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Computer and Communication Companies ("P" entries)

  1. P & P Media, Internet video, Web site design, Web presence, multimedia, animation, High River, AB, CA.
  2. P World. Net, Software for Web site planning, design, and maintenance, Colchester, CT, US.
  3. P.C'S Technology, Computer systems, components (cases, power supplies, peripherals, etc.), New York, NY, US.
  4. P.C. Portable Manufacturer, Portable computers cases (e.g. "Lunchbox" cases), El Monte, CA, US.
  5. P.C.G. Associates, Client/Server paging software ("PageAway"), PortChester, NY, US.
  6. P2 Digital Sdn Bhd, Fingerprint biometric time attendance software developer, Kuala Lumpur, MY.
  7. Pace Communications, Selma, NC, US.
  8. Pacel, Home/business security software (e.g. ChildWatch), services , Manassas, VA, US.
  9. Pacific Avionics, test equipment for ARINC 429 & 629 data systems, Redmond, WA, US.
  10. Pacific Bell Internet Services, Internet service provider (ISP), San Francisco, CA, US.
  11. Pacific Cabling Solutions, Network integration, cabling, equipment, Delta, BC, CA.
  12. Pacific Coast Software, Interactive catalog publishing on the Web, Rancho Bernardo, CA, US.
  13. Pacific CommWare, Communications drivers and serial boards for Windows, Ashland, OR, US.
  14. Pacific Crest Systems, FCC proof of performance software for CATV (Proof-It), Montery, CA, US.
  15. Pacific Custom Cable, Computer cables, networking equipment, on-line catalog, audio cables, Auburn, WA, US.
  16. Pacific DataVision, Management information system software (ProfiTrack) for building contractors, San Diego, CA, US.
  17. Pacific Design Studios, Web site design, graphics, Web presence, programming, etc., San Diego, CA, US.
  18. Pacific Diversified Components, Surplus electronic components, Venice, CA, US.
  19. Pacific Edge Software, Project management software (e.g. "Project Office"), Kirkland, WA, US.
  20. Pacific Handheld, Hand held computers and accessories, Turlock, CA, US.
  21. Pacific HiTech, Linux OS and related software (e.g. TurboLinux), Oakland, CA, US.
  22. Pacific Image Communications, Voicemail, Fax, and data communications software ("Supervoice"), Alhambra, CA, US.
  23. Pacific Image Electronics, color and multifunction scanners, Torrance, CA, US.
  24. Pacific Information Design, Embedded systems/controllers development services, programming, Santa Barbara, CA, US.
  25. Pacific Interactive Media, online journalism (Berserkistan, "Ha!", etc.), Venice, CA, US.
  26. Pacific Interconnect, Internet service provider (ISP), Victoria, BC, CA.
  27. Pacific Internet, Internet service provider, Culver City, CA, US.
  28. Pacific Online, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, Vancouver, BC, CA.
  29. Pacific Sierra Research, Applied science/information technology for gov. agencies/business, Arlington, VA, US.
  30. Pacific SuperNet, Internet service provider, Hong Kong, CN.
  31. Pacific Tech, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, graphics, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  32. Pacific Telecom Cable, long distance cable telephony, Vancouver, WA, US.
  33. Pacific Telematics, Telecommunication administration/monitoring software (e.g. AccuTrac), San Mateo, CA, US.
  34. Pacific Telesis Group, of telecommunication companies.
  35. Pacific Voice, Voice activated medical document management (PacificVoice), Seattle, WA, US.
  36. Pacific West Enterprises, Internet (Web) marketing (e.g. HTML Wholesale Factory), Torrance, CA, US.
  37. Pacifica West Marketing, Website promotion software, Santa Barbara, CA, US.
  38. PacificEast, Address verification, data cleansing, identity management, etc, Sumas, WA, US.
  39. PacificNet, Internet service provider (ISP) and Web presence provider (WPP), Los Angeles, CA, US.
  40. Pacifico, Advertising and public relations, integrated marketing, San Jose, CA, US.
  41. PacificServ, Web presence provider, Web site design, San Diego, CA, US.
  42. PacificTec Progressive Solutions, ISO/TL 9000 consulting, technical writing, etc., Windsor, CA, US.
  43. Packard Bell, Personal computer (PC) systems, JOBS, Thousand Oaks, CA, US.
  44. Packet Design, Incubator for Internet (IP) technologies, Menlo Park, CA, US.
  45. Packet Engines, Gigabit Ethernet LAN communication hardware, Spokane, WA, US.
  46. Packeteer, Network traffic management software (e.g. QOS), Campbell, CA, US.
  47. PADL Software, LDAP software (e.g. the YPLDAPD NIS/YP gateway, gsssasl), Central Park, VIC, AU.
  48. Page Research, Electronic document technology, San Jose, CA, US.
  49. Page Technology Marketing, Printer and font technology (e.g. HP PCL4/5), San Diego, CA, US.
  50. PAGE TeleCOMPUTING, Computer systems, SOHO, home automation, contract management, etc., Delray Beach, FL, US.
  51. PageBoy, Web site design, maintenance, San Ramon, CA, US.
  52. Pagekeeper Internet Solutions, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, Corona, CA, US.
  53. PageNet, wireless messaging (pagers), Plano, TX, US.
  54. PagePoint, Web site design, academic and small business/non-profit focus, Kensington, CA, US.
  55. Pager Network, Pagers, cell phones, wireless Internet, etc., Lawrence, MA, US.
  56. PageSites, Web presence, Web site design, marketing, Dripping Springs, TX, US.
  57. PageWave, Web site design, Web presence, promotion, St. Petersburg, FL, US.
  58. PageWeavers, Web site development, Sacramento, CA, US.
  59. Pagex Web Services, Web site design and promotion, Eagle, ID, US.
  60. Paginas-Design, Web design, graphics, and Web presence provider (WPP), Santo Domingo, DO.
  61. Pahl Computers, Computer system (PCs), accessories, online catalog, Garfield Heights, OH, US.
  62. pair Networks, Web presence provider (WPP), Pittsburgh, PA, US.
  63. PairGain Technologies, Copper pair communication ("CopperOptics"), e.g. HDSL, Tustin, CA, US.
  64. Pakistan Computers, Web site design, Web presence, DNS services, Karachi, PK.
  65. Pal Computer, Computer systems, consulting, network support, repair, Arcadia, CA, US.
  66. Paladin, Network integration, consulting, Web site design, programming, etc., Blackett, NSW, AU.
  67. Pallister Management, "InfoPal Electronic Conference Center" - online electronic conferences, Calgary, AB, CA.
  68. Palm, Handheld computing, Santa Clara, CA USA, US.
  69. Palm Beach On Line, Internet mall and content provider, Palm Beach, FL, US.
  70. Palmer On-Line, Graphics design, Web site promotion, software, Palm Desert, CA, US.
  71. Palo Alto Software, Business strategy, planning and marketing, Eugene, OR, US.
  72. Palomino Computer Solutions (PCS), CIMPRO® software support services , Montvale, NJ, US.
  73. Palos Verdes on the Net, Web presence and services, Palos Verdes, CA, US.
  74. Panasonic, (Corporate USA - products, etc.) and Panasonic Technologies (research, Princeton, NJ.) of Matsushita Osaka, JP.
  75. Panda Software, Antivirus software, Bilbao, ES.
  76. Pandora Computer Service, Computer repair, support, training, etc., pickup/delivery, Villa Hills, KY, US.
  77. Panduit, Wiring (e.g. cable, twisted pair, "Raceway") and communication technology, Tinley Park, IL, US.
  78. Pangaea Systems, Inventory control/point of sale software (e.g. POSpro), Melbourne, FL, US.
  79., Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Winnipeg, MB, CA.
  80. Panix, Internet service provider and Unix, New York, NY, US.
  81. Panngea, Web presence provider, Web site development, Polanco, México D. F., MX.
  82. Pantech International, Semiconductor equipment sales and services (ISO 9002 certified), Henley, UK.
  83. Panthera Communications, Web site design, e-commerce consulting, Boulder, CO, US.
  84. Panzl, One a day computer greetings, Guilderland, NY, US.
  85. PAP (Computer Maintenance), Network integration (cabling), consulting, training, etc., Bolton, UK.
  86. Paperless Technology Group, Digital document conversion, document management, CD-ROM, Columbus, OH, US.
  87. Papyrus, Document and workflow management software, Web access (Conductor), Pittsburgh, PA, US.
  88. Papyrus Consultants, Technical writers and editors for business and marketing, Murphysboro, IL, US.
  89. Par Excellence Computers, Islamic computer software (e.g. Islamic Scholar CD-ROM), Johannesburg, ZA.
  90. Parabole Communication, (French) Communication consulting, Paris, FR.
  91. Paracel, hardware assisted text dissemination, categorization, retrieval, Pasadena, CA, US.
  92. Paraclipse, Satellite receivers (antennas), Columbus, NE, US.
  93. ParaComp, Custom software development, Java, database, C++, educational , Cambridge, MA, US.
  94. Paradigm Communications (PCNet), Internet Service Provider (ISP), CT, US.
  95. Paradigm Data Services, Data entry, scanning, data conversion, etc. offshore, Chandigarh, IN.
  96. Paradigm Systems, Job scheduling software for Unix, San Francisco, CA, US.
  97. Paradise Direct, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, Paradise, CA, US.
  98. ParadiVision, Client-server database applications, Web design & hosting, Montreal, PQ, CA.
  99. Paradon Computer Systems, liquidation, refurb, and computer component sales, Victoria, BC, CA.
  100. Paradyne, Information transmission technology (e.g. DSU/CSU, ISDN, DSL, modem...), Largo, FL, US.
  101. Paragon Communications, Buy/sell telecommunications equipment (e.g. Nortel), Ashland, MA, US.
  102. Paragon Computers, personal computers, Soquel, CA, US.
  103. Paragon Networks International, Network access (e.g. T1/E1 DSU/CSU), muxs, enclosures, wireless, etc., Southbury, CT, US.
