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Computer and Communication Companies ("O" entries)

  1. O'Daniel Design's, Web site design, presence, hosting and promotion, Kent, WA, US.
  2. O'Grady Meyers, Web presence provider (WPP), Palos Verdes, CA, US.
  3. O'Reilly's Global Network Navigator, and O'Reilly itself, Sebastopol, CA, US.
  4. O.R. Technology, Data storage products (e.g. disks) using laser servo technology, Campbell, CA, US.
  5. Oak Ridge Public Relations, specializing in technology and business-to-business promotion, Cupertino, CA, US.
  6. Oak Ridge Research, Internet consulting and WWW page support, Austin, TX, US.
  7. Oak Technology, Semiconductor design (integrated circuits) and related software, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  8. Oakland Group, CGI shopping cart, Web site development and promotion, Pasadena, CA, US.
  9. OARnet, Internet service provider, Columbus, OH, US.
  10. Oasis Computers, Computer repair/upgrade and packaged computer systems, Palmdale, CA, US.
  11. Oasis Technology, Application software, network services, management consulting, Camarillo, CA, US.
  12. OAZ Communications, Network Fax delivery over Internet (Enhanced Media System), Fremont, CA, US.
  13. Oberland Computer, (German) Aimga, PC, hardware, software, Kronberg, DE.
  14. Object Application Systems, Requirement planning software (ERP, OA/System), New York, NY, US.
  15. Object Design (ODI), ObjectStore OODB for dynamic Web content, Java, C++, ActiveX, Burlington, MA, US.
  16. Object Dynanics, Programming (real-time, embedded and networked systems, NT, 80x86), Costa Mesa, CA, US.
  17. Object Technology Licensing, Object-oriented software technology, Cupertino, CA, US.
  18. ObjectIntelligence, Consulting, programming, training (object oriented, Java, Smalltalk, C++), Raleigh, NC, US.
  19. Objective, Custom software development (e.g. year 2000 solution), Boulder, CO, US.
  20. Objective Communications, Video communications ("VidModem") over twisted pair, Chantilly, VA, US.
  21. Objective Reality Computer, 3D user interface for Linux (Synapse), Mount Horeb, WI, US.
  22. Objective SST, Object oriented software (O-O) systems/training (e.g. Rational), Nepean, ON, CA.
  23. Objectivity, Object oriented database systems (Objectivity/DB), C++, Java, SQL, Mountain View, CA, US.
  24. ObjectSpace, Object programming consulting, training and tools (Voyager, JGL, and C++), Dallas, TX, US.
  25. ObjectWave, Object-oriented technology, consulting, Java, Smalltalk, etc., Chicago, IL, US.
  26. ObjectWorks Consulting, Object oriented, network, and Web technology consulting , Potomac, MD, US.
  27. ObjectWorld, Personal call processing (CallAttendant), voice messaging, video, Kanata, ON, CA.
  28. Ocean Park Software, Database and Internet software and consulting, Santa Monica, CA, US.
  29. OCN, SCSI & fiber optic connectivity equipment, cables, etc., Rockland, MA, US.
  30. OCTAGON Communications, Web presence provider (WPP), Glendale, AZ, US.
  31. Octava, Digital video distribution equipment, e.g. HDMI, Norcross, GA, US.
  32. Octel Communications, Voice messaging systems, Milpitas, CA, US.
  33. Octera, ASIC, board, FPGA, and system design, verification, project management, San Diego, CA, US.
  34. Octopus Systems, Acorn computers, software (e.g. LA100) developers and consultants, Ipswich, UK.
  35. Octree, graphical real-time visualization and analysis, Cupertino, CA, US.
  36. OCZ Technology, Computer memory, esp. high performace, e.g. graphics, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  37. Odessa Technologies, Lease management software, LeaseWave, Philadelphia, PA, US.
