cestas, FR.
  525. Com-Guard, Security for PCs, anti-tampering/theft hardware, access control, etc., Carlsbad, CA, US.
  526. COM2001 Technologies, Computer telephony systems (e.g. TransCOM, NTX), Carlsbad, CA, US.
  527. Com21, home communications over existing cable, fiber, copper, Mountain View, CA, US.
  528. Combase Informatic, Architectural and building software and services, Dresden, DE.
  529. Combined Communications Company, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, Statesville, NC, US.
  530. COMCAD, (German) Network security, routing, and management technology, Burscheid, DE.
  531. Comcity Business Networks, Consulting placement and computer resale, Somerville, NJ, US.
  532. ComCore, Broadband data communication, Calabasas, CA, US.
  533. Comentum, Web site design, Web presence, colocation, e-commerce, San Diego, CA, US.
  534. Comit Systems, systems and software engineering, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  535. Comix Computers, Industrial computer storage enclosures, SCSI, USB, RAID, etc., Chino, CA, US.
  536. Comline Systems, Auto Call Attendant, voice mail, fax on demand, ..., Newport Beach, CA, US.
  537. Comlink, Satellite systems integration services, Rockledge, FL, US.
  538. Comlink, WAN/LAN network support, Roveville, CA, US.
  539. ComLinx, Web based teleconference services (Webinars), Edison, NJ, US.
  540. Comlinx, Network integration, cabling, equipment, consulting, Birmingham, AL, US.
  541. Comm-Works, Telecommunication services, cabling, IT outsourcing, etc., Minneapolis, MN, US.
  542. Command Software Systems, AntiVirus software, service, Jupiter, FL, US.
  543. Commerce One, Electronic procurement and supplier management software, Walnut Creek, CA, US.
  544. CommercePath, Fax server software (e.g. HostFax, EDI, InternetLink, etc.) Windows NT, Portland, OR, US.
  545. CommerceWAVE, Electronic commerce software (e.g. MerchantWAVE, MALLenium), consulting, Carlsbad, CA, US.
  546. Commercial and General Systems, Disk, tape and data conversion/data recovery, Dunstable, UK.
  547. Commercial Link Systems, ISDN and other communication products, Kiel, DE.
  548. Commercial Timesharing (CTI), Systems integration and software engineering, Akron, OH, US.
  549. Commercial Video Services, Digital video, multimedia, and 3D animation, graphics, Vienna, VA, US.
  550. Commix, Internet service provider (ISP), business shared access (LinkLightning), Reston, VA, US.
  551. CommKey Network, Internet service provider (ISP), Dayton, OH, US.
  552. CommNet Data Systems, Internet service provider (ISP), New Orleans, LA, US.
  553. Commodore, Amiga Information from CMU.
  554. Common Sense Computers, CD-ROM software, catalog sales, San Marcos, CA, US.
  555. CommonTime, Add-on Lotus Notes software, PDA mobile computing, paging, GSM, Ashbourne, UK.
  556. Commonwealth Technical Services, hardware, software, Web consulting and site design, Richmond, VA, US.
  557. Commpliant Technologies, Network integration: voice/data, Austin, TX, US.
  558. CommPro, full service internet marketing and presence provider, Tustin, CA, US.
  559. Comms Express, RJ45, cat5e, fibre leads, server cabinets, equipment, etc., Chelmsford, UK.
  560. CommTech, Long distance telephone service, Manakin-Sabot, VA, US.
  561. CommTech Systems, hardware and software diagnostic tools, San Diego, CA, US.
  562. CommTel Internet, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Web presence, Web site design, Winthrop, ME, US.
  563. Communication Cabling Specialists, Network integration, data cabling, Leeds, UK.
  564. Communication Consulting Group, Communication service consulting, rates, etc., telephone, data, Gold River, CA, US.
  565. Communication Intelligence, Pen input products, Redwood Shores, CA, US.
  566. Communication Plus 2000, Service/repair for business telephone systems, Naples, FL, US.
  567. Communication Software, Software (e.g. billing), programming, consulting, etc. for telecom., Bishop, CA, US.
  568. Communication Solutions, Network integration, voice/data telecommunications, Raynham, MA, US.
  569. Communications Accessibles Montreal, Internet service provider, Montreal, PQ, CA.
  570. Communications Advice and Design, Telecommunications management software tools, Calabasas, CA, US.
  571. Communications Data Services, support Geographic Information System users, Falls Church, VA, US.
  572. Communications Industry Researchers (CIR), Comm. and Telecomm. consulting and publishing, Charlottesville, VA, US.
  573. Communications International, Telecommunications information, London, UK.
  574. Communications Research Associates, voice and data telecommunications consulting, Cincinnati, OH, US.
  575. Communications Service Center, The, Frame relay, ISDN, AT&T data circuits, Agoura Hills, CA, US.
  576. Communications Specialists, Computer cabling (e.g. 10 Base-T, coax, fiber), Henderson, CA, US.
  577. Communications Specialists, Voice/data cable installation, network integration, San Jose, CA, US.
  578. Communications Standards Review (CSR), ITU, TIA and ETSI work-in-progress, DSL, modems, codecs, fax, etc. , Palo Alto, CA, US.
  579. Communications Unlimited, Telephone/data systems/service, cabling, network integration, etc., Chicago, IL, US.
  580. Communications Vir, Internet service provider, Montreal, PQ, CA.
  581. Communicopia, Computers and environmental issues, Vancouver, BC, CA.
  582. CommuniTech, Headsets (telephone, computer, wireless, cellular), speakerphones, Elk Grove Village, IL, US.
  583. CommuniTech Services, Voice mail systems integrator, installation, maintenance, Arlington Heights, IL, US.
  584. Community Solutions, Web site design, training, database integration, electronic commerce, etc., San Francisco, CA, US.
  585. Community Wide Web of Stockton (CWWS), Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Stockton, CA, US.
  586. Commuserv, Computer repairs and systems, web site design, Internet service provider (ISP), Adelaide, SA, AU.
  587. Commworld of Cumberland, Computers, networking, telephone systems, and Web site design, Cumberland, WI, US.
  588. ComNetics, Design engineering and support for satellite telecommunication networks, Reston, VA, US.
  589. ComOps Professional Services, Sales force automation software (SAM), Crows Nest, NSW, AU.
  590. Comp-Connection, Network integration/installation (LAN, WAN), security, Aberdeen, UK.
  591. Comp-U-Trust, Computer systems, online catalog, Port Huron, MI, US.
  592. Comp-U-verse, Computer systems and accessories, online catalog sales, Ft Lauderdale, FL, US.
  593. ComPair Ltd, PC repair, Web site design, training, etc., Allentown, PA, US.
  594. Compaq Upgrades, Server upgrades/parts for compaq/hp systems, Barnoldswick, UK.
  595. Compass, Retail furniture software, A/P, POS, purchasing, payroll, barcode, etc., Mountain Home, AR, US.
  596. Compass Computer Group, Software, technical services and information, Warrington, UK.
  597. Compass in Cyberspace, Internet training, Rockville, MD, US.
  598. Compatible Systems, internetworking products, Boulder, CO, US.
  599., Web presence, Internet service provider (ISP), Web site design, Petaluma, CA, US.
  600. Competitive Edge Software, R:Base applications and support, Ferny Hills, QLD, AU.
  601. Compex, Ethernet hubs, switches and cards (NICs), Anaheim, CA, US.
  602. Compitum Soft, Offshore software development/programming, esp. Java, Microsoft NET, Kiev, UA.
  603. Complete Building Systems, Distributor of data modems, electrical contractors, Crofton, MD, US.
  604. Complete Business Solutions, Business form management software, Web site design, etc., Co. Dublin, IE.
  605. Complete Business Systems, computer systems/services for retail apparel/sporting goods industry, Brooklyn, NY, US.
  606. Complete Communication Consultants, High-speed Internet (e.g. hotel), consulting for telecom, energy, Milan, MI, US.
  607. Complete Computer Solutions, Computer systems (PCs) new/used, accessories, online catalog, Norwood, MA, US.
  608. Complete Computer Solutions, Computer systems (PCs e.g. custom), service, repairs, accessories, networks, Sugar Land, TX, US.
  609. Complete Cyber Ventures, Computer systems, hardware, software, Web site design, etc., Cocoa, FL, US.
  610. CompleteSynergy, Computer equipment leasing for small businesses, Nottingham, UK.
  611. CompMed Technologies, Consulting, software development, Web presence, medical recruiting, Collegeville, PA, US.
  612. CompNet, (Romanian) Internet service provider, programming, database, Onesti, RO.
  613. Comprehensive Computer Solutions, Document control software with noncomformace reporting (QualTrax), Christiansburg, VA, US.
  614. Comprehensive Computer Solutions, Intranet quality management software for document control (QualTrax), Christiansburg, VA, US.
  615. Comprehensive Computing Services (CCS), Computer systems (PCs), network, sales, integration, support, Raleigh, NC, US.