  104. ParaGraph International, Internet virtual reality (VR) and related software, Campbell, CA, US.
  105. Paralan, SCSI I/O standard related products (extenders, ASICS, etc.), San Diego, CA, US.
  106. Parallax Microsystems, XAshop and IntraLink database and other Web applications, Cleveland, OH, US.
  107. Parallel Communications, Marketing communications, Web site development and advertising, Redmond, WA, US.
  108. Parallel Performance Group (PPGI), Unix and PC-based software (e.g. realtime) for workstations, Sedona, AZ, US.
  109. Paramount computers, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, software, training, Web presence, etc., George Town, KY.
  110. Paramount PC, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, software, McDonough, GA, US.
  111. ParaSoft, Error detection tools for UNIX, Windows and Java, Monrovia, CA, US.
  112. ParcPlace-Digitalk, object-oriented products and services for client/server applications, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  113. Parian Development Group, Consulting, Microsoft Office integration, training, Chicago, IL, US.
  114. Parity Systems, Unix system integrator and value added reseller, Los Gatos, CA, US.
  115. Park Place Presentations, Multimedia development, Newton, MA, US.
  116. Parker Web Design, Graphic design, Web site design, Schoolcraft, MI, US.
  117. ParkerNet, Internet service provider, Berkeley, CA, US.
  118. ParrComm Internet Solutions, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, Venice, FL, US.
  119. Parrot Communications, Web site design and graphic design, Leiderdorp, NL.
  120. Parsytec Computer, Material inspection, process analysis, coil decision software, Aachen, DE.
  121. PartheNet Internet Group, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, graphics, etc., Calabasas, CA, US.
  122. Partner Reklam, (Swedish) Graphic design, marketing, and printing, Hagerstein, SE.
  123. Partners Data Systems, Peripherals, networks, storage, memory, upgrades, etc., accessories, San Diego, CA, US.
  124. Parts Micro, (Spanish) Computers, multimedia, accessories, electronic components , Miami, FL, US.
  125. Partshere, Printers, parts, toners (esp. HP), on-line catalog, Ontario, CA, US.
  126. Pasada Productions, Web site development and promotion, Toronto, ON, CA.
  127. Pasadena Computer Works, Computer repair, consulting, software development, etc., Pasadena, CA, US.
  128. Password Busters, Lost password recovery services, Concord, CA, US.
  129. Pat's Computer Service, Sales, service and networking of PCs, Macclenny, FL, US.
  130. Patapsco Communications, Telecommunication products, ISDN, frame relay, etc., Liphook, UK.
  131. Pathlight, SSA technology (e.g. PCI adapter, development kits, etc.), Ithaca, NY, US.
  132. Pathlight Data Systems, Consulting, networks, multimedia, SAP tools, Web site development, Brecksville, OH, US.
  133. Pathscale, Switches for high performance computing (e.g. infiniband), Mountain View, CA, US.
  134. Patient Software, medical (patient education) software, San Francisco, CA, US.
  135. Patrick Systems, Business intelligence, data warehouse/mining consulting, Atlanta, GA, US.
  136. Patrick Townsend & Associates, IBM AS/400 and Windows NT communications products and consulting, Olympia, WA, US.
  137. Patten Engineering and Consulting, Point of Sale (POS) inventory and control software (POSIM), St. Louis, MO, US.
  138. Patton Consultants, Business planning consulting and software, Hilton Head Is., SC, US.
  139. Patton Electronics, datacommunications hardware manufacturer, Gaithersburg, MD, US.
  140. Patton Enterprises, Web site design, scanning, CD duplication, computer maintenance, Irthlingborough, UK.
  141. Paul Budde Communication, Telecommunications publications and consulting, Bucketty, NSW, AU.
  142. Paul D. Sheriff & Assoc. (PDSA), Custom software and VB/SQL training, Tustin, CA, US.
  143. Pavilion Internet, Internet service provider, Brighton, UK.
  144. Payformance, Developer/provider of payment software, check fraud, outsourcing, Jacksonville, FL, US.
  145. PayMaxx, Payroll processing, Internet payroll processing, Franklin, TN, US.
  146. Payphone Satellite Telecommunictions, Information for the payphone satellite communications market.
  147. Payphones, Information & Market Place for the Private Pay Phone Industry.
  148. Payton Group International, Planar magnetics (PM) power conversion technology, Rishon-Le Zion, IL.
  149. Payton Group, The, Transformers, Rishon Lezion, IL.
  150. PB Networks, Used Cisco routers, used Cisco switches - buy and sell, Round Rock, TX, US.
  151. PBSolutions, Digitizers/scanners from GTCO, Summagraphics and CalComp, Hacienda Heights, CA, US.
  152. PC Age, Computer hardware and software, online catalog sales, Greenville, NC, US.
  153. PC and Laptop Repair, Computer repairs (PC/laptop), maintenance, Web site design, etc., Essex, GB.
  154. PC Associates, Computer hardware, software, and Internet services, Phoenix, AZ, US.
  155. PC Cables and Parts, Computer cables and parts (esp. hard to find) - catalog, Pompano Beach, FL, US.
  156. PC Catalog, Personal computer product information.
  157. PC Certified Solutions, Computer systems (PCs), components, sales and service, El Dorado, CA, US.
  158. PC Checks & Supplies, Commputer supplies (e.g. Quicken forms) catalog, software, Birmingham, AL, US.
  159. PC Clearout, Computer systems (PCs e.g. Compaq, IBM), discounts for damaged packaging, Manchester, UK.
  160. PC Club Computers, Computer systems (PCs), parts, repair, etc., on-line catalog, Broomfield, CO, US.
  161. PC Computers Plus, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, online catalog, Donnellson, IA, US.
  162. PC Discounters, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, online catalog, Orem, UT, US.
  163. PC DOCS, document management systems for PCs.
  164. PC Etc., Web site design, Web presence, custom internet software, Eugene, OR, US.
  165. PC etc., Web presence provider (WPP), Corsicana, TX, US.
  166. PC Fishelp, software for professional fishing, Syosset, NY, US.
  167. PC Fixer, Computer/laptop repair, networks/data recovery, mobile service, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  168. PC Fixit, Computer maintenance, repairs, upgrades, networks, Leeds, UK.
