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Computer and Communication Companies ("D" entries)

  1. D & L Computing, Personal computer utility software, Huntsville, AL, US.
  2. D & L Online, Data Processing Independent Consultant's Exchange (DICE), job search DB, Des Moines, IA, US.
  3. D & V Enterprises, Computer systems and accessories, online catalog, Oakland, MD, US.
  4. D' House of Graphics, Web site design and development, Lanham, MD, US.
  5. D-Cubed Computer Solutions, Computer systems, software/network integration, upgrade, etc., Bellevue, WA, US.
  6. D-Link Systems, Ethernet switches, hubs, cards (NICs), etc., Irvine, CA, US.
  7. D-Zone Technologies, Printer cartridges/refill kits (e.g. HP, Canon, Epson inkjet), catalog, City of Industry, CA, US.
  8. D. E. Systems, Computer sales, rentals and services (MD-4000 medical), Ottawa, ON, CA.
  9. D.B.L. Enterprises, Medical diagnostic search software (Flashcode), Turlock, CA, US.
  10. D.FILM Digital Film Festival, Displaying and promoting "films" for the Internet, San Francisco, CA, US.
  11. D.I.S., Nexar upgradable computers, Long Beach, CA, US.
  12. D.J.Communications, Communication cabling (copper, fiber), network testing, Calgary, AB, CA.
  13. D.L. Boone & Company, consortium for advanced Telecom technology, Vienna, VA, US.
  14. D.S.U., Web presence provider, hosting, Web site design, Internet service, Buena Park, CA, US.
  15. Da Web Works Web Hosting, Web presence provider (Unix, NT) , San Diego, CA, US.
  16. Dabrieo & Company, "Success Partnership Network" consultancy support and development, Chicago, IL, US.
  17. DACOM, (Korean) Telecommunication, KR.
  18. Daedalus Group, The, Integrated Writing Environment Support, Austin, TX, US.
  19. Daemon Computer Systems, Computer systems (e.g. custom), accessories , San Antonio, TX, US.
  20. Daewoo Telecom, Switching, transmission, and computer systems, KR.
  21. Daffodil Software, Java RDBMS, Daffodil DB, Gurgaon, IN.
  22. DAG Online, Web site design, Web presence, e-commerce, etc., Beverly Hills, CA, US.
  23. Daiwa Institute of Research (DIR), Telecommunications Carrier and System Integrator, Tokyo, JP.
  24. DAKA CompTel, Internet service provider (ISP) and telephone services, Port Townsend, WA, US.
  25. Dakco PC, Products Division, e-mail order for PCs and components, Pittsburgh, PA, US.
  26. Dakota Telecommunications Group (DTG), Long distance, internet access, cable television, web site design, etc., Sioux Falls, SD, US.
  27. Dalco Electronics, Computer components and accessories - online catalog, Springboro, OH, US.
  28. Daley Consulting & Search (DCS), DP/MIS recruiting and search, Concord, CA, US.
  29. Dallas Computer Repair, Computer repair, esp. virus and spyware removal and Boot CDs, Dallas, TX, US.
  30. Dallas Semiconductor, semiconductor solutions for computers, networking, and telecom, Dallas, TX, US.
  31. Dalmatian Group, The, Object technology (e.g. CORBA) and GUI (e.g. Motif) consulting, Reno, NV, US.
  32. Dalpe Associates, Web site design, graphics (banners, logos), multimedia, etc., Schenectady, NY, US.
  33. Damar Group, personal computer (PC) consulting and training, Columbia, MD, US.
  34. Damsel Software, Windows screen savers and computer art, Concord, NH, US.
  35. Dana Consulting, Remote website monitoring services, "Dotcom-Monitor", Plymouth, IN.
  36. Dana Shultz & Associates, Office technology management consultants, Oakland, CA, US.
  37. Dana Technologies, Web site design, Web presence, and other communication services, Atlanta, GA, US.
  38. D&T Electronics and Things, Discount computer and consumer electronic products, Pflugerville, TX, US.
  39. Danielle's Design.Com, Web site design, promotion, marketing, Clarkston, WA, US.
  40. DANKA multimedia, (Spanish) Graphic design and multimedia production, Mondragon, ES.
  41. Danpex, Ethernet cards (NICs) repeaters, hubs, etc. (Arcnet), San Jose, CA, US.
  42. Dantz Development, Backup software for Mac OS and Windows (e.g. Retrospect), Orinda, CA, US.
  43. DAQbilling, Medical billing software, practice management systems, Reisterstown, MD, US.
  44. Dark Moon Technologies, Computer repair, Web site design, free pick up/delivery, Winchester, VA, US.
  45. Darnell Group, Power electronics products and information (e.g. batteries), Norco, CA, US.
  46. Dart Communications, Winsock TCP/IP development tools and products, Cazenovia, NY, US.
  47. Dartek Computer Supply, Computer hardware, software, accessories, online catalog sales, Naperville, IL, US.
  48. Dartmouth Research & Consulting, Management consulting, banking, technology, telecommunications, Boston, MA, US.
  49. Darwin Micro Systems, retail personal computer systems (PCs), City of Industry, CA, US.
  50. Dasar, strategic consulting and advisory for technology companies, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  51. DASCO Marketing Group, Computer systems (PCs), desktop, portables, Peachtree City, GA, US.
  52. DASCOM, Enterprise networking security software (IntraVerse™ and WebSEAL™), Santa Cruz, CA, US.
  53. Data Accessories, Reseller for remote access and LAN/WAN networking equipment, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  54. Data Alliance, Network integration, cabling, London, UK.
