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Computer and Communication Companies ("T" entries)

  1. T & C Services, Network integration/installation, voice/data, San Benito, TX, US.
  2. T & S Computer Services, Web site development and presence, Cottonwood, AZ, US.
  3. T & S Technology, 3D graphic software for Windows, Austin, TX, US.
  4. T-Online, (German) Web presence provider.
  5. T.F.C., Personal computer (PC) systems and support, Baldwin Park, CA, US.
  6. T.J.T. International, Computer hard disk drive, retail, online catalog, Sante Fe Springs, CA, US.
  7. T.M. Denton Consultants, Internet and telecommunications related legal services, Ottawa, ON, CA.
  8. T.R. Electronics, Consulting, network integration - small business emphasis, Salinas, CA, US.
  9. T3 Systems, Used/refurbished networking equipment, e.g. Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, Sun, Roseville, CA, US.
  10. T3West, Web presence provide (WPP), database integration, Web site design, etc., Napa, CA, US.
  11. TA Engineering, Industrial automation software (AIMAX), Moraga, CA, US.
  12. Tab Data Systems, Storage systems reseller, Rochester, NY, US.
  13. Taber Media Services, Digital media conversion (e.g. video), esp. auto dealers, Vernon, CT, US.
  14. Tabor Griffin Communications, internet news and information delivery (HPCWire, Webster), San Diego, CA, US.
  15. Tachyon Technology, Graphics, CD, DVD manufacture, software distribution fulfillment, ESD, Seattle, WA, US.
  16. Tadiran Telecommunications, Communication products, e.g. wireless, switching, datacom, etc., Jerusalem, IL.
  17. Tadpole Technology, portable workstations, SPARC, Pentium, Austin, TX, US.
  18. Tag Systems, Internet VAN, NY, US.
  19. TAGnology, Electronic shelf tag systems (smarTag), North Hollywood, CA, US.
  20. Tahoe Design Software, Hydraulic, piping, and pump analysis software, Truckee, CA, US.
  21. TahoeNet, Internet service provider (ISP), CA, US.
  22. Tailwind, Computer consultant agency, Amsterdam, NY, US.
  23. Take 3, Web site design, graphics, Manassas, VA, US.
  24. TAL (Tetherless Access Ltd.), wireless 64 Kbps TCP/IP networking to 30 km, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  25. Talarian, Network infrastructure software (PGM, multicast, SmartSockets, etc.), Los Altos, CA, US.
  26. Taligent, Object oriented software, Cupertino, CA, US.
  27. Talisma, Customer Interaction Management (CIM) services, Bellevue.
  28. Talisman Technologies, Consulting for human resources (HR) organizations, Vienna, VA, US.
  29. Talking Technology, PC-based telephony products, hardware and software, Alameda, CA, US.
  30. Talkland, Cellular phones and services, Adderbury, UK.
  31. Tally Systems, Asset and messaging management software (e.g. Veranda Enterprise Messaging Reporter), Hanover, NH, US.
  32. TALON Network Services, Internet service provider (ISP) and Web presence (WPP), Reading, PA, US.
  33. Talou Technology, Personal computer (PC) systems and equipment, Vancouver, BC, CA.
  34. Tamal, (Hebrew) Accounting software (e.g. payroll), Ramat Gan, IL.
  35. Tampa Bay Interactive, Internet service provider (ISP), Tampa, FL, US.
  36. Tampa Networks Web Site and Intranet Design, Web site design, Web presence provider (WPP), Lutz, FL, US.
  37. Tampere Telephone, Tampere, FI.
  38. Tanager, Network integration, computer systems (PCs), consulting, etc., Dunkirk, MD, US.
  39. Tandem Computers, transaction processing computer systems, also Atalla cryptography, Cupertino, CA, US.
  40. Tandem Data Resource Group, Network integration/cabling, telephone wiring, Dallas, TX, US.
  41. Tandon Information Solutions (TIS), Custom software development services, ERP, outsourcing, Mumbai, IN.
  42. Tangent Communications, Resell used/new routers, switches, dsu/csu's, etc., telecom. equipment, Des Plaines, IL, US.
  43. Tangent Computer
  44. Tao Group, Operating system software (e.g. portable), JAVA engine, toolkits, etc., Reading, UK.
  45. Taos Mountain Software, expert Unix services and training, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  46. Tarbot Computer Services, Computer accessories, consumables, magentic media, etc., Redhill, UK.
  47. Taren Systems, Web site development, Web presence, Web advertising, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  48. Target Marketing, (Spanish) Web presence provider (SGI, NT), Mexico, MX.
  49. Target Software, Web programming, database, Oracle, Cold Fusion, XML, C++, visual basic, etc., Allentown, PA, US.
  50. TargetedListings, Web site marketing via targeted search engine/directory submission, Libertyville, IL, US.
  51. Taroch, Custom software development and consulting, Brookline, MA, US.
  52. Tarragon Solutions, Web site design, training, network integration, Y2K, St Albans, UK.
  53. Tarragon Training International, Computer based interactive multimedia training courses, AU.
  54. Tartanchase, Network integration reseller, Stroud, UK.
  55. TASC, applied information technology, Reading, MA, US.
  56. Taskon, IS and MIS systems based on OOP technology, Oslo, NO.
  57. Tasuri.Com, Web site promotion, search engine submission/optimization, Manchester, UK.
  58. Tata Information Systems (TISL), Software products and services, Bangalore, IN.
  59. Tatafone, Telephones and related terminal equipment, Chennai, IN.
  60. tatnet, Web site design, contract programming, Web hosting, etc., Annapolis, MD, US.
  61. Tatters, (T@tters) Web site design, Toronto, ON, CA.
  62. Tatung, and Tatung Science & Tech. personal computers and workstations, Taiwan and, Milpitas, CA, US.
  63. Tatvasoft, Software outsourcing, offshore, .net, Ahmedabad, IN.
  64. TAVUS, (German) Labels, labellers (e.g. UPC), printer labels, etc., Blankenhain, DE.
  65. Tay-Jee Software, PC utility software (Windows), Lexington, VA, US.
  66. Taylor & Francis, Publishing, emphasis on technical journals, London, UK.
  67. Taylor & Pond, Web site development, graphics, promotion, San Diego, CA, US.
  68. Taylor & Pond Corporate Communications, Communication (e.g. Internet) and consulting services, San Diego, CA, US.
  69. Taylor Group, The, Business management software integration & implementation services, Bedford, NH, US.
  70. Taylor Scheduling Software, Planning/scheduling software for manufacturers, Edmonton, AB, CA.
  71. Taylor Technical Publications & Consultants, Technical writing, consulting, graphics, etc., Scottsdale, AZ, US.
  72. Taylor Web Sites, Web site design, San Antonio area, Von Ormy, TX, US.
  73. Taylored Systems, Internet service provider, voice and data, Noblesville, IN, US.
  74. TBE Computers, Computer sales (custom), service, networks, renting & leasing, Waterloo, ON, CA.
  75. TCI (Tele-Communications, Inc.), television and communication technology and services, Denver, CO, US.
  76. TCI Engineering, Telecommunication consulting and consulting brokerage, Reston, VA, US.
  77. TCI Industries, Computer systems, consulting, networking, esp. for people with disabilities, Columbia, SC, US.
  78. TCI Networking, Computer hardware and software online catalog sales, Birmingham, MI, US.
  79. tcs communications, Internet service provider (dial-up), Web site design, presence, Crestline, CA, US.
  80. TCS Consultants, Engineering software, training, consulting for wireless, Montgomery, TX, US.
  81. TCS International, Telecom./utility consulting/management services, wireless, broadband, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US.
  82. TCSI, Telecom software/services (e.g. SolutionCore), wireless, broadband, etc., Alameda, CA, US.
  83. TCSN, Internet service provider (ISP), Paso Robles, CA, US.
  84. TD Communications, Wireless, SCADA, AVLN and SATNAV engineering, Calgary, AB, CA.
  85. TDK, Recording media, voice/data, integrated circuits for communications, etc., Port Washington, NY, US.
  86. TDX Peripherals, 1/2 inch tape systems, software and data reformatting services, Hauppauge, NY, US.
  87. TEAM A.T.E. (Automated TEst Engineering), Pre-owned electronics manufacturing equipment, Denver, CO, US.
  88. Team ASA, File server connectivity (MacIntosh, Novell/Unix), San Diego, CA, US.
  89. Team Financial Management Systems, Recruiting, estimating/bidding, scheduling and timekeeping software, Omaha, NE, US.
