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Computer and Communication Companies ("G" entries)

  1. G-Com International, Network installation, voice/data cabling, satellite, New Kensington, PA, US.
  2. G-site, Web site design, portal development, database, graphics, etc., Long Beach, CA, US.
  3. G. A. Parks Consulting Group, Microsoft solutions, Web site design, Web presence, POS, etc., Elmsford, NY, US.
  4. G.R. Barron, Public relations and marketing communications, St. Paul, MN, US.
  5. Gabriel Electronics, Wireless broadband antennas (microwave), etc., on-line catalog, Scarborough, ME, US.
  6. GAD Line, Telephony/Internet communications over CATV (cable), Jerusalem, IL.
  7. Gadzoox Microsystems, Gigabit connectivity solutions (e.g. Fibre Channel), Los Gatos, CA, US.
  8. Gaeanet Design, Web site design, graphics, West Chester, OH, US.
  9. Gaecom, Computer consulting, PC systems, network support, Web site design, etc. , Miami, FL, US.
  10. Gahanna Computers, Computer repair services, Blacklick, OH, US.
  11. Gailey Enterprises, Electronics retail, inc. computers, palm organizers, etc., North Bonneville, WA, US.
  12. Galaxy Computer Systems, Brandon, MB, CA.
  13. Galaxy Marketing Associates, Buy and resell surplus electronics, Tempe, AZ, US.
  14. Galaxy Web Links, Web site design, software development/programming, outsourcing, Indore, IN.
  15. GalaxySpectrum, Web site design/marketing, maintenance, New York, NY, US.
  16. Galazar Networks, Chip vendor for Ethernet, DS1/E1, DS3/E3, SONET, SDH, OTN, Ottawa, ON, CA.
  17. GallaMann Consulting Services, Consulting, network integration, Web site design, programming, etc., West Chester, PA, US.
  18. Galleon Systems, Network time protocol (NTP) products, Birmingham, UK.
  19. Galt Technologies, Multimedia marketing for the financial industry, Pittsburgh, PA, US.
  20. Gamacles Software, Image protection software (Web, X-4), Urbana, IL, US.
  21. Gamapiy Infotech, Offshore/onsite software development, Web, DBMS, etc. recruiting, San Jose, CA, US.
  22. GamaSec, Website security remote vulnerability scanning, Tel-aviv,, IL.
  23. Gamatronic Electronic Industries, Telecom./uninterruptible power systems (UPS), DC to AC inverters, etc., Jerusalem, IL.
  24. Gambit Automated Design, IC place and route software and service, San Jose, CA, US.
  25. Gambit Telecom, Buy/Sell central office, transmission, IP/data, IT equipment , Bournemouth, UK.
  26. GamesStore, The, PC-CDROM computer games, online catalog, Nassau, BS.
  27. Gamma One Conversions, Iris, giclee printing, scanning, etc., New York City, NY, US.
  28. GammaGraphX (GGX), Digital printer/scanner hardware/software for high speed/volume, Lexington, MA, US.
  29. GammaLink, PC-to-fax hardware and software products, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  30. Gammel Group, The, COBOL, database, SQL, Y2K programming, consulting, Shoreview, MN, US.
  31. G&A Imaging, EPISUITE photo management software series, Hull, PQ, CA.
  32. Gandalf Systems, supplier of ISDN and wide-area access equipment, Houston, TX, US.
  33. Ganson Engineering, printer and printing solutions - any printer to any network, Woodinville, WA, US.
  34. Ganymede Software, network performance monitoring software (Chariot), Research Triangle Park, NC, US.
  35. GAO Research, Embedded telecommunications software, speech, VoIP, VoDSL, etc., Toronto, ON, CA.
  36. Garbee and Garbee, computer and communication consulting, Colorado Springs, CO, US.
  37. Garland Cables, Low voltage data communication cables for computer networking, Notting Hill, VIC, AU.
  38. Garlin Imports, Design/import computer and electronic/mechanical components, Minnetonka, MN, US.
  39. Garner Industries, tape degaussers, Lincoln, NE, US.
  40. Garrett Communications, Ethernet hubs, bridges, repeaters, tranceivers, etc., Fremont, CA, US.
  41. Garrison Technologies, Computer security consulting, auditing, penetration, firewalls, IDS, etc., Austin, TX, US.
  42. Gartman Technical Services, Programming, hardware/software/network install (Windows), Web site design, Scottsdale, AZ, US.