  55. Data Art, Internet consulting, services, software (e.g. myPhoneBook), New York, NY, US.
  56. Data Clinic, Data recovery, no fix no fee, Bury, UK.
  57. Data Comm for Business, DSUs Multiplexers, Modems, and other datacomm. equipment, Champaign, IL, US.
  58. Data Communications, Publisher of Data Communications magazine(s), New York, NY, US.
  59. Data Consultants, Web site development, automative, recreational, marine focus, Fresno, CA, US.
  60. Data Creek Creative, Web site design, Web presence, graphics, Shreveport, LA, US.
  61. Data Depot, Diagnostic test products for IBM-compatible PCs, Clearwater, FL, US.
  62. Data Devices International, DOD and NATO rated degaussers, information, sales and service, San Marino, CA, US.
  63. Data Doctors, Data recovery, network integration/support, consulting, etc., Tempe, AZ, US.
  64. Data Entry India, Data entry, Web site design, call center, etc., Ahmedabad, IN.
  65. Data Exchange, Computer/electronic repair, buy/sell parts, outsource for OEMs, Camarillo, CA, US.
  66. Data Express Computers, Computer (PC) hardware and software sales, service, etc., Cambridge, ON, CA.
  67. Data Foundry, Data center services (colocation), disaster recovery, etc., Austin, TX, US.
  68. Data General, Open systems servers, storage products and services (Clariion), Westboro, MA, US.
  69. Data Logic System, Custom software development and Web page design, Toronto, ON, CA.
  70. Data Matrix, UNIX/Internet Consulting; Web site design; systems integration, West Chester, PA, US.
  71. Data Optics International, "Optical Fiche" on CD-ROM, corporate data report archiving, East Hartford, CT, US.
  72. Data Processing Consultants (DPCi), Software consulting, Oracle, year 2000, etc., Tallahasssee, FL, US.
  73. Data Recovery Center, Data recovery from disk drives, tapes, disaster consulting, etc., Montgomery, AL, US.
  74. Data Recovery Group, Data recovery services for disk drives, tapes, Windows, Mac, Unix , Southfield, MI, US.
  75. Data Recovery Services, Data recovery, all media, systems., Dallas, UK.
  76. Data Research Associates (DRI), client/server, networking and related technologies, St. Louis, MO, US.
  77. Data Solutions (DSPN), MIS services (e.g. Microsoft and Citrix solutions), Lexington, KY, US.
  78. Data Systems Search Consultants (DSSC), Information technology job placements, Walnut Creek, CA, US.
  79. Data Systems Technologies, Network integration, Web presence, Web site design, database, etc., Laguna Hills, CA, US.
  80. Data Technologies, Document scanning, digital conversion, OCR services, Covington, LA, US.
  81. Data Technology, Disk controllers (SCSI, IDE, DSVD, RAID, ...), Milpitas, CA, US.
  82. Data TeleMark, wireless ISDN and network integration consulting, Berlin, DE.
  83. Data Text Processing, data capture and electronic publishing services, East Sussex, UK.
  84. Data Transfer Group, Network Value added carrier, San Diego, CA, US.
  85. Data-Comm, voice, data, and video telecommunications sales and service, New York, NY, US.
  86. Data-Star, general information services, from IBC.
  87. Data-Tek, Guide to pricing for semiconductors, Irvine, CA, US.
  88. Data-Vision, Domain name registration service ("Namekeeper"), Web presence, Mishawaka, IN, US.
  89. data.COM On-Line Internet Advertising, Web site development and marketing services, St. Charles, MO, US.
  90. communications, Web site design and Internet marketing, Austin, TX, US.
  91. DataArt, Software development, programming, offshore, Russia, New York, NY, US.
  92. Database America, Marketing information (e.g. mailing lists) and services, Montvale, NJ, US.
  93. Database Excelleration Systems (DES), "Excellerators" for Sybase, Oracle, or Informix, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  94. Database Publishing Associates (DPA), client server software product and price info. systems, Seattle, WA, US.
  95. DataBase Software Design, Database application development/support (e.g. FoxPro), Richmond, VA, US.
  96. Database Systems (DSC), Predictive dialer w/IVR, ACD, recording, agent support etc., Phoenix, AZ, US.
  97., Database design and engineering services, SQL, Dana Point, CA, US.
  98. Databases, databases on the Internet, Salt Lake City, UT, US.
  99. Databid, B2B site linking buyers/sellers of business data services, McLean, VA, US.
  100. DataBPO, Data entry, processing, conversion and litigation coding services, Pomona, CA, US.
  101. DataBrokers, Custom software development, C++, Microsoft, Oracle, ODBC, Java, etc., Cincinnati, OH, US.
  102. DataBytes Services, Voice recognition software, Lakewood, WA, US.
  103. DataChannel, Webcasting support software (e.g. "ChannelManager"), Bellevue, WA, US.
  104. DataCom, Telecommunications (telephone) equipment, cabling (voice/data), Columbia, SC, US.
  105. Datacomm Distribution, computer connectivity cables, devices and information, Bridgeport, CT, US.
  106. Datacomm International, Mobile and long distance telephone, Web site design, etc., Tayside, UK.
  107. DataCraft Development, Administration software for training, business, HR, recruiting, etc., Enfield, UK.
  108. DataDirect Networks, Desktop/network storage, SCSI, Fibre Channel, RAID, etc. info , Chatsworth, CA, US.
  109. Dataentrysindia, Data entry, check and form processing, document conversion, etc., Ahmedabad, IN.
  110. Datafab, Computer peripherals, esp. portable disks, flash memory, etc., Taipei, TW.
  111. Datafix, Computer systems (PCs), printers, network integration, service, etc., Little Rock, AR, US.
  112. Dataflame, Web presence/hosting, Windows or Linux, Verwood, GB.
  113. Dataflex, hardware/software sales, service, support, and training, Edison, NJ, US.
  114. Dataflight Software, PC database management software (Concordance), Los Angeles, CA, US.
  115. Dataforce, E-Business consulting, staffing, etc., Miami, FL, US.
  116. Datagram, (Italian) Telecommunication systems design and development, Modena, IT.
  117. DataHaven, Remote backup services, Dublin, IE.
  118. DataHaven Project, Internet service provider (ISP), security, privacy, Pittsburgh, PA, US.
  119. DataIntel, Credit application software and other Internet services, Concord, CA, US.
  120. DATAKEY Communication Systems, Mfg. fiber/copper cable management products, connectors, etc., Glen Marais Ext2, ZA.
  121., Internet service provider, Lutwyche, QLD, AU.
  122. Datalink, Communication software development (e.g. Athosfax fax management), Rome, IT.
  123. DataLink Communications, Industrial interface/control equipment, wireless, network, etc., Galway, IE.
  124. Datalink Network Solutions, Network integration, programming/application development, etc., Richardson, TX, US.
  125. DataLock Remote Data Services, Data backup service, Euless, TX, US.
  126. Datalogic Technologies, DMERC medical billing software & service for DME/HME, Brandon, FL, US.
  127. Datalux, Space-saving PCs, LCD touch-screen monitors, keyboards, Winchester, VA, US.
  128. Datamax, Networks and systems integration, Falls Church, VA, US.
  129. Datamax Electronique Quebec, (French) Information processing solutions (francais), Pintendre, PQ, CA.
  130. Datamax Research, iWinpak PGP electronic commerce & Internet banking software, Toronto, ON, CA.
  131. DataMAX Software Group, Wireless bar code software (RFGen), El Dorado Hills, CA, US.
  132. DataMirror, Transformational data replication software (mirroring, high availability), Markham, ON, CA.
  133. Datamonoitor, Market research and management consulting, New York, NY, US.
  134. Datanet, Used computer systems (PCs), portables, Santa Ana, CA, US.
  135. DataPak Software, cross platform programming tool, PAIGE, Mac and PCs, Vancouver, WA, US.
  136. DataPrey, Forensic and data recovery consulting, Helsinki, FI.
  137. DataPro, Non profit fund accounting software for AS-400 and PC platforms, Plainwell, MI, US.
  138. Datapro Information Services Group, business information data, Delran, NJ, US.
  139. Dataprompt, computer applications systems for financial and real estate servicing, Silver Spring, MD, US.
  140. Dataquest, information technology market research, San Jose, CA, US.
  141., Data recovery from disk drives, tapes, disaster consulting, etc., Holland Landing, ON, CA.