  169. PC Fokas, Network consulting, Web site design, hardware/software, graphics, Jamaica, NY, US.
  170. PC Gateway, Computer hardware and software retail, Bay City, MI, US.
  171. PC Group, Computer systems, Web presence provider (WPP), etc., Karachi, PK.
  172. PC GURUs, Small business/residential computer consulting, repair, training, Chino, CA, US.
  173. PC Horizons Computer Learning Center, Computer training/education, esp. Microsoft, Totowa, NJ, US.
  174. PC In and Out, PC upgrade/repair services, on site, training, etc., Bedford, NH, US.
  175. PC Innovation, PC computer store, Raleigh and Cary, NC, US.
  176. PC Installer, Network integration, wiring, PCs, upgrades, support, etc., Lake Forest, CA, US.
  177. PC MAX, Computer software hardware support, sales, Mineral Bluff, GA, US.
  178. PC Medics, Computer systems (e.g. custom PCs), repairs, networks, training, Port Huron, MI, US.
  179. PC Parts, IBM PC and other computer parts/accessories, online catalog, Harrisburg, PA, US.
  180. PC Professional, IT services, network integration, consulting, etc., Oakland, CA, US.
  181. PC Pros Information Staffing, Information technology, graphics, administrative, etc., Los Angeles, CA, US.
  182. PC Quote, electronic, real-time securities quotations and news, Chicago, IL, US.
  183. PC Security (PCSL), security products, consulting, training for the PC environment, Marlow, UK.
  184. PC Solutions of New Orleans, Custom computer systems, service, Web site design, training, New Orleans, LA, US.
  185. PC Store, The, Computer systems (PCs) and accessories, Hewlett Packard (HP) focus, Midland, TX, US.
  186. PC Synergy, Shipping (e.g. mainifest) and POS software (PostalMate), Carlsbad, CA, US.
  187. PC Systems of Missouri, Custom computer systems (PCs), upgrades, accessories, etc., Saint Louis, MO, US.
  188. PC Technician, The, Computer systems (PCs, e.g. custom), online catalog, repair, Sheridan, WY, US.
  189. PC Today, Computer hardware, software, and peripherals catalog and buyers guide, Lincoln, NE, US.
  190. PC Tune-Up Computer Sales and Service, On-site computer service and custom systems sales, Garland, TX, US.
  191. PC University, Business computer training, classroom or customer site, San Bernardino, CA, US.
  192. PC Wise, Computer accessories (memory, disks, etc.), upgrade kits, etc., Marietta, GA, US.
  193. PC's +, PC and network repair, upgrade, and custom build, Albuquerque, NM, US.
  194. PC-Flohmarkt, (German) Computer systems (PCs) and accessories, information , Dortmund, DE.
  195. Pc-Trust, Secure e-mail software, encryption, pki, digital signatures, smart cards, etc., Marietta, GA, US.
  196. PCE Electronics, Computers (e.g. Calyx) import and support, Cape Town, ZA.
  197. PCF Print Management, Electronic forms and document management software, Chepstow, UK.
  198. pcHUB, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, software, online catalog, Bellevue, WA, US.
  199. PCinterChange, Web presence provider (WPP) and Web site development support, Knoxville, TN, US.
  200. PCLab, lab reviews of computer technology for magazines, Palos Verdes, CA, US.
  201., Buy/sell used computer/telephone equipment, on-line catalog, Amherst, NH, US.
  202. PCR Remarketing, Mini-mainframe computer system broker (e.g. HP, IBM, etc.), Saint-Laurent, PQ, CA.
  203. PCRN, Computer installation, upgrades, networks, training, Web site design, presence, Sarasota, FL, US.
  204. PCS-PhoneTree, Telephone communication products (e.g. address DB, dialers, etc.), Winston-Salem, NC, US.
  205. PCSInternet, Web site design, Web presence, software (online catalog), etc., Anaheim, CA, US.
  206. PCsmart, Computer systems (PCs), hardware, accessories, online catalog , Fanwood, NJ, US.
  207., PC technical support information, Internet backup (Global Replace), etc., Vancouver, BC, CA.
  208., Technical support for notebook computer users, Vancouver, BC, CA.
  209. PCTest, Software and hardware testing, compatibility, network, certification, Beaverton, OR, US.
  210. PCX Technologies, Network integration, security, repair, etc., Arlington, TX, US.
  211. PDA support, PDA resource for Palm, Pocket PC, Linux PDAs, etc., Aptos, CA, US.
  212. PDC (Offshore Data Conversion), Outsourcing, data-capture, medical coding, call center services, Pasig City, PH.
  213. Peabody Computers, Computer systems (PCs custom), accessories, network integration, service, Peabody, MA, US.
  214. PeachWeb, professional WWW development, Atlanta, GA, US.
  215. Peak Performance Computer Specialists, Computer systems (PCs), service, upgrades, networks, repairs, etc., Phoenix, AZ, US.
  216. Peak Property Management Software, Property management/accounting software, Berkeley, CA, US.
  217. PeakSoft Multinet, Web related software (e.g. browser accelerator, JetPeak), Bellingham, MA, US.
  218. PEARL, General online catalog including computer hardware, software, etc., Buggingen, DE.
  219. Pearl Reprographics, Document management systems, consulting, Whitefield,, UK.
  220. Pearl Software, Internet monitoring and filtering software (e.g. Cyber Snoop and Private-I) , Chester Springs, PA, US.
  221. Pebble Beach Internet Services, Web site design, Web presence, Hosington, UK.
  222. Peer Protocols, SCSI and SCSI over Fibre Channel test tools, Newport Beach, CA, US.
  223. Pegasus Networks, Internet service provider (ISP), Brisbane, QLD, AU.
  224. Pegasus Productions, Multimedia production & graphics, broadcast & post production, Jupiter, FL, US.
  225. Pelland Advertising, Web site design, Web presence, printing, photography, etc., Haydenville, MA, US.
  226. Peltman Designs, Web site design, Web presence, North Charleston, SC, US.
  227. PEM, Internet service provider, Stuttgart, DE.
  228. Pen Computer Solutions, Custom programming for PalmPilot field data collection, Rockville, MD, US.
  229. Pena Systems, Software development (programming), microcode, testing, etc. , Longmont, CO, US.
  230. Penguin Computing, Computer systems (Linux), San Francisco, CA, US.
  231. Peninsula Software of Virginia, Payroll software ("PC-Payroll"), Newport News, VA, US.
  232. Pennington Systems, Computer language translation and porting (XTRAN); Year 2000, Princeton, NJ, US.
  233. Penny Empire, Web site design, Web presence provider (WPP), El Paso, TX, US.
  234. Penny Warren Recruitment, Technical employment agency, scientific, consulting, etc., Lewes, UK.
  235. Penny Web, Web banner advertising and brokerage, Beverly Hills, CA, US.
  236. Penril Datability Networks, LAN and WAN networking products, Gaithersburg, MD, US.
  237. Pensake Web Art, Web site design, Web presence/hosting, Georgetown, KY, US.
  238. Pentx, Security, sound, voice, and data wiring for the home, Springfield, OH, US.
  239. People Net, Systems integration, network integration, consulting, etc., Menlo Park, CA, US.
  240. People Network, Network management, systems and software, Los Altos, CA, US.
  241. PeopleLink, Communication software to identify when people are online, Santa Monica, CA, US.
  242. PeopleSoft, client/server business software and services, JOBS, Pleasanton, CA, US.
  243. Pepper Computers, Computer systems (e.g. custom), accessories, online catalog, Fayetteville, NC, US.
  244. Percy Musical Engineering, An Electronic Music Technologies Company, West Lafayette, IN, US.
  245. PerDel, Software development/programming, consulting, multimedia, telephony, Elgin, IL, US.
  246. Peregrine Associates, Internet and Software Consulting Services, Redwood City, CA, US.
  247. Peregrine International, Data encryption software and system, "WebLock", Dallas, TX, US.
  248. Peregrine Semiconductor, Semiconductor components, Ultra-Thin Silicon On Insulator (UTSi SOI), San Diego, CA, US.
  249. Peregrine Systems, network management, San Diego, CA, US.
  250. Perelandra Systems, Computer software (e.g. business) and services (e.g. consulting), Palatine, IL, US.
  251. Perennial, Conformance test suites for C, C++, Java compilers, certification, etc., San Jose, CA, US.
  252. Perfect Affinity, Security newsletter, LAN/WAN consulting, Web site design, Alpharetta, GA, US.
  253. Perfect Information, Scanned company document database and service for intranets, London, UK.
  254. Performance, Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) communication technology, Rochester, NY, US.
  255. Performance Awareness, automated testing software and services, Raleigh, NC, US.
  256. Performance Computing, multimedia and audio/video codec software, Beaverton, OR, US.
  257. Performance Recruiters of Dallas, Mainframe, programming, LAN/WAN, admin, etc., Irving, TX, US.
  258. Performance System Software, software for improving performance of AXP and VAX systems, Largo, FL, US.
  259. Performance Systems International (PSI), Internet Service Provider and net services, Herndon, VA, US.
  260. Performance Technologies, WAN communications adapters/controllers, protocol software, etc.., Rochester, NY, US.
  261. Performing Graphics Company, The, Meeting facilitation by recording, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  262. Pericom Software, Connectivity software for PC and workstation environments, Hamilton Square, NJ, US.
  263. Pericom Software, Terminal emulation enterprise connectivity software (e.g. TeemTalk), Milton Keynes, UK.
  264. Peripheral Perfect, Computer systems (PCs) new/used, equipment, accessories, East Cowes, UK.
  265. Peripheral Products (PPI), computing and networking products, Plano, TX, US.
  266. Peripheral Solutions, Peripherals and storage systems integration (esp. SUN and SGI), Santa Cruz, CA, US.
  267. Peripherals Plus Technologies (PPT), Web site design tools (Design Time Controls), presence, etc., Lancaster, PA, US.
  268. Peritech Systems, Systems integration, parts, upgrades, etc. for Sun Microsystems, consulting, Derby, UK.
  269. Perot Systems, Information technology services, JOBS, Plano, TX, US.
  270. Persimmon IT, Hardware, software, WWW server sales, rental and page design, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  271. Persoft, Network and communications, Madison, WI, US.