  43. Gartner Group, Information technology research, analysis, consulting, Stamford, CT, US.
  44. Garza Industries, Paper, office, computer & laser printer supplies & printing, Anaheim, CA, US.
  45. Gastown Webspace, inexpensive WWW storage space, Clearbrook, BC, CA.
  46. Gate West Communications, Internet service provider (ISP), Winnipeg, MB, CA.
  47. Gate, The, Online services from SF Chronicle, San Francisco, CA, US.
  48. GateMaster, Management/marketing software systems, entertainment industry (lasertag), Hercules, CA, US.
  49. GateNet Systems, Computer systems (e.g. custom), network integration, sales, support, Hallandale, FL, US.
  50. Gateway 2000, IBM compatible personal computer systems (PCs), JOBS, Sioux City, SD, US.
  51. Gateway Arts, Web site design, branding, brochures, etc., Thousand Oaks, CA, US.
  52. Gateway Communications, Internet consulting for businesses, Cary, NC, US.
  53. Gateway Fax Systems, Secure FAX systems (e.g. GFS or TSP/GTE), Chesapeake, VA, US.
  54. Gateway Systems, Sales force automation software for AS/400, East Lansing, MI, US.
  55. Gatierf Publications, Full text retreival software (dtSearch), Canadian Fed. legislation data, Arlington, VA, US.
  56. Gatornet Internet Services, Web presence provider (WPP) and Web development, Tampa, FL, US.
  57. GC Technologies, Fiber optic accessories, test, systems, assemblies, components, Morgan Hill, CA, US.
  58. GC Training, Computer training (e.g. Microsoft), classroom or on-site, Derby, UK.
  59. GCC Technologies, PostScript and PCL laser printers, Bedford, MA, US.
  60. GCI Telecom Services, ISP installation, esp. DC power, transport, superstructure, Terrell, TX, US.
  61. GDC - Internet, Computer system, accessories, Web site design, promotion, etc. , Dunstable, UK.
  62. GDSS, Web site design, Web presence, PC system sales, Carrollton, TX, US.
  63. GE Fanuc Automation, Industrial automation software/hardware (Cimplicity), Albany, NY, US.
  64. Geac Computer, Client/server computer systems (e.g. Unix) for business, Markham, ON, CA.
  65. GEAR Software, CD/DVD-R software (e.g. for recording, GEAR Pro) Windows, Unix, Jupiter, FL, US.
  66. GearSource, Firewalls, routers, switches, ATM, etc. VAR, reseller, Irving, TX, US.
  67. Gebbie Press, Publisher of the "All-In-One" media directory, New Paltz, NY, US.
  68. Gedinfo scrl, (Italian) Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Piacenza, IT.
  69. GeekGeer, Computer ("Geek") paraphernalia, New York, NY, US.
  70. Gehlken Enterprises, information source for printers and print buyers, San Francisco, CA, US.
  71., (German) Web presence provider (WPP), Stuttgart, DE.
  72. Gelber and Associates, TCP/IP LAN/WAN PC training and consulting, healthcare focus, Santa Cruz, CA, US.
  73. Gemdrop, Applicant tracking and hiring outsourcing, Atlanta, GA, US.
  74. GemiNet, Internet marketing services and Web presence provider (WPP), San Antonio, TX, US.
  75. Gemini Controls, Consulting and products for automated control, Beaverton, OR, US.
  76. General Bandwidth, Central office voice switching technology (e.g. G6™), Austin, TX, US.
  77. General Computer Products (GCP), Computer supplies, Henley, UK.
  78. General DataComm, ATM and related communication and networking products, Middlebury, CT, US.
  79. General Datatech, LAN/WAN switches/routers/hubs, etc. telecommunications equipment, Dallas, TX, US.
  80. General Disk Corporation, Disk drive test/manufacturing equipment, drive repair, San Jose, CA, US.
  81. General Electric (GE), GE Information Services, and GE R&D Center.
  82. General Magic, Integrated computer, telephony, Internet (e.g. Odyssey agent), Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  83. General Media, Advertising (including Web advertising), Jenkintown, PA, US.