  142. DataScan Technologies, Bar code and RF systems, mobile applications and batch data collection, Houston, TX, US.
  143. DataSec, Computer forensic analysis (e.g. computer data for legal proceedings), Sawbridgeworth, UK.
  144. Datasite, Design/Build network facilities incl. fiber, voice/data, UPS, monitoring, etc., Irvine, CA, US.
  145. DataSlammers, Web presence provider (WPP), custom programming (e.g. CGI, Perl), Culver City, CA, US.
  146. Datasonix, small mobile storage devices (e.g. Pereos), Boulder, CO, US.
  147. Datastar Computers, Computer systems, accessories/peripherals, DatRecovery, online catalog, Greenville, NC, US.
  148. DataStream Consulting, Internet service provider (ISP, FlashNet), Web presence, Issaquah, WA, US.
  149. DataStream TeleMedia, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Web site design, Pasadena, CA, US.
  150. Datasurge, Geotechnical Engineering software development, Bradford, MA, US.
  151. DataSynapse, Application infrastructure software, gridserver, fabricserver, New York, NY, US.
  152. Datatape, Computer storage systems (e.g. tape, network, etc.), Monrovia, CA, US.
  153. DataTech Labs, Hard drive and RAID data recovery services, Denver, CO, US.
  154. Datatech Northwest, LAN/WAN network consulting - design, installation, and support, Redmond, WA, US.
  155. DataTek, Automotive software, computers, networks, Internet, MACEDONIA, OH, US.
  156. DataTel.US, Business telephones, voice/data network integration, Bonney Lake, WA, US.
  157. Datatex, AS400 manufacturing software (TIM) for the textile/apparel industry, Alpharetta, GA, US.
  158. DataViews, Object oriented graphics development tools (e.g. WebXpresso), Northampton, MA, US.
  159. Datavision, bar code technology, Ivyland, PA, US.
  160. DataViz, Windows/ Mac file conversion and Internet software, Trumbull, CT, US.
  161. DataWay, electronic media services, San Francisco, CA, US.
  162. DataWorks, technical books (e.g. Microsoft Press), Metairie, LA, US.
  163. DataX Development, Programming (offshore), C/C++, java, asp, JSP, .NET, SQL, etc., Zaporozhye, UA.
  164. DataXchange Networks, Internet Service Provider, leased line connectivity, McLean, VA, US.
  165. Datel Systems, computer store, San Diego, CA, US.
  166. DateWise, File comparison software tools for MVS, UNIX, PC, Columbus, OH, US.
  167. Datus, Network integration, consulting, planning, etc. (WAN, ATM, VoIP, ISDN, etc.), Aachen, DE.
  168. Dauterman Consulting, Technology consulting, Internet access, Web site design, etc., Clovis, CA, US.
  169. Dave's Custom Computers, Computer systems (custom), accessories, software, etc., Toledo, OH, US.
  170. Dave's Web Dynamics, Web site design, maintenance, graphics development, Upland, CA, US.
  171. Dave's Webworks & Computer Solutions, Web site design, Web presence, PC repair/upgrade, Shady Side, MD, US.
  172. Daves Computer Store, Buy, sell, and trade computer parts, Scottsdale, AZ, US.
  173. David Boles Gang, JavaScript, Windows 95 comms, Huskers, Editorial, Internet security, New York, NY, US.
  174. David Spelts Software, Computer/programming books, shareware, etc., Oceanside, CA, US.
  175. daVinci Time & Space, interactive multimedia home entertainment, San Mateo, CA, US.
  176. Davis & Associates Communications, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Jacksonville, FL, US.
  177. Davis & Schroeder, Internet law, domain name disputes, "CyberCounsel", Monterey, CA, US.
  178. Davis Computing Solutions, Network integrations, Web site design, presence, programming, etc., Fremont, CA, US.
  179. Davis TeleWork Center, Telecommuting site with offices, comp/comm. equip, etc., Davis, CA, US.
  180. Davison Computer Services, Internet business connectivity, Web site support/consulting, New Brunswick, NJ, US.
  181. Davison Computing, Computer hardware (online catalog), Web site design, Mesquite, TX, US.
  182. Daw Systems, Internet kiosk systems, touchscreen browser software (NetShift, KeyShift) , Marlborough, UK.
  183. Dawson Lake, Computer hardware and software retail, Melbourne, AU.
  184. DAX Systems, Computer Telephony (CTI) & Integrated Voice Responce (IVR) Hardware, Pine Brook, NJ, US.
  185. Day-to-Day Software, Personal information management software, address book, calendar, etc., White Plains, NY, US.
  186., Web presence provider (WPP), email host, consulting, Missouri City, TX, US.
  187. Daybreak Systems Development, Database programming (NT/SQL/Oracle, Unix); payroll, inventory, etc., Coquitlam, BC, CA.
  188. DayGlo, Fluorescent color ink jet cartridges, Medina, OH, US.
  189. Dayna Communications, LAN hubs, switches, bridges and routers (e.g. NetCenter), Salt Lake City, UT, US.
  190. DayStar Digital, upgrade products for the Apple Macintosh computers, Flowery Branch, GA, US.
  191. DazCom Computers, Laptops and computer equipment, new and used, Crawley, GB.
  192. DB7 Technologies, Year 2000 problem (y2k) consulting, San Carlos, CA, US.
  193. DBA Resources, consulting services for Informix databases, Sandy, UT, US.
  194. DBA Software, Accounting software, Atascadero, CA, US.
  195. DBD Associates, Computer consulting, software programming, Linux emphasis, Wichita, KS, US.
  196. DBE Software, knowledge-based expert system database software, McLean, VA, US.
  197. dbINTELLECT, Database software and services (data mining, CORBA, OLE, etc.), Golden, CO, US.
  198. DBtune, Database tuning, esp. Oracle, consulting, London, UK.
  199. DBtune, Consulting, esp. Oracle database tuning for performance, etc., London, UK.
  200. DC MicroSystems, Internet service provider (ISP), Antioch, CA, US.
  201. DC-WebWorks, Web site design, Hillsboro, OR, US.
  202. DCE Express, Network equipment (new/refurbished), VoIP, West Chester, PA, US.
  203. Dci Communications, Broadcast video service, 2D, 3D graphics, (wildlife photography), Sterling Heights, MI, US.
  204. DCI Technologies, Remote control radio telemetry manufacturer/distributor, inc. modems, Calgary, AB, CA.
  205. DCP Research, Data compression technology (e.g. GCA compression), Edmonton, AB, CA.
  206. DCS International, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, software, etc., online catalog, Diamond Bar, CA, US.
  207. DCS Laboratory, Design/manufacture telecom. equipment (e.g. PBX), related software, Kishinev, MD.
  208. DDC Support systems, Network integration, Web site design, consulting (esp. healthcare/education), Los Angeles, CA, US.
  209. DDM computers, Computer training, programming, network integration, custom systems, etc., Brentwood, UK.
  210. DDR, Consulting, recruiting, Houston, TX, US.
  211. De Facto Software, Financials, logistics, CRM, costings, etc. software - De Facto S5, Ipswich, UK.
  212. De Postel, World Email Directory and Web presence provider.
  213. DEAC, Application service provider (ASP), OSP, Web presence, Microsoft focus, Riga, LV.
  214. Dean & Associates System Solutions, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and consulting, Scotts Valley, CA, US.