  38. Odin TeleSystems, telecomm. (e.g. ISDN, ATM, Frame Relay, SS7, PCS) testing and surveillance, Dallas, TX, US.
  39. ODS Networks, LAN, network management/security, Ethernet, ATM, etc., Richardson, TX, US.
  40. Oekosoft, (German) Software development, specialists in oracle, Henggart, CH.
  41. OEM Marketing, Technical marketing, DVD authoring, digital video, tradeshow, Web site design, Auburn, NH, US.
  42. Off the Page Productions, Web site design, consulting, promotion, training, Web presence, Pittsburgh, PA, US.
  43. Office Mate International Technologies (O.M.I.T.), PCs, Web site design, consulting, Kelowna, BC, CA.
  44. Office Shopper, Office supplies (e.g. printer, fax, copies, etc.), toner, ink, etc., Geneva, CH.
  45. Office Tools Pro, Contact management, time, billing/document management software, Lancaster, CA, US.
  46. Offshore Data Entry, Data entry services, Ahmedabad, IN.
  47. Offshore Software Development Company, Software development outsourcing, offshore, Minsk, BY.
  48. Offshore Web Design, Web site design, small business emphasis, offshore, Sevastopol, UA.
  49. Offshore Web Development, Web site design, multimedia, database, etc., Tver, RU.
  50. Offshore Web Solutions, Web site design, client-server Web software development, Moscow, RU.
  51. Offsite Digital Technologies, Data backup and recovery systems, Woodbridge, NJ, US.
  52. Offtek, Computer memory for PCs, portables, servers, workstations, cameras, etc., Bournemouth, UK.
  53. Ohio Careers Resource Center, Employment/career resource center, IT/engineering focus, Cleveland, OH, US.
  54. Okara Graphics, Clip art, Web site design (African-American focus), animation (VRML), Columbus, OH, US.
  55. Oki, Oki America, Oki Electric, Okidata, Oki telecom, Oki Semiconductor.
  56. Okinawa Online Network, Internet service provider (ISP) from Kadena Air Force Base, APO, AP, US.
  57. Oklahoma Web Marketing, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, promotion, Oklahoma City, OK, US.
  58. Old Tacoma Telecommunications, Audio/visual production (multimedia), network consulting, Tacoma, WA, US.
  59. Old Towne Web Creations, Web site design (secure server, java, forms, etc.), Sioux Falls, SD, US.
  60. Olicom, LAN (e.g. Token-Ring, Ethernet, and ATM) hardware and software products, DK.
  61. Oliser International, Mfg. inkjet cartridge filling machines, clips, sponges, inks, etc., Gemonio, IT.
  62. Olivetti, Information technology company, Milano, IT.
  63. Oléane, Internet van, Vincennes, FR.
  64. Oman Computer Services, Computer systems/accessories, consulting, engineering, support, etc., Muttrah, OM.
  65. Oman Information Center, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, advertising, Muscat, OM.
  66. OMAN Systems, Construction estimating software (e.g. BidTabs), Nashville, TN, US.
  67. Omega Computer Solutions, Computer systems, training, and consulting, Newburgh, NY, US.
  68. Omega Computers, Web site design, e-commerce, programming, computer systems (PCs)etc., Nagpur, IN.
  69. Omega Interactive, Web site design, multimedia, graphics, e-commerce, Mumbai, IN.
  70. Omega Power Systems, Surge suppression protection, UPC, home automation products, Boca Raton, FL, US.
  71. Omicron, Networking products and services (e.g. F@XMATE), Pointe-Claire, PQ, CA.
  72. OMIKRON, (German) Computer systems, software, networks, IBM business partner, Näfels, CH.
  73. Omix, Internet service provider and Web storefront, Redwood City, CA, US.
  74. Omnes, WAN/LAN network design, deployment and management services, Houston, TX, US.
  75. Omni Development, NEXTSTEP and other software development, Seattle, WA, US.
  76. Omni Integrations, Web site design, hosting, graphics, Carlsbad, CA, US.
  77. Omni Tech, Computer systems (PCs), e.g. custom, support, Pewaukee, WI, US.
  78. OmniComm BBS, Multi-user bbs, Lakewood, CA, US.
  79. Omnicor, IP network performance and test tools, Foster City, CA, US.
  80. Omnidata, Ruggedized portable computers, Logan, UT, US.
  81. Omnidata Communications, Routers, modems, DSU/CSU's, LDM's, T-1, ISDN, FAX, Wireless, Laser, HDSL, etc., Wichita, KS, US.