  84. General Media Bit, (much Romanian) Computer systems (PCs), accessories, Cernavoda, RO.
  85. General Software Solutions, Custom software development (e.g. for telemarketing), San Clemente, CA, US.
  86. General Technique, Small business consulting, configuration, support, database, etc., Highland, CA, US.
  87. General Web and E-Commerce, Web site design, e-commerce, systems integration, etc., Stamford, CT, US.
  88. Generic Logic, Software (Glg toolkit) for real-time dynamic C/C++ and Java graphics, Brighton, MA, US.
  89. GenerX, Internet/Intranet development, database, programming, consulting, Woodland Hills, CA, US.
  90. Genesis Communication, (German) Network planning, management, and telecom. services, Bern, CH.
  91. Genesis Computer Systems, Workstations and networks, Anaheim, CA, US.
  92. Genesis International Micro, Network LAN/Internet, servers, workstations, peripherals, software, Miami, FL, US.
  93. GENESiS Online, Programming and consulting for the finance industry, Krumpendorf, AT.
  94. Genesis Systems, Call accounting, telemanagement software (e.g. ACD & 911), Langley, BC, CA.
  95. Genesys, telephony software for Microsoft Windows, Portland, OR, US.
  96. Genius 2000 Software, PC software (e.g. Anagram Genius), Cambridge, UK.
  97. Geniyisis Computer Systems, Trade and retail PC parts, systems, software, etc., Ross-on-Wye, UK.
  98. GenMarComputing, Web site design, graphics, computer systems and peripherals, Broken Arrow, OK, US.
  99. Gennes Webb Electronics, Computers, accessories, liquidator, Wixom, MI, US.
  100. Genovation, computer input devices (e.g. keyboards), Irvine, CA, US.
  101. Gentia Software, On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) data warehouse (database) software, Wakefield, MA, US.
  102. Genuine Computing Resources, Internet service provider and storefront, Woodbridge, VA, US.
  103. Genuity, Internet infrastructure support, access, presence, etc., Burlington, MA, US.
  104. Geo-Internet, Web presence provider (WPP), electronic commerce services, Modesto, CA, US.
  105. GeoCities, Web presence provider (WPP) and advertising/promotion, Beverly Hills, CA, US. What happened?
  106. GeoComm International, Geographic data, software, industry search engine, news, etc., Niceville, FL, US.
  107. Geogiga Technology, Applied geophysics software, Calgary, AB, CA.
  108. Geographic Designs, software, research and consulting for managing geographic data, Santa Barbara, CA, US.
  109. Geomatrix Productions, Video/multimedia production, inc. graphics, flash, etc., New Haven, CT, US.
  110. GeoNet, Business Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence (co-location), Redwood City, CA, US.
  111. GeoPerception, Wearable computer products - e.g. spatial oriented head mounted display/software, San Diego, CA, US.
  112. Geophysical Survey System (GSSI), Hardware/software/services for surveying with ground prenetrating radar, North Salem, NH, US.
  113. George Coates Performance Works, tech. for multimedia performances, San Francisco, CA, US.
  114. George James Business Systems, Systems integration, bar code data collection, Brackley, UK.
  115. Georgia Business On-Line, Web site development, Web presence, Macon, GA, US.
  116. Georgia SoftWorks, Internet software (e.g. Windows NT Telnet server), Dawsonville, GA, US.
  117. Geosnet, Computer sales, support/repair, networking, Web site design, etc., Miami, FL, US.
  118. Geosoft, Earth Science application software and services, Toronto, ON, CA.
  119. GeoSystems, Mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) technology, Lancaster, PA, US.
  120. Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, PC-Based ATE instrumentation, test & measurement products, Santa Ana, CA, US.
  121. GeoTrain, Computer network administration/support training, Cisco, San Rafael, CA, US.
  122. GeoWeb Services, Computer networking and geoscience consulting, Web site design, Houston, TX, US.
  123. Geoworks, Wireless ecommerce info. services (e.g., Geoflash), Alameda, CA, US.
  124. GepNet, Consulting, network integration, Windows NT, Novell, Windows, AS/400, Elizabethtown, PA, US.
  125. Gesellschaft für Anwendungssoftware (GfA), (German) Custom programming, system installation, network support, consulting, Munich-Unterföhring, DE.
  126. Gesellschaft für Prüftechnik und Werkstoffanwendung, (German) Web site design, promotion, Paderborn, DE.
  127. GET Engineering, NTDS (MIL-STD-1397C) Adaptor for VME, PC, ISA, PCI and SBUS, El Cajon, CA, US.
  128. Get Hosted Cheaper, Web presence provider (WPP), ISP (DSL), Marysville, CA, US.
  129. Get To The Point Publishing, Web site design, computers, components, repairs, Ely, MN, US.
  130. Get Wired Internet Services, Web presence provider, Sacramento, CA, US.
  131. GetSpecific Internet Marketing, Web site promotion, Web site design, consulting, Collierville, TN, US.
  132. Getty Images, Visual content (e.g. images) for advertising, design, etc., Seattle, WA, US.
  133. GEW, Computer hardware shop, online catalog sales, disk, memory, CDs, etc. , Lake Worth, FL, US.
  134. GF Website Systems, Web site design for realators, Surrey, BC, CA.
  135. GFC consult, (Italian) Web site design, Web presence, promotion, marketing, Rome, IT.
  136. GFI FAX & Voice, FAX server software for Windows NT (SMTP POP3), London, UK.
  137. GfX VisionGate, Web site design, Web presence, programming, networking, etc., Valencia, CA, US.
  138. gghome, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, Oak Flats, NSW, AU.
  139., Web site design, Web presence, Oak Flats, NSW, AU.