  90. Team Memory, Computer memory products, Irvine, CA, US.
  91. Team Project Management, Translation/software localization (Europe, Americas, Asia/Pacific), Isleworth, UK.
  92. Team-Konzept Informationstechnologien, (German) Consulting, Web site design, programming, multimedia, etc., Berlin, DE.
  93. Teamaker, Time card software (Office Hours) for the office, Beaverton, OR, US.
  94. Teammax, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, OEM chasis, on-line catalog, Littletono, MA, US.
  95. Teamsolve, Database consulting, DBA (esp. Oracle), Web site design, Ipswich, UK.
  96. Teca-Print, Pad-printing technology (e.g. for computer or electronic components), Billerica, MA, US.
  97. TECC, The Electronic Conferencing Company.
  98. TECH 101, Computer monitors (Arcus) and computer systems, Irvine, CA, US.
  99. Tech Assist, PC and network service and management (e.g. data recovery) software, Largo, FL, US.
  100. Tech Development and Consulting (TDC), Software development and consulting, Newark, NJ, US.
  101. Tech Expo International, Hi-Tech job fairs in NE US., New York, New York, US.
  102. Tech Force Search Group, Technical recruiting (e.g. Progress 4th GL, IBM mainframe), Toronto, ON, CA.
  103. Tech Gooroos Technology Consulting, Network integration, support/repair, etc., Cary, NC, US.
  104. Tech Services International, On site service/training for graphics imagesetters, scanners, proofers, etc., Kennett Square, PA, US.
  105. Tech Solutions, Academic/educational software & hardware, Cardiff, CA, US.
  106. Tech Source, The, Computer systems (PCs), network integration, consulting, Simi Valley, CA, US.
  107. Tech Team, The, Personal computer repair, close-outs and liquidations, custom systems, Chambersburg, PA, US.
  108. Tech.Net, Web, ftp, and e-mail services, Austin, TX, US.
  109. TechCentral, Online information for the real-time data acquisition industry.
  110. Techgeeks4Hire, Consulting, small business networks, Web site design, training, Jacksonville, FL, US.
  111. Techindia Infoway, E-business services, web site design, consulting, etc., Chennai, IN.
  112. Techinvest, Technology development and investment, Wilton, CT, US.
  113. Techknowledgy Resource, Computer/network support for individuals/small businesses, North Sutton, NH, US.
  114. TechLabs, Design, engineer and manage enterprise IT systems and networks, Huntingdon Valley, PA, US.
  115. TechMaker, Embedded/real-time system development services, Linux, San Jose, CA, US.
  116. Techmaster Electronics, Test equipment repair, calibration, sales, San Diego, CA, US.
  117. Techmedia Computer Systems, PC systems, monitors, MPEG and video capture cards, Garden Grove, CA, US.
  118. Technalock Computer Security, Security kits for computer/audiovisual equipment, Ozark, MO, US.
  119. Technet, Internet R&D provider, SG.
  120. Technetix, value added reseller of SUN and HP workstations, New Berlin, WI, US.
  121. Techni-Drives, Disk drive data recovery, disaster/performance consulting, etc., Scarborough, ON, CA.
  122. Technical Communications (TCC), Secure encryption systems for fax, voice and data networks, Concord, MA, US.
  123. Technical Concepts (TCC), LAN/WAN network solutions (bridges,routers,ISDN,ATM), Dallas, TX, US.
  124. Technical Design Solutions, Electrical engineering design software (Verilog and VHDL ASIC and FPGA), Marietta, GA, US.
  125. Technical Staffing, Information technology/engineering consulting/recruiting, San Francisco, CA, US.
  126. Technical Support Services (TSS), 3D animation for legal/insurance courtroom use, consulting, Kingwood, TX, US.
  127. Technical Virtuosity, Web site design, Web presence, database integration, Diamond Bar, CA, US.
  128. Technim Group, Web presence/hosting, domain name registration, Web site design, etc., Gores Landing, ON, CA.
  129. Technisyst Computing, Wireless and remote computing services, contract programming/support, Brisbane, QLD, AU.
  130. Techno Online, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence/hosting, etc., Chittagong, BD.
  131. Techno Softwares, Software development/programming, offshore, outsourcing, consulting, Jaipur, IN.
  132. TechnoCom, Wireless systems & engineering, esp. data, e.g. vehicle tracking, Encino, CA, US.
  133. Technocom plc, Internet services (e.g. backbone) and network solutions provider, Slough, UK.
  134. TechnoInteractive, Web site design, e-commerce design, graphics, etc., Rolling Hills Estates, CA, US.
  135. Technologies 2000, Web site design, computer training and custom sales, Kenosha, WI, US.
  136. Technologies Research Group (TRG), market-based guidance and consulting for the information industry, Clinton, NJ, US.
  137. Technologies4Targeting (Tech4T), Database analysis, consulting, Peterborough, UK.
  138. Technology Applications (TAI), Software engineering and systems integration, Chesterfield, MO, US.
  139. Technology Appraisals, Open system Internet/intranet training, Twickenham, UK.
  140. Technology Associates, Internet design/hosting, telephone and data services, Margate, FL, US.
  141. Technology Board of Trade, Software exchange facilitator, Los Altos, CA, US.
  142. Technology Business Group, Training, Web site design, outsource technicians, Franklin, MA, US.
  143. Technology Control Services, Telecommunication carrier (e.g. USM) and consumer (e.g. calling card) services, Miami, FL, US.
  144. Technology Group International (TGI), ERP software, Enterprise 21, services, Toledo, OH, US.
  145. Technology Guardian, Satellite Internet service provider (SISP), Fountain Valley, CA, US.
  146. Technology Innovations, Digital design (e.g. embedded systems, FPGA, etc.), esp. troubleshooting, Mission Viejo, CA, US.
  147. Technology Locator, Contract staffing for software & hardware engineers, San Diego, CA, US.
  148. Technology Management Group, Network integration, system integration/design, consulting, etc., San Diego, CA, US.
  149. Technology People, Network integration, systems management, consulting, etc., Oakland, CA, US.
  150. Technology Profiles, Placement of high tech professionals, e.g. software development, career, Woburn, MA, US.
  151. Technology Service, computer and engineering consulting services, Santa Monica, CA, US.
  152. Technology Services, Integrating, software, training, and office automation, Grand Prairie, TX, US.
  153. Technology Services Group, Network services (e.g. cable, telephone), PCs, etc., Erlanger, KY, US.
  154. Technology solutions, Trigger management utility for IBM AS/400 (TriggerIT!), Perrysburg, OH, US.
  155. Technology Systems, Consulting, recruiting, Web presence, Web site design, etc., Clifton, NJ, US.
  156. Technology's Edge, Network/software integration, consulting, Web presence, etc., Irvine, CA, US.
  157. Technology-Magic, Extranet/infrastructure development (e.g. Bespoke), Web presence, vISP, London, UK.
  158. Technology/Engineering Management (TEMI), Management consulting with a science/technology focus, Golden, CO, US.
  159. TechnoPundits, PC user state migration software (StepUp), Chennai, IN.
  160. TechOnLine, Technology mall, Waltham, MA, US.
  161. TechRack systems, Computer racks, server cabinets for 19” rackmount equipment, Dallas, TX, US.
  162. Techsmart, Building management and home automation systems, Dublin, IE.
  163. TechSmith, remote access (PPP) and windows screen (SnatIt) software, East Lansing, MI, US.
  164. TechSoft USA, Large format raster editing/support software (e.g. PixEdit), Chattanooga, TN, US.
  165. TechSource Consulting, Information technology services, Albuquerque, NM, US.
  166. TechTools, PC based application development tools for business, Springfield, MO, US.
  167. TechWave, Electronic commerce software and services (e.g. BuySoftware), Seattle, WA, US.
  168. TechWorks, memory upgrade products for PCs, printers and workstations, Austin, TX, US.
  169. TechXchange, Online advertising, computers, electronics goods/services/tech jobs, Santa Monica, CA, US.
  170. TecLeo Cyber Solutions, Computer systems (PCs), data recovery services, etc., Kensington, ZA.
  171. TeCrime International, Technology crime investigation, computer forensics, Oshkosh, WI, US.
  172. Tedsat, satellite dealer, Toronto, ON, CA.
  173. Tehachapi Mountain Internet, Internet service provider (ISP), Tehachapi, CA, US.
  174. Tehama Wireless Design Group, PCB, system level products for wireless/wired communications, San Francisco, CA, US.
  175. tek-fix, Home computer repair and consulting, Tuckahoe, NY, US.
