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Computer and Communication Companies ("H" entries)

  1. H.A. Technical Solutions, System monitoring software for high availability, Unix, NT, ST. Paul, MN, US.
  2. H.A.S. Technologies, CADD specialists; computer sales, integration; software, Fayetteville, NC, US.
  3. H.Andrade, (Portuguese) Internet service provider (ISP), Web site design, Corroios, PT.
  4. H.L.Dalis, broadcast (TV, radio, audio, video) electronic components, New York, NY, US.
  5. Habanero Computing Solutions, Web site design and development, St. Louis, MO, US.
  6. Haberdashery, Graphics, buttons, backgrounds, etc. for Web content, etc., Chicago, IL, US.
  7. HACKER-Datentechnik, Test/measurement, PCCARD, DAQ, COMM, industrial computers, etc., Bad Breisig, DE.
  8. Hackers Home Page, The, Hacker, lock pick, spy, etc., online catalog, Wilmington, NC, US.
  9. Hadron Data Graphics, consulting and dev. services for interactive publishing, Waunakee, WI, US.
  10. Haejung, Component (e.g. audio, video, computer) racks, Seoul, KR.
  11. HAI-TEK Solutions, Developers of Shop-IV, ERP software for discrete manufacturers, Concord, OH, US.
  12. HairLine Graphics, Communications, graphic design, Web pages, advertising, Grand Rapids, MI, US.
  13. Hairynet, Computer systems (e.g. pentium MMX), indeo video capture boards, etc., Bishop, CA, US.
  14. Haisar Computers, Computer systems accessories and service, Rapid City, SD, US.
  15. HaL Computer Systems, Hardware and software, Campbell, CA, US.
  16. Hal Pawluk, Advertising and public relations agency, Web site design, marketing, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  17. HAL Smalltalker, Web presence provider, San Francisco, CA, US.