  140. GHG, Engineering, training, networking, and programming support, Houston, TX, US.
  141. GHG Enterprises, Personal computers, peripherals, imaging systems, and software, Frazer, PA, US.
  142. GHL Group, the, Geographic wireless domain names ( for US cities, states, Austin, TX, US.
  143., Web presence, Web site design, promotion, Columbus, IN, US.
  144. Giana Graphx, Graphics, digital illustration and photo retouching, Simsbury, CT, US.
  145. Gibson Quai & Associates, Communications and information technology consulting and engineering, West Perth, WA, AU.
  146. Gibson Research, Virus protection and other software, Laguna Hills, CA, US.
  147. Giga Information Group, Information technology advisory (consulting) services, conferences, Norwell, MA, US.
  148. GigaLabs, Gigabit Ethernet and HIPPI switches, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  149. GigaNet, Internet service provider (ISP), Web services, St. Leonards, AU.
  150. GigaNet, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) interconnect technology, Stow, MA, US.
  151. GigaTest Labs, Semiconductor and electronics engineering services, Cupertino, CA, US.
  152. Gilat Satellite Networks, Products in support of VSAT satellite communication networks, Tel Aviv, IL.
  153. Gillaspy Associates, Analyzers/testers for SAN/LAN network analysis (Protocol Tools), Camarillo, CA, US.
  154. Gillespie-Gray Enterprises, Copco educational products, Texas Instruments, Casio, Sharp, etc., North Canton, OH, US.
  155. Gilleys Electronics, Full line electronics store (incl. computer related parts), Corpus Christi, TX, US.
  156. Gillis Software & Development, electrical, computer, and software engineering services, Eugene, OR, US.
  157. Gilman Group, The, Web site design, presence, consulting, information, Rutland, VT, US.
  158. Gioffre Consulting, Web presence provider, networking and custom programming, Hammonton, NJ, US.
  159. Gipping Valley Internet Solutions, Web site design and support, multi-lingual services, Ipswich, UK.
  160. Gitano Software, Custom software development (e.g. for TopSpeed Clarion), Bakersfield, CA, US.
  161. Givati Communications, RF antennas, Electromagnetic engineering and related software, Wits, ZA.
  162. Glamorgan Telecom, Network integration, telecom. consulting, project management, etc., Cardiff, UK.
  163. GlasNet, Internet service provider (ISP), Moscow, RU.
  164. GlassHouse Technologies, Storage management, recoveryJOBS, Framingham, MA, US.
  165. GlassPalace MultiMedia, Web site design, multimedia authoring, graphics (e.g. 3D), etc., Kellokoski, FI.
  166. GLD Web Services, Web site design, Web presence/hosting, consulting, Simi Valley, CA, US.
  167. Glen Cove Computing (GCC), Web site design, Web presence, Internet information , Vallejo, CA, US.
  168. Glen Stump, Web site design and software development, Boston, MA, US.
  169. Glenayre Electronics, Developer/manufacturer of paging systems, devices, services, Charlotte, NC, US.
  170. Glenco Engineering, hardware and software copy protection solutions, Buffalo Grove, IL, US.
  171. Glennet Associates, Discount long distance telephone service, home business, Calgary, AB, CA.
  172. Glentel, Wireless communication services (pager, cellular, satellite, etc.) , Burnaby, BC, CA.
  173. GLG Consulting, Internet consulting, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  174. Glitch Computer Service, Computer repairs/upgrading, networking, etc., Vancouver, BC, CA.