  215. Debian, Linux OS for PCs, Debian Linux Association, Pt. Richmond, CA, US.
  216. Decade Nine, Java tools, technologies and consulting services telecom data management, Singapore, SG.
  217. Decade Transmitters, Low power, professional FM transmitters (88-108MHz), audio, Sherbrooke, PQ, CA.
  218. Deccan Software, IT consulting, software development, services, San Diego, CA, US.
  219. Decisif Software Solutions, Call center (CTI) software, telephone, Windows, IVR, ACD, LSA, Montreal, PQ, CA.
  220. Decision Data, LAN hubs, switches, storage devices, supplies, etc., Horsham, PA, US.
  221. Decision Technology, Windows client software for ODBC-compliant DBMS data access, Princeton, NJ, US.
  222. Decisioneering, Decision support software (e.g. Crystal Ball), training, etc., Denver, CO, US.
  223. Deco Systems, Computer systems (PCs, custom), IT services, Waltham, MA, US.
  224. DeDanann Works, Specialized computer furniture (e.g. "Sofadesk" for laptops), San Francisco, CA, US.
  225. DeDe & Friends, Consulting, Web site design, Web presence, Yonkers, NY, US.
  226. Dedicated Devices, computerized process control (SLAM modules), Coram, NY, US.
  227. Deel Computer Development, Custom software development: embedded control/multimedia, Agoura, CA, US.
  228. Deema Designs, Web site design, graphics, Web presence, multimedia, etc., Amarillo, TX, US.
  229. Deep Channel, Web site design, promotion, Hyderabad, IN.
  230. Deep Thought Computing, Computer and Internet Training, programming and consulting, Schaumburg, IL, US.
  231. Deerfield Communications, E-mail (Adanté), gateway (ZanNet) and other Unix/Windows comm. software, Gaylord, MI, US.
  232. Deerfield Laboratory, Components that stop ground loop noise in video, Redwood City, CA, US.
  233. Deja View® Video Productions, Instructional and legal video productiona and services, San Mateo, CA, US.
  234. DEK Software International, Software for IS professionals, Cherry Hill, NJ, US.
  235. DEL Enterprises, Chair mounted computer plate for mouse/joystick , Cocoa, FL, US.
  236. Delahaye Europe, Website analysis and benchmarking, media analysis, Hastings, UK.
  237. Delaware Micrographics (DMI), Document management systems integration (e.g. Optech CD, DVD), Wilmington, DE, US.
  238. Delaware Processing Services, Digital imaging, data entry conversion and other services, Wilmington, DE, US.
  239. Delco Wire and Cable, Network, audio, video cables, wiring, etc., online catalog, Concord, ON, CA.
  240. Dell Computer, Direct marketed personal computers (PCs), JOBS, Austin, TX, US.
  241. DeLorme Mapping, Mapping software and databases, Freeport, ME, US.
  242. Delorme PC Graphix, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, Penetanguishene, ON, CA.
  243. Delphi Consulting Group, Seminars, market research, etc., Intranet, knowledge management, etc., Boston, MA, US.
  244. Delphi Internet Services, Internet access via telephone.
  245. Delrina, PC software, Toronto, ON, CA.
  246. Delta Linear, Web site design and development, Chicago, IL, US.
  247. Delta PC, Web site design and Web presence (Deltaworld), computer systems, accessories, Novato, CA, US.
  248. Delta Tech Computers, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, online catalog, Carlisle, PA, US.
  249. Delta-Tech, Computer systems (PCs), service/repair, data recovery, investigations, etc., Cape Town, ZA.
  250. DeltaCart, Tapeless multimedia storage systems, MPEG II, broadcast.
  251. DeltaNet, Internet service provider (ISP), Web site development and presence, Anaheim, CA, US.
  252. DeltaPoint, Data & Process Visualization Software, Monterey, CA, US.
  253. DeltaSoft Worldwide, Programming/software development, offshore, Minsk, BY.
  254., Internet telephone services, New York, NY, US.
  255. DelTec Systems, LCD projectors, Denver, CO, US.
  256. Deltyme, Web site design and other networking solutions, San Diego, CA, US.
  257. Demand Technology Software, Windows NT performance monitoring software (e.g. NTSMF, supports SAS and MXG), Naples, FL, US.
  258. Demon Internet, Internet service provider (ISP), London, UK.
  259. Demos, Internet service provider (ISP), Moscow, RU.
  260. Deneba Software, Graphics/CAD software (Canvas, DenebaCAD) for Mac/Windows , Miami, FL, US.
  261. Deniz, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Web site design, etc., King of Prussia, PA, US.
  262. Denkart, Hewlett Packard oriented migration and messaging, Willebroek, BE.
  263. Denmac Systems, Network management tool, Northbrook, IL, US.
  264. Dennis M Bosze Computer Services, Computer system service, Windows 3.x, 9x, 2000, Novell, Venice, FL, US.
  265. Dense-Pac Microsystems, Computer memory, SRAM, SDRAM, DRAM, Flash, EEPROM, etc., Garden Grove, CA, US.
  266. Dentsu, JP.
  267. Denver Area Super Highway (DASH), ISP, Web site design, Web presence (Netropolis), Denver, CO, US.
  268. Depthography, 3-D (3D) and 4-D (animated) lenticular graphics, New York, NY, US.
  269. Dern's Internet Info, Electronic publishing, Boston, MA, US.
  270. Dershya Institute, Computer animation (e.g. Flash) camp for teenagers, Orlando, FL, US.
  271. Descartes Systems Group, Customer fulfillment software (e.g. DeliveryNets), Waterloo, ON, CA.
  272. Desert Dawn Webs, Web site design, graphics/multimedia, presence, promotion, etc., Tucson, AZ, US.
  273. Desert Wind, (Chinese) Web site design, Shenzhen, CN.
  274. Desiderata Software, PowerScript scripting language for Windows, West Roxbury, MA, US.
  275. Design & Disaster Recovery Consulting, Unix and Internet (WWW) integration services, Albany, NY, US.
  276. design BrainByte, Web site design, multimedia focus, Walnut Creek, CA, US.
  277. Design Combus Ltd, Baseband modems and other data communication equipment, Tampere, FI.
  278. Design Science, Software for publishing mathematical notation (MathType, MathPlayer, etc.), Long Beach, CA, US.
  279. Design Shack, Web site design, presence, promotion, etc., Murfreesboro, TN, US.
  280. Design Solutions, 3D solid modeling software sales, support, consulting, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  281. Design-Worxs, Web site design, graphics, multimedia, programming, Petaluma, CA, US.
  282. Design4Effect, Web site design, presence/hosting, graphics, programming, North Vancouver, BC, CA.
  283. DesignGeeks, Web site design, Web presence provider (WPP), consulting, Hermosa Beach, CA, US.
  284. Designing Words, Computer systems (PCs), service, accessories, Web site design, presence, etc., Manchester, NH, US.
  285. Designlab Systems, DVD, CDROM, Internet Video/multimedia, MPEG1, Quicktime, etc., London, UK.
  286. Desktop Advantage, Computer documentation, training, consulting, Sacramento, CA, US.
  287. Desktop One Creative Services, Desktop publishing and computer graphics, Phoenix, AZ, US.
  288. Deskware, CobolScript (COBOL85 based) language for cgi, etc. server-side scripting, Tampa, FL, US.
  289. Destek Group, The, Internet service provider, services and consulting, Pelham, NH, US.
  290. Deutsche Telekom, Telecommunications services (telephone, Internet, etc.), Bonn, DE.
  291. Develcon, bridges and routers for Ethernet, Token-Ring, ISDN, Saskatoon, SK, CA.
  292. Developers Corner, Web site design/programming (CGI, JAVA, etc.), Elk Grove, CA, US.
  293. DevelopMentor, Windows, C++, Visual Basic, and OLE programming training, Torrance, CA, US.
  294. Devoler, Web site desing, multimedia, programming, Dnepropetrovsk, UA.
  295. devSoft, Software development tools for Internet/Intranet (e.g. IP*Works! C++), Research Triangle Park, NC, US.
  296. Devware Soft, Software development/programming, Web site design, graphics, etc. , Karachi, PK.
  297. DFW Internet Services, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Forth Worth, TX, US.
  298. DFW Mobile Tech, Home PC/network repair/service, upgrades, etc., Dallas, TX, US.
  299. DG Publishing, Web site promotion, Garden Grove, CA, US.
  300. DG Technology, Engineering consulting for distributed systems, Dayton, MD, US.
  301. DGE Solutions, Windows NT systems, web site design, presence, and consulting, Pleasanton, CA, US.
  302. DGF Computers & Upgrades, Moore, OK, US.
  303. DhaVe Technology Solutions, Web site design, application development, outsourcing, Ovreland Park, KS, US.
  304. DHCP Networks, Network integration/installation/service, cabled/wireless, Los Gatos, CA, US.
  305. DI, Rugged mobile computing, industrial computing, Livingston, UK.
  306. Dial One Telecom Group, Long distance telephone consulting, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  307. Dial Sound Data Systems, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, networks, etc., Fremont, CA, US.
  308. Dialog, general information services, from IBC.
  309. Dialogic, Telecommunications hardware and services, IP, signaling, protocols, etc., Montreal, Quebec, CA.
  310., Internet telephone service, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  311. Diamond Data Systems, Consulting, software, network integration, IT contract & staffing, New Orleans, LA, US.
  312. Diamond Flower Electric Instrument (DFI), Custom computer systems (PCs) for OEMs, distributors, resellers, Sacramento, CA, US.
  313. Diamond Images, 3D color animated holograms, 3D photography, digital video, etc., Coconut Grove, FL, US.
  314. Diamond Lane, the (TDL), Internet service provider, Hayward, CA, US.
  315. Diamond Multimedia Systems, Graphics, video, sound, communication, etc. cards for PCs, San Jose, CA, US.
  316. Diamond Star Technologies, Network integration, security, backup, Web presence/hosting, Wichita, KS, US.
  317., Web site design, promotion, consulting, Sacramento, CA, US.