  18. Halcyon, Enterprise management/monitoring software (e.g. Sun Enterprise SyMON), Toronto, ON, CA.
  19. Halcyon Software, AS/400 automated operations software and environmental monitoring, Peterborough, UK.
  20. Hall Digital Services, 3D Images, scanning and digital photography, El Cajon, CA, US.
  21. Hall-Mark Computer Products, Open systems, connectivity, mass storage and peripheral products, Tempe, AZ, US.
  22. Halladay Wireless, Cell phone accessories, online catalog, Chico, CA, US.
  23. Hallmark Computer International, Computer and accessories manufacture and retail catalog sales, Melbourne, AU.
  24. Halo Network Management, Personal computer network installation and support, Neptune, NJ, US.
  25. Halsey Street, Web site development, presence, consulting, Cranford, NJ, US.
  26. Halstead Design, media design and marketing strategy and concepts, Macintosh, Atlanta, GA, US.
  27. Ham Radio Outlet (HRO), Amateur radio equipment (HAM radio), Salem, NH, US.
  28. HamComNet Services, (Korean) Internet service provider (ISP), Seoul, KR.
  29. Hamilton and Sullivan, Online banking system and account analysis software, St. Louis, MO, US.
  30. Hamilton Electric, LAS installation (Ethernet), AS400, cabling, peripherals, Baltimore, MD, US.
  31. Hamilton Myriadgate Technology, Web site design, hardware/software support, Saskatoon, SK, CA.
  32. Hammernode Internet Services, Provider of static/dynamic DNS names, URL redirection, Greensburg, PA, US.
  33. Hampton, Internet service provider (ISP), Web development, and computer sales, Rocky Mount, VA, US.
  34. Hamrick Software, Image viewing and conversion software (PhotoVue, VuePrint), Phoenix, AZ, US.
  35. Hand Held Products, Portable data collection terminals, bar code scanners, wireless, Charlotte, NC, US.
  36. Hand Technologies, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, affiliate sales, Austin, TX, US.
  37. H&A Media Consult, Card21 - business card sized CD ROM, Munich, DE.
  38. Handmade Software, Image conversion software (Image Alchemy), Fremont, CA, US.
  39. H&P Elektrohandel, Computer systems and accessories (priced in DM), Asslar, DE.
  40. Hangman Freehosting, Multilevel marketing coop for Web presence, New York, NY, US.
  41. HansanSystems, Computer cases and power supplies, Buena Park, CA, US.
  42. Hanson Marketing Group, Marketing information for high technology consultants, Glenside, PA, US.
  43. Harbor Technology Group, Web business software, Alameda, CA, US.
  44. Harbour and Associates, Consultants in Computers, Education, Healthcare and the Internet, Richmond, VA, US.
  45. Hard Boiled Testing, Hardware and software testing, quality assurance, Oakland, CA, US.
  46. Hard Drive Cafe, Computer systems, repair, training, accessories, etc., San Angelo, TX, US.
  47. Hardware Canada Computing Integration (HCCI), SPARC-Compliant clones, Toronto, CA.
  48. Hardwarexpress, UPS battery replacement packs, UPS systems, notebook batteries, etc., Coventry, UK.
  49. Harlan West Design Studio, Web site design, graphics design (esp. whimsical), anual reports, etc., Thousand Oaks, CA, US.
  50. Harlequin Software, Stock control, job costing, business information systems, Tyne & Wear, UK.
  51. Harlow Technologies, FileMaker Pro database and web application development, Pasadena, CA, US.
  52. Harman DOD Electronics, electronics for musicians, Sandy, UT, US.
  53. Harmon Systems, Telephony and Internet software, programming tools, Vancouver, BC, CA.
  54. Harmonic, Fiber optic, digital video compression, data delivery, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  55. Harmonic Software, Interactive analysis and visualization environment (O-Matrix), Seattle, WA, US.
  56. Harmonic Technology, Cables (wires), connectors - esp. analog audio/video, Poway, CA, US.
  57. Harris, Electronic systems, communications, semiconductors, and office products, Melbourne, FL, US.
  58. Harris and Jeffries, Networking software (e.g. ATM, Frame Relay) source for OEMs, Dedham, MA, US.
  59. Harris Group, The, Print image, document management, and other software, Baltimore, MD, US.
  60. HarrisData, Business software, payroll, customer management, etc., Brookfield, WI, US.
  61. HarrisData, Enterprise finance, payroll, HR, and accounting software, Brookfield, WI, US.
  62. Hart Computers, Accounting, point of sale systems , Goldsboro, NC, US.
  63. Harte-Hanks (formerly Locator), Data processing (hardware/software) recruiting, research, Clinton Township, MI, US.
  64. Harts Unlimited, Computer software, PC/Mac/Linux, games, accessories, etc., Little Neck, NY, US.
  65. Harvey Software, Multi-carrier shipping/email autoresponder software (e.g. CPS, eDATA), Fort Myers, FL, US.
  66. HarveyOpolis, Web presence provider (WPP), virtual servers, Branford, CT, US.
  67. Hatch Media, Web site design, graphics, marketing, Manchester, UK.
  68. Hauppauge Computer Works, TV and digital video boards for PC's (Wintel), Hauppauge, NY, US.
  69. Hawaii Internet Emporium, Web storefront, Honolulu, HI, US.
  70. HawkNet, network performance management software for NetWare® and Windows®, Carlsbad, CA, US.
  71. Hayes Microcomputer Products, Modems and other communication products, Norcross, GA, US.
  72. Haz-Mat D-Zines, Web site design, Rochester, NY, US.
  73. HB Systems, Software development/programming, integration/configuration, Goldsboro, NC, US.
  74. HBF Networks, Network integration, consulting, maintenance, etc., Bangalore, IN.
  75. HBF Networks, Network integration, voice/data, CCNA,CCNP,CCIE,CVOICE,CIPT,IPCC, Bangalore, IN.
  76. HBO & Company, Hospital Information Systems, Atlanta, GA, US.
  77. HBS, Application and network consulting, San Rafael, CA, US.
  78. HCHS, Software (e.g. visualization) for scientific applications, Asslar, DE.
  79. HCL Consulting, Software consulting and systems integration, Gurgaon, IN.
  80. HCL Technologies, Software development, networking technology, etc., Hamilton, BM.
  81. HCS, (German) Computer systems, scanning services, etc., Meerbusch, DE.
  82. HEADS2YOU, IT recruiting/HR consulting, Web site design, programming, etc., Mumbai, IN.
  83. Headset Zone, Headsets for office, cellular/cordless phone, computer, etc., Bothell, WA, US.
  84. Headstart Software, Educational software, London, UK.
  85. headwaters network, Internet service provider (ISP), Orangeville, ON, CA.
  86., Web software for hospital patient information retrieval, Dallas, TX, US.
  87. Healtheon, Internet/Web technology for the health industry, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  88. HealthPro Solutions, Software for community health centers/providers, Windsor, CA, US.