  175. Global Access Communications, Internet service provider, Web storefront, consulting, Bowie, MD, US.
  176. Global Access Network, "GANet" Web presence provider (WPP), Columbus, OH, US.
  177. Global Advance, IT project engineering, programming, consulting, etc., C++, ODBC, etc., New York, NY, US.
  178. Global BC Services, Web site design, presence, software development, etc., Surrey, BC, CA.
  179. Global Business Exchange, International indexing and marketing, Corpus Christi, TX, US.
  180. Global Commerce Link, Network services and Web presence provider (WPP), Boulder, CO, US.
  181. Global Communication Systems, Cabling, network integration, consulting, Web site design, etc., Danville, CA, US.
  182. Global Communication Technologies, Telecommunication integration, digital switching , Dallas, TX, US.
  183. Global Communications Solutions (GCS), Integrated communication and network consulting, Vista, CA, US.
  184. Global Computer Pro, Used computers and components, export, import, liquidation, Branchburg, NJ, US.
  185. Global Computers, Portable computers (laptops, notebooks) and accessories, San Jose, CA, US.
  186. Global Computing, retail (catalog) and wholesale computer products, Pearl City, HI, US.
  187. Global Connections, Web presence/hosting, Web site design, promotion, Delhi, IN.
  188. Global Crossing, Telecommunication provider, fiber, WAN, etc., Beverly Hills, CA, US.
  189. Global Directory Services, World Wide Web services, Campbell, CA, US.
  190. Global Edge Software (GES), Software design/development, embedded systems, networking, etc., Bangalore, IN.
  191. Global Electronic Marketing Service (The), GEMS, Liverpool, NY, US.
  192. Global Electronic Music Marketplace, new and used music, La Jolla, CA, US.
  193. Global Entrepreneurs Network, Full service Web presence provider (WPP), Tampa, FL, US.
  194. Global Exposure Network, Internet media (e.g. Web development) publishing, Monrovia, CA, US.
  195. Global GTS Concepts, Computer systems and accessories, online catalog, Tucson, AZ, US.
  196. Global Impact, On-line computer accessories and CDROM catalog sales, Coral Springs, FL, US.
  197. Global InfoNet, Internet service provider (ISP), Oakland, CA, US.
  198. Global Information Network, Internet service provider (ISP), network integration, consulting, etc., Chittagong, BD.
  199. Global Internet Directories, Worldwide product, service, and information directories, Melbourne, AU.
  200. Global Knoweldge, IT training for Cisco, Microsoft and business skills, Hamburg, DE.
  201. Global KnowledgeBase (GKB), Internet knowledgebase services, Bala Cynwyd, PA, US.
  202. Global Link Communications, International "call-back" telephone communications, Fairfax, VA, US.
  203. Global Marketing Service, Web site design and support, Arlington, TX, US.
  204. Global Matrix Systems, Software development/programming, consulting, Web site design, etc., Houston, TX, US.
  205. Global Media Group, Web presence provider (WPP) and Internet development, West End, QLD, AU.
  206. Global Net Designs (GND), Web site design, database, online movies, consulting, Sydney, NSW, AU.
  207. Global Network Security Consultants, Internet security consulting/service (e.g. Marshal), Abington, PA, US.
  208. Global New Media, Web site design, consulting, London, UK.
  209. Global Prepress Center, desktop publishing, graphic arts, prepress, and printing, Atlanta, GA, US.
  210. Global Presence, Web site design and development, JAVA, Tucson, AZ, US.
  211. Global Sight, Language localization, Web site globalization, San Jose, CA, US.
  212. Global Systems & Strategies (GSS), Technical and management (e.g. project management) services, Vienna, VA, US.
  213. Global Technical Systems (GLOBALTECH), Client/server consulting and integration, Seattle, WA, US.
  214. Global Technical Training, Computer programming training services, Beachwood, OH, US.
  215. Global Technologies, Unix/Windows conversion (e.g. U/WIN Unix apps for Windows), Mt. Laurel, NJ, US.
  216. Global Technologies, Anti-Virus, security, compression, PC diagnostic, etc. software, Tucker, GA, US.
  217. Global Technology Research, Computer security consulting and information, Portland, OR, US.
  218. Global Telepath, Network computing, video, voice, LAN/WAN, network integration , San Jose, CA, US.
  219. Global Union Square (GUS), WWW storefront, Pasadena, CA, US.
  220. Global Village Communication, Communications software products (e.g. "GlobalTransfer"), Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  221. Global Village Consulting, Internet visibility and customized applications, Vancouver, BC, CA.
  222. Global-Eyes, Web site development and promotion, Dorena, OR, US.
  223. Global-X-Change, Internet services (connection, presence, consulting), Ottawa, ON, CA.
  224. GlobalCast Communications, Reliable multicast communication technologies and applications, Hayward, CA, US.
  225. Globalink, foreign language translation software and services, Fairfax, VA, US.
  226. Globalink Access, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Web site design, Orange, CA, US.
  227. Globalnet Communictions, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, Round Rock, TX, US.
  228. GlobalSCAPE, Shareware computer software, Windows, San Antonio, TX, US.
  229. Globalserve Communications, Internet service provider (ISP), Oakville, ON, CA.
  230. Globalstar, low-earth-orbit satellite telecommunications (e.g. telephone), San Jose, CA, US.
  231. Globaware International, Technical translations, software, web sites localization, Antibes, FR.
  232. GLOBEtrotter Software, FLEXlm license management and software asset management software, Campbell, CA, US.
  233. Globus, Network integration, cabling, telephone systems, etc., Los Angeles, CA, US.
  234. Gloscon, Consulting, esp. HP3000, AS400 and .NET, Ahmedabad, IN.
  235. GMA Communications, Voice/Fax mail, Auto Attendant, IVR/CTI and related telecom. equipment, Petach-Tikva, IL.
  236. GMI Consulting, UNIX Systems and Informix-OnLine database management, Metairie, LA, US.
  237. GMM Research, Communication products and software for OEMs and VARs, Irvine, CA, US.
  238. GMX, (German) Electronic mail (email) services, München, DE.
  239. Gnomon, Computer animation and special effects training center, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  240. GNP Computers, Telecommunications servers for the Central Office, Monrovia, CA, US.