  176. Tek-Tom, Mobile computer repairs, upgrades, troubleshooting, network integration, Toronto, ON, CA.
  177. Tekelec, diagnostic and switching systems for internetworking, Calabasas, CA, US.
  178. Teknoloji Holding, (Turkish) Computer and communication technologies, telecommunications, Istanbul, TR.
  179. Teknoquest, Out sourcing Web site design, graphics/photo processing, etc., Karachi, PK.
  180. Teknor Industrial Computers, Industrial single board computers (SBC) and CompactPCI, Boisbriand, PQ, CA.
  181. Teknowledge, Knowledge Processing Applications, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  182. Tekram Technology, caching controllers for IDE and SCSI disk systems, Austin, TX, US.
  183. Tekscape Solutions, Network integration/repair, IT support, computer repair, etc., Anaheim, CA, US.
  184. Teksonline, Remote IT infrustructure management desktops, servers, etc., Portsmouth, NH, US.
  185. TekSphere International, Web site design, financial software,wholesale memory/CPUs, etc., New York, NY, US.
  186. Tekstar Telecom, Network integration (voice, data, cabeling, etc.), consulting, Fort Worth, TX, US.
  187. Tektronix, measurement, printing, video and network displays, Wilsonville, OR, US.
  188. TEL.MARK, Internet marketing and promotion, Vaciglio, IT.
  189. Telapprise, Telecom expense/resource management, procurement, audits, control, San Jose, CA, US.
  190. Telcomm Services, Telephone installation, cabling, network integration (LAN), etc., Knoxville, TN, US.
  191. TelcoOnline, On-line marketplace for telecommunications services (e.g. data circuits), Seattle, WA, US.
  192. Telcordia Technologies, Telecommunication services/equipment JOBS, Piscataway, NJ, US.
  193. Teldata, Telecom. systems installation, support: fiber cabling, telephone, etc., San Diego, CA, US.
  194. Tele Danmark, Telecommunications, communication supplier to Danmark.
  195. Tele Data Consultants, custom software development for IVR, CTI, voice, etc., Montreal, PQ, CA.
  196. Tele Technology, Business telephone systems, Norstar, Avaya, NEC, etc., Houston, TX, US.
  197. Tele-Card Network, the, Multilevel marketing using electronic mail (e-mail), Orrick, MO, US.
  198. Tele-Denken Resources, "SoftPLC", "VIEWPoint", and other process control and monitoring software, Humble, TX, US.
  199. Tele-Tech, Engineering and installation services for telecommunications, Lexington, KY, US.
  200. TeleAdapt, Telephone equipment (e.g. FAX/modem), mobile, London, UK.
  201. TeleAdapt, Power and communication adapters for international travelers, London, UK.
  202. Telebit, and ftp access ISDN and modems, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  203. Telebyte Northwest, Internet service provider (ISP), Silverdale, WA, US.
  204. Telebyte Technology, Data communication and computing equipment, Greenlawn, NY, US.
  205. TeleChoice, Telecommunication marketing strategy consulting, Owasso, OK, US.
  206. Telecide Productions, Multimedia productions (VRML, animations, video, audio), Circle Pines, MN, US.
  207. Telecom Argentina, (Spanish) Telecommunication services, Buenos Aires, AR.
  208. TeleCom Consultants, Absolutely lowest cost long distance products, without gimmicks, from major US carriers., Nashville, TN, US.
  209. Telecom Engineering, Network integration, installation, engineering, fiber, LAN/WAN, etc., Thunder Bay, ON, CA.
  210. Telecom Finland, general telecommunications services, Helsinki, FI.
  211. Telecom Guru, Software to assist telephone system bid/purchase, RFP software, Portland, ME, US.
  212. Telecom Paris, Intro page, Paris, FR.
  213. Telecom Partners, Telecommunications technology management and system design, consulting, New Britain, PA, US.
  214. Telecom Publishing Group, information about the telecommunications industry, Alexandria, VA, US.
  215. Telecom South America, WAN/LAN connectivity, network installation and support, Santiago, CL.
  216. Telecom Wireless Solutions, Wireless hardware (e.g. "BTS Combiner") and consulting, Alpharetta, GA, US.
  217. Telecom-Pros, Long distance telephone, Internet service provider, Web promotion, home business, Los Gatos, MI, US.
  218. TelecomCareers.Net, Telecommunications job site/database, resume posting, New Orleans, LA, US.
  219. Telecomet, affiliate of KDD overseas communications (Japan), New York, NY, US.
  220. Telecomm1Stop, Telecommunication services, Web site design, promotion, etc., San Jose, CA, US.
  221. Telecommunications, Network integration, communications consulting, T1, PBX, etc., Apopka, FL, US.
  222. Telecommunications Consulting Group (TCG), Voice mail, telephone, LAN/WAN, Web site design, PBX, etc., Westlake Village, CA, US.
  223. Telecommunications Engineering Ass. (TEA), adv. tech. for public-safety, South San Francisco, CA, US.
  224. Telecommunications Research Associates (TRA), Advanced communications (ISDN, ATM, LAN, WAN, etc.) training, St. Marys, KS, US.
  225. Telecommunications Techniques (TTC), LAN/WAN, Fiber Optic, T1 - telephone test equipment, Germantown, MD, US.
  226. Telecomunicações do Ceará (TELECEARA), (Portuguese) Telecommunications services, Web presence provider, Fortaleza, BR.
  227. telecomworx, IP (LAN) and traditional telephone business systems, consulting, Monrovia, MD, US.
  228. Teleconferencing Technologies (TTI), audio conferencing bridging and terminal equipment, Woodstock, IL, US.
  229. Teledapter Systems, Hardware and software for managing multiphone lines (VoicePro XL), San Marcos, TX, US.
  230. Teledata Networks, Network/telecom. products, wireless, e.g. "HighPGate", Herzeliya, IL.
  231. Teledesic, Low earth orbit satellite communication network, Kirkland, WA, US.
  232. Teledesign Systems, Wireless and radio modems, San Jose, CA, US.
  233. TeleDNA, MMS, SMS, WAP, for wireless operators, Bangalore, IN.
  234. Teledynamic Communications, Telephone VAR (e.g. voice and call processing design), San Francisco, CA, US.
  235. Teledyne Electronic Technologies (TET HALCO), Manufacturing equipment (Unicote) for the printed circuit industry, Londonderry, NH, US.
  236. Telefónica de Argentina, (Spanish) Telecommunications service provider, Buenos Aires, AR.
  237. Telegate, Hybrid fiber coax (CATV-HFC) telecommunication distribution technology, Or Yehuda, IL.
  238. Teleglobe, Canadian overseas telecommunications company - SDH undersea, satellite, CA.
  239. TeleGraphique LC, Color management systems, software (e.g. print), training, consulting, Ancienne-Lorette, PQ, CA.
  240. TeleHub Communications, Telecom. carrier and software developer (VASP™ SS7 managed ATM networks), Gurnee, IL, US.
  241. Telelogic, Software tools for the development of telecommunications software, Malmo, SE.
  242. Telemagic, Sales and contact database management software, Toronto, ON, CA.
  243. Telemate Software, Telemanagement software (call accounting, fraud detection, etc.), Atlanta, GA, US.
  244. Telematics, Adaption and backbone layer wide area networking products, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US.
  245. Telemation, Network integration, telecommunications, Waterford, CA, US.
  246. Telematrix, Communication consulting, software, and information (e.g. IT Center), Nyack, NY, US.
  247. TeleMedia Applications, Videoconferencing, bridging, distance learning, media conversion, etc., Aurora, CO, US.
  248. TeleMeister, RFP writing, consulting focusing on telephony issues , El Dorado Hills, CA, US.
  249. TeleNet Communications, Hardware/software for voice, FAX, video over IP, telephone/IP gateways, London, UK.
  250. Telenet System Solutions, Web servers, RAID servers, WAN products, etc., San Jose, CA, US.
  251. Telenet2000, Web site design and promotion, Yorba Linda, CA, US.
  252. Telenetics, Industrial modems, fiber optic and RF tranceivers, Lake Forest, CA, US.
  253. Telenetworks, WAN Protocol Source Code (ISDN, ATM, Frame Relay, MLPPP, AO/DI), Rohnert park, CA, US.
  254. Telenor, Telecommunication provider, satellite, mobile, software, etc., Oslo, NO.
  255. Telenor Nextel, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, consulting, Oslo, NO.
  256. Teleos Research, advanced vision technology, intelligent perception, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  257. Telepac, (Portuguese) Internet service provider (ISP), consulting, Lisbon, PT.