  89. Hegemony, Custom software, Web site design, graphics development, database, Hometown, IL, US.
  90. Heidi Computers, European currency conversion software for Microsoft applications, Greystones, IE.
  91. HEISOFT, (German) Language translation software, information, and training software, Cologne, DE.
  92. Hekimian Laboratories, Automated test systems for telecommunications networks, Rockville, MD, US.
  93. Helfand Enterprises, Web site design, promotion, consulting, Newport Beach, CA, US.
  94. Helios Software, Networking and color management software, Macintosh, Windows, Hannover, DE.
  95. Helius, Network services and systems, esp. satellite, Orem, UT, US.
  96. Hello Direct, telephone productivity tools, San Jose, CA, US.
  97. Hello World Software, Web site design, online databases, Huntington Beach, CA, US.
  98. Help Desk Institute, customer support consulting, training, services, and reports, Colorado Springs, CO, US.
  99. Help Desx95, Web site design and computer consulting, Levittown, PA, US.
  100. HELP Software Services, Business software (e.g. HELP Canadian Payroll, Salt Spring Island, BC, CA.
  101. Helsinki Telephone, Finnish listing, Helsinki, FI.
  102. Henley Group, The, Strategic sales and marketing consulting, Portland, OR, US.
  103. Henning Industrial Software, Job estimating (Visual EstiTrack), accounting, and related software, Hudson, OH, US.
  104. Herald Information Systems, Web presence provider (WPP), New Malden, Surrey, UK.
  105. Hercules, hardware for graphics and multimedia acceleration, Fremont, CA, US.
  106. Hereford Software Solutions, Bespoke computer software/programming, web site design, Hereford, GB.
  107. Herne Data Systems, Custom software for DOS and Windows, Tiverton, ON, CA.
  108. Heroix, Automated system monitoring, NT, UNIX, OpenVMS (RoboMon), Newton, MA, US.
  109., Web site design, Web presence, Internet consulting, Raleigh, NC, US.
  110. Hetrick Computer Systems, Systems integration, network design and maintenance, warranty service, Lebanon, PA, US.
  111. Heurikon, Computers for Communication (VMEbus CPU and I/O boards and systems), Madison, WI, US.
  112. Hevanet, Internet service provider, Portland, OR, US.
  113. Hewlett Packard, Computer systems, printing, test/measurement, etc., JOBS, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  114. HF System Design, Web site design, Web presence, Baton Rouge, LA, US.
  115. HFSI, U.S. government technology integrator.
  116. HI-IQ Products, Flat monitors (e.g. LCD, TFT) and related products, Camarillo, CA, US.
  117. Hi-Link Computer, Network integration, inc. VoIP, VPN, WAN/LAN, Stamford, CT, US.
  118. Hi-Tech Business Machines, Computer systems (PCs), network integration, etc., Indianapolis, IN, US.
  119. Hi-Tech Computers, Computer systems and accessories, online catalog, San Diego, CA, US.
  120. Hi-Tech Enterprises, new and used video equipment bought and sold, Largo, FL, US.
  121. Hi-Tech Export, Software development, Web site development, CAD, etc. offshore, Ahmedabad, IN.
  122. Hi-Tech Marketing, Personal computer (PC) accessories, Ogden, UT, US.
  123. HiBRiD Online, Web presence, Web site design, computer sales, training, etc., Harrogate, UK.
  124. Hickory Networks, Ethernet switching hubs, Cupertino, CA, US.
  125. Hicks Electronic Design, Electrical engineering design/consulting, new products or prototypes, Fort Collins, CO, US.
  126. Hidden Oak, Web site design, graphic design, Web presence, Morgan Hill, CA, US.
  127. Hieran Publishing, Web presence provider, Austin, TX, US.
  128. High 5 Software, Work order & service management software, CRM & inventory, Kenmore, WA, US.
  129. High Country Access, Internet kiosk, cash/credit card internet systems for cafe/hotel, Vail, CO, US.
  130. High Density Computing, Web site design, graphics, illustration, layout, Cliffside Park, NJ, US.
  131. High Edge Technologies, Information systems and management consulting (e.g. client/server), E. Hampstead, NH, US.
  132. High Expectations, Web site design and secretarial services, San Bernardino, CA, US.
  133. High Level Design Systems, IC design automation, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  134. High Summit Developer, Web site design, Richland, WA, US.