  241. GNWC, Wire, cable and network products, Downers Grove, IL, US.
  242. Go Ahead Software, Intelligent agent software for server and Internet management, Redmond, WA, US.
  243. Go Internet, Domain name (DNS) registration, Web presence, London, UK.
  244. GO Media, E-commerce consulting, Web site design, DBMS (Oracle), etc., Lakewood, CO, US.
  245. Godfather Computer and ERCorporation, Personal computer systems, Pleasanton, CA, US.
  246., Internet service provider (ISP), T1, ADSL, ISDN, frame relay, Web presence, St. Paul, MN, US.
  247. Gold Crow Solutions, Web site design, graphics, promotion/marketing, presence, Carlsbad, CA, US.
  248. Gold Key Internet Services Group, Web site design and Internet education, Dallas, TX, US.
  249. Gold Rush Technology, IT consultanting, networking security software, Eltham, VIC, AU.
  250. Goldcoast Computer Solutions, Network integration, consulting, Web site design, programming, etc., Chicago, IL, US.
  251. Golden Access Group, Internet telephony, voice over IP, netmeeting, RealPlayer, etc., Miami, FL, US.
  252. Golden Eagle Technologies, Computer systems (PCs), parts and accessories, Santa Ana, CA, US.
  253. Golden State Online Services, Internet service provider (ISP, dial-up), Web site design, presence, Sacramento, CA, US.
  254. Golden Surplus, Wholesale liquidation of surplus closeouts/overstock computers , Anaheim, CA, US.
  255. GoldenEagle Web Design, Web site design, support, on-line information, Denver, CO, US.
  256. Goldrush World Access, Internet service provider (ISP), Angels Camp, CA, US.
  257. Goldwire Softweb, Application migration tools/services (Microsoft), Web (e.g. chat) software, Chennai, IN.
  258. GolfData On-Line, Internet advertising related to the game of golf, Arlington, VA, US.
  259. GoLive Systems, Web site design (e.g. HTML) software for the Macintosh, Menlo Park, CA, US.
  260. Goman, Windows integration, training, and development services, Rosh Hain, IL.
  261. Gomez, Ecommerce Web site reviews, index/portal, Lincoln, MA, US.
  262. GoNet Media, Software development, Web site design, database, etc., Montreal, PQ, CA.
  263. Good Guys, The, Consumer electronics retail (e.g. PCs), Brisbane, CA, US.
  264. Good Media On-Line, Web presence provider (WPP) and BBS, Toronto, ON, CA.
  265. Google, Web search, advertising, and technology, Mountain View, CA, US.
  266. Gooroos Software, Design/development of customized plugins/scripts for Alias's Maya, Nanaimo, BC, CA.
  267. GOPA, Government procurement alternatives, direct marketing info. tech.
  268. Gores Technology Group, Technology acquisition and management, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  269. Gorgeous George Graphics, Graphics (logos, print and digital art, etc.), Web site design, San Diego, CA, US.
  270. GoToMyPC, Web browser access to personal workstation/PC/computer (Windows), Santa Barbara, CA, US.
  271. Gould Professional Computer Services, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, repairs, upgrades, etc., Mount Vernon, IN, US.
  272. Gould Resources & Internet Telecommunications (GRIT), Audio Web review broadcast (RealAudio), New York, NY, US.
  273. GR8, Web site development, multimedia, print graphics, trade shows, Baltimore, MD, US.
  274. Gracenote, Music recognition, content delivery, database (CDDB, CDKey), Berkeley, CA, US.
  275. Gradient Technologies, WWW security software (e.g. WebCrusader), Kerberos, Marlborough, MA, US.
  276. Gradual Tecnologia, (Portuguese) Point of sale (POS) terminals, Sao Paulo, BR.
  277. Graduate, Software for academia, online catalog - academic prices, San Diego, CA, US.
  278. GraffitoActive8 (Gr.8), Advertising, marketing, Web site design, graphics, Baltimore, MD, US.
  279. Grafi-Call Computers, (Dutch) Retail computer systems and peripherals, Leiden, NL.
  280. Graham Magnetics, Tape media storage manufacturer, data recovery/conversion, Graham, TX, US.
  281. Grameen CyberNet, Internet service provider (ISP), Web site design, presence, etc., Dhaka, BD.
  282. Gramercy Press, Internet publishing.
  283. Grandstream, IP telephony (VoIP), video IP , Brookline, MA, US.
  284. Grant and Associates Web Services (GAWS), Web site design, Web presence, marketing, Burbank, CA, US.
  285. GraphComp, graphics software and Grafman Productions Web site design, Los Gatos, CA, US.
  286. Graphic Source, The, Graphic development, slides, overheads, prints, posters, web, New York, NY, US.
  287. Graphics 440, Art production and design studio, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  288. Graphics Depot, Screen savers, fractal movies, textures, 3-d images, etc., Santa Cruz, CA, US.