  616. Compress Software, Pkzip, Zip, and other compression utilities, Gouda, NL.
  617. Compression Labs (CLI), Video communication technology (e.g. codecs), San Jose, CA, US.
  618. Compresstion Techniques, Line test equipment (T1/E1, T3/E3, ISDN, SONET, SMT1, OC3,12,48, etc.), Herndon, VA, US.
  619. Compro Consulting Group, IT Consulting, Hickory Hills, IL, US.
  620. Compro Software Industries, Systems integration (e.g. billing), consulting, Givat Shmuel, IL.
  621. Comptek International, Security systems (e.g. Senstar perimeter), computer systems (PCs - e.g. TRC), Leamington, ON, CA.
  622. Compton Communications, Internet/Web consulting, public relations, Bel Air, MD, US.
  623. Compton's NewMedia, interactive multimedia software, Carlsbad, CA, US.
  624. Compu Buffs, Network integration, Web site design, programming, database, etc., Delhi, IN.
  625. Compu Center, (Spanish) Computer hardware, software, consulting, and service, Porlamar, VE.
  626. Compu-Magement (CMI), Cabling and network development, programming (network), consulting, Raleigh, NC, US.
  627. Compu-Net, Internet service provider, Richardson, TX, US.
  628. CompuCell, Computer hardware and software sales and service, Chico, CA, US.
  629. CompuCell Accessories (CCA), Cellular telephone and computer accessories, online catalog, Glendora, CA, US.
  630. CompuCo, Web site design and support, consulting, Fremont, CA, US.
  631. CompuColor, electronic publishing and four color process printing, New York, NY, US.
  632. CompuCom, Desktop integration and services, Dallas, TX, US.
  633. COMPUFACTS, Computer technicial education/training (e.g. technician handbook), San Bruno, CA, US.
  634. CompuFocus Resources, Merger/acquisition specialist for IT/computer companies, Atlanta, GA, US.
  635. CompuGeek, Computer service, Chesapeake, VA, US.
  636. CompUHelp, Small and home business system support, Aurora, CO, US.
  637. CompuLab Healthcare Systems, Hospital information system, nursing, financials, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US.
  638. CompuLux, Banking/financial equipment, new/used, ATM's, disks, Mainframes, AS/400, etc., Panama City Beach, FL, US.
  639. Compumatrix, Web site design, consulting (Unix, Windows), Naperville, IL, US.
  640. CompuNerd, Internet and software consulting, Web link validation, Manassas, VA, US.
  641. Compunnel Software Group, Information technology consulting, Iselin, NJ, US.
  642. CompuOne Network, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, computer retail, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  643. CompuOrga Systems Australia (COSA), Web site design, consulting, MS, etc., Flagstaff Hill, SA, AU.
  644. CompuPoint USA, Used/refurbished computer/IT equipment, buy/sell, Norcross, GA, US.
  645. Compupress S.A, Internet service provider and VAN, Athens, GR.
  646. CompuRAD, Medical imaging and clinical information software, Tucson, AZ, US.
  647. CompUSA, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, retail, Dallas, TX, US.
  648. CompUsers, Graphics and screen art for WWW, GUI, multimedia, Rishon Lezion, IL.
  649. CompuServe, Internet service provider (ISP), Web information, etc., Columbus, OH, US.
  650. Compushop International, Computer systems (PCs, Linux, servers), accessories, online catalog, Humboldt, IA, US.
  651. CompuSkills, Software training services, Denver, CO, US.
  652. Compusource International, computer product catalogue outlet.
  653. CompuSpex Technologies, Computer systems and accessories, online catalog (CompuSpex Direct), Cooper City, FL, US.
  654. Compustat, Web presence, ZA.
  655. Computational Engineering International (CEI), postprocessing tools, Research Triangle Park, NC, US.
  656. Computational Logic, mathematical modeling of digital hardware and software, Austin, TX, US.
  657. Computational Structural Mechanics India, CAE software integration (e.g. CSAR Nastran), Bangalore, IN.
  658. Compute This!, Web site design, promotion, training, Unadilla, NY, US.
  659. Compute@Ease, Web site design, graphics, computer system sales and service, Tualatin, OR, US.
  660. CompuTech Consulting, Web site design, Web presence, graphics, Grand Rapids, MI, US.
  661. CompuTech Resources, IT consulting services, e.g. server consolidation, De Pere, WI, US.
  662. Computek, Computer systems (PCs), network consulting, etc. , Charlotte, NC, US.
  663. Computel Informática y Telefonía, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, Elda, ES.
  664. Computer Access Technology (CATC), device connectivity ("Plug and Play" I/O), Santa Clara, CA, US.
  665. Computer Accessory Sales, Computer/network cables/accessories, online catalog, Bensalem, PA, US.
  666. Computer Advantage, Computer training and programming services, Dallas, TX, US.
  667. Computer Advantage, Computer systems, parts, and upgrades, Solon, OH, US.
  668. Computer Aid, Y2K software, computer service, upgrades (e.g. onsite), etc., Horsham, UK.
  669. Computer Aid, The, On-site computer repair, networking integration, info. videos, etc., Antioch, CA, US.
  670. Computer and Education Services, Computer training (in home), upgrades, consulting, Newport News, VA, US.
  671. Computer And Printer Products (CAPP), Stocking/exchange/repair, re-conditioned systems, Web site design, Phoenix, AZ, US.
  672. Computer Applications (CAC), DesignStation computer systems, servers, networks, service, San Pablo, CA, US.
  673. Computer Associates, IT management software JOBS, Islandia, NY, US.
  674. Computer Based Solutions & Services, Business automation systems and services , West Allis, WI, US.
  675. Computer Bay, computer components and services, Phoenix, AZ, US.
  676. Computer Book Works, Retail sale of Computer related books - online catalog, New York, NY, US.
  677. Computer Cabling Products International, Compter network cables, design and installation, Greenwood Village, CO, US.
  678. Computer Classics, Preowned, refurbished & new Macintoshes, Malibu, CA, US.
  679. Computer College, technical training for network users, Cambridge, UK.
  680. Computer Competency Group (CCG), Macintosh consultanting, Orlando area, Longwood, FL, US.
  681. Computer Conceptions Australia, Web site design (e.g. JavaScript, CGI/Perl Scripts, etc.), consulting, Brisbane, QLD, AU.
  682. Computer Concepts, Presentation software (Presentation BUILDer), Bohemia, NY, US.
  683. Computer Concepts, Digital imaging, computer & printer repair, consulting, etc., Inglewood, CA, US.
  684. Computer Concepts, Employee electronic time keeping, Merced, CA, US.
  685. Computer Connection, Computer systems and equipment, pagers, retail, Lake Worth, FL, US.
  686. Computer Connections, Computer systems, accessories, service, St. Helens, OR, US.
  687. Computer Connections, IBM compatable computer systems and accessories, Tooele, UT, US.
  688. Computer Connections Technologies, Computer cabling, network integration, etc., St. Louis, MO, US.
  689. Computer Consultants Northwest, Network integration, security, data exchange, etc. , Anacortes, WA, US.
  690. Computer Consulting & Network Integration, Consulting, network integration, computer systems, training, Citrus Heights, CA, US.
  691. Computer Consulting Associates, IT consulting and placement services, Southport, CT, US.
  692. Computer Consulting Group, Custom programming, imaging, database, Y2K, Microsoft, etc., Camarillo, CA, US.
  693. Computer Consulting Services, Contract/permanent computer professionals, recruiting, placement, Amherst, NY, US.
  694. Computer Craft, Computer systems (PCs, e.g. custom), accessories, repairs, software, etc., Newark, DE, US.
  695. Computer Crime Research Laboratories, network security information.
  696. Computer Curriculum, Educational software and services for schools, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  697. Computer Danmark, Computer systems and accessories, Copenhagen, DK.
  698. Computer Discount of NJ, Computers, POS, networks, Web site design, etc., West Milford, NJ, US.
  699. Computer Discount Warehouse (CDW), PC and Mac micro computer product online catalog sales, Buffalo Grove, IL, US.
  700. Computer Discounts Online, Computer systems, PCs, new and used, accessories, Romney Marsh, GB.
  701. Computer Doctors Malta, Computer systems (PCs), repairs, upgrades, Web site design, etc., Swieqi, MT.
  702. Computer Dynamics, LCD flat panel display/single board computer integration, Greenville, SC, US.
  703. Computer Dynamics, Computer hardware, software, peripherals, accessories, Lake Elsinore, CA, US.
  704. Computer Economics, Information technology related publishing, magazines, Carlsbad, CA, US.
  705. Computer Edge Consulting, PC, Mac, Internet, Web page design, network management, Saginaw, MI, US.
  706. Computer Enclosures, Protective (NEMA) industrial enclosures IT equipment, Clitheroe, GB.
  707. Computer Engineering & Solutions, Data protection, duplication, and storage management, Cupertino, CA, US.
  708. Computer Enhancement Systems, Support for computer training and professional development, Ooltewah, TN, US.
  709. Computer Enhancement Systems (CES), Training, marketing, and tracking for consultants, Chattanooga, TN, US.
  710. Computer Equipment Commodities (CEC), Computer systems (e.g. custom) and accessories, Orange Park, FL, US.
  711. Computer Excel, Computer systems (PCs), repairs, servers, networking, Hawthorne, CA, US.
  712. Computer Express, electronic storefront, software, etc., New Bedford, MA, US.
  713. Computer Factory India (CF), Computer systems (PCs), accessories, software (Microsoft), UPS, etc., Madras, IN.
  714. Computer Group, The, Computer repair, service and website design, residential/business, Evansville, IN, US.
  715. Computer Guru To Go, Computer repair, support - esp. Microsoft, Fresno, CA, US.
  716. Computer Guy, The, IT services, repair, consulting, network, etc., Gwinnett county, Suwanee, GA, US.
  717. Computer Hardware Resources (CHR), Terminals, monitors, printers, repair, Houston, TX, US.
  718. Computer Hardware Supply (CHS), Computer systems (PCs new/used), upgrades, repairs, accessories, etc. , Hickory, NC, US.