  258. Telephone Communication Systems (TSI ), Business telephone systems, voicemail, video conferencing, etc., Norwich, UK.
  259. Telephone Equipment and Services, Commercial, Residential, Payphones, Data, and ISDN, Ft. Worth, TX, US.
  260. Telephone Response Technologies, Computer Telephony technology, Roseville, CA, US.
  261. Telephone System Learning Seminars, Unbiased seminars/video courses on buying/maintaining phone systems, Brownsville, TX, US.
  262. Telephonetics International, Customized audio production for all telecommunications applications, Miami, FL, US.
  263. Teleport, Internet service provider (ISP), Portland, OR, US.
  264. TelePost Communication AS, X.400 and Internet connectivity, Oslo, NO.
  265. Telepresence Research, virtual environment and remote presence technologies, Portola Valley, CA, US.
  266. TeleProcessing Products, WAN comm. equipment, T1/E1 DSU/CSUs, ISDN NT-1s and TAs, etc., Simi Valley, CA, US.
  267. Telepublishing, Network integration/maintenance, support, security, etc., North Brunswick, NJ, US.
  268. Telequip, secure (e.g. cryptographic) coprocessors (e.g. PCMCIA connected), Nashua, NH, US.
  269. Telerewards, Discount long distance, calling card and Internet service, Schaumburg, IL, US.
  270. TELES, Telecommunication products/services (ISDN, Web, etc.), Berlin, DE.
  271. Telesat Canada, GUI Satellite Maneuvering Software, Gloucester, ON, CA.
  272. TeleScapes, Telecommunications consulting, project management, support, Marietta, GA, US.
  273. TeleScapes, Telecommunication consulting (e.g. personal services, UPT, One Number), Melbourne, VIC, AU.
  274. TeleSoft, Telecom programming, consulting, GSM, IS41, SNMP, CMIP, etc., Plano, TX, US.
  275. Telesoft, ISDN source code and hardware designs (MIDAS), Fairfax, VA, US.
  276. Telespace, Computer telephony integration (CTI, CallFusion), inc. source, Vienna, AT.
  277. Teletutor, computer-based training for data and telecommunications technologies, Portsmouth, NH, US.
  278. TeleVideo Conversions, international reseller of long distance services, Knoxville, TN, US.
  279. TeleWorks Consulting, Independent long distance telephone consulting services, Voorhees, NJ, US.
  280. Telex Communications, Audio equipment for personal computers (PCs) and more, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  281. Telex Computer Audio, Microphones & headsets for PC voice/audio applications, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  282. Telia, Swedish government owned telecommunications carrier.
  283. Telic, ERP logistics process planning software (Telic-NT) on Microsoft Back Office, Enschede, NL.
  284. Telident, PBX to telco interconnect (Station Translation System), e.g. for 911, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  285. Telios Systems Company, Business and transportation software for Unix and RS/6000, Portland, OR, US.
  286. Telkom SA, Communication services (e.g. Internet Exchange), ZA.
  287. Telkonet, Powerline communication (e.g. Telkonet iWire System), Germantown, MD, US.
  288. Tellabs, SONET, ATM, cable, and other Telecom. equipment, Lisle, IL, US.
  289. Tellink Integrations Systems, Consulting, esp. CTI, call centers and system managment, Issaquah, WA, US.
  290. Tellus Resources, Multilingual language translation software, international business books, Windsor, CT, US.
  291. Telogy Networks, Wireless, ATM, and Frame Relay communication technology, Germantown, MD, US.
  292. Telos, comprehensive information technology capabilities, Herndon, VA, US.
  293. Telos, Computer based training (CBT) development, Mountain View, CA, US.
  294. Telpar, Manufacturer and value added distributor of printers/systems, Dallas, TX, US.
  295. Telrad Networks, Telecommunication systems/services, broadband, IP, security, "GalaStream", etc., Ramla, IL.
  296. TelSoft, Software testing and web site testing services, Cincinnati, OH, US.
  297. TelSoft Solutions, Call accounting software, billback, cost allocation, etc., Glendale, CA, US.
  298. Telsource Corporation, Voice/data network integration, maintenance (e.g. insurance), Totowa, NJ, US.
  299. TelStar* Communications, Communications broker for flat rate telephone service, Natrona Heights, PA, US.
  300. Telstra, telecommunication products and services, Sydney, AU.
  301. TelTECH Computer Consulting, Internet info. & applications (SLIP, PPP, & WWW), Palm Bay, FL, US.
  302. Teltone, Telecommunications for business (ISDN, interexchange, cable, cellular, 911, ...), Bothell, WA, US.
  303. Teltrend, Telephone company electronic equipment (POTS, ISDN, DDS, T1, xDSL...), St. Charles, IL, US.
  304. Telus, Telecommunications - telephone, Internet service provider (ISP), etc., Edmonton, AB, CA.
  305. Telution, Telecom. customer care/billing software (Communication Exchange), Chicago, IL, US.
  306. Telvox Teleinformatica, Compression/decompression (CODEC) software, Bologna, IT.
  307. Telxon, Wireless and portable tele-transaction computing systems, Akron, OH, US.
  308. TEM, "AAA" bulk memory, modems, UPSs, and other computer equipment, Blacktown, NSW, AU.
  309. Temenos, Banking software (e.g. GLOBUS, GEM, jBASE, eMerge), Feltham, UK.
  310. Tempest, (Danish) terminal emulation and networking software, Herlev, DK.
  311. Tempest Computers, Computer systems (PC, SPARC, etc.), custom, servers/workstations, Pittsburgh, PA, US.
  312. Tempest Telecommunications International, TITAN and Tempest telephone cards, PPP service, Scottsdale, AZ, US.
  313. Template Graphics Software, cross-platform graphics development tools (Open Inventor), San Diego, CA, US.
  314., Graphic design (banners, buttons, etc.), Kannapolis, NC, US.
  315. Templex Technology, Telecommunications technology, e.g. Optical CDMA, TASM, Eugene, OR, US.
  316. Ten's High, Web site design, Web presence, Downey, CA, US.
  317. Tenagra, Internet marketing, consulting and web site design, Houston, TX, US.
  318. Tenberry Software, (Formerly Rational Systems) DOS/4G... extenders. InstantC development tools, Natick, MA, US.
  319. TenFold, Software for energy, healthcare, insurance, telecom., etc., Draper, UT, US.
  320. TenLab, Multisystem video products (PAL NTSC SECAM), Los Angeles, CA, US.
  321. TennPuters Webpage Design Services and Other Applications, Webpage site design, custom software, Computer hardware, Sparta, TN, US.
  322. TennPuters© Services, Computer systems, accessories, Web site design, training, repairs, etc., Sparta, TN, US.
  323. Tenon Intersystems, Berkeley's 4.3BSD Unix over Mach for MacIntosh computers, Santa Barbara, CA, US.
  324. Tension Alcatraz, Software development, network integration, computer systems (PCs), etc., Interlaken, CH.
  325. Tensor, Smart card based time and attendance systems, software, HR, SFDC, Hail Weston, UK.
  326. Teqni-Rep Associates, Mfg. rep. fiber/wire network cable, rack enclosures, telco., etc., Chatsworth, CA, US.
  327. Tera Computer, Shared memory parallel processing computers, JOBS, Seattle, WA, US.
  328. Teradyne, automated test equipment, Boston, MA, US.
  329. Teranet Communications, Internet service provider (ISP), Saint Louis, MO, US.
  330. TeraStor, High density storage using "near field" technology, San Jose, CA, US.
  331. Terayon, Data/video communication (TeraComm™) over hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) networks, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  332. Terisa Systems, software for secure Internet transactions, Palo Alto, CA, US.
