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Computer and Communication Companies (Non-Alpha)

  1. !Trak-It Solutions, HR and applicant tracking software (HRIS) Mac/Windows, Citrus Heights, CA, US.
  2. (art)n, Studio of artists relating new technology to art, Chicago, IL, US.
  3. .COZA Web Design, Web site design, graphics, multimedia, web presence/hosting, Midrand, ZA.
  4. 1 EDI Source, Electronic data interchange consulting, training, etc., Gaithersburg, MD, US.
  5. 1-Plus Services, Voice telephone service, VoIP, Las Vegas, NV, US.
  6. 10 Sharp Design, Web site design, multimedia, promotion/marketing, Austin, TX, US.
  7. 101 MultiMedia, Multimedia (audio/video), graphics (e.g. photo restore), music, etc., Olympia, WA, US.
  8. 1099 Convey Software, Tax (e.g. 1099) software and services, Plymouth, MN, US.
  9. 123Compute, Computer systems (PCs, Macs), used/reconditioned, Montreal, PQ, CA.
  10. 12:34 MicroTechnologies, Consulting, network integration, Web site design, programming, etc., Lancaster, PA, US.
  11. 1E Consulting, Consulting, design, implementation, esp. Microsoft, e.g. Back Office, Ealing, UK.
  12. 1st Custom Software Development, Custom software development/programming, consulting, Norcross, GA, US.
  13. 1st Place Search Engine Ranking, Web site promotion, search engine placement, Miami, FL, US.
  14. 1st Stop Computers, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, on-line catalog, Shaftesbury, UK.
  15. 1st Universe Internet, Wired/wireless Internet service provider (ISP, e.g. T-1), Huntington Beach, CA, US.
  16. 1st Used Network Hardware, Buy/sell new/used network hardware, equipment, New York City, NY, US.
  17. 1st4 Computers, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, Manchester, UK.
  18. 1stKIOSK, Interactive kiosks, network integration, etc., Valencia, CA, US.
  19. 20/20 Labs, Software, hardware, game and website testing, Culver City, CA, US.
  20., Web site design, Web presence, promotion, Dallas, TX, US.
  21. 21st Century Communications, Network integration, telephone systems, CTI, etc., Burnsville, MN, US.
  22. 21st Century Electronics and Repair, Computer sales and repair, Doraville, GA, US.
  23. 21st Century Eloquence, Voice recognition software, Palm Beach, FL, US.
  24. 21st Century Strategic Solutions, Project management scheduling & password decryption, Tarzana, CA, US.
  25., Web site design, Internet marketing, Web presence/hosting, Skudai, MY.
  26. 24x7bpo, Business process outsourcing (BPO) services, Ahmedabad, IN.
  27. 2Gen.Inc, Web site design, Web presence, ecommerce, database, etc., Hamilton, ON, CA.
  28. 2KO International, It certification, training - Microsoft, Cisco, Linux, etc., Hout Bay, ZA.
  29. 2M General Electronics, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, etc., Chania, GR.
  30. 2Wire, Accessories and information for home networking (e.g. DSL/cable), Milpitas, CA, US.
  31. 2Xtreme Media, Web site design, Web presence/hosting, Simi Valley, CA, US.
  32. 3 Day Design .Com, Web site design, Web presence, promotion, Sherman Oaks, CA, US.
  33. 3 Geeks and a Mouse, Computer/network repair, virus/spyware removal, commercial/home, Dallas, TX, US.
  34. 3 Wire Media, Animation, compositing, CD-Rom/multimedia production, Web site design, Brea, CA, US.
  35. 3-D ImageTek, Stereo video encode/decode, 3D video, etc., Lake Forest, CA, US.
  36. 3Catz Computers, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, repair, etc., Flint, MI, US.
  37. 3Com, communication and networking products, JOBS, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  38. 3D Central, Graphic design studio, 3D animation, multimedia and video, San Francisco, CA, US.
  39. 3D Inspection System, Home inspection software, Fort Myers, FL, US.
  40. 3D Planet, Animated desktop assistant character and software (3D Assistant), Calabasas, CA, US.