  719. Computer Helper, Computer repair, security, consulting, data recovery, etc., San Jose, CA, US.
  720. Computer House, Computers, software & accessories (e.g. memory), Absecon, NJ, US.
  721. Computer Ideas Unlmited, Computer hardware and Software, Everett, WA, US.
  722. Computer Information Center, The (CompInfo), Computer/communication product and technology information, Alnwick, UK.
  723. Computer Intelligence InfoCorp, computer and communication industry information, La Jolla, CA, US.
  724. Computer Laboratory, Natural language translation software, Usti nad Labem, CZ.
  725. Computer Learning Center, Software training, Chico, CA, US.
  726. Computer Learning Systems, Multimedia courseware design/development, EPSS, training/consulting, Savoy, IL, US.
  727. Computer Literacy, Information resources (e.g. books) for computer professionals, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  728. Computer Logix, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, online catalog, network, etc., Keyport, NJ, US.
  729. Computer Magic, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, software, etc., Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CA.
  730. Computer Management Sciences, Powerbuilder, Microsoft Provider, and consulting, Jacksonville, FL, US.
  731. Computer Mart, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, software, etc., Casselberry, FL, US.
  732. Computer Max, Computer systems, PCs, new, used, on-ling catalog, Hemel Hempstead, GB.
  733. Computer Media Design, (German) Multimedia authoring software (Optix - AVI-able 4GL-DOS/Windows), Hannover, DE.
  734. Computer Medic Center of North Palm Beach, Computer repair and sales (PCs), North Palm Beach, FL, US.
  735. Computer Modeling, Automobile (car) related software - e.g. repair shops, Vestal, NY, US.
  736. Computer Modules, Integrator in computer imaging, networking, and digital video, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  737. Computer Modules, Communication cards (LAN/WAN, T1, MPEG, ISDN, rs-422, etc.) for PCs, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  738. Computer Network Consulting, Network integration, support, consulting, Indianapolis, IN, US.
  739. Computer Network Integrators, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Web site design, etc., San Diego, CA, US.
  740. Computer Network Services (CNS), network and computer sales and repair, Denville, NJ, US.
  741. Computer Network Systems, LAN/WAN systems integration, Pasig City, PH.
  742. Computer Network Technology (CNT™), SNA to IP/IPX interconnect (Channelink®, Brixton®), Minneapolis, MN, US.
  743. Computer Office, Computer parts and CD-ROM games, Mail-Order, London, UK.
  744. Computer Outfitters, General utility, PC software, retail, Cedarburg, WI, US.
  745. Computer Outlet Worldwide, Used/refurbished laptops and notebook computers, Tustin, CA, US.
  746. Computer Parts Alliance, Computer systems (PCs), equipment, resale, Markham, ON, CA.
  747. Computer Parts & Services, Computer sales, installation, and maintenance, Plymouth, MN, US.
  748. Computer Parts and Upgrades, Computers and accessories, catalog sales, Longview, TX, US.
  749. Computer Parts Central, Computer systems, hardware, parts, equipment, accessories., Muncie, IN, US.
  750. Computer Physicians, IT consulting, network integration, training, Glendale, CA, US.
  751. Computer Plus, Computer systems, Batavia, IL, US.
  752. Computer Products, Custom computer systems, Charleston, SC, US.
  753. Computer ps, Network security, SCSI & SSA storage & RAID systems, etc., Punta Gorda, FL, US.
  754. Computer Publishing Group, Publisher of SunExpert and WebServer OnLine Magazines, Brookline, MA, US.
  755. Computer Quick, Online mail order computer products, San Francisco, CA, US.
  756. Computer Recycler, Macintosh specialists for new and used computer equipment, Costa Mesa, CA, US.
  757. Computer Recyclers, Used computer equipment, Orem, UT, US.
  758. Computer Recycling USA, Computer recycling, risk management, Watertown, CT, US.
  759. Computer Remarketing Services (CRS), Refurbished, used, surplus computers and equipment, Milton Keynes, UK.
  760. Computer Rental World, Rent/lease/sell new/used computer equipment, esp. conventions, etc., Nepean, ON, CA.
  761. Computer Repair by Gurus2go, Onsite computer repair, US national service, Flower Mound, TX, US.
  762. Computer Repair Etc..., Computer systems (PCs), repair, Web site design, graphics, etc., Antioch, CA, US.
  763. Computer Repair NY, Computer repair hardware/software, residential/business, Brooklyn, NY, US.
  764. Computer Resource Center, Interactive voice response systems, hardware, software, consulting, Tampa, FL, US.
  765. Computer Resource Company, The, Computer and laser printers repair, consulting, San Francisco, CA, US.
  766. Computer Resources, Computer systems (e.g. PCs, custom built), rentals, etc., Council Bluffs, IA, US.
  767. Computer Review, Information technology information database, Gloucester, MA, US.
  768. Computer Sales & Service, OEM computer systems (PCs), e.g. custom, notebook, Charlevoix, MI, US.
  769. Computer Sales International, sales, renting, and leasing of computers and computer equipment.
  770. Computer Sciences (CSC), computer technology services, Laurel, MD, US.
  771. Computer Security, Network management, power quality, KVM switching, APC, UPS/service, etc., Pickering, ON, CA.
  772. Computer service centre, Network integration, remote monitoring, consulting, Norwich, GB.
  773. Computer Services and Solutions, Server support, laptop repair, networks, firewall, Exchange, etc., Lexington, KY, US.
  774. Computer Services Guild, Freelance computer consultants: MS Access, Windows NT, C++, Java, etc., Staten Island, NY, US.
  775. Computer Services Unlimited, Web site design, graphic development, Coos Bay, OR, US.
  776. Computer Simplicity, Computer systems and components sales and training, Fort Worth, TX, US.
  777. Computer Solutions, Web site design, Web presence, network integration, Barrington, RI, US.
  778. Computer Solutions, Web site design, system configuration and repair, training, Boaz, AL, US.
  779. Computer Solutions, Port, transport, logistics automation systems, Breda, NL.
  780. Computer Solutions, Custom PC systems, repairs, upgrades, networks, online catalog, Orange, CA, US.
  781. Computer Solutions 911, Web presence provider/hosting, Web site design, Canton, GA, US.
  782. Computer Source Systems (CSSI), Computer systems (PCs), accessories, online catalog, Sacramento, CA, US.
  783. Computer Specialists, Network integration/installation/maintenance, esp. Microsoft, Novell, Anaheim, CA, US.
  784. Computer Specialties, Web site design, Web presence, consulting, Fayetteville, NC, US.
  785. Computer Supply, Computer systems, servers, hardware, Sun, HP, Cisco, etc., Irvine, CA, US.
  786. Computer Support Center, Web site design, Web presence/hosting, small business, Lawrence, KS, US.
  787. Computer Support Experts, Computer consulting, outsourcing, network integration, Mississauga, ON, CA.
  788. Computer System Products, Fiber optic/copper cable assemblies and networking hardware, Plymouth, MN, US.
  789. Computer Systems Development Corporation (CSDC), Information technology services for government and industry, Chantilly, VA, US.
  790. Computer Systems Technology, Buy/sell IBM mainframes, 9672/2003 M/Cs, upgrades, maint., etc., Bitton, UK.
  791. Computer Systems, Software and Services (CSSS), Programming, training, network support and other services, St. Louis, MO, US.
  792. Computer Technologies of Tomorrow, Custom computer systems (PCs), software, Cahokia, IL, US.
  793. Computer Technology Corps, The, Web site design, network integration, training, consulting, etc., Reading, UK.
  794. Computer Technology Search (CTS), IT placement service, recruiting, Houston, TX, US.
  795. Computer Technology Services (CTS), Information systems consulting, recruiting, and training, Albany, NY, US.
  796. Computer Telecom Installations, Telecommunications, CATV and Cabling for Business, Sawtry, UK.
  797. Computer Telephone (CTC), telecommunications network services (ISDN, long distance), Waltham, MA, US.
  798. Computer Television Network, video programming for info. technology and telecom., Sugar Land, TX, US.
  799. Computer Training Courseware and Resource Center, Computer training documents, Laguna Beach, CA, US.
  800. Computer Training Executive (CTE), Cheatsheets (short feature summaries) for popular software, Ayer, MA, US.
  801. Computer training online courses, Computer training, online courses, Greenwood, IN, US.
  802. Computer Training Source, training in Windows, HTML design, and other computer technologies, Boulder, CO, US.
  803. Computer Troubleshooters, Computer support (repair, networking, etc.), small business, San Diego, CA, US.
  804. Computer Tyme Software Lab, Utility (e.g. network utilities), menu systems, and job control software, Springfield, MO, US.