  333. Terminus System Designs (TSD), Internet rapid application development (IRAD) software, Web site design, Pittsburgh, PA, US.
  334. Tero Consulting, Web Based CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software), installation, training, Coquitlam, BC, CA.
  335. Terrafirma Video Productions, Video production, graphics, multimedia, etc., Burbank, CA, US.
  336. Terran Interactive, Video compression/optimization software (Media Cleaner) for MacOS, San Jose, CA, US.
  337. Terran Robotics, High performace workstations (computer systems, PCs), Reno, NV, US.
  338. TerraNet, Internet service provider and van, Boston, MA, US.
  339. Terrestris Web Design, Web site design, Web presence, maintenance, Coral Springs, FL, US.
  340. Terry Morse, Web publishing software (Myrmidon) for the Macintosh, Los Altos, CA, US.
  341. TESAE Group, (Greek) Computer engineering group, business and educational software, Athens, GR.
  342. Tessart, Offshore programming, reengineering, Y2K for multilingual applications, etc., Kiev, UA.
  343. Tessel Systems, Raster editing for AutoCAD LT (CADRaster) and document management (HyperDoc), Stockholm, SE.
  344. Test, expert computer based training systems, Shrewsbury, NJ, US.
  345. Test company, Test entry., Berkeley, CA, US.
  346. Test company, Test entry., Berkeley, CA, US.
  347. Test Systems, Test equipment training/services in Mil-Std-1553, Phoenix, AZ, US.
  348. TestEdge, IC test engineering services, digital, mixed-signal, RF, San Diego, CA, US.
  349. Testscape, QA, functional, performance, usability, security, etc. testing, Hyderabad, IN.
  350. Tetrapod Communications, Custom programming, system administrative services, consulting, etc., Harlow, UK.
  351. Tex.NET, Internet service provider (ISP), Prato, IT.
  352. Texas Instruments, technology building blocks (e.g. semiconductor chips) and systems, JOBS, Dallas, TX, US.
  353. Texas Internet Consulting (TIC), Austin, TX, US.
  354. Texas Memory Systems, high speed solid-state memory systems, Houston, TX, US.
  355. Texas Metronet, Internet VAN, Irving, TX, US.
  356. Texas Micro, Ruggedized computers, ISA/PCI, EISA/PCI, fault tolerant, etc., Houston, TX, US.
  357. Texas Networking, "TexasNet" Internet service provider (ISP), San Antonio, TX, US.
  358. Texas Regional Internet Providers (TRIPnet), Internet service provider (ISP), Corpus Christi, TX, US.
  359. Texas Systems, Computer/network support - after hours, San Antonio, TX, US.
  360. TEXperts, Computer consulting, hardware, software, etc., small business focus, Columbus, OH, US.
  361. Textco, Macintosh molecular biology software, West Lebanon, NH, US.
  362. Textor Webmasters, Web site development, London, UK.
  363. TEXTURE WORLD, Graphic design textures for 3D & 2D, Houston, TX, US.
  364. Tezcat Communications, Internet service provider, Chicago, IL, US.
  365. TG Byte Software, Setup software (e.g. Setup Specialist) for Windows, Bensheim, DE.
  366. TGF Technologies, Internet service provider (ISP) and consulting, Burlington, VT, US.
  367. TGIS Innovation, Multimedia (video, audio), Web site design, computer systems (PCs), Walnut, CA, US.
  368. TGV, multi-protocol networking software for DEC, Santa Cruz, CA, US.
  369. TH Communications, electronic products, mobile data systems (AVL), Totton, Hampshire, UK.
  370. Thaddeus Computing, Publishing, handheld PC focus, Fairfield, IA, US.
  371. Thane Engineering Support Service, Data recovery, technical writing, software testing, etc., Cape Town, ZA.
  372. That Computer Fella, Consulting, repair, esp. home office and small business, Baltimore, MD, US.
  373. That Stupid Computer, On-site computer service, on-line shopping, free email, etc., Connersville, IN, US.
  374. Thawte Consulting, Certificate services, certification/security consulting, SSL, Durbanville, ZA.
  375. The Chip, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, maintenance (e.g. Microsoft, Apple), Valencia, CA, US.
  376. The Communications Group (TCG), Network support software (NetSupport), Prague, CZ.
  377. The Holt Partnership, Web site design, business partnerships, consulting, etc., Welwyn Garden City, UK.
  378. The Joseph Company, Network integration, computer systems (PCs e.g. dental), St.Louis, MO, US.
  379. The Little Bazaar, CD and DVD duplication services, London, UK.
  380. The Miller Group, Web site design, advertising/marketing, graphics, etc., Los Angeles, CA, US.
  381. The Network Department, Network integration, security, Web site design, etc., Malvern, PA, US.
  382. the OTHER media, Web site design, database and education focus, Kingston on Thames, UK.
  383. The T1, T1 pricing/comparisons, Ashburn, VA, US.
  384. The Training Precinct Australia, Online training, e.g. information technology, Brisbane, QLD, AU.
  385. The Wire, Internet service provider (ISP), DSL, colocation, Web side development, etc., Toronto, ON, CA.
  386. TheLinuxStore, Computer systems (Linux PCs), accessories, online catalog, Scottsdale, AZ, US.
  387. Internet Services, Internet service provider (ISP), Dallas, TX, US.
  388. ThePoint Internet Services, Internet service provider, Sellersburg, IN, US.
  389., Supply chain management for B2B (purchase order, RFQ, etc.), Newport Beach, CA, US.
  390. Theta Computer, Computer systems, Culver City, CA, US.
  391. Thin Film Technology, Thin film components for computers, test, telecommunications, auto, Mankato, MN, US.
  392. Thin Ice Communications, Web site design, ecommerce, training software, programming, etc., St. Louis, MO, US.
  393. Thinck Associates, European legal firm focusing on information technology, Antwerp, BE.
  394. Think 1 Software, Consulting, network integration, training, etc., small business focus, St. Louis, MO, US.
  395. Thinking Machines Corp. (TMC), high performance parallel computers, Cambridge, MA, US.
  396. Thinking Pictures, digital cinima (video), New York, NY, US.
  397. Thinklogical, Console servers, fiber optic KVM switches and extenders, Milford, CT, US.
  398. ThinkNet, consulting and custom software, Toronto, ON, CA.
  399. Thinkstream, Document and forms management software, Beaverton, OR, US.
  400. Thinktank, Entrepreneur center, Amsterdam, NL.
  401., Provider of virtual business remote computing, networking, San Jose, CA, US.
  402. Third Millennium Communications, Web presence and support, consulting, market evaluation, etc., Decatur, GA, US.
  403. Thirdline, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, repair, etc., Bordon, UK.
  404., Web page URL redirection and simplification, IS.
  405. THNK Group, Computer hardware, telecom. equipment, etc., Belgrade, CS.
  406. Thomas Bros. Maps, map products, digital map data, and mapping related software, Irvine, CA, US.
  407. Thomas Idea, Web site design, network integration, database, consulting, etc., Bangkok, TH.
  408. Thomas Publishing, product information, New York, NY, US.
  409. Thomas Slater Consulting, Security, Risk Management, and other consulting, San Antonio, TX, US.
  410. Thomas-Conrad, Network transport products, Austin, TX, US.
  411. ThomaSoft, Consulting, technical support (e.g. on-site), network integration, etc., Georgetown, MA, US.
  412. Thomasoft, Web presence, Web site design, DB and network design, etc., Mount Prospect, IL, US.
  413. Thomason Internet Consulting, Web site design, promotion, Fremont, CA, US.
  414. Thomsen Consulting, Web site design, Richmond Hill, GA, US.
  415. Thomson & Thomson, Trademark and copyright research, DBMS (e.g. SAEGIS), North Quincy, MA, US.
  416. Thor Technologies, Automated/bundled web services and business applications (Xellerate), New York, NY, US.
  417. ThoughtPort Authority, Internet service provider (ISP), network management, and media development, New York, NY, US.