  289. Graphics Design, Graphic design, Sherman Oaks, CA, US.
  290. Graphics To Go, Graphics, Web site design, Mission Viejo, CA, US.
  291. Graphicwise, Graphics, Web site design, logos, etc., Irvine, CA, US.
  292. Graphie 4, (French) Multimedia, Web site design, CD-ROM production, etc., Vallauris, FR.
  293. Graphisoft, Computer aided design (CAD) software for architectue (Archicad), San Francisco, CA, US.
  294. Graphite HRM, Employee survey and organizational diagnostic software (ODP), Dublin, IE.
  295. Graphnet, Unified messaging/telephony systems (e.g. Emerald, Mango), Teaneck, NJ, US.
  296. GraphOn, Connectivity software (e.g. "Go Global" Java X Windows), Campbell, CA, US.
  297. Grass Valley Group, Digital video systems, software, digital TV, etc., Nevada City, CA, US.
  298. GRAV.COM, Web site design, promotion, marketing, consulting, Pontiac, MI, US.
  299. Gravic, Data collection, replication, etc. (e.g. Remark), Malvern, PA, US.
  300. Gravitas Consulting, Web site design, graphics, user interface, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  301. Gray Whale Incorrigibles, Web site design, maintenance, graphics, Elk, WA, US.