  318. Dianatel, PC telephony components for digital telephone, switching, and audio conferencing, San Jose, CA, US.
  319. DICA Technologies, Communications equipment provider, esp. ISDN, Frame Relay, VPN, Berlin, RI, US.
  320. Dick Williams & Associates, High technology recruiting, Pleasanton, CA, US.
  321. Dickens Data Systems, UNIX-based hardware and software products, Roswell, GA, US.
  322. Dieffe Automazione, (Italian) Industrial automation, SQL, drivers, C++ plugins, etc., Rome, IT.
  323. DIEKO Management Consulting, Database development, database/Web, consulting, Washington, DC, US.
  324. Digex, Web presence provider (WPP), management, ecommerce, Beltsville, MD, US.
  325. Digi-Tech Communications, Special purpose and custom communication products, Wellington City, NZ.
  326. DigiBoard, Network connectivity products, Eden Prairie, MN., Köln, DE.
  327. DigiCash, Smartcards, security, and electronic payments systems (eCash), Amsterdam, NL.
  328. Digiconcepts, Computer accessories/components, on-line catalog, Chino Hills, CA, US.
  329. DigiEffects, Animated digital special effects software, Menlo Park, CA, US.
  330. Digilog, network test systems and equipment, Willow Grove, PA, US.
  331. Digimarc, Digital watermark products and technology, Portland, OR, US.
  332. DigiMark, Internet VAN, Bowie, MD, US.
  333. Digimata, Computer animation, graphics - medical, architectural, technical, Toronto, ON, CA.
  334. Digimax, Web site design, e-commerce, software development, consulting, etc., Westmont, IL, US.
  335. Digimax Graphix, Graphics, Web site design, consulting, Centereach, NY, US.
  336. Diginetic Technologies, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, software, catalog, Darby, MT, US.
  337. Digiserve, Web presence provider (WPP) and Web site design, High Wycombe, UK.
  338. DIGIsoft System Engineering, (Italian) Systems integration, DBMS, Call Center/CTI, etc. , milano, IT.
  339. Digital 5, Middleware software for consumer electronic devices, audio, Lawrenceville, NJ, US.
  340. Digital Autonomy, Web site design, Web presence, consulting, etc., Macintosh focus, Broken Arrow, OK, US.
  341. Digital ChoreoGraphics, Programming (DOS Windows Unix) -embedded scientific - graphic design, etc., Costa Mesa, CA, US.
  342. Digital Computer Solutions, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, software, online catalog, Wayne, NJ, US.
  343. Digital Connections, Video conferencing and related consulting, design, sales, etc., Omaha, NE, US.
  344. Digital Consulting (DCI), Information technology education (seminars, conferences, etc.), Andover, MA, US.
  345. Digital Creations, O-O Web application development, newspaper industry focus, Fredericksburg, VA, US.
  346. Digital Creations Design, Internet consulting, graphic and Web site design, Phoenix, AZ, US.
  347. Digital Data Express, Internet: training, software, instruction, connectivity, San Jose, CA, US.
  348. Digital Data Recovery (DDR), Data recovery services, Hewlett, NY, US.
  349. Digital Delivery, Secure data distribution software (Confidential Courier™), encryption, EDI, Bedford, MA, US.
  350. Digital Demographics, Web promotion services (e.g. "Recommend-It.Com"), Clayton, MO, US.
  351. Digital Design, Web site design, graphics, Teaneck, NJ, US.
  352. Digital Design LA, Web site design, graphics, training, recruiting (entertainment focus), Burbank, CA, US.
  353. Digital Destinations, Software on the Japanese economy, culture, and language, Davis, CA, US.
  354. Digital Distributions Direct, Supplying the D3 Electric Catalog, Morgan Hill, CA, US.
  355. Digital Documents, Document management and scanning services, Vienna, VA, US.
  356. Digital Documents, Scanning and document scaning services, Vienna, VA, US.
  357. Digital Dynamics, CD-ROM and CD Interactive service, Ann Arbor, MI, US.
  358. Digital Dynamics Software, Software engineering and consulting, Windows, Unix, Internet, Schaumburg, IL, US.
  359. Digital Equipment, and DEC Japan Computers, networks, etc., Maynard, MA, US.
  360. Digital Express, Computer components, Web site development, Mostoles, ES.
  361. Digital Express Group, Internet service provider, Washington, DC, US.
  362. Digital Foundry, The, Computer systems, maintenance, multimedia production, Sydney, NSW, AU.
  363. Digital Fountain, Multicast reduced bandwidth for Internet multimedia (Meta-Content™), San Francisco, CA, US.
  364. Digital Frontiers, Computer graphic image enhancement software (e.g. Web), Evanston, IL, US.
  365. Digital Gateway Systems, Internet service provider, Vienna, VA, US.
  366. Digital Graphics, Web site design, graphics, College Point, NY, US.
  367. digital h2o, Web site development, secure e-commerce, Lincoln, NE, US.
  368. Digital Hollywood Entertainment, Recordable CDRoms, CDR's, CDRom, Huntington Beach, CA, US.
  369. Digital Impact, Interactive television concepts, multimedia and Web site design, Exeter, UK.
  370. Digital Information Gallery, Custom software design, development and programming, Buffalo, NY, US.
  371. Digital Installation Services, Installation for Directv, DirecWay, CentricVision video surveillance, Elk City, OK, US.
  372. Digital Lagoon, Web site design, multimedia, Lenexa, KS, US.
  373. Digital LAVA, vPrism and VideoVisor digital video management software, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  374. Digital Link, Wide Area Networking (WAN) technologies, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  375. Digital Marketing, Internet information services (ftp, Web, e-mail, etc.), Bowie, MD, US.
  376. Digital Marketing Strategies, Training courses in online marketing, Norwich, GB.
  377. Digital Marketing Systems (DMSystems), Web site design, job costing, marketing, etc., Murrays Bay, NZ.
  378. Digital Marketplace, Internet service provider (ISP), Delhi, NY, US.
  379. Digital Matrix Studio, Multimedia production (e.g. Flash, video), marketing, etc., Chamberburg, PA, US.
  380. Digital Media Research and Design, electronic media consulting, Sydney, AU.
  381. Digital Media Source, Document management hardware/software/services, large format, etc., Downey, CA, US.
  382. Digital Movers, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) outsourcing services, Towaco, NJ, US.
  383. Digital Network Enterprises, Web site design, hosting, marketing, graphics/multimedia, e-commerce, Punta Gorda, FL, US.