  272. Personal Bits and P.C's, Computer hardware and software, Ferndale, ZA.
  273. Personal Computer Services (PCS), Internet consulting, Web presence, PC systems and maintenance, Geneseo, IL, US.
  274. Personal Library Software (PLS), Web oriented information retrieval products, Rockville, MD, US.
  275. Personal P.C. Consultants, Web site design, consulting, database, network, etc., Omaha, NE, US.
  276. PersonaLogic, Product choice software services ("personalogic" decision guides), San Diego, CA, US.
  277. Perspective Solutions Group, Consulting, programming, database, training, etc., Pearland, TX, US.
  278. PeterLink, Internet service provider (ISP) and consulting, St. Petersburg, RU.
  279. PeterService, Telecommunications consulting and software, St. Petersburg, RU.
  280. Petron Communications, Communication systems, microwave, UHF, and VHF, voice, data, Dawson Creek, BC, CA.
  281. Petsuch Computer Services, Computer repair, Web presence/hosting, computer information, Robbinsdale, MN, US.
  282. Pexx, Wireless network installation/services, Houston, TX, US.
  283. Pfeiffer Productions, 3D animation, motion graphics, architectural rendering, multimedia, Roanoke, VA, US.
  284. PH Communications, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  285. PH Computer, Network and PC retail, Dallas, TX, US.
  286. Pharos Infotech, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Calcutta, IN.
  287. PharoWeb, Internet services (e.g. Web presence), recruiting, etc. , Radolfzell, DE.
  288. Phase 2 Computer Services, Computer systems (PCs), network integration, etc., Stratford upon avon, UK.
  289. Phase CRS, Computer systems (PCs, Sun), consulting, software dev., network, etc., Morley, UK.
  290. Phase IV Systems, Engineering and Internet service provider (ISP Renaissance), Huntsville, AL, US.
  291. Phase Three Logic, Schematic Design Tools, Beaverton, OR, US.
  292. PHD, Service automation/help desk software (Professional Help Desk), Stamford, CT, US.
  293. Phelps Resources, Computer equipment and Christian Religious content, North Richland Hills, TX, US.
  294. Philam NetCom, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, El Sobrante, CA, US.
  295. PhilaTech, Computer/network services/support, databases, multimedia, etc., Ardmore, PA, US.
  296. Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Company (PT&T), Telephone and telecommunications services, Makati City, PH.
  297. Philips Immersive Products, Head mounted display, "Philips Scuba," for video games, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  298. Philips Semiconductors, semiconductor supplier.
  299. Phillipine Global Communications (PhilCom), Telephone, voicemail, telecommunications services, Makati City, PH.
  300. Phillips Design, graphics design.
  301. Phillips Publishing International, Including many Computer and Communication publications, Potomac, MD, US.
  302. Philos Computer Solutions, Database, data warehouse, Web site design, and other IT support, Oakland, CA, US.
  303. PhilSoft, Software, downloads & more, shareware, Midland, MI, US.
  304. Phobos, Call logging and routing systems (CTI, RoLo), hardware/software, Watford, UK.
  305. Phoenix Microsystems, Wholesale and retail Compaq spare parts, Carrollton, TX, US.
  306. Phoenix Software, Data recovery software for Windows, Y2K, etc., Clearwater, FL, US.
  307. Phoenix Technologies, system firmware and application software, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  308. Phoenix Technologies, Sun software education and training (e.g. developer camps for Java), West Long Branch, NJ, US.
  309. Phoenix Technology, Disk drive sales and service, data recovery, Santa Ana, CA, US.
  310. Phoenix Web Works, Web site design, Salem, MO, US.
  311. Phone Guy, The, Telephone service broker, consulting, Laguna Niguel, CA, US.
  312., Software for use of Internet services over wireless telephones, Redwood City, CA, US.
  313. Phone4Less, Cellular, long distance telephone, 800, calling cards, pagers, etc., Monterey Park, CA, US.
  314. PhoneAmerica, Long distance calling cards, business analysis, and marketing, Las Vegas, NV, US.
  315. Phonet Communications, Voice over IP (LAN/WAN) telephone systems, Herzlia, IL.
  316. Photo Comp Graphic Communication, Web site design, CD-ROM packaging, digital photography, etc., Brownsburg, IN, US.
  317. Photodex, Windows graphics viewing and conversion software (e.g. CompuPic), Austin, TX, US.
  318. PhotoDisc, Digital photographic images, pictures, Seattle, WA, US.
  319. PhotoSphere Images, Royalty free photographic stock images, Vancouver, BC, CA.
  320. PHP Programming India, PHP development services, outsourcing, Delhi, IN.
  321. PHPScreen, Web site design, multimedia (e.g. flash), etc., Malmö, SE.
  322. Phylon Communications, remote interactive computer game products, Fremont, CA, US.
  323. Physician's Computer Company, The, Office management software for pediatricians, Essex Junction, VT, US.
  324. Pi-Soft Computer Consulting, Network proxy software (SpoonProxy), Web site design, Web presence, etc., Minneapolis, MN, US.
  325. Picante Communications, E-mail software with multimedia (audio/video) support (Picante Mail), College Station, TX, US.
  326. Picazo Communications, Computer telephone systems (PBX), hardware, software (e.g. CTI), etc., San Jose, CA, US.
  327. Pick Professionals, Consulting/programming for Pick, Unix, MS, Novell, etc., St. Louis, MO, US.
  328. Pick Systems, D3, Advaned Pick multidimensional DBMS, Irvine, CA, US.
  329. Pickaweb, Web site design, presence, promotion, Slough, UK.
  330. PICnet, Web site development (with Netcom), Dallas, TX, US.
  331. PiCoBello, Software for Web image compression (Web Speed), etc., Cape Town, ZA.
  332. Picton Consulting, Web site development with an art and music focus, San Francisco, CA, US.
  333. Pictra, Software and services to share images (e.g. photographs) on the Internet, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  334. PicturePhone Direct, Desktop Videoconferencing catalog, Rochester, NY, US.
  335. Picturesque, Web site design, promotion/optimization, esp. photography, Center Conway, NH, US.
  336. PictureTalk, Internet conferencing software and services, Pleasanton, CA, US.
  337. PictureTel, Conference room and desktop videoconferencing systems, Danvers, MA, US.
  338. Pie Net Computer Parts, Computer parts, midi, games, ..., West Valley City, UT, US.
  339. Piedmont Computer Services, Computer systems, accessories, software, training, web site design, etc., Monroe, NC, US.
  340. Piedmont Data Systems, Network integration, consulting, support, Gastonia, NC, US.
  341. Piedmont Data Systems, Buy, sell & trade used computer, emulation, and networking equipment, Lawrenceville, GA, US.
  342. Pier 37 Consulting, Web presence provider (WPP) and Internet consulting, Potlatch, ID, US.
  343. Pierce, Riesbeck & Associates, CPAs, Great Plains Accounting software, network design, support, etc., Burr Ridge, IL, US.
  344. Piiceon, Computer memory and CPU products for PCs, Unix, workstations, etc., Fremont, CA, US.
  345. Pilgrim Software, Quality management software (e.g. ISO/QS-9000, TQM, MBNQA, etc.), Tampa, FL, US.
  346. Pilkington Micro-Electronics, CAD systems, UK.
  347. Pilot Group, Web site design, software development/programming, offshore, Yoshkar-Ola, RU.
  348. Pilot Network Services, Business Internet service provider (ISP), security emphasis, Alameda, CA, US.
  349. Pinacor, Information technology distribution, Tempe, AZ, US.
  350. Pindome, Keyless (e.g. wristwatch) entry system, cellular phones, startup, Santa Teresa, NM, US.
  351. Pine Cone Systems, Software tool for data warehouse/data mart environments, Englewood, CO, US.
  352. PING, Private Internet Nutzer Gemeinschaft, Internet service, Dortmund, DE.
  353. Ping Network Labs, Resell networking equipment, Cisco, Lucent, Nortel etc., Santa Clara, CA, US.
  354. Ping Software, software, training, and support for Windows programming, Carrollton, TX, US.
  355. Pingo Studio, Web site design, logos, Newark, DE, US.
  356. Pink Elephant, IT service management certification, staffing , consulting, Burlington, ON, CA.
  357. Pinnacle, IT consulting and software (e.g. year 2000, "PinnPoint"), North Haven, CT, US.
  358. Pinnacle Communications Group, Web site design, analysis, maintenance, e-commerce, Toronto, ON, CA.
  359. Pinnacle Management Systems, Telecommunications program and project management, Manassas, VA, US.
  360. Pinnacle Micro, Optical storage systems, Irvine, CA, US.
  361. Pinnacle Publishing Online, Computer technology newsletters (e.g. Oracle, Visual Basic, etc.), Marietta, GA, US.
  362. Pinnacle Trading, Personal telephone numbers, Essex, UK.
  363. Pinoymail, Free e-mail service, Makati, PH.
  364. PinPoint Software, ClickNet software for documenting computer networks, San Jose, CA, US.
  365. Pintograph, Web site design and presence, graphics, Madras, IN.
  366. Pioneer Consulting, Communications/telecommunications publishing and consulting, Cambridge, MA, US.
  367. Pioneer Electronic, Consumer electronics, communications, etc., Tokyo, JP.
  368. Pioneer Global Telecommunications, Internet services and products, Boston, MA, US.
  369. Pioneer Hill Software, Signal processing software using multimedia sound cards, Poulsbo, WA, US.
  370. Pioneer Valley Network, Web presence provider (WPP), network integration, consulting, etc., Springfield, MA, US.
  371. Pionex Technologies, Manufacturer of high-end IBM-compatible PCs (Wintel), Somerset, NJ, US.
  372. Pipeline USA, Internet service provider and Internet access software, New York, NY, US.
  373. Pipweb, Web presence/hosting, Web site design, consulting, Toronto, ON, CA.
  374. Pisces Staffing Services, Permanent and temporary staffing services, including IT, Bethpage, NY, US.
  375. Pitac, Web site design, Minier, IL, US.
  376. Pitchsystems, Intelligent Speech Analyser™ software for Macintosh, Tampere, FI.
  377. Pivotal Networking, Remote access routers, SNMP management software, San Jose, CA, US.
  378. PivotalFX, 3D visualization, graphics, animation, multimedia, Raleigh, NC, US.
  379., Web site design, graphics, database, Dhaka, BD.