  135. High Tech Associates, network integration services, Albuquerque, NM, US.
  136. High Technology Logistics (HTL), Technical logistics/asset management outsourcing, Y2K, etc., Newark, CA, US.
  137. High-Tech Communications Consulting (HTCC), Web site design, marketing communications, Palm Harbor, FL, US.
  138. Highband Communications, Web site design, Linux ebusiness, security, system integration, etc., Mumbai, IN.
  139. Higher Ground Diagnostics, Educational antivirus software (Immune II), disk drive services, etc., Lawrenceville, GA, US.
  140. HighJump Software, Supply chain execution systems, warehouse, yard, etc., Eden Prairie, MN, US.
  141. Highland Digital, computer product sales, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  142. Highland Systems, Communication network modeling and simulation (e.g. OPNET), Durango, CO, US.
  143. HighLighTech, Web site design, graphic design, animations, database, etc., Rome, IT.
  144., Web site development, Claremont, CA, US.
  145. HiLink Communications, Internet service provider and Web VAN, Melbourne, AU.
  146. Hillside Systems, Peter Collinson's consulting trade name, Kent, UK.
  147. Hilltopper Internet Solutions, Web site design, graphics, Rock Hill, SC, US.
  148. Hinman Associates, Internet Consulting, Penn Valley, CA, US.
  149. HIOB Technologies, Great Plains accounting and iMIS Membership software reseller, Atlanta, GA, US.
  150. Hire Education, Onsite technical training (e.g. Windows, Novell, Internet, ...), Doylestown, PA, US.
  151. Hire Information Technology (Hire IT), Computers and related equipment rental, sale of ex rental, London, UK.
  152. Hire Intelligence, Rentals for desktop PCs, printers, scanners, video conferencing, etc., Sidney, NSW, AU.
  153. Hirschmann, network and wireless communication systems, Nürtingen, DE.
  154. HiSOFT, Computer software, accessories, hardware, on-line catalog, Bedford, UK.
  155. Hit Cents, Web advertising, affiliations, Bowling Green, KY, US.
  156. Hit Return, Examination creation/delivery software (EXAMaker and EXAMiner), Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  157. Hitachi, high technology products, JP.
  158. Hitachi Data Systems, Storage area networking products (SAN), RAID disk, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  159. Hitbuilder, Web (URL) promotion and advertising, Seattle, WA, US.
  160. HiTEL, Internet service provider (ISP), Seoul, KR.
  161. Hitex, Tools for embedded microprocessor design.
  162. HitsnClicks, Internet marketing services, Web site promotion, subscription service, Llanbryde, UK.
  163. Hitsquad, Web site development, marketing, and consulting, Fortitude Valley, AU.
  164. Hive, The, Web site design and Web presence, Pasadena, CA, US.
  165. HiWAAY Information Services, Internet service provider (ISP), Huntsville, AL, US.
  166. HiZone Software, Web site design, Web presence, promotion, Lahore, PK.
  167. HKN, (German) Internet service provider, software, hardware, etc., Duisburg, DE.
  168. HLB Technology, Add-on software for CADKEY, MicroStation and AutoCAD, Roanoke, VA, US.
  169. HLK & Associates, Racks, cabinets, enclosures, etc., on-line catalog, Eastlake, OH, US.
  170. HMR, Buy and sell computer systems (PCs), accessories, San Francisco, CA, US.
  171. Ho Chien, Electronic interface components (e.g. connectors), Taipei, TW.
  172. HOAG Electronics, Industrial control and wireless radio development and consulting, Bellevue, WA, US.
  173. Hoffman Video Systems, Broadcast video and distributed video/graphic display systems, Panorama City, CA, US.
  174. Hofftek, Network integration, database, system setup, repair, etc., Derby, KS, US.
  175. HOFPO, Print out sheets for MS Office 97 fonts (Harry's Organized Font Print Out), San Clemente, CA, US.
  176. Hogan Productions, Free on-line computer/Internet books, e-books, online catalog, Irvine, CA, US.
  177. Holland Technology Group, SAP implementation support, AcceleratedSAP and CBS partner, Jackson, MS, US.
  178. HolliCom Internet Services, Internet service provider, Russiaville, IN, US.
  179. Holy Software Developers, Biblical software, Louisville, KY, US.
  180. Home & Office Computer Services, System integration (Windows, Unix), network, etc., La Puente, CA, US.
  181. Home Automation (HAI), Security/control devices for home/commercial, New Orleans, LA, US.
  182. Home Electronics, InfraRed computer (PC) adapter (IRA), Toronto, ON, CA.
  183. Home Financial Network (HFN), Home banking over Internet, Westport, CT, US.
  184. Home Land Graphics, Custom screen saver development and related shareware, Ashland, OH, US.
  185. Home Pages, Web advertising and services, Mountain View, CA, US.
  186. Home Plan Software, CAD programs for home planning, Mountain Ranch, CA, US.
  187. Home Team Computing, Network installation, consulting, Web site design, Web presence, etc., Easton, MD, US.
  188. Home Wiring Concepts, Network integration, cabling, esp. home, small office, SOHO, Waukesha, WI, US.
  189., ISP, shared residential T-1 access via wireless NIC, Olney, MD, US.