  384. Digital Ocean, Wireless networking (LAN, WAN, mixed platform environments), Lenexa, KS, US.
  385. Digital Pathways, Internet access security and user authentication, Mountain View, CA, US.
  386. Digital Photo, Photo restoration and imaging, Atlanta, GA, US.
  387. Digital Planet, Interactive media for entertainment on Internet, Culver City, CA, US.
  388. Digital Point Solutions, Business software (e.g. Optigold, Tellan), San Diego, CA, US.
  389. Digital Presentations, presentation and print technology services, New York, NY, US.
  390. Digital Prospectors, Fixed mark-up/full disclosure IT recruiting agency, Sudbury, MA, US.
  391. Digital Pursuit, custom Alpha Four database development and consultation, N.Miami Beach, FL, US.
  392. Digital Resources, Network integration, storage networking, etc., Valencia, CA, US.
  393. Digital Resources, Packet switching sytems, monitoring, network integration, Wanaque, NJ, US.
  394. Digital Software Romania, Programming, Web site design, database, networking, etc. off-shore, Bucharest, RO.
  395. Digital Solutions, Desktop and network support, Web site development, Irvine, CA, US.
  396. Digital Sound (DSC), network based voice processing systems (VoiceServer), Carpinteria, CA, US.
  397. Digital Storefronts, Internet storefront services, retail, manufacturing, distributing, etc., Enumclaw, WA, US.
  398. Digital Systems, Computer and communication systems and equipment, Varna, BG.
  399. Digital Technics, Telecom. systems: local/tandem Exchanges, wireless access networks, etc., Columbia, MD, US.
  400. Digital Techniques (DTI), Design, manufacture, distribute telecommunications equipment, Allen, TX, US.
  401. Digital Technologies, 30 to 72 pin memory conversion products, Chesapeake, VA, US.
  402. Digital Thinking (DTi), Computer systems (e.g. custom), Web site design, network integration, Augusta, GA, US.
  403. Digital Tool, Computer controlled machining equipment, Pittsburgh, PA, US.
  404. Digital Tools, project management software for Unix, Cupertino, CA, US.
  405. Digital Transmission (DTX), ISDN connectivity products for telco/CPE, Huntsville, AL, US.
  406. Digital Treasures, Multimedia development, video transfer, Web site design, etc., La Jolla, CA, US.
  407. Digital Vision Communications, Web site design and advertising/marketing, Schaumburg, IL, US.
  408. Digital VooDoo, Digital media production, storyboard development, Pacific Palisades, CA, US.
  409. Digital Web Link, Web site design, Web presence/hosting, Sacramento, CA, US.
  410. Digital West, Computer hardware, Chatsworth, CA, US.
  411. Digital Workshop, Telephony software for small businesses (TinaTels), etc., Cypress, TX, US.
  412. DigitalAire, Web design and Internet marketing solutions, Ventura, CA, US.
  413. DigitalCandle, Marketing support for independent software developers, Bellevue, WA, US.
  414. DigitalFLASH, Web site design, graphics, multimedia, Ithaca, NY, US.
  415. Digitalis Television Productions, InfoVid Outlet, videos on computers business, etc., Tampa, FL, US.
  416. DigitalNames, Domain name registration, checking, online registration, London, UK.
  417. digitalNATION, Web presence, dedicated Sun, Windows NT, and Macintosh servers, Alexandria, VA, US.
  418. digitalNATION (dN), Full service business Internet service provider (ISP), Alexandria, VA, US.
  419. Digitaria Interactive, Web site design, marketing, multimedia, graphics, etc., San Diego, CA, US.
  420. DigiTech, 30 to 72 pin (SIMM) memory conversion products, Chesapeake, VA, US.
  421. Digitech Onsite Computer Services, Computer repair, sales, service, Mission, BC, CA.
  422. Digitek, Web graphics and design studio, Valencia, CA, US.
  423. Digitel Services, Web presence provider (WPP - Sitekeeper), Hilton Head Island, SC, US.
  424. Digiteyes Multimedia, 'TypeArt' font library - font information and sale, Vancouver, BC, CA.
  425. DigitGate Technology, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, on-line catalog, Walnut, CA, US.
  426. Digitizer Pro, Digitizers from GTCO, Summagraphics and CalComp , Hacienda Heights, CA, US.
  427. Digitizer Zone, Digitizers, large-format scanners, support (e.g. GTCO, CalComp), Hacienda Heights, CA, US.
  428. DigiTrust Group, The, Information security consulting, assessment, remediation, response, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  429. Digitware, Web presence provider, Flushing, NY, US.
  430. Digiware Interactive Multimedia, Web site design and Internet consulting, Petaluma, CA, US.
  431. Digiweb, Web presence provider (WPP), College Park, MD, US.
  432. Digt, Web site design, marketing, promotion, consulting, Delray Beach, FL, US.
  433. Dilan, enterprise networks and applications, Hickory, NC, US.
  434. Diligence Softworks, Windows software (e.g. sound editing), DE.
  435. Dillon Technology Group, Networking solutions (LAN, WAN, ISDN, ATM, FDDI, etc.), Minneapolis, MN, US.
  436. Dimension Computing, consulting, Ballarat, VIC, AU.
  437. Dimension X, JAVA programming tools (Liquid Motion, Liquid Reality), San Francisco, CA, US.
  438. Dimon Designs, Web site design, Web presence, graphics for small business, Pittsburgh, PA, US.
  439. Dinamite, (Portuguese) Internet information and services, PT.
  440. Direct Alliance, Software for e-commerce, marketing, operations, sales, fulfillment, support, Tempe, AZ, US.
  441. Direct Cable TV, Satellite dish network retailer, Shreveport, LA, US.
  442. Direct Communications, Mail list management and Web site design, Rutland, VT, US.
  443. Direct Computer Systems (DCS), Business systems, networks, computer training, Web site design, Edmonton, AB, CA.
  444. Direct Connect, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Shingle Springs, CA, US.
  445. Direct Connection, Web presence provider (WPP), London, UK.
  446. Direct Internet Access, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Web site design, Ottawa, ON, CA.
  447. Direct Network Access, "Friendly" Internet Access, Berkeley, CA, US.
  448. Direct Sale, Computer systems (PCs, Compaq), portables to servers, Lincoln, NE, US.
  449. DirectAd Concepts, Web site development, maintenance, Web presence, e-commerce, North York, ON, CA.
  450. Directi, Web presence provider, domain name registration, etc., Mumbai, IN.
  451. DirectNet, Server management technology (e.g. KVM switches/extenders, racks, etc.), Louisville, CO, US.
  452. DirectStaff, Executive search and contract staffing in information technology and engineering, Inverness, FL, US.
  453., Satellite communication systems, Internet, television, Tempe, AZ, US.