  302. Gray Wolf, Software, consulting, marketing, outsourcing, networking, training, etc., Kuala Lumpur, MY.
  303. Gray Wolf Web Designs, Web site design, Web presence, Concord, GA, US.
  304. GraybaR, ISO 9000 compliant electrical and data communication products, Clayton, MO, US.
  305. Graymatter Direct, Telemarketing software, hardware, networking, B2B, etc., Toronto, ON, CA.
  306. Grayson Taylor Consulting, Web site design, Web presence, Ballwin, MO, US.
  307. GRC International, professional and technical services, Santa Barbara, CA, US.
  308. GRE America, Spread spectrum radio modems (Gina), Belmont, CA, US.
  309. Gre Investment, Web site design, Web presence, software, Plymouth, CA, US.
  310. Great Basin Internet Services, WWW, Gopher, ftp, etc., Reno, NV, US.
  311. Great Big Throbbing Brains, Web site design, hardware/software consulting/integration, etc., New Haven, CT, US.
  312. Great Circle Associates, Internet security firewall systems, consulting, Majordomo, Mountain View, CA, US.
  313. Great Cities, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Santa Ana, CA, US.
  314. Great Fax Cover Sheet, Hollywood, CA, US.
  315. Great Plains Software, Client/server financial management software (Dynamics C/S+), Fargo, ND, US.
  316. Great Scott Enterprises, Computer forensics, consulting (accounting, medical, etc.), Tucson, AZ, US.
  317. Greater Technology Group, Web site design, Web presence/hosting, Concord, NC, US.
  318. GREE Magneto-Electric, Floppy disk manufacturer, Zhuhai, CN.
  319. Green Computer Concepts, Computer consulting and training, MT Airy, MD, US.
  320. Green Glenn Educational Enterprises, Multimedia & Hypermedia development, Kokomo, IN, US.
  321. Green Mountain Software, Apple Newton application development, Colchester, VT, US.
  322. Green PCs, Battery backed up and solar powered "green" PCs, Gainesville, FL, US.
  323. Greenberg Seronick and Partners, advertising, marketing, and public relations, Boston, MA, US.
  324. Greenleaf Software, Serial communication software tools, ActiveX, C, C++, VB, VC++, Delphi, Dallas, TX, US.
  325. GreenSoft, environmentally-friendly (paperless) software (Windows, Internet), Camarillo, CA, US.
  326. Greenway Web, Web site design, marketing and promotion, Fort Bragg, CA, US.
  327. Gregory Richard Media Group, Graphics design, advertising, multimedia, printing, Pelham, NY, US.
  328. Gregory's Books, Books on computers, software and peripherals, online catalog, Dalkeith, UK.
  329. Gremlin Services, Graphics, animation, solid modeling, drafting, etc., Katy, TX, US.
  330. Grey Matter India Technologies (GMI), IT engineering, consulting, services, Mumbai, IN.
  331. GridLink Internet Services, Web site design, Web presence, Internet service, Calgary, AB, CA.
  332. Griffin Consolidated Services, Electronics, multimedia, Internet service provider, etc., Los Angeles, CA, US.
  333. Griffin Consulting, Secure ASN.1 design, development, consulting, Raleigh, NC, US.
  334. Grig Bilham, Web and multimedia (e.g. graphics, audio) authoring, Boulder, CO, US.
  335. Grizzly Designs, Web site design, Web presence (e.g. real estate), Livermore, CA, US.
  336. GRMS, Busines software for manufacturing (GRMS), general ledger, accounts, etc., Hauppauge, NY, US.
  337. Grote Publishing, custom publishing and direct marketing services, Madison, WI, US.
  338. Ground Support Equipment, Computer furniture (Biomorph), New York, NY, US.
  339. Ground Zero Solutions, Web site design, graphics, Web presence, Forth Worth, TX, US.
  340. Group Cerveau, Computer/telephony integration sofware, Montreal, PQ, CA.
  341. Group Open, (French) Internet service provider (ISP), Internet/Intranet consulting, Casablanca, MA.
  342. Group Performance Systems, Interactive multimedia systems to enable human communication, Atlanta, GA, US.
  343. Groupe Delphi, Internet marketing, advertising, and communications, Montreal, CA.
  344. Groupe Pathfinder, Wireless voice and data communications, telecommunications, Liverpool, UK.
  345. Grouper Technologies, Web/Internet design and marketing, Web bumper stickers, Gilbert, AZ, US.
  346. Grove Consultants International, meeting facilitation guidebooks, workshops and consulting, San Francisco, CA, US.
  347. Grove Solutions, Consulting, network integration (LAN, WAN, VPN), support, etc., Miami, FL, US.
  348. Grover Industries, Voice recognition software - esp. for computer control, Brooklyn Park, MN, US.
  349. Gruber Industries, Voice/data communications, premise wiring, memory, UPSs, etc., Phoenix, AZ, US.
  350. Grupo Seidor, (Spanish) Consulting, software development, SAP, ERP, etc., Barcelona, ES.
  351. Grupo Simplex, Network integration, training, etc. (e.g. Cisco, Alcatel, etc.), Panama, PA.
  352. GrupoDoxa, (Spanish) IT consulting, training, training support, Madrid, ES.
  353. Gruppo PRO, (Italian) Consulting for the AS/400 environments, Crespellano, IT.
  354. GSD Software Development, Web site design, Web presence, San Mateo, CA, US.
  355. GSI, (German) Software development and info. ystem project management, Berlin, DE.
  356. GSI Consulting, Information technology, programme and project management consulting, Andover, UK.
  357. GSInformatique, (French) Editor of AZUR and Distributor of WinDev, Petit-Lancy, CH.
  358. GsmAtlantica, LCD displays, audio, GSM cellular electronic products, etc., Cape Town, ZA.
  359. GST Telecommunications, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Vancouver, WA, US.
  360. GTI, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence provider (WPP), Morristown, NJ, US.
  361. GTI Software, Windows utility software (bespoke, screen saver, ...), consulting, Glasgow, UK.
  362. gtslearning, Computer and business training documents, training, exam prep., London, GB.
  363. GuideComm Systems, System strategists for telecommunication providers, Herndon, VA, US.
  364. Guidestar Training, Macromedia Authorware and Director training, multimedia, Manhattan Beach, CA, US.
  365. Gulf Business Forms, Custom printed products (e.g. computer forms) for distributors, San Marcos, TX, US.
  366. Gulf Coast Home Page Design, Web site design (e.g. FrontPage, ActiveX, Flash, CGI, Perl, etc.), Daphne, AL, US.
  367. Gulf Host Pensacola, Web presence/hosting, domain registration, merchant accounts, etc., Pensacola, FL, US.
  368. Gulf Ideas, Web site design, Web presence/hosting, multimedia, Dubai, AE.
  369. Gumboot Productions, Multimedia, film and video production, Victoria, BC, CA.
  370. Gunny Ragg, Internet (e.g. Web) presence provider, Bakersfield, CA, US.
  371. Gus Software Security, Software protection software (Gus! Software Protection) for Windows, Bellingham, WA, US.
  372. Gustnado Group, Ecommerce software, consulting (catalog, auctions, etc.), Highland Park, IL, US.
  373. Guy's Computers, Computer systems (PCs) and accessories, support, Coquille, OR, US.
  374. GVC, and GVC Canada Modems, Ethernet, notebook computers, and monitors, TW.
  375. GW Hannaway & Associates, computer graphics R&D, Boulder, CO, US.
  376. GW WebDesign, Web site design, graphics, Clarksville, TN, US.
  377. GWI Software/Groupware, Help desk and customer service software for Lotus Notes/Web, Vancouver, WA, US.
  378. GXC Wireless, Wireless network integration consulting, data, voice (VOIP), etc., Stafford, TX, US.
  379. Gypsy Star, Web presence provider (hosting), game hosting, Web site design, Boise, ID, US.
  380. Gyration, Gyroscopes for personal computer, multimedia and interactive television, Saratoga, CA, US.

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