  418. Thousand Oaks PC Repair, On-site computer support for homes and businesses, Thousand Oaks, CA, US.
  419. Three E Tech, Web presence provider, Vancouver, BC, CA.
  420. Three Rivers Internet, Web presence provider (WPP), Web site design, DBMS, etc. (Macintosh), Richland, WA, US.
  421. Three-Five System, Custom displays/display systems for EOMs (e.g. LCD/LED components), Beijing, CN.
  422. Throttle.Net, High speed corporate Internet service provider (ISP), Irvine, CA, US.
  423. Thrustmaster, Computer game controllers, Hillsboro, OR, US.
  424. Thunder & Lightening (TLC), Web development software tools (Web Factory), San Diego, CA, US.
  425. Thunder Communications, Web presence and database (e.g. ODBC) hosting, Jessup, MD, US.
  426. Thunderhawk Internet Systems, Web presence, design, analysis, Boston, MA, US.
  427. Thunderstone Software/EPI, intelligent concept searching and text retrieval, Cleveland, OH, US.
  428. Thurlow-Hill Services, Web site design, custom database, network integration, Hamilton, ON, CA.
  429. Thycotic WebDesign, Web site design, Canterbury, UK.
  430. TiarraCorp, Web site design, Web presence, graphics, promotion, adult focus, Midland Park, NJ, US.
  431. TIBCO, Information systems integration (e.g. The Information Bus - TIB), Palo Alto, CA, US.
  432. TIC, Texac Internet Consulting, Austin, TX, US.
  433. TickPC Technology, Computer systems (PCs), network equipment, etc., on-line catalog, Bath, UK.
  434., ISP, Web presence provider, DS-1, DS3, DSL, co-location, etc., Dallas, TX, US.
  435. Tidal Power Technologies, Manufacture mini notebook PCs, Shih-Chi City, Taipei Hsien, TW.
  436. Tidalwave Technologies, High Availability Software solutions for Unix, San Francisco, CA, US.
  437. Tidemark Solutions, Web services and software for local government, Seattle, WA, US.
  438. Tidewater Computer & Internet Solutions, On-site computer repairs/upgrades, new/used computer accessories, Shady Side, MD, US.
  439. Tidewater Institute of Technology, Instructor-led training, Microsoft, Photoshop, Comptia, Newport News, VA, US.
  440. Tiemex Logistics, Warehousing, transportation, distribution (logistics) systems, software, Zevenaar, NL.
  441. Tier Zero Networks, Internet service provider (ISP), VoIP, security, etc., Los Angeles, CA, US.
  442. Tierney's Office Automation, Computer systems (PCs), software, service, training, etc., Ennis, IE.
  443. Tierra Communications, Web information filtering software (Highlights), Kanata, ON, CA.
  444. TierraNet, Web presence provider (WPP), San Diego, CA, US.
  445. TierSolution, Software development, object oriented, distributed architectures, Livermore, CA, US.
  446. Ties, Internet training services, Roseville, MN, US.
  447. TIFNY, Usenet software, newsgroup picture downloader, decoder and viewer , New York, NY, US.
  448. TIGER EYE Consulting, Technical placement services, recruitment, resume, Redondo Beach, CA, US.
  449. Tiger Lily Designs, Graphics, Web site design, Flash, javascript, promotion, etc., Fayston, VT, US.
  450. TigerGraphic, Graphics and Web site design, Bellflower, CA, US.
  451. Tilly Development, Web site design, Tulsa, OK, US.
  452. Tim Malm Solutions, Macintosh installation and network services, consulting, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  453. Tima Scientific, Computer accessories (e.g. flash memory, modem cards, etc.), Sackville, NB, CA.
  454. Timberwolf Web Design, Web site design and development, Goodlettsville, TN, US.
  455. Time and Tide, Technical, mathematical, and statistical software and services, Surbiton, UK.
  456. Time Design, Web site design, Web presence, graphics (e.g. banners) and print design, Easton, MD, US.
  457. Time Warner Telecom, Telecommunication services, optical, broadband, etc., Littleton, CO, US.
  458. Time Warp Computers, Web site design, Web presence, Bel Air, MD, US.
  459. TimeBridge Technologies, Network integration, database, applications, etc., Lanham, MD, US.
  460. Timed, Graphic, CAD, and Web site design, computer hardware and software, Hosington, UK.
  461. TimeOut Devices, Remote computer watchdog devices (e.g. remote control or timed power cycle), Northfield, IL, US.
  462. TimePilot, PC-based time and attendance software; exports payroll software, Batavia, IL, US.
  463. Timeplex, ATM, TDM, Frame Relay technologies for enterprise networking, Hackensack, NJ, US.
  464. Times Direct Marketing, Web site design, Internet direct marketing, San Francisco, CA, US.
  465. Times Fiber Communications, Cable (fiber and coaxial), Wallingford, CT, US.
  466. Times Int'l Computers, Personal computer systems, Baldwin Park, CA, US.
  467. Timeslips, Time management, time tracking, and billing software, Dallas, TX, US.
  468. TimeTrex, Open source, web-base, time and attendance software, Westbank, BC, CA.
  469. Timik, Rack systems, e.g. 19” racks, wall mount and free standing, Colombo, LK.
  470. Timothy's Custom Scripting Service, Custom Javascripts and support, Sterling, IL, US.
  471. Tinati, (Turkish) Web presence provider, IT services, Istanbul, TR.
  472. tinfoil design, Web site design, multimedia development, logos, Stockholm, SE.
  473. TINKAN Communications, Consulting, home/small office, telephone, cable, network, etc., Las Vegas, NV, US.
  474. Tippecanoe Systems, indexing and bar code "add-in" applications for Windows, Pleasanton, CA, US.
  475. TippingPoint, Network intrusion protection systems, Austin, TX, US.
  476. TIS Communications, Telephone systems sale, installation, service, network integration, etc., El Paso, TX, US.
  477. TIS Software, Integrated financial & distribution software, Global Business Systems, Bourne End, UK.
  478. TISL, CTI based voice recording/logging/monitoring (e.g. Eventra), Slough, UK.
  479. TiVo, Set-top for personal television playback, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  480. Tivoli Systems, management environments for client/server computing, Austin, TX, US.
  481. TJ Industries, key and mouse pads to combat repetitive strain injuries, Phoenix, AZ, US.
  482. tjh Designs, Web site design, Web presence, consulting, e-commerce, Hickory, NC, US.
  483. TKGi, Web site design, graphics, multimedia, branding, etc., Beach Haven, NJ, US.
  484. TKO Personnel, Pacific Rim professional recruitment - software and semiconductors, San Jose, CA, US.
  485. TKO Video Communications, Video/audio conferencing (e.g. satellite), software, training, San Jose, CA, US.
  486. TLA Communications, Telecommunication services, voice, data, video, VOIP, etc., Baltimore, MD, US.
  487. TLC Net Server, Web site design, Web presence, Internet service provider, San Francisco, CA, US.
  488. TM Systems, Software development (esp. PowerBuilder), outsourcing, Ahmedabad, IN.
  489. TM Technology Partners, IT consuting, design, project management, New York, NY, US.
  490. TM Web, Online trademark search (US and Canada), Calgary,, AB, CA.
  491. TMC, Computer system sales (PCs) and software support, Sun Prairie, WI, US.
  492. TMC (The Mate Company), Cables, terminators, adapters, converters (e.g. SCSI), Glendale, CA, US.
  493. TMS Computer Service, Computer/printer repair, network integration/administration, San Antonio, TX, US.
  494. TMS Computer Service, Computer/network service, network integration, San Antonio, TX, US.
  495. TNL Communications, Telephone systems, IP telephony, cabling, network integration, etc., Ware, UK.
  496. TNN Software, Financial planning software ("FirstFin"), North Vancouver, BC, CA.
  497. TnTech, parallel algorithm and computation support, Bern, CH.
  498., Internet service provider (ISP), esp. 56K (V.90)/ISDN, Toledo, OH, US.
  499. Toasted Media, Short message service (SMS, text messaging), bespoke development, Bourrnmouth, UK.
  500. Tobar Computer Systems, Computer systems, peripherals, accessories, Oakhurst, CA, US.
  501. Today's Technology, Computer systems (PCs), portables, training, service, Buffalo, MO, US.
  502. Tommy Dew Design, Web site design, graphics, multimedia, Santa Monica, CA, US.
  503. Tone Commander, NT1 ISDN Network Terminations and Centrex consoles, Mukilteo, WA, US.
  504. Toner Products, Supplies for printers, FAXes, and plotters, Los Gatos, CA, US.
  505. TonerPro, Toner catridges, laser printer and copier supplies on-line, New York, NY, US.
  506. ToneTel Telecom, Telephone system installation/maintenance, cabling, Guildford, UK.
  507. Top Draw, Graphics, multimedia, Web site design, Edmonton, AB, CA.
  508. Top Gun Technologies, Cisco/security training: CCIE lab, CCNP/NA, CCSE/SA, MCSE, PIX, Bangalore, IN.
  509. Top Image Systems (TiS), Data capture/processing software for forms processing (e.g. eFLOW), Tel Aviv, IL.
  510. Top Shelf Designs, Web site design, graphics, San Diego, CA, US.
  511. Top Web Designing, Web site design, Web presence/hosting, multimedia, Hyderabad, IN.
  512. topEdition, Computer systems (PCs), accessories, on-line catalog, Naperville, IL, US.