  82. OmniLink Communications, ISDN (and analog modem) interfaces, Lansing, MI, US.
  83. OmniMark Technologies, Web/DBMS and document management software (OmniMakr V3), Ottawa, ON, CA.
  84. OmniPro Network Services, Remote network monitoring services, Sacramento, CA, US.
  85. OmniPro Systems, Computer systems integration, training, installation, consulting, etc., San Francisco, CA, US.
  86. OmniRIM Solutions (OSI), Records/information management software (OmniRIM®), Vancouver, BC, CA.
  87. OmniSoft, Visual Basic, multimedia tools, Los Altos, CA, US.
  88. Omnitech, Domain registration, email, shell accounts, etc., Inverness, UK.
  89. Omnitron Systems Technology, LAN and AS/400 hubs, converters, multiplexers, transceivers, etc., Irvine, CA, US.
  90. OMRO Solutions, (German) Web site design, Bassersdorf, CH.
  91. Omron, (mostly Japanese as of 25.11.94), JP.
  92. Omtool, fax servers, document management systems and workgroup software, Salem, NH, US.
  93. ON Technology, NetWare Optimized Workgroup Applications and LAN Utilities, Cambridge, MA, US.
  94. On View, ISDN and video conferencing hardware, services, information and systems, Tel Aviv, IL.
  95. On-Line Business Computers, Computer hardware and software training, computers and accessories, etc., Wincanton, UK.
  96. On-Line Computers, Computer systems (e.g. custom PCs), upgrades, repairs, etc., New York, NY, US.
  97. On-Line Consultant Software, Software for business processes (e.g. RFP selection), Roseville, CA, US.
  98. On-Line Consulting, system design and integration of networks, Glen Haven, CO, US.
  99. On-Line Consulting, Web site promotion, Web presence, online consulting, training, Tuscaloosa, AL, US.
  100. On-Line Power Service, Emergency power service, maintenance, battery backups, UPS, etc., Bangor, PA, US.
  101. ON-Net, Multicast video over Internet and Internet access, UK.
  102. On-Net Services, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence (WPP), Indianapolis, IN, US.
  103. On-Ramp Technologies, Internet Service Provider, Dallas, TX, US.
  104. On-Site, Nationwide computer repair and IT services, Carpentersville, IL, US.
  105. On-Site Computer Solutions, Computer repair, system administration, database, etc., Evansville, IN, US.
  106. On-site LaserMedic, Laser printer service, repair, toner, Chatsworth, CA, US.
  107. OnBase Technology, information management software for business, Irvine, CA, US.
  108. OnBoise, Internet service provider (ISP), DSL, Web site design, presence, etc., Boise, ID, US.
  109. ONCTek, Network integration/consulting (baselining, troubleshooting, design, etc.), Bridgewater, NJ, US.
  110. OnDeck Systems, Computer systems (PCs), network integration, etc., Courtenay, BC, CA.
  111. One Planet Solutions, Application development, integrated voice messaging, consulting, Turner, ACT, AU.
  112. One World Communications, Telephone callBack, direct dial, and calling cards, Phoenix, AZ, US.
  113. One World Interactive, Internet design and applications development, Spencertown, NY, US.
  114. One World Telecommunications, Internet service provider, Web site provider, electronic services, Kennewick, WA, US.
  115. One World Web, Web site development, multimedia, database, Mountain View, CA, US.
  116. Onebox, Integrated IP messaging, voicemail, email, FAX, ASP, Las Vegas, NV, US.
  117. OneIMS, Web design, search engine optimization/marketing (seo), etc., Ernakulam, IN.
  118. OneSource Communications, Toll free US national Internet service provider (ISP), Dallas, TX, US.
  119. Onestar, Staffing/recruiting for information technology, semiconductor, software, etc., Austin, TX, US.
  120. Onetouch Interactive, Web site design, world wide web seminars, Lancaster, PA, US.
  121. OneWorld Information Services, Internet VAN, Seattle, WA, US.
  122. Onexeno, Digital marketing, promotion, advertising, Hong Kong, CN.
  123. Ong Design, Web site design, graphic design, Portland, OR, US.
  124. Online, Publishing on information technology, databases, and related topics , Wilton, CT, US.
  125. Online Ad Agency, The, general advertising solutions - WWW, TV, print, etc., New York, NY, US.
  126. Online Ad-vantage, Computer systems and components, Patricia, AB, CA.