  805. Computer Upgrade Centers, Publications, training materials, and computer upgrade products, Madison, WI, US.
  806. Computer Warehouse, Custom built computer systems (PCs), parts and service, Pocatello, ID, US.
  807. Computer Warehouse, Computer hardware and software retail (catalog) sales, Sacramento, CA, US.
  808. Computer Wizards, The, Web site design, training, software, repair, upgrade, consulting, etc., Esko, MN, US.
  809. Computer Wizz, Computer systems and accessories, networking, service, Gainesville, FL, US.
  810. Computer Zone, Computer systems (PCs), upgrades, etc., Ramseur, NC, US.
  811. ComputerBath Direct Marketing, Cleaning and maintenance products for computers and other office equipment, Costa Mesa, CA, US.
  812. ComputerEase Construction Software, Construction accounting and service management software for Windows, Salt Lake City, UT, US.
  813. ComputerImages, classroom training for personal computer (Windows, Mac) use, Boston, MA, US.
  814. Computerized Processes Unlimited, system integration and consulting services, Metairie, LA, US.
  815. Computerized Structural Analysis and Research (CSAR), Finite element analysis software (Nastran), Agoura Hills, CA, US.
  816., Web site design, Web presence/hosting, graphics, Brea, CA, US.
  817. ComputerLand, Computer systems, equipment, training, and service, Salt Lake City, UT, US.
  818. ComputerLand Ottumwa, Computer systems (commercial), network support, consulting, Ottumwa, IA, US.
  819. Computerland Technology Group, Computer systems (PCs), software, network integration, Erie, PA, US.
  820. Computerland Technology Group (CTG), Computer systems (PCs), networking, Web site design, imaging, etc., Carmel, IN, US.
  821. ComputerLink Online, Web presence provider (WPP - IDirect), 'Do-It-Yourself Web', Toronto, ON, CA.
  822. ComputerNerd USA, Computer accessories, esp. computer cooling hardware , Fort Lauderdale, FL, US.
  823. Computers & Applications, Computer systems, software, accessories, networking, etc., Bellevue, WA, US.
  824. Computers and Learning A/S (Candle), educational software for IBM PCs, Oslo, NO.
  825. Computers Etc Software Training Center, Esp. Windows applications, San Diego, CA, US.
  826. Computers Etc., Computer hardware and software, Suisun City, CA, US.
  827. Computers Made Easy, Training on word processing and Microsoft Office, Hollister, CA, US.
  828. Computers Plus, Computer hardware (Macintosh and PCs) and service, Tuscaloosa, AL, US.
  829. Computers Unlimited, Sales, service, training and support, Jericho, NY, US.
  830. Computers Used and New, Hard to find computer hardware and software, Vernon, BC, CA.
  831. ComputerSat, Satellite (e.g. Ka-band) voice/data services, New York, NY, US.
  832. Computervision, Desktop and enterprise-wide product development software, Bedford, MA, US.
  833. ComputerWire, Information technology news service, New York, NY, US.
  834. Computime Systems, Time and attendance systems, installation/support, Leeds, UK.
  835. Computing Engineering, Consulting, software development/programming, Web management, VoIP, etc., McLean, VA, US.
  836. Computing Solutions, Network integration, computer security, e-commerce, consulting, Sarasota, FL, US.
  837. Computing Support Team, The, Electronic (Internet) Marketing (GEMS), Liverpool, NY, US.
  838. Computone, asynch. and synch. communications products, Roswell, GA, US.
  839. Computown, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, repairs, etc., online catalog, San Francisco, CA, US.
  840. Computron USA, Computer systems (Viper), financial, medical, Internet service provider, Lake Jackson, TX, US.
  841. Compuware, software development tools (e.g. UNIFACE, EcoTOOLS and Abend-AID), Detroit, MI, US.
  842. CompuWizards Staffing International, Consulting, programming, etc., Walnut Creek, CA, US.
  843. CompuWorks, Computer training and documentation, Boston, MA, US.
  844. CompuWorks (CWI), Computer hardware and related products and services, East Providence, RI, US.
  845. ComQuest International, Recruiting, executive search - RF and wireless, Largo, FL, US.
  846. Comrise Technology, Web site design, programming, O-O, ecommerce, network security, consulting, Vienna, VA, US.
  847. Comsat, satellite and wireless communication technologies, JOBS, Clarksburg, MD, US.
  848. COMSERV, Software, Web, network, system consulting; security assessments; etc., Bowie, MD, US.
  849. ComSites USA, Site development, management for wireless telecommunications, San Diego, CA, US.
  850. Comsource Distribution, Computer product distribution, accessories, software, etc., Attleboro, MA, US.
  851. Comspec, Computer systems and accessories, Toronto, ON, CA.
  852. Comspec Digital Products, Ruggedized data communication software and hardware, Houston, TX, US.
  853. ComStar Communications, Internet service provider (dedicated ISP), Atlanta, GA, US.
  854. COMSYS Technical Services, Web authoring software (LiquidFX) and other software, Sacramento, CA, US.
  855. Comtech Research, PC-compatible computer systems, Custar, OH, US.
  856. Comtech Solutions, Web site promotion, Web site design and consulting, Salt Lake, UT, US.
  857. Comtek of Hickory, Network integration/cabling, support, Novell/Windows focus, Hickory, NC, US.
  858. Comtex Communications, Telecom. integration, calling card, point of sale, etc., Seattle, WA, US.
  859. Comtrack, Web presence, Web site design, translation, Frontpage, Costa Mesa, CA, US.
  860. Comtrad Cable Express, Computer cabling, networking hardware, online catalog, Lockport, IL, US.
  861. Comtutors, Individual computer training at your location, Memphis, TN, US.
  862. Comven, Communications/computing consulting, serving private equity, Bellevue, WA, US.
  863. Comverse Technology, Telephone system (telecommunications) advanced services , Woodbury, NY, US.
  864. Concentra, Object-oriented (OO) sales and engineering software, Burlington, MA, US.
  865. Concentric Network, Internet service provider (ISP) and van, Bay City, MI, US.
  866. Concept Marketing Group, Marketing research and consulting, Modesto, CA, US.
  867. Concept One Education Center, Microsoft authorized technical education, Lafayette, LA, US.
  868. Concept Services, Computer training, certification, consulting, development, Chateauguay, PQ, CA.
  869. Concept Software, copy protection toolkit for Windows, Cleveland, OH, US.
  870. Concert, Telecommunications (merge of MCI and British Telecom - BT), Washington, DC, US.
  871. Concert Group, Telephone systems and support, VoIP, wireless, etc., Hemel Hempstead, UK.
  872. Concieo, Web presnece provider, graphics, Web site design, database, etc., Sacramento, CA, US.
  873. Concord Softech, Web site design, software development, Delhi, IN.
  874. Concorde Group, The, sell and support workstations, Cambridge, MA, US.
  875. Concorde Printing & Copying, Printing (e.g. color), reprographics, document management, graphics, Chicago, IL, US.
  876. Concur, Ecommerce enterprise software (e.g. eWorkplace), Redmond, WA, US.
  877. Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), Nonprofit science and technology, Johnstown, PA, US.
  878. Condol International, PeopleSoft support, Ontario, CA, US.
  879. Condor Communications, Computers and Internet multimedia, presentation graphics, Washington, DC, US.
  880. Condor Engineering, Avionics data bus (ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553) communications, Santa Barbara, CA, US.
  881. Condor Systems, Cyber cafe, computer hardware and software online catalog , Hollywood, FL, US.
  882. Conexco Communications, Network integration, cabling, etc. for ISPs, mfg.'s, SOHO, Pinellas Park, FL, US.
  883. Conextions, Integration of legacy mainframe systems to Web, client/server, Andover, MA, US.
  884. ConferTech International, teleconferencing products and services, Westminister, CO, US.
  885. Config.Sys Consulting Group, computer consulting, La Jolla, CA, US.
  886. Config.Sys Productions, Electronic commerce and Internet technology and consulting, Ravenna, OH, US.
  887. Confluence, Software programming (e.g. Web, DBMS, client/server, call center, etc.), Ahmedabad, IN.
  888. Confluent, Visual thought diagramming and flowcharting tool for Unix and Windows, San Francisco, CA, US.
  889. Conjunction, Web presence provider (hosting), wireless, consulting, etc., Overland Park, KS, US.
  890. Connect, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, etc., Hickory, NC, US.
  891. Connect International, Internet service provider (ISP), San Antonio, TX, US.
  892. Connect Tech, Multi-port serial boards for the PC Platform, Guelph, ON, CA.
  893. Connect Technology, Network cable installation (e.g. Cat5, fiber), telephone systems, Arlington Hts, IL, US.
  894. Connect-Com (CC), Computer system (PCs) sales, Internet service provider, Web presence, etc., Albertville, AL, US.
  895., Internet service provider and consulting, Caulfield, AU.