  454. Disc Manufacturing, Compact Disc (CD) mastering and manufacturing, Huntsville, AL, US.
  455. Disc Producers, CD replication, DVD, printing, packaging, silk screening, etc., Monrovia, CA, US.
  456. Disc UK, New/used computer systems (PCs), accessories, Hatfield, UK.
  457. Disc Wizards, CD and DVD duplication, London, GB.
  458. Disclosure, provider of global company information, Bethesda, MD, US.
  459. Discount Data Comm, Computer network hardware (e.g. routers, switches, hubs, cables, etc.), Calabasas, CA, US.
  460. DiscountCell, Cellular telephones and accessories, Woodway, TX, US.
  461. Discovery, Personal computer systems, City of Industry, CA, US.
  462. Discovery Business Systems, Mass storage systems, consulting, RAID, disk, tape, jukeboxes, etc., London, UK.
  463. Discovery Computer Training and Services, Computer based computer training, Thornhill, ON, CA.
  464. Discovery Computing (DCI), Authoring, consulting, publishing, Internet advertising, Sundance, WY, US.
  465. Discovery Systems, Web page development and Web presence providers (WPP), Fife, UK.
  466. DISCscribe, Digital documentation and communications, Fredericton, NB, CA.
  467. Disk Doctors Labs, Data recovery services, tapes, RAID, media conversion, etc., Atlanta, GA, US.
  468. DISK/TREND, market research on the worldwide disk drive industry, Mountain View, CA, US.
  469. Disktek Data Recovery, Emergency computer data recovery services, high end disk focus, Whitby, ON, CA.
  470. Display Tech Multimedia, Computer to video products for the educational market, Concord, CA, US.
  471. Distech Controls, Building automation/open control systems, Lonworks, Brossard, PQ, CA.
  472. Distinct, TCP/IP developers kits (SDK) and TCP/IP applications for Windows, Saratoga, CA, US.
  473. Distiworld, Database (indexing, etc.) listing IT resellers and vendors, Bissone, CH.
  474. Distributed Processing Technology (DPT), SCSI, RAID storage equipment (e.g. SCSI, FCS, HIPPI), Maitland, FL, US.
  475. Distributed Systems Professionals, IBM AS/400e hardware, upgrades, and consulting, Huntington Beach, CA, US.
  476. DistriVision Development, Electronic catalog software and internet services, Concord, CA, US.
  477. DITO, (German) Web site design, Web presence, Internet marketing, Stuttgart, DE.
  478. DITR Marketing, Software distribution and marketing services for developers, San Diego, CA, US.
  479. Diva Communications, Digital wireless subscriber loop equipment (Diva-2000), Oakland, CA, US.
  480. Diverse Technology Solutions, Network integration, cabling, consulting (LAN/WAN/VPN) , Centereach, NY, US.
  481. Diversified Media, Telephone consulting, voice-over, Web site design, AK, US.
  482. Diversified Software Systems, MVS JCL management software, Morgan Hill, CA, US.
  483. Diversity, Business/corporate image/identity development, consulting, Beaverton, OR, US.
  484. DiviCom, Audio/video encoding and decoding systems, and integration consulting, Milpitas, CA, US.
  485. Division, Virtual Reality software tools, Redwood City, CA, US.
  486. Division, Interactive product simulation and virtual prototyping, San Mateo, CA, US.
  487. Dixon Communications, Data communication cable installation (voice, data, video, fiber), Columbus, OH, US.
  488. DJ Squared, Web presence, Web site design, graphics (e.g. banners), Paris, TX, US.
  489. Services, Web presence (hosting), Web site design, promotion, etc., Elkhart, IN, US.
  490. DJS Research, Consulting, market research, project management, Whaley Bridge, UK.
  491. DKBB Web Sites & More, Web site design/maintenance, office support, editing/proofreading, Chadron, NE, US.
  492. DL Solutions, Software engineering, Web site design, database, Fresno, CA, US.
  493. DLC Datalogic Computer, Personal computer hardware and software, Internet service, Krefeld, DE.
  494. DLG Systems Consulting, Computer service, workstations, servers, networks, consulting, North York, ON, CA.
  495. DLS Consulting, Business IT (e.g. accounting) consulting (e.g. Monarch/ES), Lake Mary, FL, US.
  496. DMD Systems Recovery, Computer equipment sales and Web support, Phoenix, AZ, US.
  497. DNAI, Internet service provider (ISP), Berkeley, CA, US.
  498. DnR Communications, Network integration, cabling, new/used telephone systems, Dallas, TX, US.
  499. Dobbs Enterprises, Web site design, Web presence, automotive focus, Suisun City, CA, US.
  500. Doc's Dynamic DNS, Domain hosting (DNS name service) from a dialup Internet connection, Ellicott City, MD, US.
  501. Doctor Mac, On-site Apple Macintosh support, Palm Springs, CA, US.
  502. DoctorWebsite, Web site design, support, promotion, etc., San Diego, CA, US.
  503. DocuMagix, PaperMaster personal paper/document management software, San Jose, CA, US.
  504. Document Center, The, Standards documentation (e.g. MIL-stds, DOD, etc.), Belmont, CA, US.
  505. Document Imaging Systems, CD ROM publishing, scanning, ocr, imaging, Saskatoon, SK, CA.
  506. Docusys, Internet consulting, training, WWW page support, etc., Montreal, PQ, CA.
  507. Dodora Unified Communications, Voice, FAX, data over IP services, Lynn, MA, US.
  508. Dog-On-Net Designs, Internet hardware and software for small business, Honolulu, HI, US.
  509. Doheny PC, Computer systems (PCs) sales and service, Capistrano Beach, CA, US.
  510., Web site design, graphics (e.g. banners), CGI programming, Rehoboth Beach, DE, US.
  511. Dollar Computer, New and refurbished computers, online catalog, Santa Ana, CA, US.
  512. Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, Scalable Coherent Interface (SCI) interconnect solutions, Oslo, NO.
  513. Dolphin MultiMedia, Multimedia, CD-ROMs, graphics, Web site design, etc., Palo Alto, CA, US.
  514. Dolphins Network Systems, (German) Electronic mail (e-mail) services, PGP, FAX, etc., Otelfingen, CH.
  515. Domain Register, Domain name (DNS) registration services, Buffalo, NY, US.
  516. DomainHoldingCo.Com, Web site design, electronic commerce research and consulting, Renton, WA, US.
  517. DomainIt!, Internet domain name (DNS) search and registration service, Cincinnati, OH, US.
  518., Internet domain name exchange (buy/sell), Tempe, AZ, US.
  519. Domex Technology, Computer systems, custom handheld PCs, etc., Hsinchu, TW.
  520. Dominator Management Services (DMS2000), Year 2000 software, services and consulting, Esher, UK.
  521. Dominion Repair Service, Onsite computer/network sales/service/repair, laptop, Alexandria, VA, US.
  522. Dominion Services, Computer systems (PCs), digital video, palmtops, etc., online catalog, Seven Lakes, NC, US.
  523. Dominot, (French) Web presence provider , Nice, FR.
  524. Donnelley Enterprise Solutions (DESI), IT outsourcing (e.g. banks, legal), LAN systems, etc., Chicago, IL, US.
  525. Donnelley, R.R., publisher, Purchase, NY, US.
  526. Donza Computer, Notebook computers, Glen Cove, NY, US.
  527. DORAN Software Technologies, Web site development, software development (e.g. Linux), Tel Aviv, IL.
  528. Doss Systems, Computer systems, upgrades, training, Web site design, etc., Friendswood, TX, US.
  529. Dot Com Infoway, Application development/programming, outsourcing, Madurai, IN.
  530. DotCom Web Staffing, Web professionals placement, contractual, freelance, full-time, The Woodlands, TX, US.
  531. Dotservant Web Hosting Services, Web presence provider (WPP), Web hosting, PHP, MySQL, FrontPage, Petaling Jaya, MY.
  532. Dotster, Domain name registration services, Longview, WA, US.
  533. dotted i techical communications, Technical writing services (e.g. proofreading, online help, etc.), Milton, ON, CA.
  534. Doty Computers, Computer systems (PCs) sales, service, Web site design, etc., Oskaloosa, IA, US.
  535. Double Eagle Services, Computer systems (PCs), Web site design, service, etc., Arlington, TX, US.
  536. Double Impact Multimedia, Publisher interactive CD-ROMs in several languages, San Francisco, CA, US.
  537. Double J Solutions, Web site design, multimedia, promotion, etc., Delhi, IN.
  538. DoubleClick, World Wide Web advertising broker, New York, NY, US.
  539. Douran Software Technologies, Software and services for Internet service providers (ISPs), Tehran, IR.
  540. Dove Publications and Software, Desktop publishing, web site design and presence, Greensboro, NC, US.
  541. Down to Earth Software, home and family organizing software (DTE HOMEwise), Manotick, ON, CA.
  542., Shareware, freeware, free trial software download, Sun City, CA, US.
  543. Downtown Anywhere, Internet VAN and storefront.
  544. Downtown Computing, Web site and graphics development, Worcester, MA, US.
  545. DP Technology, Metal working oriented CAD/CAM software (ESPRIT), Camarillo, CA, US.
  546. DPC Systems, Computer systems (PC/Windows), Miami, FL, US.
  547. DPC Technology, C++ flowcharting software (e.g. ChartFolio), San Diego, CA, US.
  548. DPS Laser Printer Support, HP laser printer repair/supply, Alpharetta, GA, US.
  549. DPSI, Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS, EAM, e.g. iMaint), Greensboro, NC, US.
  550. DPT, SCSI adapters, RAID controllers and subsystems, Maitland, FL, US.
  551. dpunkt.verlag, (German) Books, many with a technical computer/communication focus, Heidelberg, DE.