  127. Online Avenues, Web site design and marketing, promotion, Winter Park, FL, US.
  128. Online Computer Market, WWW marketing and storefront, Natick, MA, US.
  129. Online Consultants, full-service computer consulting, Washington, DC, US.
  130. Online Crazy Deals, Computer systems, PCs, new/refurbished, Muskegon, MI, US.
  131. Online Designs, Web site design, Internet consulting, Web promotion, etc., Louisville, KY, US.
  132. Online Direct Marketing, (German) Computer equipment (ETA), telephone callback, etc., Munich, DE.
  133. Online Enterprises, Software, office, and IT software/skills assessment testing, Wilsonville, OR, US.
  134. Online Information Bureau, The (OIB), Web site design, graphics, Web presence, networking, etc., Vernon, CT, US.
  135. Online Marketing and Publishing, Web presence provider (WPP) and site developer, Livermore, CA, US.
  136. Online Solutions, Web site design, promotion, language translation, West Haven, CT, US.
  137. Online Store Europe, ISP, German software translator/distributor, Mauren, LI.
  138. Onlysky Computers, Computer systems and components, Port Townsend, WA, US.
  139. ONRAMP, Internet service provider, website design, domain name hosting, Cloudcroft, NM, US.
  140. Onroad Communications, Web site design and support, Web presence, Toronto, ON, CA.
  141. OnSale, Online auction of computer, peripherals, and consumer electronics, Mountain View, CA, US.
  142. Onsite Computers, Computer service, parts, systems, at your home or office, woodbridge, VA, US.
  143. Onsite in 60, Computer consulting, small business Windows, Mac, networks, New York, NY, US.
  144. ONSPEC Automation Solutions, supervisory control and monitoring software, Rancho Cordova, CA, US.
  145. OnStream (formerly T3Plus), Integrated broadband (nxT1, T3, SONET and ATM), Santa Clara, CA, US.
  146. ONTRACK Data International, Data recovery software and services, Eden Prairie, MN, US.
  147. Onwire, Internet service provider (ISP), Redondo Beach, CA, US.
  148. OPAL Associates, (German) Barcode equipment, software, service, etc., Konstanz, DE.
  149. OPAL Associates, (German) Barcode product information, consulting, Wetzikon, CH.
  150. Opal, Open Advisors, network installation and service, Boston, MA, US.
  151. Opalis, Enterprise infrastructure software, run book automation for data centers, Mississauga, ON, CA.
  152. OPC Americas, Manufacturs original OEM copier and laser drums, Hurricane, UT, US.
  153. Opcode Systems, Software (Studio Vision), hardware (DATport) for music production, Mountain View, CA, US.
  154. Open Communication Networks, Metropolitan Internet services, ISDN InfoCentre, Atlanta, GA, US.
  155. Open Consultancy Network, The, Software development/programming, network integration, e-commerce, Bristol, UK.
  156. Open Environment, Distributed computing software (e.g. "Mambo" for Web applications), Boston, MA, US.
  157. Open Management Software (OMSI), Network and enterprise management services, Newark, CA, US.
  158. Open Port, Enterprise-wide client/server messaging (e.g. for Fax), Chicago, IL, US.
  159. Open Port Technology, Enterprise client/server messaging solutions, Chicago, IL, US.
  160. Open Software Foundation, Cambridge, MA, US.
  161. Open Source Development Network (OSDN), IT focused media network, SourceForge, Slashdot, etc., Fremont, CA, US.
  162. Open Source Solutions, consulting on the NII, Oakton, VA, US.
  163. Open Technologies, Computer hardware and software for open systems, Tempe, AZ, US.
  164. Open Text, Web based knowledge management software (e.g. Livelink), Waterloo, ON, CA.
  165., Web presence for electronic commerce, Web store, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  166. OpenAir Software, Decision support software (e.g. DataDriller), Stoughton, MA, US.
  167. OpenCitizen, Web site design, multimedia, Web information, etc., Minneapolis, MN, US.
  168. OpenConnect Systems, Interoperability solutions (e.g. LAN-to-SNA products), Dallas, TX, US.
  169. Openland, (Spanish) Year 2000 solutions (Cure 2000), Hewlett Packard, Naucalpan, MX.
  170. OpenPlus International, Busines software: order management, distribution, warehouse, financials, etc., Austin, TX, US.
  171., Internet telephone connnection service (WebCallback), Oakland, CA, US.