  190. HomeBoot Computer Services, In-home computer repairs, Merced, CA, US.
  191. Homebound Online, Web site design, Web presence, graphics, Scarborough, ON, CA.
  192. HomeCom Communications, Web site design, Web presence, software and services, Atlanta, GA, US.
  193. HomeGate, Global Internet access, "Internet roaming service", Torrance, CA, US.
  194. HomePage Connection, Web site design, Lancaster, CA, US.
  195. Homepagers', Web site promotion, Verdun, PQ, CA.
  196. Homestead Custom Computing, Computer systems sales, service, Web site design/presence, etc., Hay Springs, NE, US.
  197. Homestead Data Products, Network cables, modems, switches, connectors, etc., Slough, UK.
  198. Honeywell Allied Data Communications, network engineering, Norcross, GA, US.
  199. HookUp Communications, Internet Service Provider, Toronto, ON, CA.
  200. Hope Paul Productions, Mac consulting, Web site design, kids software, Long Beach, CA, US.
  201. Hopkins Associates, High technology recruiting, jobs, Acton, MA, US.
  202. Horizon Datacom Solutions, New/used networking equipment, Columbus.
  203. Horizon House Publications, technology related publications.
  204. Horizon Interactive, Information systems design and consulting, Colorado Springs, CO, US.
  205. Horizon Marketing Group, Web site design, multimedia, marketing, Tallahassee, FL, US.
  206. Horizon Web Services, Web presence, Web site design, promotion, Potomac, MD, US.
  207. Horrocks Technology, Telecom. information publishing (e.g. on European telecom. standards), Pirbright, UK.
  208. Hoskyns, Computer services, London, UK.
  209. Host Designers, Web site design, graphics, Web presence provider (WPP), etc., Tacoma, WA, US.
  210. Host Express, Web presence provider (WPP), Belle Mead, NJ, US.
  211. Host Pro, Web presence provider (WPP), Los Angeles, CA, US.
  212., Web presence, colocation, e-commerce, Jersey City, NJ, US.
  213. Hosting Bangkok, Web presence provider, hosting, Web site design, etc., Bangkok, TH.
  214., Web presence/hosting provider, Delhi, IN.
  215. HostUs Web Hosting Services, Web presence provider (WPP), Provo, UT, US.
  216. Hot Bits Cafe, Bulletin board system, chat, online games, etc., Manila, PH.
  217. Hot Links Computer Services, Web presence and network support, San Bruno, CA, US.
  218. Hot-Websites, Web site design, Web presence, promotion, Lauderdale by the Sea, FL, US.
  219. Houck & Associates, Internet training/seminars, Web marketing consulting, Alexandria, VA, US.
  220. House Networks, Home wiring, in-home networks, residential gateways, etc., Lawrenceville, GA, US.
  221. House of Computers, Computers and accessories, SANTA ANA, CA, US.
  222. Houston Associates (HAI), Network integration, engineering, telecommunications, Arlington, VA, US.
  223. Houston Best, Web presence provider (WPP), Houston, TX, US.
  224. Houston Design Studios, Web site design, support, graphics, Houston, TX, US.
  225. Houston-Stafford Electric, Data, voice, networking services, utilities/communications contracting, Stafford, TX, US.