  896. Connect2inc, Call center services, Bonifacio Global City, PH.
  897. Connecticut Communications, Telephone systems, call processors, paging systems, North Haven, CT, US.
  898. Connecticut Computer Service, Network integration, service, training, e.g. A+, Microsoft, Novell, Plantsville, CT, US.
  899. Connecting Images, Multimedia services for marketing communications, St. Paul, MN, US.
  900. Connecting Minds, groupware, Fredericksburg, VA, US.
  901. Connections Consulting, market research and strategies to enter China, Beijing, CN.
  902. Connective Solutions, Network integration, technical support/repair, etc., La Mirada, CA, US.
  903. Connective Strategies, voice and data strategies over ISDN, Chantilly, VA, US.
  904. Connectivity, Outlet for the "Snappy" video snapshot hardware from Minolta, Woodstock, GA, US.
  905. Connectivity Solutions, Telephony, CTI, networks, integration, programming, Web site design, presence, consulting, New Orleans, LA, US.
  906. Connectix Technologies (CTI), Digital video transmission and recording, e.g. for surveillance, San Diego, CA, US.
  907. Connector Gesellschaft für Kommunikation und Beratung, DE.
  908. ConnectSoft, Windows-based telecommunication software (e.g. e-mail), Bellevue, WA, US.
  909. Connectstar, Internet service provider (ISP), roaming, El Dorado Hills, CA, US.
  910. Conneighton Group, The, inter-enterprise computing using Internet and software tools.
  911. Connell Computer Concepts, Computer systems/support, networking configutation, tutoring/training, etc., San Anonio, TX, US.
  912. Connex International, Audio/video conference, Web conferencing and related services, Danbury, CT, US.
  913. Connix, The Connecticut Internet Exchange, ISP, CT, US.
  914. Conquest Computers, Computers and peripherals, Spanish Fork, UT, US.
  915. Conqwest, Internet security, e-Policy management, firewall/VPN, anti-virus, etc., Holliston, MA, US.
  916. Consensus Development, Computer security tools (e.g. SSL Plus), Berkeley, CA, US.
  917. Consistent Computer Bargains, Computer/communication technology for nonprofit organizations, Racine, WI, US.
  918. Consistent Software, CAD/CAM/GIS software, hardware, scanning, document management, etc., Moscow, RU.
  919. ConSol, Contract programming (C, C++, Java, etc.), DBMS, GUI, etc., Munich, DE.
  920. Consolidated Telecommunications, long distance and enhanced telephone services, Manlius, NY, US.
  921. Constantino Gross Enterprises, Network integration (e.g. 3Com), Mesa, AZ, US.
  922. Constructive Media, Web site development, intranet support, Vancouver, BC, CA.
  923. Contact Data Systems, Web promotion, Escondido, CA, US.
  924. Contact Direct Connect, Network integration, building cabling/wiring, Calgary, CALGARY.
  925. Contact International, Language translation for technical content, software, Baltimore, MD, US.
  926. Contact MultiMedia, Web site design, multimedia, Glasgow, UK.
  927. Contact Plus, Contact management (Contact Plus) and other PC software, Melbourne, FL, US.
  928. Contec Microelectronics, Flat panel PCs, industrial computers, and data acquistion systems, San Jose, CA, US.
  929. Contek Software, Software development outsourcing, Tomsk, RU.
  930. Contemporary Communications Apps (CCA), Broadcast FAX, Internet service provider (ISP), etc., North Hollywood, CA, US.
  931. Contemporary Information (CIC), Credit and public record information and software, Newhall, CA, US.
  932. Contemporary MicroSystems, Rugged, portable, computing, panel computer, rack LCD console, Arcadia, CA, US.
  933. Content Is Queen Productions, Web site design, maintenance, small business, Grand Rapids, MI, US.
  934. Contentware presents Shopping2000, CD-ROM catalog put on the Web, New York, NY, US.
  935. Conterra Communications, Internet marketing and Internet service provider (ISP), Columbia, SC, US.
  936. Continental Computers, Buy/sell new/used network equipment, e.g. Cisco, DEC, Airaya, El Segundo, CA, US.
  937. Continental Resources, Network/systems & mfr of XPRO Systems comm'l & ind'l PCs, Bedford, MA, US.
  938. Contractors Direct, Information professional contractor database service, Tuggeranong, AU.
  939. Contributed Software, Internet service and free software provider, Berlin, DE.
  940. Control Data Systems, Electronic commerce systems integrator, JOBS, Arden Hills, MN, US.
  941. Control Electronic Security (CES), Closed circuit television (cctv), metal detectors, etc., Miami, FL, US.
  942. Control Master Products, Belden® Thermax-Sonic® wire and cable and Sumitube® heat shrinkable products, Concord, CA, US.
  943. Control Technology, control hardware and software for automated machines, Hopkinton, MA, US.
  944. Controlled Copy Support Systems, conversion and duplication services (disk, tape, etc.), Fairfax, VA, US.
  945. Controlled Devices, Credit card transaction processing software and services, Houston, TX, US.
  946. Controlware, Systems integration, consulting, R&D, support, and training, Dietzenbach, DE.
  947. Convergence Systems, broadband (i.e. 10 Mb/s Ethernet) ON/OFF Ramps for the Iway, Atlanta, GA, US.
  948. Convergent Communications, Internet marketing support, New York, NY, US.
  949. Convergent India, Network integration and components, modems, racks, Vanguard routers, Bangalore, IN.
  950. Convergys, Billing and customer management software/services, Cincinnati, OH, US.
  951. ConverTec, CTI software (Call Link) for Nortel, Centrex, etc., Oakville, ON, CA.
  952. Convey Development, IRS form 1099 (and others) information processing software, Anoka, MN, US.
  953. Conware Computer Consulting, (German), DE.
  954., Web site design, Web presence, Web software (e.g. calendar), Birmingham, AL, US.
  955. Conyx Technologies, Switches and related computer sharing systems, Chatsworth, CA, US.
  956. Cook Information Technologies, Staffing and related business software, benefits, HRIS, etc., Lompoc, CA, US.
  957. Cookware contracting services, "Club Web" software and services, Whitestown, IN, US.
  958. Cool Access, Internet service provider (ISP), DSL, cable, Sunnyvale, TX, US.
  959. Cool Fire Technology, Web site design, Web presence, promotion, New York, NY, US.
  960. COOL.STF, Software (ActiveX, Windows to Unix or AMOS connectivity), Rockville, MD, US.
  961. Cooler Master, Thermal cooling CPU packages, extruded aluminum, Fremont, CA, US.
  962. Coolware, Multimedia content development for the Web and CD ROMs, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  963. Coordinated Systems, Telephone call recording, agent evaluation/reporting software, East Hartford, CT, US.
  964. Coordinated Systems, Job shop accounting software (Job Shop Manager), East Hartford, CT, US.
  965. Copley Systems Educational Services, computer related courses, Salem, NH, US.
  966. Copperplate Web Solutions, Web site design, Web presence, Tamworth, UK.
  967. Coptech West, Software duplication, packaging, digital publication services, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  968. CopyMaster International, Disk and CD duplication, equipment, and services, Denham, UK.
  969. Coral Sea Software, Helpdesk software (e.g. SysMan), Maroochydore, AU.
  970. Cordless Power, Cellular batteries/accessories, online catalog, Sarasota, FL, US.
  971. Core Networks, Broadband provisioning tools to support cable modem users, Dartmouth, NS, CA.
  972. Core Software, service management software, Spring, TX, US.
  973. Core Systems, Railroad and intermodal software, railcar repair billing, track inspection, etc., Boulder, CO, US.
  974. Core Systems, Unix system hardware and software databases, Seattle, WA, US.
  975. Corebiz Technology solutions, Consulting, software development/programming, web site design, Dubai, UAE.
  976. Corel, Computer software, Ottawa, ON, CA.
  977. CORESense, On-demand ecommerce and point of sale (POS) software, Troy, NY, US.
  978. Corestreet, Enterprise software, Java, wireless, games, etc., Somerville, MA, US.
  979. Corigin, Data sharing software, mainframe access, Saddle Brook, NJ, US.
  980. Corner, The, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, BBS, Baltimore, MD, US.
  981. CornerNet Communications, Computer systems (PCs, e.g. custom), upgrades, repairs, traingin, Lindstrom, MN, US.
  982. Cornerstone Computers, Australia.
  983. Corporate Agents, helping people incorporate, Wilmington, DE, US.
  984. Corporate Communication Consultants (CCCI), Telephone consulting (e.g. long distance, equipment, etc.), Tulsa, OK, US.