  380. Pixar Animation Studios, Computer animation - e.g. for feature films, Richmond, CA, US.
  381. Pixel Dust, 3d animation and presentation graphics, Tucson, AZ, US.
  382. Pixel Innovations, Intelligent Terminal Emulation with full GUI & DDE, Hemel Hempstead, UK.
  383. Pixel Kitchen, computer graphics and video, Boulder, CO, US.
  384. Pixelator Web Graphics, Graphics, animation, scanning, etc., Scottsdale, AZ, US.
  385. pixelMotion, Multimedia, distributed computing, and consulting, NS, CA.
  386. PixelNet, Internet service provider, Monterrey, MX.
  387. Pixels Animation Studios, 3D modelling and animating tools for the Macintosh, San Diego, CA, US.
  388. Pixels Plus, Web site design, Web presence, graphics, etc., Cameron Park, CA, US.
  389. Pixelstorm, Web site design, Web presence, consulting and training, networking, Orlando, FL, US.
  390. PK Data, Web site design, Web presence, computer hardware and software retail, Homestead, FL, US.
  391. PK2 Infotech, Offshore outsourcing advisory, management, Birmingham, AL, US.
  392. Plains Images, Graphic and Web site design, Cheraw, CO, US.
  393. Plaintree, LAN switches combining Fast Ethernet, FDDI switching, VLANs, etc., Waltham, MA, US.
  394. Planar Systems, Manufacturer of large screen digital display systems, Beaverton, OR, US.
  395. Planet Communications, Internet service provider (ISP), Lausanne, CH.
  396. Planet Music & Communications, Pagers, Glassboro, NV, US.
  397. Planet Online, Internet service provider (ISP), Leeds, UK.
  398. PlaNet Technologies, Web site development, graphics, multimedia, North Hollywood, CA, US.
  399. PlaNET Technology, Web presence provider (WPP), business Internet access, Iowa City, IA, US.
  400. Planet-LAN, Internet cafe/gaming, East Dereham, UK.
  401. PlanetPortal Technology Solutions, Network integration, Web site design, consulting (esp. Windows), Belmont, CA, US.
  402. PlanNET, Web site design and Web presence provider (WPP), Roseville, CA, US.
  403. PlanNET & Co., Web site design Web presence, Roseville, CA, US.
  404. Plant Automation Services, Honeywell TDC3000 implementation services, compliance software, etc., Houston, TX, US.
  405. Plant-Wide Research Group, Manufacturing software research and consulting, N. Billerica, MA, US.
  406. Plantronics, Communication headsets and related telephone products, Santa Cruz, CA, US.
  407. PLANWEL, Software/IT development for developing countries, Web site design, Columbus, OH, US.
  408. Planwel, Software R&D, training, Web site design, etc., Karachi, PK.
  409. Plasmon, Automated storage devices, optical, network, libraries, etc., Melbourn, UK.
  410. Platform Computing, Load sharing and batch scheduling software for Unix and NT, Toronto, ON, CA.
  411. Platinum Consulting, IT recruiting, staffing, and project consulting (mid-high level), Chicago, IL, US.
  412. Platinum Software, Client/server accounting and customer service software, Irvine, CA, US.
  413. Platinum Technology, Enterprise management software, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, US.
  414. Platypus Computing, Rental services for computers, portables, LCD projectors, etc., Davis, CA, US.
  415. Platypus Computing, Computer rental services, e.g. notebooks, desk top PCs, Davis, CA, US.
  416. Plaudit Design, Web site design, Web presence/hosting, multimedia, St. Paul, MN, US.
  417. Playback Technologies, 24 frame video/computer playback, multimedia, film industry, Burbank, CA, US.
  418. Plaza de la Electrónica, (Spanish) Computer and electronic equipment, Naucalpan, MX.
  419. Plaza Productions B.V., (Dutch) Networking consulting, advertising, etc., Hardinxveld-Giessendam, NL.
  420. Plaza2007, Web presence provider, promotion, Truro, NS, CA.
  421. PLDT, Telephone/telecommunications services, Makati City, PH.
  422. Plessey, Electronics and telecommunications, Cape Town, ZA.
  423. Plexcom, Ethernet and Token Ring hubs, stackables, switches, bridges, etc., Simi Valley, CA, US.
  424. Plextor, CD-ROM drives and technology, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  425. Plexus Corp., Neenah, WI, US.
  426. Plexus Web Creations, Web site design, Web presence, graphics, etc., Watksinsville, GA, US.
  427. Plug and Work, Computer systems (PCs e.g. custom), accessories, Wharton, NJ, US.
  428. Plumactive, Computer equipment, software, repair, video focus, Pitt Meadows, BC, CA.
  429. Pluris, IP/optical central office core switches, routers, Cupertino, CA, US.
  430. Plus Communications, Internet service provider (ISP - "Prof-I-Net"), Vienna, AT.
  431. Plus Components, Computer systems (PCs), software, accessories, online catalog, Mildenhall, UK.
  432. plusNET, networking solutions and private telecom carrier, Bern, CH.
  433. PMC-Sierra, ATM and pleisiochronous network semiconductors, Burnaby, BC, CA.
  434. PMI Industries, Software, wholesale (e.g. Novell, PowerSoft, 3COM, Sybase & SCO), San Diego, CA, US.
  435. PMW & Associates, Healthcare information management systems, e.g. billing, Torrance, CA, US.
  436. PNG Computers, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, software, etc., Staten Island, NY 10306, US.
  437. PNI, Voice/data cabling, network management (Ortronics, Levition, Nordx CDT, etc.) , Sterling, VA, US.
  438. POET Software, E-commerce, data management software, cXML, San Mateo, CA, US.
  439. Point Communications, Internet guide - surveys, reviews, etc., Brookline, MA, US.
  440. Point of Presence, supplying WWW, FTP, etc. presence on Internet, Seattle, WA, US.
  441. Point Telecom Solutions, Supply Nortel, Lucent systems, telephones, peripherals (esp. used), Oldsmar, FL, US.
  442. Point Topic, DSL information and service profile directory, London, UK.
  443. PointCast, Internet news and information services, Cupertino, CA, US.
  444. Polar Technology, Desktop, notebook and server computers, Poynton, UK.
  445. Polaris Communications, Communication interfaces (e.g. PCI boards) and systems (e.g. gateways), Beaverton, OR, US.
  446. Polaris Memory, Memory for computers and other digital devices, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US.
  447. Polariz Communications, Web site design, graphics, ecommerce, multimedia (Flash), etc., Burlingame, CA, US.
  448. Polaroid, imaging technology, Cambridge, MA, US.
  449. PoleTec, Line test equipment for the telecommunications industry, Cedartown, GA, US.
  450. Police Professional Software Systems, Computer Operated Police Software (C.O.P.S.), Leetonia, OH, US.
  451. Polish Computer Company, (Polish) Computer systems, accessories, Warsaw, PL.
  452. Politzer & Haney, PC-based cash management software, Cambridge, MA, US.
  453. Pollux Softech, Offshore outsourcing, Web site design, application development/programming, Ahmedabad, IN.
  454. Polygon, (German) Terminals, advertising displays, Heusenstamm, DE.
  455. Polygon, Cadence Netware time synchronization NLM, St. Louis, MO, US.
  456. PolyMedia, Web site design, graphics, multimedia, Web presence, etc., Cullowhee, NC, US.
  457. PolyMorph, Object-oriented and multimedia technology, San Francisco, CA, US.
  458. Polynomial Neural Network (PNN), Offshore software development, C/C++, Java, VB, ASP, database, etc., Kiev, UA.
  459. PolyServe, High availability failsafe software for Web servers (e.g. Understudy), Berkeley, CA, US.
  460. Polystar Instruments, LAN, WAN, ISDN and ATM test equipment, RF and services , Stockholm, SE.
  461. Pommer Consulting, Wireless network integration: spread spectrum, laser, microwave, etc., West Des Moines, IA, US.
  462. PONGnet Internet Solutions, (Dutch) Web site design, graphics (e.g. 3D, animations, etc.), etc., Hoofddorp, NL.
  463. Popkin Software & Systems, "System Architect" object oriented software design and analysis tool, New York, NY, US.
  464. Portal Information Network, Internet Service Provider, Cupertino, CA, US.
  465. Portal Planet Web Design and Hosting, Web site design, Web presence/hosting, Florence, KY, US.
  466. Portcullis Computer Security, Computer security software (e.g. F-Prot Professional) and services, Pinner, UK.
  467. Portfolio Technologies, Web log analysis (ILux), document management (Office.IQ) software, Newark, CA, US.
  468. Portland Group, The, high performance scalar and parallel compilers, Wilsonville, OR, US.
  469. Portland Software, Electronic commerce software (e.g. ZipLock), Portland, OR, US.
  470. Portrait Displays, Manufacturer of rotating monitors (horizontal/vertical), LCD & CRT products, Pleasanton, CA, US.
  471. POS International, Point of sale hardware/software (e.g. bar code), training, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US.