  552. Dr. Dan Computers, Repair, computer systems (PCs), Web site design, etc., Eureka, CA, US.
  553. DRA Interactive, Interactive marketing consulting, London, UK.
  554. Dragao Informatics, Web site design and Web presence, Uxbridge, ON, CA.
  555. Dragon Software, Voice recognition software ("Naturally Speaking"), Headsets/Microphones, Brampton, ON, CA.
  556. Dragon's Den, The, CD-ROM retail, online catalog, Orangeville, ON, CA.
  557. Drake AV Video, Audio visual rent/sale, production, service, installation, Cardiff, UK.
  558. Drake's Web Publishing, Web site design and development, Santa Rosa, CA, US.
  559. Draxijn Design Studios, Web site design, graphics, animation, etc., Calgary, AB, CA.
  560. Dreamscape Imaginative Media Technologies, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, graphics, etc., Cullompton, UK.
  561. Dreamscape Online, Web site design, Web presence, training, East Syracuse, NY, US.
  562. Drew Computing, Network integration, migration, Glendale, CA, US.
  563. Drivelab Data Recovery, Emergency data recovery from disk hard drives, Chilliwack, BC, CA.
  564. DriveSavers, Data recovery services for hard drives, opticals and removables, Novato, CA, US.
  565. Drivetech, Consulting, network integration, computer systems, Web site design, etc., Stow, MA, US.
  566. Drost Marketing, (German) telephone consulting and training, Reutlingen, DE.
  567. Druid, SAP and Oracle application consulting, Staines, UK.
  568. DS Design, Web site design, graphic design, multimedia software, Cary, NC, US.
  569. DSL Consultants, Unix consulting, recruiting, resume submission, Chicago, IL, US.
  570. DSL Reports, DLS focused portal, news, New York, NY, US.
  571. DSO, Electronic publishing (e.g. Source eJournal), San Francisco, CA, US.
  572. DSP Development, graphical data analysis software for scientists and engineers (DADiSP), Cambridge, MA, US.
  573. DSP Group, "TrueSpeech" and other signal processing hardware/software, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  574. DSP Solutions, software tools for signal processing and simulation, Glen Carbon, IL, US.
  575. DSS Networks, Gigabit Ethernet controllers, OC-48 line cards, programming, etc., Irvine, CA, US.
  576. DSTL, Web site design and hosting, Avenel, NJ, US.
  577. DSW Group, The, Software training/consulting (Rational Software focus), Atlanta, GA, US.
  578. DTC Computer Supplies, Tape cartridges, office supplies, etc., Rancho Cucamonga, CA, US.
  579., Web presence provider/hosting (WPP), computers (PCs), accessories, etc., Worthing, UK.
  580. DTE Computer Systems, Computer sales, service, repair and upgrades, CD-ROM backup and production, Jonestown, TX, US.
  581. DTI, Data recovery software, utilities, data transfer, y2k, training, etc., Clearwater, FL, US.
  582. DTK Computer, retail personal computer systems, TX, US.
  583. DTL Systems, Automation IT integration and support, Provideam monitoring, Dublin, IE.
  584. DTP, Desktop publishing, Chicago, IL, US.
  585. DualStar Communications (DCI), Telecommunications and IT infrastructures for high rise buildings, New York, NY, US.
  586. Duane Whitlow & Company, Used IBM computer hardware (e.g. RS6000), on-site refurbishment and services, Carrollton, TX, US.
  587. Dubl-Click Software, Macintosh, Windows and Newton software, Bend, OR, US.
  588. Duck-Foot Internet Services, Website design, Web presence, Bennington, VT, US.
  589. Duckfoot Designs, Web site design, development, maintenance, and promotion, Williamsville, NY, US.
  590. Due North, CD ROMs and multimedia products, Salt Lake City, UT, US.
  591. Duffy PC, Computer systems (PCs), computer service/repair, De Pere, U.S..
  592. Dun & Bradstreet, information software and services.
  593. Dunham Group, The, Graphic and Web site design, database, consulting, Dundas, ON, CA.
  594. Dunham Software and Books International, Database placement, software, links, and books (affiliate), Yacolt, WA, US.
  595. Dunning Computer Services, Computer accessories, printer labels, inks and cables, online catalog, Blandford, UK.
  596. DuoDitton Partnership, The, Web site design, Web presence, graphics, Aylesford, UK.
  597. Duplicator, CD ROM duplication, Frazer, PA, US.
  598. Durand Communications Network, interactive client/server internet software (MindWire), Santa Barbara, CA, US.
  599. Durand Interstellar, Electronic design services, printed circuit board layout, etc., Los Gatos, CA, US.
  600. Durham Radio Sales & Service, Amateur, CB radios, scanners, shortwave, marine, etc., Oshawa, ON, CA.
  601. DVD City, DVD Players and DVD-ROM drive packages, Tempe, AZ, US.
  602. DVD-Forum, (German) Technology promotion and information, Birsfelden, CH.
  603. DVD-Supply.COM, DVD/CD media, video capture adaptors, on-line catalog, Thousand Oaks, CA, US.
  604. DVisions, Web site promotion, optimizations, affiliations, consulting, etc., Hove, UK.
  605. DWS Software, Bicycling related shareware, Washington, IL, US.
  606. Dyad Digital Studios, Programming, graphics, multimedia, CD-ROM, Montreal, PQ, CA.
  607. Dynamic Bar Code Systems, Barcoding, labeling products and supplies, sale, integration, Brunswick, OH, US.
  608. Dynamic Computer Products, Disk, tape, and memory systems, RAID, SCSI, Bethel, CT, US.
  609. Dynamic Computer Services, Computer systems (PCs), upgrades, repair, support, Web site design, Leeds, UK.
  610. Dynamic Concepts, Software development tools, Internet services (e.g. presence), Aliso Viejo, CA, US.
  611. Dynamic Data Systems, Business transaction processing software (Turns - e.g. inventory, purchasing, etc.), Westminster, CO, US.
  612. Dynamic Decisions, Computer systems (PCs), online catalog, e.g. Linux, custom, Arlington, VA, US.
  613. Dynamic Force 2000 (DF2K), Web site design, Web presence, graphics, promotion, Covina, CA, US.
  614. Dynamic Media Consulting, Internet and Web consulting, Vancouver, BC, CA.
  615. Dynamic Offerings, Online computer auctions, new and refurbished hardware, San Francisco, CA, US.
  616. Dynamic Solutions 2000, Billing services for communications, utility industries, Wilkes-Barre, PA, US.
  617. Dynamic Telecommunications, Refurbished Siemens, ROLM, Nortel telecom equipment, services, Cary, NC, US.
  618. Dynamic Web Internet Services, Web design and hosting, Toronto, ON, CA.
  619. Dynamic Web Services, Web development and presence provider, Saylorsburg, PA, US.
  620. DynamicWeb Transaction Systems, "NetCat" Web site software (e.g. EDI, search, order, etc.), Clifton, NJ, US.
  621. Dynaptics, Real-time adaptive recommendation software (e.g. Web site focusing), San Jose, CA, US.
  622. Dynasec Integrated GRC Solutions, Governance, risk management and compliance services, Salisbury, UK.
  623. Dynasti Computer Systems, Custom built computer systems (PCs), Middletown, MD, US.
  624. Dynasticsoft, eCommerce/accounting software (e.g. Dynasty), Irvine, CA, US.
  625. Dynasty Computers, Computer systems and accessories, online catalog, Enterprise, AL, US.
  626. Dynasty Technologies, client-server application development software, Lisle, IL, US.
  627. Dynatech Communications, Data communications (e.g X.25 Frame Relay, ISDN, ATM), Woodbridge, VA, US.
  628. DynCorp, Information technology for aerospace, engineering and management, Reston, VA, US.
  629. DynoTech Software, Games (Windows 95 and OS/2 Warp), NSTL Tested, online catalog, Waynesville, MO, US.
  630. Dytel, Telephone voice call processing systems (e.g. Call Center Gateway), Elk Grove Village, IL, US.

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