  172. OpenTech, Communications systems, services, products (e.g. Goldo phone), Seoul, SOUTH KOREA.
  173. OpenTelecom, Telephone services, telecommunications, Wadebridge, UK.
  174. OpenVision Technologies, AXXiON family of systems management software, Pleasanton, CA, US.
  175. Openworld Data, Document processing services, data entry, data capture, scanning, etc., New York, NY, US.
  176. Opera Software, Web browser software (Opera), Kjeller, NO.
  177. Operational Network Security Solutions, Network security, computer repair, Livermore, CA, US.
  178. Operendum Software, Electronic commerce software (e.g. V-Store, RushHour, CheckMerchant), Hamilton, OH, US.
  179. OPT, Computer/network on-site support, help-desk, repair, Fremont, CA, US.
  180. OPT IN INC, Email marketing services, direct marketing, Boca Raton, FL, US.
  181. OPTi, core logic and multimedia chipsets, Milpitas, CA, US.
  182. Opti-Source, Internet based benefits, HR, payroll services, Fremont, CA, US.
  183. Optibase, MPEG digital video technology, Dallas, TX, US.
  184. Optical Image Technology, Electronic document management software (e.g. DocFinity), State College, PA, US.
  185. Optical Media International, CD ROM technology, Los Gatos, CA, US.
  186. OPTICOM, Speech and audio quality measurement and compression (e.g. MPEG), Erlangen, DE.
  187. Optimerx, Web site design, advertising, e-commerce, North Olmsted, OH, US.
  188. OptiMisers, Telecommunications and utility cost management and consulting, San Rafael, CA, US.
  189. Optimum Data, Used Cisco, Juniper, Redback, Adtran, Kentrox, Extreme, etc. equipment, Omaha, NE, US.
  190. Optimum Marketing Associates, Computer and telephony industry consulting, marketing, NY, NY, US.
  191. Optivision, digital optical and HIPPI technology, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  192. Opto 22, Web enabled, network ready process control hardware/software, Temecula, CA, US.
  193. Opus Magnum Software, Accounting software for small to mid-sized construction companies, San Antonio, TX, US.
  194. Opus One, Telecomm and network consulting, Internet Service provider, Tucson, AZ, US.
  195. Oracle, information management software, JOBS, Redwood Shores, CA, US.
  196., Oracle DBA, support, tuning, upgrades, consulting, etc., London, UK.
  197. Oraka Technologies, Machine vision (e.g. for agricultural grading), Cambridge, NZ.
  198. Orange Enterprises, Management software, agribusiness, growers, and nurserys, Fresno, CA, US.
  199. Orange Micro, Windows compatibility hardware (OrangePC) for Macintosh, Anaheim, CA, US.
  200., Web site design, marketing/promotion, Web presence, etc., Huntington Beach, CA, US.
  201., Web site promotion, Huntington Beach, CA, US.
  202., Oracle only job database/search, resumes, etc., Crockhamwell Road, Woodley, UK.
  203. Oratel Networks, Broadband phone services, international VoIP calling, Toronto, ON, CA.
  204. Orbcomm, Wireless data communication with low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, Washington, DC, US.
  205. Orbit Commerce, Web site design, training, promotion, etc., Chicago, IL, US.
  206. Orbit Information Services, Patent, chemistry, and technology information, from IBC.
  207. Orbit Integrated, Web site design, graphics, 3-d, marketing communications, Hockessin, DE, US.
  208. Orbit Technology, Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for sheet metal mfg, Irvine, CA, US.
  209. Orbital Decisions, Internet service provider (ISP), textile systems, Cape Town, ZA.
  210. Orbital Technologies, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, consulting, J.A'Shati, OM.
  211. Orca Logic, Computer memory upgrade supplier, online catalog, Dorking, UK.
  212. OrCAD, Electronic design automation (EDA) engineering software tools/services, Portland, OR, US.
  213. Orcas Bay, Web site design, Web presence, consulting, and programming, Federal Way, WA, US.
  214. Orchard Professional Computer Services, Computer/IT training (e.g. PCs, networks, applications, graphics, etc.), Mitcheldean, UK.