  513. TopLine Software, client/server applications (Powerbuilder), Meriden, CT, US.
  514. Toppoint Mailbox, Internet service provider, Kiel, DE.
  515. TopRank Web Design, Web site design, promotion/search engine optimization, Minneapolis, MN, US.
  516. TopSpeed, Clarion application building software for Windows, Pompano Beach, FL, US.
  517. Torabi, Consulting, e-commerce, design, development (esp. Windows), DBMS, etc., Pacific Palisades, CA, US.
  518. Toronto Computer Service, Computer repair, upgrade, training, Toronto, ON, CA.
  519. Torrent, Parallel computing framework (Orchestrate), Cambridge, MA, US.
  520. Toshiba America, notebook system information center.
  521. Total Corporate Services, computers, peripherials and software for business, Campbell, CA, US.
  522. Total Entertainment Network (TEN), multi-player online games, San Francisco, CA, US.
  523. Total Marketing Services, Videos & CD-ROMs (e.g. educational/computing), online catalog, Perris, CA, US.
  524. Total Network Solutions (TNS), Network design/integration, e-commerce, services, Oswestry, UK.
  525. Total Peripheral Repair, Disk drive recovery and repair, San Diego, CA, US.
  526. Total Peripherals, Personal computer (PC) distributor, Northboro, MA, US.
  527. Total Resolution, Scientific software for electron microscopy & crystallography, Berkeley, CA, US.
  528. Total Solutions Consulting, Network integration, design, security, database, etc., Santa Clara, CA, US.
  529. TotalCom Business Systems, Telecommunication solutions (cellular, "Intelenet" telephone callback), New York, NY, US.
  530. TOTALLY CONNECTED, Internet service provider (ISP), DeLand, FL, US.
  531. Totally Wireless, wireless voice and data communications, San Jose, CA, US.
  532. Touch Menus, Complete restaurant point-of-sale software systems, Redmond, WA, US.
  533. Touch N' Go Systems, Office support software ("Electronic In and Out Board "), Anchorage, AK, US.
  534. Touchscreen Media Group, multimedia development - graphics, video, interactive, New York, NY, US.
  535. TowerCom, Software for payroll management, time accounting, employee scheduling, etc., Stamford, CT, US.
  536. Toyo Engineering, engineering and construction, Tokyo, JP.
  537. TQM Communications, consulting and information services, London, UK.
  538. Trace-Net, Network consulting specializing in LAN/WAN design and support, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  539. Tracewell Systems, Enclosures, chassis, backplanes, power supplies, for CompactPCI, VME, VXI, Westerville, OH, US.
  540. Trackit Systems, Bar code systems and equipment, Bradford, UK.
  541. TraCom, Interactive mulitimedia development, CBT, EPSS, Phoenix, AZ, US.
  542. Tracon Industries, Design, engineering and integration of telecom/broadcast convergent technologies, Indianapolis, IN, US.
  543. Tracy Minntronix, Magnetics, transformers & inductors for telecom., power applications, Tracy, MN, US.
  544. Trade Manage, Trade management, call logger software for financial broker/dealers, Fair Lawn, NJ, US.
  545. Trade Show Solutions, Custom Booth and Display Design and Fabrication, Austin, TX, US.
  546. TRADE'ex Electronic Commerce Systems, Business to business, Tampa, FL, US.
  547. TradeNet International, Used computers, export, Annapolis, MD, US.
  548. Tradeum, E-commerce (business to business) software (e.g. Xchange Suite), San Francisco, CA, US.
  549. TradeWave, Secure intranet software for electronic commerce (e.g. TradeVPI), Austin, TX, US.
  550. TradEX International, client/server remote access database software, North Miami Beach, FL, US.
  551. Trafford Publishing, Print on demand publishing and internet bookstore, Victoria, BC, CA.
  552. Train Signal, Computer training, Microsoft, Cisco, etc. (CBT), Rolling Meadows, IL, US.
  553. Training On Video, Video training for Unix, C/C++, and Windows, Santa Cruz, CA, US.
  554. Training Point, IT application, Internet, and business management training, Chalfont St Peter, UK.
  555. Trainingetc, Software training (programming, Web, database, Unix, etc.), Columbia, MD, US.
  556. TrainPerfect, Software training in Microsoft, Novell, Lotus, etc., Laguna Hills, CA, US.
  557. Trancell Systems, Small office Internet access (e.g. Web Ramp), Santa Clara, CA, US.
  558. Trango Systems, Network integration, wireless, multipoint, Poway, CA, US.
  559. Transaction Information Systems, Systems integration and technology consulting, evaluations, networks, New York, NY, US.
  560. Transair Australia, Sales and service of mobile satellite communications equipment, Osborne Park, WA, AU.
  561. Transarc, client/server and distributed systems (e.g. DCE), Pittsburgh, PA, US.
  562. Translucent Developments, Web site design/development, Web presence/hosting, Phoenix, AZ, US.
  563. Transmeta, Low power processors (Crusoe) for mobile computing, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  564. Transmond, Web site localization, translation, London, UK.
  565. Transparen, Consulting, programming, data (disk) recovery, Surrey, BC, CA.
  566. Transparen, Consulting, network administration, esp. Linux, Surrey, BC, CA.
  567. Transparency Systems, Relational databases optimization software (Beanstalk - JAVA, JDBC, ...), Ottawa, ON, CA.
  568. Transparent Communications, Web presence provider, network design, computer cabling & installation, Durban, ZA.
  569. Transparent Technology, Resells comm./net products (WAN specialty, ATM, ISDN, SONET...), North Palm Beach, FL, US.
  570. Transpower Technologies, Magnetic components for ethernet, telecom., datacom, power, etc., Reno, NV, US.
  571. TransSys, SLIP for NeXT and Unix consulting, Purdue, IN, US.
  572. TranSwitch, VLSI for advanced telecomm. (PDH, SDH/SONET, and ATM), Shelton, CT, US.
  573. TransWorld Inc., European language translation services (e.g. Web content), Cincinnati, OH, US.
  574. Traquair Data Systems, TMS320C40 & C44 Digital Signal Processing (DSP) hardware and software, Ithaca, NY, US.
  575. Traveling Software, PC software including LapLink for Windows, Bothell, WA, US.
  576. Traveller Information Services, Internet service and consulting, Huntsville, AL, US.
  577., E-mail service, Web site design, Cyber Cafe database, San Francisco, CA, US.
  578. Treehouse Software, utility software for IBM, Unix, and Windows, Sewickley, PA, US.
  579. Trellian Software Australia, Producer of Web site promotion (e.g. SubmitWolf)/ecomerce software, Beaumaris, VIC, AU.