  985. Corporate Communications, Web site design, multimedia, flash, CD/DVD development, etc., Rochester, NY, US.
  986. Corporate Computer Systems, CAD systems, workstations, accessories, upgrades , Avon Lake, OH, US.
  987. Corporate Software & Technologies, Software for scheduling people, time, resources, Montreal, PQ, CA.
  988. Corporate Systems Center, Hard drives (disks) and CD duplicators (SCSI, IDE, etc.), Santa Clara, CA, US.
  989. Corporate Technologies, Systems integration and consulting services, security, Sun, Lowell, MA, US.
  990. Corporate Technology Information Services (CorpTech), Directory of high technology companies, Woburn, MA, US.
  991. Corporate Windows, Internet and PC/Mac consulting and software, multimedia production, Bayswater, VIC, AU.
  992. Corporation for National Research Initiatives, national research initiatives, Reston, VA, US.
  993. Corporation for Research and Educational Networking (CREN), Academic networking facilitation, Washington, DC, US.
  994. Corrad Consulting, Consulting, network integration (SAN, LAN, WAN), etc., Plano, TX, US.
  995. CorrectNet Global Information Solutions, Internet and Intranet business applications, West Islip, NY, US.
  996. Corsair Communications, Wireless technology, security, billing (e.g. PhoneFuel), Palo Alto, CA, US.
  997. Corsair Memory, Memory and system upgrades for servers, desktops, laptops, Fremont, CA, US.
  998. Cort Data, Business software ("Open Universe") for manufacturing, distribution and healthcare, Santa Ana, CA, US.
  999. Coryphaeus, Real-time visual simulation tools for SGI, 3D modeling, Los Gatos, CA, US.
  1000. CoSine Communications, Switching/management for virtual private networks (VPNs), Redwood City, CA, US.
  1001. Cosmic Solutions, Custom software development, Web site design, offshore, Mumbai, IN.
  1002. Cosmix Web Design, Web site and graphic design, Seattle, WA, US.
  1003. Cosmoweb, Web presence provider, Barcelona, ES.
  1004. Costa Pacific Technologies, Web site design, graphics, presence, computer systems (PCs), etc., Benicia, CA, US.
  1005. COSTaFAC, Prototyping software for real estate project development, Singapore, SG.
  1006. CoSystems, Voice/data adapters for telecom., ISPs, cable, etc., Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  1007. Cotterman, Dean & Gardner, Consulting, programming, project management, training, Centerville, OH, US.
  1008. Couchman Communications, Public relations agency with an IT focus , Knebworth, UK.
  1009. Counterpane Systems, Cryptographic (encryption, security, etc.) design and analysis, consulting, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  1010. Counterpoint Publishing, Electronic publishing, Cambridge, MA, US.
  1011. CounterSign Software (CSI), Secure ecommerce software (e.g. ServKIT), consulting, Pleasanton, CA, US.
  1012. Courseware Source, Computer training (e.g. Lotus Notes, Web, etc.) and training software, Grafton, MA, US.
  1013. Covad Communications, Local exchange carrier, xDSL, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  1014. Covalent Technologies, SSL encryption for Apache (Raven), firewall, Web site design, presence, etc., Lincoln, Nebraska, US.
  1015. Cove Software Systems, Web presence provider (WPP) and Web site services, Grasonville, MD, US.
  1016. Covenant Data Systems, Software development, consulting, Web site design, Corpus Christi, TX, US.
  1017. Covenant Technology Services, Computer system planning, hardware, software, support, Houston, TX, US.
  1018. Covient, Software outsourcing, BPO, IT services, Beverly Hills, CA, US.
  1019. Cowon, (Korean) Voice synthesis/recognition and multimedia software, Seoul, KR.
  1020. Cox Communications, Communications services, telephone, cable, data, etc., Norfolk, VA, US.
  1021., Web site design, Web presence, La Grange, OH, US.
  1022. Coyote Industries, Buy, sell and recycle used computer and electronic equipment, Crystal Lake, IL, US.
  1023. CPA Online, Accounting software automation information, Wauwatosa, WI, US.
  1024. CPAccess, Accounting software, bar coding, scanning, EDI, etc., Santa Ana, CA, US.
  1025. CPAssociates Seminars, accounting software information and training, Wauwatosa, WI, US.
  1026. CPI User's Group, CD-R, 4mm, 8mm, reels tape, data cartridges, racks etc., Ridgefield Park, NJ, US.
  1027. CplusC Computer and Communications, (German) Computer equipment and services, Graz, AT.
  1028. CPU, Contract computer consulting and software development, Birmingham, AL, US.
  1029. CPU Services, Computer systems, networking installation and maintenance, Denver, CO, US.
  1030. CPU Wholesale Warehouse, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, hardware, parts, components, Knoxville, TN, US.
  1031. Craig Bourne, Intranet, Internet, UNIX and software engineering consulting, Cleveland, OH, US.
  1032. Craig Communications, Design/installer data/voice systems, fiber, cabling, Carrollton, TX, US.
  1033. Cramer Media, (German) Web site design, graphics, and other services, Düsseldorf, DE.
  1034. Crane I.S. Consultancy, IT consulting, local history & politics, Doncaster, UK.
  1035. Crawford Communications, multimedia products and services, Atlanta, GA, US.
  1036. Cray Enterprises, Premio computers, Web site design, presence, Dubuque, IA, US.
  1037. Cray Research, supercomputers, FTP server, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  1038. CrazyBoB's, CDROM sales and publishing, recycled floppies.
  1039. Creasite, (French) Web site design, Paris, FR.
  1040. Createcom Solutions, Web site design, promotion, Edmonton, AB, CA.
  1041. Creation Shop Marketing, Web presence provider (WPP), graphics, CGI programming, Whitehall, PA, US.
  1042. Creations Infoway, Web site design, Web presence/hosting, programming, etc., Delhi, IN.
  1043. Creativ Era's, Web site design, logos, hosting, etc., Kanpur, IN.
  1044. Creative Approaches, Custom computer-based training (CBT), multimedia, East Bloomfield, NY, US.
  1045. Creative Computer Consulting, Computer systems (PC) consulting, small business/personal focus, Brick, NJ, US.
  1046. Creative Computer Systems, Custom systems, networks, Web site design and Web presence, Arvada, CO, US.
  1047. Creative Data Decisions, Software development/programming, JAVA, e-commerce, PDA, etc., Holland, PA, US.
  1048. Creative Data Services, Custom programming, Visual Basic (DOS/Windows, SQL, Sybase, Oracle, etc.), Duluth, GA, US.
  1049. Creative Data Systems, Computer systems, accessories, network support, etc., Cape Girardeau, MO, US.
  1050. Creative Digital Technology (CDT), Web publishing and Internet services, AU.
  1051. Creative Edge, Web site design, publishing, photography, etc., New Haven, CT, US.
  1052. Creative Internet Solutions, Internet consulting - dynamic web development, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  1053. Creative Jolt, Web site design, print design, Flash animations/multimedia, Kingwood, TX, US.
  1054. Creative Labs, PC sound, video and CD-ROM multimedia solutions, Milpitas, CA, US.
  1055. Creative MediaPulse Technologies, Graphics, media, 3D animations, 3d simulation, Bangalore, IN.
  1056. Creative Networks, Internet (intranet/extranet) research, publishing and consulting (CNILive), Palo Alto, CA, US.
  1057. Creative Networks (CNI), Information technology publishing and consulting, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  1058. Creative Pc's, Custom built personal computer systems (PCs) and parts, Goshen, OH, US.