  226. HoverMode Networks, Web site design, graphics, Web presence, Oklahoma City, OK, US.
  227. How It Works, Graphic design, multimedia, advertising, marketing, Anacortes, WA, US.
  228. Howdy, VoIP and IP telephony services, Singapore, SG.
  229. HQ Network Systems, Conference/shared office facilities, teleconferencing, San Francisco, CA, US.
  230. HS Computerberatung u. Service, (German) Web site design, consulting, CD product catalogs, Porta Westfalica, DE.
  231. HS Leader, (Italian) Web presence, shell access, colocation, etc., Prato, IT.
  232. HT Electronics, Computer systems, components, and peripherals, Fremont, CA, US.
  233. HTF Solutions, Web site design, Web presence, graphic design, Portland, OR, US.
  234. HTN Group, Network integration, programming, VPNs, wireless, ecommerce, etc., Toronto, ON, CA.
  235. Hudson Research, Web site design, programming, optoelectronic/physics focus, New Rochelle, NY, US.
  236. Hughes & Associates, Data protection, remote backups, data recovery, and system support, Phoenix, AZ, US.
  237. Hughes STX, computer related defense technology, JOBS, US.
  238. Hughes&Associates, Web presence provider (WPP), Phoenix, AZ, US.
  239. Hughey Systems Group, Buy, sell, rent, lease used IBM RS/6000, ES/9000, 9672 computers, etc. , Dallas, TX, US.
  240. Huihong Fiber, Supplier of fiber optic cable assemblies and devices, Shenzhen, CN.
  241. Hull Speed Data Products, Data communication accessories, custom circuit boards, etc., Melbourne, FL, US.
  242. Human Code, Interactive multimedia development, publishing, and marketing, Austin, TX, US.
  243. Human Element, The, interactive learning and communication, Cincinnati, OH, US.
  244. Human Factor, The, Internet VAN, Boulder Creek, CA, US.
  245. Human Factors International, Consulting, training, products for GUI, Intranet, and Web usability, Fairfield, IA, US.
  246. Human Resource MicroSystems (HRMS), Human resources software (HRIS-Pro), consulting, San Francisco, CA, US.
  247. HumanConcepts, Organization charting software (e.g. OrgPlus), Mill Valley, CA, US.
  248. Hummingbird Communications, PC-to-mainframe communications, Markham, ON, CA.
  249. Hundred Acre Consulting, Software consulting, Reno, NV, US.
  250. Hungerford, Aldrin, Nichols & Carter, CPAs, consulting, Web presence, Grand Rapids, MI, US.
  251. Hunter Technology, Printed circuit board (PCB) design, fabrication and assembly , Santa Clara, CA, US.
  252. Huntly Computer Services, New/used computer systems (PCs), repair, service, consulting, etc., Aberdeen, UK.
  253. HuronSoft, Programming/software development, web site design, network inegration, North York, ON, CA.
  254. Hurricane Computer Products, Computer cables, adapters, accessories, etc., Eustis, FL, US.
  255. Hutchins Sys-Con and Company, Credit reporting software and data conversions (e.g. media), Auburn, GA, US.
  256. HVAC Computer Systems, Building contractor software (HVAC-Calc), heat loss/gain, etc., Ottawa, ON, CA.
  257. Hy-tek Controls, Telephone line powered call controlling equipment, Milwaukie, OR, US.
  258. Hyatt Enterprises, ustom IBM compatible computers, Springfield, MO, US.
  259. Hybrid Networks, High speed data over cable, Cupertino, CA, US.
  260. HydroSupport, Software for hydrography, dredging and wreck detection (WinProfil), Buxtehude, DE.
  261. Hygenicomp, Computer & electronic hardware cleaning, franchises, Courtenay, BC, CA.
  262. Hyper/Word Services, Consulting, training and development of online documentation (e.g. Windows Help), Tewksbury, MA, US.
  263. HyperAct, Web development software, Corlaville, IA, US.
  264. Hyperception, Digital signal processing (DSP) software for PCs, Dallas, TX, US.
  265. Hypercomp, "LSF" load sharing software for Unix.
  266. Hypercube Graphix, Web site design, graphic design, multimedia, even coordination, Toronto, ON, CA.
  267. HyperDesk, distributed objects technology, Groupworks for Windows, Westborough, MA, US.
  268. Hyperion Software, Financial software, budgeting, consolidation, and analysis, Stamford, CT, US.
  269. Hyperride Technologies, Web presence/hosting, Web site design, security, networking, etc., Coral Springs, FL, US.
  270. hypertextDesign Information Architects (hDIA), Web site design, graphics, Web presence, Lynnwood, WA, US.
  271. Hyphen, software solutions for the newspaper industry, Wilmington, MA, US.
  272. Hypnovista Software, PC games, screen savers, and multimedia software, Oakland, CA, US.
  273. HyTech Professionals, Programming/software development, outsourcing (India), testing, Nashua, NY, US.
  274. Hyundai Electronics America, Computer memory, monitors, LCD displays, IC development, etc., JOBS, San Jose, CA, US.

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