  472. POS Solutions, Inventory automation and point of sale (PSO) products, Severna Park, MD, US.
  473., Web site promotion, Escondido, CA, US.
  474. Positive Communications, Paging products (e.g. pagers) and services, Pleasanton, CA, US.
  475. Positive Software Company, Point-of-sale business software, Richland, WA, US.
  476. Positron Fiber Systems, OC-3 and OC-12 fiber muxes, Sonet/SDH, Ethernet, DS1, DS3 and STS1, Mt. Laurel, NJ, US.
  477. Post Communications, Customer relationship management software, San Francisco, CA, US.
  478. Postini, Email security/management, spam, viruses, etc., Redwood City, CA, US.
  479. PostMaster Direct Response, E-mail marketing services, Brooklyn, NY, US.
  480. Postscript Communications Online, Copywriting, graphics, Web site design, multimedia, etc., Cambridge, UK.
  481. PostX, Electronic mail (e-mail) enhancement software, Cupertino, CA, US.
  482. Potomac Interactive, Internet service and Web presence provider, Arlington, VA, US.
  483. Potomac Internet, Internet service provider (ISP), Washington, DC, US.
  484. Poware Technology, communication for printer data sharing devices, Poway, CA, US.
  485. Power Computing, Personal computer systems (e.g. MacIntosh), Round Rock, TX, US.
  486. Power Express, on-line battery and portable electronics catalog, San Jose, CA, US.
  487. Power Express Software, Macintosh software on 3.5" floppies and CD-ROM, Red Deer, AB, CA.
  488. Power Integrations, Analog integrated circuits, AC/DC power conversion, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  489. Power Logic, Electronic sensors and automation controls, Charlotte, NC, US.
  490. Power PC Plus, New/refurbished computers, repairs, networking, training, Toms River, NJ, US.
  491. Power Pros, uninterruptable power supplies, Raleigh, NC, US.
  492. Power Quality One, Power system products and consulting, Richardson, TX, US.
  493. Power Source, Personal computers, Oklahoma City, OK, US.
  494. Power Technology Group, Power systems integration, UPSs (e.g. Exide/PK Electronics), Stone Mountain, GA, US.
  495. Power Up, DOS, Windows, Unix, Macintosh and Internet consulting, Wollongong, AU.
  496. Power Warehouse, Laptop/portable batteries and chargers, Las Vegas, NV, US.
  497. Power.Comm, Electrical/communications contractor, cable installation, etc., Baltimore, MD, US.
  498. PowerCom, Electrical power distribution (e.g. MIL-STD-1553, 1773, ARINC 429), Huntington Beach, CA, US.
  499. Powercom, data communication hardware consulting distributor, Santa Barbara, CA, US.
  500. PowerComp, Consulting (e.g. on-site, upgrading/migrating to NT, VAX, AXP), Akron, OH, US.
  501. PowerHouse Computing, Web site design, Web presence, computer systems, etc., Austin, TX, US.
  502. PowerHowz Technology Studios, Computer hardware, software, network integration, homes/business, Laconia, NH, US.
  503. PowerNet, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence provider (WPP), New York, NY, US.
  504. Powernet, Internet service provider (ISP) and client server software, Longueville, AU.
  505. Powernet, Internet service provider and Web support, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  506. PowerPoint Art, Backgrounds and stock photos for PowerPoint presentations, Clarkston, MI, US.
  507. PowerProduction Software, Web and multimedia related software, Los Gatos, CA, US.
  508. PowerQuest, PartitionMagic hard disk partition management software, Orem, UT, US.
  509. Powersoft, client/server application development tools, Concord, MA, US.
  510. POWERSolutions for Business, PLANMaker business plan development software, St. Louis, MO, US.
  511. PowerStaff, Contingencyn search, client/server placement specialists, St. Petersburg, FL, US.
  512. Powerstar, OEM mission critical UPS, SCSI, Sun Microsystems, military, government, Gaithersburg, MD, US.
  513. PowPres Online, Software, tools, training, information and marketing Internet solutions, Milwaukee, WI, US.
  514. PPD, Web site promotion ("Brown Bagger"), Salem, OR, US.
  515. Practical Business Systems, Web site design, database, programming, etc., Greenville, SC, US.
  516. Practical Technology, Systems integration and staffing (recruitment and contracting), Orange, CA, US.
  517. PracticeAdmin, Medical billing and practice management software, Norcross, GA, US.
  518. Prater Web Design, Web site design, consulting, Goodlettsville, TN, US.
  519. Praxis EMR, Medical chart software, Woodland Hills, CA, US.
  520. Praxis International, Data replication, copy management and extract/load software, Waltham, MA, US.
  521. Praxis Online Campaigns, Web site design and Internet consulting, Sausalito, CA, US.
  522. Praxis Technical Group, Simulation and graphics technology, Nanaimo, BC, CA.
  523. Praxis Technologies, Information technologies and decision support systems, Woodbury, NJ, US.
  524. PRC Information Systems, scientific and technology-based products and services, McLean, VA, US.
  525. Precept, IT consulting, esp. human resource administration, Irvine, CA, US.
  526. Precept Software, Real-time multimedia networking software (e.g. MBone), Palo Alto, CA, US.
  527. Precise Communications, Voice, data, network integration, cabling, etc. (e.g. NEC), Yorba Linda, CA, US.
  528. Precise Networking Solutions, Network integration/installation, business or home, Randallstown, MD, US.
  529. Precision Communications, Mini-CD storage (eDigiCard), Fraser, MI, US.
  530. Precision Computing Industries, Web site design and custom programming (e.g. DBMS), Manhattan Beach, CA, US.
  531. Precision Data Products, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, online catalog - membership, Grand Rapids, MI, US.
  532. Precision Media, Real-time Internet audio/video, multimedia, Plymouth Meeting, PA, US.
  533. Precision Software, (German) Tools for C, C++, Java developers, training, consulting, Niedernhausen, DE.
  534. Precision Technologies, Network integration, security, Linux, Web site design, etc., Nagpur, IN.
  535. Precision Telecom Systems (PTSI), Customized interactive prepaid telephone calling cards, Pennsauken, NJ, US.
  536. Precision Tracking FM, Infrared data collection and asset location systems, Dallas, TX, US.
  537. Predicate Logic, Web site design, graphics, Arabic, English, Dubai, AE.
  538. Predictive Dialers Results, Telemarketing telephone dialing softare/hardware, Flagstaff, AZ, US.
  539. Predictive Systems, Software and services (e.g. consulting) for network management, New York, NY, US.
  540. PreEminentProjects, Web site design/management, layout and video production/editing, Naperville, IL, US.
  541. PreFab Software, Macintosh scripting software (PreFab Player, PreFab Text Machine), Acton, MA, US.
  542. Preferred Telecomm, Remanufacturer (repair/refurbish) telephone equipment, Colton, CA, US.
  543. Prelco Electronics USA, New/used electronic components, semiconductors, on-line catalog, Hillsborough, NJ, US.
  544. Prelude Trilogy, Video clip art (ClipVideo), Redwood City, CA, US.
  545. Premier Electronics, PC (e.g. PCMCIA) cards and peripherals , Waltham Cross, UK.
  546. Premier IP Solutions, VoIP installation, maintenance (small business focus), Union, NJ, US.
  547. Premier Mac Technologies, Macintosh service and support, Millersville, MD, US.
  548. Premier Solutions, Client-Server application development, integration, and management, indianapolis, IN, US.
  549. Premier Staff, personnel agency, New York, NY, US.
  550. Premiere Technologies, Telecommunications, telephone network, voice, data, Atlanta, GA, US.
  551. Premium Web Design, Web site design, graphics, Web presence, computer accessories, Mt. Holly, PA, US.
  552. Prentice Hall, college and professional books, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, US.
  553. Prentiss Bernstien and Jones, Web site design, advertising, multimedia, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  554. Prentiss Bernstien and Jones, Web site design, advertising, multimedia, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  555. PREPnet, Internet service provider in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, PA, US.