  1059. Creative Productions, Internet consulting and Web page design, Baltimore, MD, US.
  1060. Creative Programming Consultants, software tools for C and C++, Carrollton, TX, US.
  1061. Creative Science Systems, Web site design, multimedia, consulting, training (Java, DBMS, etc.), San Jose, CA, US.
  1062. Creative Solution, Wholesale computer hardware/accessories distributor, overstock, Parlin, NJ, US.
  1063. Creative Strategy, Marketing communications, advertising, Web site design, graphics, etc., Bethesda, MD, US.
  1064. Creative System Solutions (CSyS), OEM designs and products for CDMA, GSM, DECT, ISDN and CDPD., Munich, DE.
  1065. Creative Vision Technologies, Computer systems (PCs, notebooks), keyboards (Avant), accessories, Hamel, MN, US.
  1066. Creative.Net, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, San Francisco, CA, US.
  1067. Credence Services, Web site design, consulting, training, and custom programming, Pepperell, MA, US.
  1068. Credit Charge, Credit card transaction service using a hosts merchant account , College Park, MD, US.
  1069. Cree Research, Silicon Carbide (SiC) and related technologies (LED, lasers), Durham, NC, US.
  1070. Crescendo Technologies Group, Consulting, programming, network integration, etc., Alpharetta, GA, US.
  1071. Crest Peripheral Services, Tape drive repair, 4mm, 8mm, DAT, DLT, 1/2", 1/4", etc., Wokingham, UK.
  1072. Crider Consulting, System troubleshooting, setup/installation (Macitosh, Windows, network), Cardiff, CA, US.
  1073. CrimsonLink, Bug tracking software, defect tracking software, Noida, IN.
  1074. CRISNet, Law enforcement & public safety PC software, Richmond, VA, US.
  1075. Critech Systems, Used Cisco equipment, buy/sell, Marlborough, MA, US.
  1076. Criterion Cellular, Cellular phone accessories, San Rafael, CA, US.
  1077. Critical Control, Custom electronics design/manufacturing, RF, signal processing, etc., Saskatoon, SK, CA.
  1078. Critical Mass Communicatons, Web presence provider, Web site design, consulting, Costa Mesa, CA, US.
  1079. Critical Path, Messaging, calendaring, directory, etc. outsourcing, San Francisco, CA, US.
  1080. CRL, Internet service provider (ISP), San Francisco, CA, US.
  1081. Croft Electronics, Computer products, services, and Point of Sale (POS) software, Edmonton, AB, CA.
  1082. Cronyx, Internet service provider (ISP), Data com. equipment and services, Moscow, RU.
  1083. Crosby Communications, IVR, telecommunications and computing solutions, Liverpool, UK.
  1084. Cross International, NETTALK Novell NetWare extended messaging software, Boulder, CO, US.
  1085. Cross River Publishing Consultants, Consulting (including IT) for book and magazine publishing, Katonah, NY, US.
  1086. CrossCheck, test and diagnostic solutions, San Jose, CA, US.
  1087. CrossComm, "ClearPath", integrating LAN switching and ATM, Marlborough, MA, US.
  1088. CrossKeys, Performance management software for telecommunications providers, Kanata, ON, CA.
  1089. Crossroad USA, Web site design, Web presence, Web site support (webmaster), New Boston, TX, US.
  1090. Crossroads Systems, Routers and software for Fibre Channel storage networks, Austin, TX, US.
  1091. CrossTec, Remote control software for PCs (NetOp), Boca Raton, FL, US.
  1092. CrossWind Technologies, Scheduling and calandering software (e.g. Synchronize), Santa Cruz, CA, US.
  1093. Crosswise, FacetoFace teleconferencing software, Santa Cruz, CA, US.
  1094. Crossword Software International, Billing software for the telecommunication industry, Herndon, VA, US.
  1095. CrossZ Software, Database query software (QueryObject) and services, Uniondale, NY, US.
  1096. CROWN INTERNATIONAL, Resale of IBM Speech Recognition software (e.g. ViaVoice Gold), Henry, IL, US.
  1097. CRT Media, Video production, digital post production, scripting, etc., Westlake Village, CA, US.
  1098. Crucial Systems, Network integration, Web site design, Web presence/hosting, etc., Bolton, UK.
  1099. Crucial Technology, Computer memory , Boise, ID, US.
  1100. Cruisenet, Internet service provider (dialup, cable), Web presence, Web site design, Jackson, MS, US.
  1101. Cruse Control Creative Services, Presentations, database, graphics and Web site design, training, London, UK.
  1102. Cruzio, Internet Service Provider, Santa Cruz, CA, US.
  1103. Cryptic Computer Resources, Computer systems (PCs, esp. wholesale), accessories, online catalog, Killeen, UDA.
  1104. Crypto, Modems and data telecommunications products, Athens, GR.
  1105. Crypto-Logic, Encryption software for e-mail (Ultimate Privacy), Austin, TX, US.
  1106. Crystal Clear Communications, Comm. services, operator, hospitality, long-distance, Web, Norman, OK, US.
  1107. Crystal Data Systems, Novell NetWare, Unix and general networking, Huntsville, AL, US.
  1108. Crystal Palace Networking, Internet service provider (ISP), Newton, NJ, US.
  1109. Crystola Technology Advisors, IT consulting, disaster recovery planning, RFP analysis, etc., San Francisco, CA, US.
  1110. Créativité JS Plus, Web site design, graphics, printing, consulting, Brossard, PQ, CA.
  1111. CSA, PC peripherals for education, El Cajon, CA, US.
  1112. CSE Resources, Software development, Web site design (child care emphasis), Troy, NY, US.
  1113. CSI-Drives, Tape drive repair services, refurbished tape drive sales, West Palm Beach, FL, US.
  1114. CSL Technologies, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, online catalog, network integration, Chelmsford, UK.
  1115. CSP software, (French) Business editing software, consulting, Cernier, CH.
  1116. CSR Solutions, Web site design, presence, graphics, network integration, etc., Freehold, NJ, US.
  1117. CSS Laboratories, Servers, rack mounts, single board computers, SAN clustering, etc., Irvine, CA, US.
  1118. CSS Online, Internet storefront, Tempe, AZ, US.
  1119. CSS/IS Contract Services, Technical staffing for information professionals, West Hartford, CT, US.
  1120. CST, Computer memory test equipment (e.g. SIMM, DIMM), Dallas, TX, US.
  1121. CSU Software Solutions, Print/batch utility software, drivers, related services, consulting, Ottawa, ON, CA.
  1122. CSys Labs, Design/Mfg. of uP based display/touch panel modules, San Jose, CA, US.
  1123. CT Software, Utility shareware and freeware for Windows, Elk Grove, IL, US.
  1124. CTA Communications, ISP, Web site design, computer systems, satellite TV, etc., Cazal, FR.
  1125. CTBI, Buy and sell computer related equipment, San Antonio, TX, US.
  1126. CTech, Checkbook management and accounting software (CheckMate Plus™), Lynn Haven, FL, US.
  1127. Ctel Electronic Commerce, Electronic commerce software/services (e.g. "Revenue Stream"), Kent Town, SA, AU.
  1128. CTI, Telecommunications, TV, and cable installation, Sawtry, UK.
  1129. CTI Telecom, Business telephone and computer network systems/compontents, Lowellville, OH, US.
  1130. CTR Group, Telecommunications, global Internet infrastructure, cable, Woodcliff Lake, NJ, US.
  1131. CTS Network Services, Internet Access provider and Storefront, San Diego, CA, US.
  1132. CTS Technologies, Internet telephone callback technology (Call Me), Englewood, CO, US.
  1133. CUBE Computer, PC based (e.g. NT) workstations, Hawthorne, NY, US.
  1134. Cubed Dimensions Consulting, Web site design, graphics, network integration, etc., Rohnert Park, CA, US.
  1135. Cubix, Managed PC communication and networked server platforms, Carson City, NV, US.
  1136. Cuckoo's Egg, The, value added networking provider, Portland, OR, US.
  1137. Cuesta Systems, Internet and World Wide Web applications for the education market, Menlo Park, CA, US.
  1138. Culet Communications, Web site design, graphic design, Internet services, Atlanta, GA, US.
  1139. Current Computers, Web presence provider, computer consulting, technical support, Shepherd, MT, US.
  1140. CursorArts, Icon/image editing, utility, security applications for Windows, Bend, OR, US.
  1141. Curtiss Web Designs, Web design, training, and consulting, Atlanta, GA, US.
  1142. Cusimano Computer Consultants, Web software and Internet consulting, Don Mills, ON, CA.
  1143. Custom Built Software, DSDM rapid application development (RAD) of software, Wolverhampton, UK.
  1144. Custom Cable Solutions, Fiber optics, category 4/5, token-ring, ethernet, voice/data, Flushing, NY, US.
  1145. Custom Communications, Telephone systems, voicemail, cabling, fiber, VOIP, etc., Tacoma, WA, US.
  1146. Custom Computer Systems, Custom build computer systems, Alexandria, VA, US.
  1147. Custom Computer Systems, Computer systems (PCs), online catalog, Bruceton Mills, WV, US.
  1148. Custom Computer.Com, Custom computer systems, network integration, Ephrata, PA, US.
  1149. Custom Computers of America, Custom computer systems (PCs), online build/configuration , Newington, CT, US.
  1150. Custom Creations, Web site design, Boise, ID, US.
  1151. Custom Creations Webpage Design, Web site design, Web presence, graphics, Georgetown, ON, CA.
  1152. Custom Database Design, Custom database design, Microsoft Access focus, Warwick, UK.
  1153. Custom Innovative Solutions, business oriented software with a Web and EDI emphasis, Danvers, MA, US.
  1154. Custom Sotware, Application development/presence, Web site development, database, consulting, Chevy Chase, MD, US.
  1155. Custom Standards Services, Engineering document and regulation information, Ann Arbor, MI, US.
  1156. Custom Technology, custom solutions for multimedia business presentations, Madison, WI, US.
  1157. Customer Expressions, Case management software for complaint tracking, Ottawa, ON, CA.
  1158. CutterNet, software development utilities, Warwick, NY, US.
  1159. Cutting Edge, CD-ROM Towers, network mass storage, Macintosh, La Mesa, CA, US.
  1160. Cutting Edge Publicity Services, Web site promotion (e.g. search engine optimization), Barcelona, ES.
  1161. Cutting Edge Technologies (CET), Data acquisition/verification software for sports facilities (Campusoft), Destin, FL, US.
  1162. CVC Productions, Multimedia, Web site design, coprorate communications, etc., Toronto, ON, CA.
  1163. CVM, Database and client/server software development and integration, Madison, CT, US.
  1164. CY Worldtalk, Internet telephony service using end-to-end IP, Walnut Creek, CA, US.
  1165. Cyber Active Productions, Web site design, Web presence, Web site maintenance, Nepean, ON, CA.
  1166. Cyber Advisors, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, online catalog, St. Paul, MN, US.
  1167. Cyber Design Specialty, Web site design, graphic design, Cary, NC, US.
  1168. Cyber Dimension, Web presence provider, Web site promotion, Oakdale, MN, US.
  1169. Cyber Interactive, "CyberManager" software to view multimedia, Seattle, WA, US.
  1170. Cyber Media, Web site design, publication and hosting, St. Charles, MO, US.
  1171. Cyber Networks, "Brainstorm" search and reference software, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US.