  41. 3D Web, 3D Computer Graphics and employment opportunities, Covina, CA, US.
  42. 3D Web Design, Online store/shopping cart software, info., Sunderland, UK.
  43. 3D-Technologies, Computer systems (PCs), disk drives, tapes, DATs, etc. , Mesa, AZ, US.
  44. 3DE Communications, Web site design, graphics, consulting, Spokane, WA, US.
  45. 3DO, Video game/entertainment and video games, Redwood City, CA, US.
  46. 3k Associates, electronic communication packages for HP3000, VA, US.
  47. 3M, Displays, electronics/telecom., etc.JOBS, St. Paul, MN, US.
  48. 3rd Wave Innovation, Power protection hardware (e.g. UPSi TruePower), Almere, NL.
  49. 3rdEye New Media, Web site design, multimedia, consulting, Downsview, ON, CA.
  50. 3RDimension Graphics, graphics (e.g. raytracing) and Web design.
  51., Used computers and rebuilt electronic equipment, Memphis, TN, US.
  52. 3SI Global Innovations, Web presence provider, Internet marketing, Staufenberg, DE.
  53. 3TSoftware, Consulting, training, tools (e.g. VB Mentor for MS ADO database), Reston, VA, US.
  54. 3W Business Services, Web site design, Web presence, Westland, MI, US.
  55. 3WB, Internet audio programming, 'radio' stations, Ottawa, ON, CA.
  56. 4 Escape, Consulting, training, Internet marketing, small business, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  57. 4-Sight, ISDN and FAX communications software for Macintosh and PC, Bournemouth, UK.
  58. 4-Star Trading Company, Computer hardware, monitors, digital cameras, accessories, Layton, UT, US.
  59. 400 Group, The, AS/400 information and services, Dedham, MA, US.
  60. 42U, KVM switching, server management, datacenter monitoring, Broomfield, CO, US.
  61. 4ALLPARTS.COM, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, disks, parts, online catalog, Norcross, GA, US.
  62. 4C Solutions, Consulting, training, programming, Java, Visual Basic, UNIX, C++, SQL, etc., East Moline, IL, US.
  63. 4C Strategies, Telecommunications and networking consulting, Oakham, UK.
  64. 4CInteractive, Web site design & Internet marketing, consulting, Sherman Oaks, CA, US.
  65. 4D, Self-study training for OS, apps., etc. (MCSE, MCSD, MCPS, CNE, CNA, A+,), Kemah, TX, US.
  66. 4i2i Communications, C++ libraries for error correction and video coding, New Pitsligo, UK.
  67., Telephone systems/equipment from Nortel Networks, Clearwater, FL, US.
  68. 4Point Software, Calendar and screen saver software, Charlestown, MA, US.
  69. 4th Power Web, Web site design, presence/hosting, consulting, Royersford, PA, US.
  70. 5 Alarm Media, Web site design, Oak Park, IL, US.
  71. 5 Star Computer Systems, Accounting software, network integration, training, St Nicholas at Wade, GB.
  72. 5M Group, Internet services and marketing, Jacksonville, FL, US.
  73. 7 Cyber St., Computer systems (PCs), Web site design, Web presence, networking, Port Jervis, NY, US.
  74. 800 Adept, Call routing/analysis, marketing information services , Altamonte Springs, FL, US.
  75. 908 Telefonia, (Spanish) Telephone service, Huelva, ES.
  76. 9NetAvenue, Web presence provider (WPP), East Rutherford, NJ, US.
  77., Network file system backup service, San Diego, CA, US.
  78., Internet service provider, Web presence provider, San Jose, CA, US.
  79. @Home - Digital Design, Web site design, Biloxi, MS, US.
  80. @Home Network, Cable based high bandwidth interconnect to homes, Mountain View, CA, US.
  81. @Net-Works, Web site design, network design (e.g. Novell, Microsoft, etc.), London, UK.
  82. [netAktive], Business card CD (32MB), Los Angeles, CA, US.
  83. Échange CAC Exchange, Infonet, MediSolutions software and HP, DEC, IBM, DG and Daiwa hardware, Ste-Agathe, MB, CA.

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