  556. Prepress Online, electronic prepress products, Sterling Ledet & Associates, Atlanta, GA, US.
  557. PrePress Solutions, electronic prepress hardware, software, services, and training.
  558. Presence, Internet Marketing solutions, Pasadena, CA, US.
  559. Presence Builder, Web site design, support, traffic analysis, Dover, DE, US.
  560. Presentation Outlet, LCD projectors, Chicago, IL, US.
  561., Rental of LCD Digital Projectors and audio visual products, Smithtown, NY, US.
  562. Presenting Solutions, Systems (LCD, LDP, etc.) for presentations/digital imaging, information, San Clemente, CA, US.
  563. Presentix Multimedia, multimedia document and interface production, PQ, CA.
  564. PresiNET Systems, Internet firewall security services, network integration, consulting, Victoria, BC, CA.
  565. Press-Enterprise, Internet service provider (ISP -, Riverside, CA, US.
  566., Call management and virtual switchboard services, Dublin, IE.
  567., Press release distribution service using the Internet, Oulu, FI.
  568. Prestige Search Group, Recruiting, information systems focus, Houston, TX, US.
  569. Prestwood Software & Consulting, Programming (Windows,Paradox,Delphi), Web site design, presence, promotion, Antelope, CA, US.
  570. PretoryNet, Internet application development/programming, B2B, B2C, ecommerce, Alpharetta, GA, US.
  571. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), Secure electronic transactions (e.g. e-mail).
  572. Preview Software, Software distribution technology (e.g. trialware, "TimeLock"), Palo Alto, CA, US.
  573. PRICE Systems, Software licensing/estimating software, consulting, training, Mt. Laurel, NJ, US.
  574. Price Watch, Computer equipment search guide, price ordering, Dallas, TX, US.
  575., Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, etc., Ocala, FL, US.
  576. Pride Computer Services, Consulting, hardware/software upgrades, install, network, etc., Cleveland, OH, US.
  577. PrideStar Internet Services, Internet service provider (ISP), Asheville, NC, US.
  578. Primary Rate (PRI), Supplier of ISDN Subsystems and Technology, Salem, NH, US.
  579. PrimarySource, Web site design, graphics, word processing, e-mail services, Dover, DE, US.
  580. Prime Factors, security (encryption) software, Eugene, OR, US.
  581. Prime Recognition, Optical character recognition software (PrimeOCR) and OCR outsourcing, San Carlos, CA, US.
  582. Prime Ribbon, New/used inkjet/typewriter/copier/fax/laser/printer cartridges, Pittsburgh, PA, US.
  583. Prime Services Group, Network integration, cabling, voice/data, Livermore, CA, US.
  584. Prime Software, Software (shareware, freeware), Manville, NJ, US.
  585. Prime Time Freeware, Mixed media (book/CD-ROM) open source software, freeware, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  586. Prime Web Design, Web site design, Olympia, WA, US.
  587. Primenet, Internet service provider (ISP), Phoenix, AZ, US.
  588. PrimeStock, Cabling and networking tools and equipment, Largo, MD, US.
  589. Primus, Internet networking, UNIX, security, information access, San Diego, CA, US.
  590. Primus Communications, Customer support software, Seattle, WA, US.
  591. Primus Electronics, telecommunications equpment distribution, Joliet, IL, US.
  592. Princeton Group, The, Management information systems & business marketing support services, Chesterland, OH, US.
  593. Princeton Optics, Fiber optic products and services, Philadelphia, PA, US.
  594. Princeton Technology, Personal computer systems and accessories, peripherals, twinsburg, OH, US.
  595. Principal Connections, Telephone and network consulting, video conferencing systems, etc., Rochester, UK.
  596. Principle Computers, Computer systems (e.g. custom), peripherals, accessories, Duxbury, MA, US.
  597. Principled Connections, Network integration, voice/data telecommunications contractor, Barberton, OH, US.
  598. Printech Enterprises, Computer systems, accessories, repair, teller terminals, etc., Troy, MI, US.
  599. Printer Wizard, On-site HP laser printer repair/maintenance, Redondo Beach, CA, US.
  600. Printer Works, The, computer printers, Hayward, CA, US.
  601. Printer's Plus, Printers - reconditioned - and equipment, Fountain Valley, CA, US.
  602. PrinterWorks West, Printer/plotter sales, service, suppliesm (HP, Lexmark, etc.), Calgary, AB, CA.
  603. Printing Communications Associates (PCA), Network software development tools for Windows, Smyrna, GA, US.
  604. Printronix, Printers (e.g. line matrix, for bar code lableing, etc.), Irvine, CA, US.
  605. Priority 1 Computer Service, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, Victoria, BC, CA.
  606. Priority Call Management, Intelligent telecommunications systems ("ORYX"), voice, messaging, Wilmington, MA, US.
  607. Priority One Business Communications, Business telephone systems, repair, Westbrook, ME, US.
  608. Priority Telecom, Repair and sale of business telephones and equipment, So. Portland, ME, US.
  609. Pris Technologies, object oriented software technology (e.g. "OpenBase"), Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, UK.
  610. Prism Sound, Professional voice talent for multimedia/telephony, Roswell, GA, US.
  611. PRISMA Engineering, Software and hardware development, consulting, Milano, IT.
  612. Pro Computer Repair, PC repair, upgrades, network integration, Web site design, Winchester, VA, US.
  613. Pro Data Doctor, USB drive data recovery utilities, tools, services, Ghaziabad, IN.
  614. Pro Data Doctor, Data recovery from various media, systems, Ghaziabad, IN.
  615. Pro-CS, Network integration, systems integration, Web site design, consulting, Fremont, CA, US.
  616. Pro-Fab, Semiconductor clean room equipment, stainless steel/poly, std. or custom industries, Bosque Farms, NM, US.
  617. Pro-Link, Cable assemblies, connectors, computer accessories, online catalog , Fullerton, CA, US.
  618. Pro.Net, comm., info., and marketing services for business on Internet, Vancouver, BC, CA.
  619. PRO.TEL, Telecommunication hardware/software design/development, Vaciglio, IT.
  620. PRO.TEL., (Italian) Network engineering and support (mostly WAN), Vaciglio, IT.
  621. Pro3 Communications, Web presence provider (WPP), Quincy, MA, US.
  622. Proactive International, Hi-tech business alliance and distribution, consulting, Beaverton, OR, US.
  623. ProBay Computers, Computer systems (PCs), custom, Moyock, NC, US.
  624. PROBE Interational, Consulting, systems integration, esp. PC workgroup & networks, Peninsula, OH, US.
  625. ProblemSolvers Group, The, Web site design, Web presence, consulting, Port Charlotte, FL, US.
  626. Process Software, Network management software (e.g. MultiNet, TCPware, IP AddressWorks), Framingham, MA, US.
  627. Procom IT Solutions, Computer systems, PCs, software, networking, security, etc., Hull, GB.
  628. ProCom Technologies, LAN, WAN, and backbone integration with fiber, CAT 5, and wireless, Twinsburg, OH, US.
  629. Proctor Information Network (PINi), Internet information mall, business and market information, Chicago, IL, US.
  630. Prodigy House, Web site design, CGI and other programming, graphics, Naples, IT.
  631. Prodigy Services, and their AstraNet Internet and WWW service, White Plains, NY, US.
  632. Product.Com, Internet advertising, Portland, OR, US.
  633. Productivity, information (e.g. MfgNet), training, and consulting, Norwalk, CT, US.
  634. Products That Work, Computer support furniture (e.g. WordySturdy®), Orem, UT, US.
  635. Professional Access, Client-server consulting, fixed price programming, SAP, Windows, New York, NY, US.
  636. Professional Analytical Systems & Services (PASS), software and database consulting, Tallahassee, FL, US.
  637. Professional Computer & Communication, (German) Computer software, hardware, and services, Graz, AT.
  638. Professional Computer Solutions, Computer systems (e.g. custom), accessories, and service, Williamsport, PA, US.
  639. Professional Help Computer Services, Data recovery/password recovery, Mac/PC support, etc., Grovetown, GA, US.
  640. Professional Search, Executive search and consulting for computer professionals, Scottsdale, AZ, US.
  641. Professional Search Alliance, Recruiting hi-tech engineering, management, sales, marketing, Taylor, TX, US.
  642. Professional Web Page Design Services, Web site design and presence, Rapid City, SD, US.
  643. Professionals Computer Management Consultants, The, Data processing and management consulting, Huntington Beach, CA, US.