  1172. Cyber Operations, Network integration, security, management, digital media , Pelham, AL, US.
  1173. Cyber Publishing, consulting and construction of World Wide Web pages and sites, Phoenix, AZ, US.
  1174. Cyber Shak Computers, Computer systems and peripherals, Holiday, FL, US.
  1175. Cyber Solutions, instruction and consulting for graphics arts and Internet publishing, Lancaster, PA, US.
  1176. Cyber Spaces, World Wide Web marketing and merchandising consulting, San Jose, CA, US.
  1177. Cyber Web Communications, Internet Web storefront focusing on real estate in, DE.
  1178. Cyber X, Web site design, La Serena, CL.
  1179. Cyber-Solutions, Web presence provider (WPP), Madison, WI, US.
  1180. Cyber-Spy, Software toolkit for Internet investigations for detectives, Studio City, CA, US.
  1181. Cyber-Squall Interactions, Web site design, Wadesville, IN, US.
  1182. Cyber-Warehouse, Hospitality software with email confirmations (Cyber Confirmations), San Juan, PR, US.
  1183. CyberActive, Web presence provider, ASP, SQL, Access, Microsoft, etc., Houston, TX, US.
  1184. CyberAds Studio, Web site design, multimedia development, graphics, VRML, advertising, Mumbai, IN.
  1185. CyberCanvas, Web site design, Web presence, graphics, etc., Napa, CA, US.
  1186. Cybercash, Electronic credit transactions over the network, Reston, VA, US.
  1187. Cybercom, OS/2 Programming and Consulting, Merrifield, VA, US.
  1188. Cybercon Systems, Custom Windows software development, Web site development, Kissimmee, FL, US.
  1189. CyberConsult, Strategic planning, Internet service provider (ISP), Bunnik, NL.
  1190. Cybercore, Inventory accounting POS and Internet software, Bel Air, CA, US.
  1191. Cybercruzer Networks, Web site design, Web presence, consulting, Irvine, CA, US.
  1192. CyberData, Web marketplace, Browns Plains, QLD, AU.
  1193. Cyberdyne Lab.s, div. of TCG Enterprises, robotics like "cybermutt", Cambridge, MA, US.
  1194. CyberDyne Micro Systems, Computer systems (PCs), ready built, custom, online catalog, Brooklyn, NY, US.
  1195. Cybergen, Internet marketing and design (e.g. Web), Ventura, CA, US.
  1196. Cybergold, Pays people to shop on the Internet, Oakland, CA, US.
  1197. Cybergrafx, CGI programming, e-commerce development, consulting, Canvey Island, UK.
  1198. CyberGroup, Internet training, consulting, and publishing, Baltimore, MD, US.
  1199. CyberGypsy Web Design, Web site design, Web presence/hosting, Reno, NV, US.
  1200. CyberHost, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Whistle Interjet reseller, Arlington, VA, US.
  1201. Cyberia, Internet service provider and cyber cafe franchise, Bangkok, TH.
  1202. Cyberia Systems, Web site design, Cheshire, CT, US.
  1203. Cyberian Outpost, Macintosh, Windows, and DOS software, Sharon, CT, US.
  1204., Web site design, presence, promotion, consulting, Las Vegas, NV, US.
  1205. Cyberlab Interactive Productions, Web site design, multimedia, graphics, Munich, DE.
  1206., Laptop computer systems, accessories, repair/service, rentals, Washington, DC, US.
  1207. Cyberlink cafe, Internet cafe, Blandford, UK.
  1208. Cyberlore Studios, Computer game software development, Northampton, MA, US.
  1209. CyberMalls, Internet Web site and software development, Salt Lake City, UT, US.
  1210. CyberMalls, Web storefront, Springfield, VT, US.
  1211. CyberMarketing Group, The, Internet marketing, advertising, and consulting, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  1212. CyberMax Computer, Computer systems (online catalog) sales and support - problems, Allentown, PA, US.
  1213. CyberMedia, PC sortware for bootup/configuration emergencies, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  1214. CyberMontana, Computer systems and accessories, Trout Creek, MT, US.
  1215. Cybernetic Micro Systems, Special purpose integrated circuits, San Gregorio, CA, US.
  1216. Cybernetic Solutions, PC Opinion Research Software Tools, Salt Lake City, UT, US.
  1217. Cybernetx, turnkey Internet access for individuals and businesses, Charlotte, NC, US.
  1218. Cybernex Computers, Computer systems (PCs), workstations, servers, storage, etc., Hemel Hempstead, UK.
  1219. Cybernex Software, Address database software, "Address One", Munich, DE.
  1220. CyberPlaza, (Spanish)Internet services for business (e.g. co-location), Tlalnepantla, MX.
  1221. CyberPlex Interactive Media
  1222. CyberPOS, Point Of Sale (POS) workstations (restaurant focus), Perris, CA, US.
  1223., Computer systems and accessories (e.g. monitors), Norcross, GA, US.
  1224. Cyberscrybe, Web site design, Web presence, database, consulting, London, UK.
  1225. CyberSearch International, Information technology and telecommunication recruitment, Manchester, UK.
  1226. CyberSecure, IT security, risk management, offsite data backup, Melbourne, VIC, AU.
  1227. Cybersell, Web storefront, Internet marketing, Scottsdale, AZ, US.
  1228. CyberSoft Technologies, Web site design, consulting, contract programming, client/server, etc., Lahore, PK.
  1229. CyberSpace, Internet Service Provider, Seattle, WA, US.
  1230. Cyberspace Development, servers, software, and consulting for Internet use, Boulder, CO, US.
  1231. CyberSpace21, Brokerage for Web sites and DNS domains, Phoenix, AZ, US.
  1232. CyberStar, buy and sell used communication and networking equipment.
  1233. CyberStrategies, Internet marketing and commerce, Upland, CA, US.
  1234. Cyberswap, Online auction for computers and electronics, Santa Ana, CA, US.
  1235. CyberTime Communications, Internet cafe, cellular/pager, computer systems (PCs), etc., St. Catharines, ON, CA.
  1236. cyberTours, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, etc., Kennebunk, ME, US.
  1237. CyberTrends, Computer peripherals, accessories, etc. online catalog, Miami, FL, US.
  1238. cybertron, Web site design, Web presence, promotion, Meridian, MS, US.
  1239. CyberVenezuela, (Spanish) Web presence provider (WPP), Caracas, VE.
  1240. Cyberville Technologies, Web and Internet development, marketing, and training, SG.
  1241. Cybervisors, Web design and hosting, network consulting, Voorhees, NJ, US.
  1242. CyberWarehouse, discount computers and home electronics, Lancaster, PA, US.
  1243. Cyberwerkz, Web site design and Web presence, Reno, NV, US.
  1244. Cyberworks Consulting, Software development, Web site design, consulting, Bangkok, TH.
  1245. Cyberworld Consultants, Internet cafe, computer training, San Francisco, CA, US.
  1246. Cybra, Software (Bar code), technical services (e.g. AS/400), Yonkers, NY, US.
  1247. Cygnet Storage Solutions, CD storage systems (e.g. optical jukeboxes), JOBS, San Jose, CA, US.
  1248. Cygnus Solutions, Open-source software tools, GNU, Linux, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  1249. Cygnus Technology, telecommunications hardware and software, NB, CA.
  1250. Cylink, network security using encryption and spread spectrum wireless, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  1251. CymruNet, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence provider , Swansea, UK.
  1252. CymSe, Computer classified ads, buy, sell, Calgary, AB, CA.
  1253. Cynergi.Net, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design and services, Parede, PT.
  1254. Cyneric, VoIP billing and network software, North Miami Beach, FL, US.
  1255. Cyperceptions, Retailer of CD/DVD duplication/printing equipment, Flourtown, PA, US.
  1256. Cypress Associates, Consulting, client/server, programming, database, network, etc., Framigham, MA, US.
  1257. Cypress Consulting, Computers and Networks, Alexandria, VA, US.
  1258. Cypress Semiconductor, Integrated circuits, San Jose, CA, US.
  1259. Cypress Technologies, LaunchPad scheduler for Windows 95/NT and 3.1x, Bakersfield, CA, US.
  1260. Cypress Technology, Computer systems (PCs), peripherals, network design, etc., Oceanside, CA, US.
  1261. Cyrix, Microprocessors and other PC products, Richardson, TX, US.
  1262. Cysip, Training/education,courses, DSP, communications, MATLAB, etc., Tempe, AZ, US.
  1263. Cytech Computer Solutions, Auto dialers, predictive dialers, lead generation software, Rome, NY, US.
  1264. Cytware, Security and monitoring software (Cytlok), intrusion protection, Bedford, TX, US.
  1265. c|net, integrated online information source - audio, text, etc., San Francisco, CA, US.

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