  215. Orchid Technology, Digital graphics, sound, and video products, Fremont, CA, US.
  216. Orcim, Software development, esp. Microsoft, Harrow, UK.
  217. Orckit Communications, DSL modems and transmission systems (HDSL, ADSL, VDSL, etc.), Tel Aviv, IL.
  218. Ordirope, Web AS400 applications access software (MINOS WEB), Vienne, FR.
  219. Organic Online, WWW (Web) and e-mail services, San Francisco, CA, US.
  220. Origin, Computer entertainment software, Austin, TX, US.
  221. Orion Internet, Internet marketing, consulting, and graphics design, Friendswood, TX, US.
  222. Orion Solutions, Web site design, e-commerce, IT consulting (e.g. for recruiting), Timperley, UK.
  223. ORION Systems, Web site design, consulting, network integration, etc., Glendale, CA, US.
  224. Orion Systems, HL7, ASTM & EDIFACT messaging software, security, encryption, Auckland, NZ.
  225. Orkand, Information technology engineering and support services, Falls Church, VA, US.
  226. Orkim, Data entry services, scanning, document conversion, etc., Harrow, UK.
  227. Ornetix, CD-ROM and CD-ROM network sharing products, San Jose, CA, US.
  228. oronet, Internet service provider (ISP), Penn Valley, CA, US.
  229. Ortel, Optoelectronics (e.g. "linear fiberoptic"s) for fiber communication, Alhambra, CA, US.
  230. OsBTI, Computer support services, networking, sysadmin, consulting, etc., Melbourne, VIC, AU.
  231. Oscilent, Frequency control products for computers and communications, crystals, etc., Irvine, CA, US.
  232. OSI Software, Industrial data collection and analysis software, San Leandro, CA, US.
  233. Osicom Technologies, Communication products - network adapters, routers, switches, etc., Santa Monica, CA, US.
  234. Ositis Software, Connectivity and Internet access software (e.g. WinProxy) for Windows, Pleasanton, CA, US.
  235. Oslonett, public access UNIX and Internet services, Oslo, NO.
  236. OsmoticWeb, Web site design, training, consulting, Boston, MA, US.
  237. OSS, (Russian) System integrator, Moscow, RU.
  238. OSS Nokalva, ASN.1 software and support services, Somerset, NJ, US.
  239. OSS Nokalva Consulting, Standards based software solutions, e.g. ASN.1, Somerset, NJ, US.
  240. OTEX, Software for LAN networking using serial and parallel ports, Windows, Reno, NV, US.
  241. Otis Systems, Web publishing, Toronto, ON, CA.
  242. Ottawa Bureau, Web site development and presence provider, Ottawa, ON, CA.
  243. Ottercom, Manufacturers satellite mobile data terminals, microwave links, MMDS/MVDS, Tewkesbury, UK.
  244. Oulun Puhelin Oy - OPOY, Telephone company, FI.
  245. Outbreak Software, Application development/programming, MS VB, SQL server, access, etc., Raleigh, NC, US.
  246. Outlookteam, Outlook integration, intranet/groupware software, Helendale, CA, US.
  247. OutPost Network, Mail services (Internet and postal), Seattle, WA, US.
  248. Output Enablers, accelerators for Macintosh and PowerMac computers, Berkeley, CA, US.
  249. Outsource Data Processing, Transaction processing services, IT BPO, Web site design, etc., Ahmedabad, IN.
  250. Outsource Documents, Technical documentation - software manuals, on-line help and others, Stamford, CT, US.
  251. Outsourcing Management Services, Management/administration of third-party outsourcing agreements, Addison, TX, US.
  252. Outwest Network Services, Internet service provider (ISP), Glendale, CA, US.
  253. Overdreams, Technical support, network integration, Web site design, training, etc., Novato, CA, US.
  254. Overload Publications, Technical writing (e.g. manuals), illustration, etc., Northridge, CA, US.
  255. Overture Networks, Ethernet and TDM switching products, Morrisville, NC, US.
  256. Owl's Eye Productions, Web site promotion, Brewster, NY, US.
  257., WWW storefront and listing service.
  258. Oxbridge Communtications, "MediaFinder" directory of magazines, mailing lists and periodicals, New York, NY, US.
  259. Oxford Information Techgology (OiT), Internet/Web publishing, fax, and audiotext services, Oxford, UK.
  260. Oxygen Solutions, (Czech/English) Consulting, Web site design, public relations, etc., Jihlava, CZ.
  261. Ozark General Merchandise, Computer section, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, Stover, MO, US.
  262. Ozone Ranch, Web site design, graphics, Web/database, Sandpoint, ID, US.
  263. Oztek, Test and reliability interfaces for the electronic industry, Hayward, CA, US.
  264. Ozymandias Media & Publications, Media (e.g. LP, tape) restoration to digital (e.g. CDROM), Black Torrington, UK.

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