  644. Profitiable Technology, technology consulting.
  645. ProGen Technology, Computer systems (PCs), online sales, multimedia hardware, Tustin, CA, US.
  646. Progent Corporation, Support, consulting, services for Microsoft networking, Concord, CA, US.
  647. Progetto Sistemi, (Italian) IT training, consulting, Web site design, Bari, IT.
  648. Program Productions, Business television, satellite services, and web site development, Lombard, IL, US.
  649. Programming Plus, Consulting, engineering support for Unix/Linux/BSD/OpenVMS/Windows, Brooklyn, NY, US.
  650. Progress ERP Systems, Consulting and implementation services, Web, GUI, DB, etc., Hyderabad, IN.
  651. Progress Software, Application development technology (e.g. WebSpeed) and support, Bedford, MA, US.
  652. Progressive Computer Hardware, Retail computer hardware, San Diego, CA, US.
  653. Progressive Computer Solutions, Network integration, consulting, computer systems/sales, etc., Fremont, CA, US.
  654. Progressive Design, Web presence providern (WPP), Web site design, Blue Jay, CA, US.
  655. ProHosting, Web presence provider (WPP), Midway, UT, US.
  656. ProJeck Soft- & Hardware, (German) Consulting, system support (esp. medical), networking, training, etc., Neckarsteinach, DE.
  657. Project Consultants, 3D animation hardware, software, worktations, CAD, consulting, Guelph, ON, CA.
  658. Project Resources, Information technology (IT) business consulting and training, Pittsburgh, PA, US.
  659. Project Technology, Shlaer-Mellor method object-oriented software development, Berkeley, CA, US.
  660. ProjectHouse, Web-enabled database software, SQL server data marts, business, etc., Bromsgrove, UK.
  661. Projector Central, LCD projectors, presentation software, hardware, reviews, San Jose, CA, US.
  662. Projector People, LCD projectors, online catalog (e.g. InFocus, Proxima, Epson, etc.) , Tampa, FL, US.
  663. Proland Software, Developer of antivirus software for Windows (Protector Plus) , Bangalore, IN.
  664. Proler Networks, Web site design, Web presence, LAN services, Austin, TX, US.
  665. Proline Network, Internet Service provider for West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky, US.
  666. Prolinear, Palmtop computers, Arcadia, CA, US.
  667. Prolink Computer, PC multimedia products, VGA, TV/FM (e.g. NTSC), etc., City of Industry, CA, US.
  668. Promedia, Web site design, multimedia development, Hull, UK.
  669. Promedia Computer Supplies, Computer accessories and media, South San Francisco, CA, US.
  670. Prometheus Systems Consulting, Consulting/programming services for FileMaker Pro, Atlanta, GA, US.
  671. Promin, Internet (Web) content and promotion, Namur, BE.
  672. Promise Technology, Disk controller cards and caching controller cards for PCs, San Jose, CA, US.
  673. Promo Enterpises, Web presence and marketing assistance.
  674. Promointernet, (Italian) Web site promotion, Firenze, IT.
  675. Prompt Communication Services, LAN network integration, Web site design, network consulting, Brooklyn, NY, US.
  676. Promula Development Corporation (PDC), Language translation software (e.g. Fortran to C), Columbus, OH, US.
  677. Pronexus, Computer telephony/IVR (CTI) voice processing software (e.g. VBVoice), Kanata, ON, CA.
  678. Pronotes, voice command and free-dictation speech recognition software, Philadelphia, PA, US.
  679. proPC, (German) Seminars, service and advice on networks and software, Bonn, DE.
  680. Proper Publishing, Publishing on Internet, Santa Cruz, CA, US.
  681. Prophet 21, Wholesale distribution software, Windows, Unix, AS/400, Yardley, PA, US.
  682. Propro Group, 2D and 3D CAD software, Novosibirsk, RU.
  683. ProQuest, Technical recruiters and staffing consultants, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  684. Prosatcomm, Web presence, computer systems (PCs), accessories, Venezuela, Miami, FL, US.
  685. ProSearch, Employment search, recruiting, resume submission, San Jose, CA, US.
  686. ProSoft Technology, Allen-Bradley communication products, Bakersfield, CA, US.
  687. Prosoyo Technology, Contract manufacturing services for OEM assemblies (ISO9002 accredited), Hong Kong, CN.
  688. Prospection, (French) Web site design, graphics, marketing, etc., Québec, PQ, CA.
  689. Prospero Systems Research, large business Internet integration support, San Francisco, CA, US.
  690. Protech Search, IT recruiting, marketing, sales, software engineers, etc., Austin, TX, US.
  691. Protech Systems, Computer systems and accessories, hard disks, Hong Kong, CN.
  692., Remote backup, data protection for business, Brea, CA, US.
  693. Proteon, Internetworking routers, switches, hubs, etc., Atlanta, GA, US.
  694. ProtoView, ActiveX and Java software components, Worthing, UK.
  695. Proud Data Service, Mapping, data management for environmental investigations, Berkeley, CA, US.
  696. Prousys, Control systems engineering, hardware and software, Bakersfield, CA, US.
  697. Provenance Software, Accounting/management software for DOS, Windows and Novell, Harare, ZW.
  698. Providence Imaging Products, Professional CD-ROM sales, Woodland Hills, CA, US.
  699. Provincetown Design Group, Web site design and development, Provincetown, MA, US.
  700. ProVisual Data Systems, Medical practice voice based systems, record conversion software, Lexington, KY, US.
  701. ProWebFX WebDesigns, Web site design, Web presence, graphics, Peoria, AZ, US.
  702. Proximity, Videoconferencing services, Burlington, VT, US.
  703. Proximity, International business consulting, US, Europe, media, hi tech, New York, NY, US.
  704. Proximo Consulting Services, Information technology consulting, project management, Brooklyn, NY, US.
  705. Präsent Web Service, (German) Web presence provider (WPP), hosting, Aachen, DE.
  706. PS Communications, Mobile computer systems (e.g. Bespoke), network services, touch screens, Weybridge, UK.
  707. PS Consultants, Year 2000 problem information, millenium, CCTA, Chelmsford, UK.
  708. PSI, Internet marketing and survey research, online surveys, Alexandria, VA, US.
  709. PSINet, Internet service provider (ISP), Herndon, VA, US.
  710. Psion Dacom, PC Card modem (PCMCIA) products (e.g. FAX), Greenford, UK.
  711. Psionstar, Handheld computers reviewed (palm, pdas, laptops, psion, etc.), Hastings, UK.
  712. PsiTech, graphic and imaging systems, frame buffers and frame grabbers, Fountain Valley, CA, US.
  713. PSS InterNet Services, Internet service provider, Datona Beach, FL, US.
  714. Psychsoftpc, Comnputer systems (PCs), gamer, graphics, scientific, etc., North Quincy, MA, US.
  715. PT Diagnostic Software, dental diagnostic software for Windows.
  716. Publicom, (Spanish) Internet service provider (ISP), Reynosa, MX.
  717. Publisher's Depot, Stock photography, royalty free, digitalmedia & online images, Arlington, VA, US.
  718. Publishers Systems, Software duplicating, labeling, packaging and distribution, Harrisburg, NC, US.
  719. Pulse Data Communications, Data communications/WAN equipment, CSU/DSU, T1/E1, etc., Lighthouse Point, FL, US.
  720. Pulse Entertainment, Realtime 3D software (3rd Degree plug-in), computer game software, Santa Monica, CA, US.
  721. PumaSoft, Technology solutions, network integration, consulting, Bakersfield, CA, US.
  722. Pumatech, Mobile (wireless) device management/synchronization software (e.g. Intellisync), San Jose, CA, US.
  723. PunNet, Web site design, Web presence, New City, NY, US.
  724. Pupa Data Systems, Web site design, Web presence, San Jose, CA, US.
  725., E-Commerce software, procurement, business to business, Las Vegas, NV, US.
  726. Pure Minds, Consulting, programming, Web site design, multimedia, Cairo, EG.
  727. Pure Software, Software tools for Unix, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  728. Puretech Internet, Web site design, Web presence, promotion, etc., Mumbai, IN.
  729. Purity Software, Web and Internet software for MacOS and BeOS, Austin, TX, US.
  730. Purple Suit Software, Contract programming for Internet/e-commerce applications, Vienna, VA, US.
  731. Purus Technologies, Outsourcing, computer support, e.g. cleaning (APC-3), Bellevue, WA, US.
  732. PuterGirl Internet Presence Provider, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, Coral Springs, FL, US.
  733. PV Computing, (German) Consulting, custom software development (Visual Basic, Visual C++, WorkFlow), Zurich, CH.
  734. PVI Productions, Sideline imagine service (color output), Web site design/support, etc., Atlanta, GA, US.
  735. PYCCO, Web site design, Web presence, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  736. Pyramid, Web site design, graphics, Dnepropetrovsk, UA.
  737. Pyramid of Information, CAD, CAM, GIS and related services (scanning, conversions, programming, etc.), Kansas City, MO, US.
  738. Pyxia Development, Scripting software (IBasic programming language) for Windows, Niagara, WI, US.

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