  580. Trend Communications, Communications test equipment (e.g. ISDN, ATM, and frame relay), High Wycombe, UK.
  581. Trend Computers, Computer systems (PCs), new/used, accessories, on-line catalog, Darlington, UK.
  582. Trendfish Marketing, (German) Web site design, online marketing, market research, Kropp, DE.
  583. Trendtech Corporation, Typing tutorial software (FasType) and consulting, Scottsdale, AZ, US.
  584. Trenz & Owerfeldt Software, (German) Software for canteens, restaurants, hotels, catering..., Saarbrücken, DE.
  585. Trexko Technologies, Web presence provider (WPP), Piacenza, IT.
  586. TRI Telecommunications Resources, Long distance telephone service, Liberty, MO, US.
  587. Tri Soft Network, Web site design, computer systems, networking (Novell, Windows), etc., Dumfries, VA, US.
  588. Tri Valley Internet, Internet service provider (ISP), Pleasanton, CA, US.
  589. Tri-icon Computer Systems, networking solutions for the Title Industry, Santa Barbara, CA, US.
  590. Tri-Pacific Consulting, Custom programming, real-time, training, placement, Alameda, CA, US.
  591. Tri-Point technology Solutions, Point of Sale (POS) software/services, retail, etc., Sarasota, FL, US.
  592. Tria M, MultiMedia authoring and instructional design software and resources, Veenendaal, NL.
  593. TRIAD Consulting, Software training/development/documentation (e.g. schools/industry), Flint, MI, US.
  594. Triad Software, Shareware and freeware for DOS, Sequim, WA, US.
  595. Triad Spectrum, Memory testing hardware/software (TurboCATS), rambus, ddr, flash, etc., Richardson, CA, US.
  596. TriadCom, Internet service provider (ISP), other Internet services (e.g. language), Boulder, CO, US.
  597. Trianet, Internet service provider (ISP), Web site design, Web presence, Miami, FL, US.
  598. Triangle Circuits, Manufactur multi-layer printed circuit boards for OEMs/contract, Oakmont, PA, US.
  599. Triangle Venture Capital Group, (German) High technology early stage venture capital financing , Heppenheim, DE.
  600., Internet "newspaper" and consulting services, Casper, WY, US.
  601. Tribal Core, Web site design, consulting, esp. music/entertainment, Ojai, CA, US.
  602. Tribal Voice, Internet communication software (PowWow), Woodland Park, CO, US.
  603. Tribe Computer Works, AppleTalk and Ethernet networking hardware.
  604. Trichys, Collaboration software, "WorkZone", Internet/extranet, Conshohocken, PA, US.
  605. Trident Data Systems, Information technology and protection systems integration, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  606. Trident Services, OS/390 MVS/ESA software tools systems consulting, Sausalito, CA, US.
  607. Tridia, Remote control, Java terminal emulation software for UNIX, Windows NT , Kennesaw, GA, US.
  608. TriGem Computer, (Korean), KR.
  609. Trigent Software, Offshore software, custom application development/programming, Natick, MA, US.
  610. Trilinea distribution B.V., (Dutch) E-mail and other Internet software, Amsterdam, NL.
  611. Trillium Digital Systems, Software for communications (ATM, SS7, ISDN, Frame Relay, X.25 ...), Los Angeles, CA, US.
  612. Trilogie Consultants, Information for technology firms interested in international market expansion, Boston, MA, US.
  613. Trilogy Technology, Web and database application software tools (OpenPath), Pomona, CA, US.
  614. TriNet Services, Consulting, training, and publishing of Triangle Online, Cary, NC, US.
  615. TriniComp Systems, Reseller, buy/sell Sun, IBM, HP equipment, Peabody, MA, US.
  616. Trinity Interactive, Web site design, presence/hosting, consulting, etc., London, GB.
  617. Trinity Systems, supplier of Macintosh and PC utilities, games and CD-ROMs, UK.
  618. Trinity Technologies, Buy/sell new/refurbished Lucent, Paradyne, Cisco, NCR, AT&T products, Fargo, ND, US.
  619. Trinité Limited, Messaging, Fax, voice and Internet (e.g. firewall) services, Wendover, UK.
  620. Trioniq, Computer/communication packaging/support (e.g. MakinaBOX, a PC card cassette), Chicoutimi, PQ, CA.
  621. Triple G, computing solutions for medical pathology, Ballarat West, VIC, AU.
  622. Triple-I, Consulting, systems integration, project management, etc., Overland Park, KS, US.
  623. TriPlus Technologies, Virtual desktop software for Windows, Santa Barbara, CA, US.
  624. Tripod, network information and services oriented toward students, Williamstown, MA, US.
  625. Tripwire, Security/integrity checking software, routers, etc., Portland, OR, US.
  626. TriTeal, Unix client/server solutions for enterprise computing, Carlsbad, CA, US.
  627. Tritech Computer Solutions, Computer service, sales, remote support, parts, and software, Siler City, NC, US.
  628. Tritech Solution, Printer and terminal repair, Garden Grove, CA, US.
  629. Triumph Logistic Computers (TLC), PC Multimedia products, Covina, CA, US.
  630. Triumvirat, (Russian) Web site design, legal services, Moscow, RU.
  631. TRL EMC, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing, CE badging, FCC, UL, etc., Gloucester, UK.
  632. TRL Technology, Custom design of satellite and terrestrial comm. systems; ATM encryption, Tewkesbury, UK.
  633. Tronlogic, Computer repairs/network support services, security, Edmonton, AB, CA.
  634. Tropix, Photographic library, Merseyside, UK.
  635. Trove Investment, "NetNanny" software for filtering objectionable Internet information, Vancouver, BC, CA.
  636. True Blue Computers, Personal computer (PC) systems, Plano, TX, US.
  637. True North Computer Services, Point of sale (POS), inventory control, invoicing software, Huntsville, ON, CA.
  638. True Sol, Web site design, programming/software development, etc., Karachi, PK.
  639. TrueClone, Computer hardware, Concord, CA, US.
  640. TRUEnet, (Spanish) Internet service provider (ISP), Caracas, VE.
  641. TruePulse Telecommunication Equipment, Surplus/refurbished telecommunications equipment, Richmond Hill, ON, CA.
  642. Trump Systems, Computer hardware and software, sales and service, Bolton, ON, CA.
  643. Trumpet Software, Windows Sockets 1.1 compatible TCP/IP stack, Hobart, TAS, AU.
  644. Trusted Information Systems, information systems security solutions, Mountain View, CA, US.
  645. TRW, high technology products and services, Cleveland, OH, US.
  646. TRX Integration, MRP, ERP, supply chain, accounting, inventory, Oracle software, etc., Clearwater, FL, US.
  647. trynet, Web site design and management, Nutley, NJ, US.
  648. TS4B, Network integration, backups, web site design, programming, etc., Middlesbrough, UK.
  649. TSCO, Contract programming, consulting: MS Access, VisualBasic, MS SQL, etc., Oxnard, CA, US.
  650. Tseng Labs, Video graphics products (e.g. accelerators and controllers), Fairless Hills, PA, US.
  651. TSI, Disaster recovery and contingency planning consulting (e.g. year 2000), Allentown, PA, US.
  652. TSI International Software, Electronic commerce (e.g. EDI, data entry ...) software, Wilton, CT, US.
  653. TSi Power, Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and power protection equipment, Norcross, GA, US.
  654. Tsiusa, (Spanish) Computer systems integrator, hardware, software, Gijón, ES.
  655. Tsunami Communications, DSL Internet services for apartment building/office complex residents, State College, PA, US.
  656. Tsymbal Enterprises, Internet connectivity and World Wide Web consulting, Somerville, MA, US.
  657. TT Designs, Marine computing - navigation, weather and related products, Southampton, UK.
  658. TT Systems (Technical Training), Consulting, training, programming, IT services, Columbia, MD, US.
  659. TTL Communications, Web site design, graphics, photography, print, etc., Montreal, PQ, CA.
  660. Tuanis Technology, Design/implementation for wireless data net, consulting, Austin, TX, US.
  661. TUCOWS, Winsock software collection.
  662. TuDogs, Free clipart, animations, windows, webtools, games, etc., Cape Town, WA, AU.
  663. TuffNet, Web site design, promotion, consulting, database, etc., Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.
  664. Tumbay Consulting, IT consulting, Web site design, data recovery, etc., London, UK.
  665. Tumbleweed Communications, Internet security software, inc. email encryption, content filtering, Redwood City, CA, US.
  666. Tunanet, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence provider, New York, NY, US.
  667. Tundra Semiconductor, VMEbus interface devices and embedded PCI Bus bridging chips, Kanata, ON, CA.
  668. Tuolima, Networking equipment, Ethernet, fiber, CATV, etc. , Hangzhou, CN.
  669. TurboGuide, CD-ROMs and commercial software directory, Rome, IT.
  670. Turbolinux, Linux systems for enterprise computing, database, Brisbane, CA, US.
  671. TurboPower Software, Software development tools (Delphi), Colorado Springs, CO, US.
  672. Turbosales, Web presence provider and Web site development, Deerfield Beach, FL, US.
  673. Turingia Enterprises, Short term project management and consulting (e.g. electronics spare parts), Burnaby, BC, CA.
  674. Turku Telephone, Turku, FI.
  675. Turnaround Team, The, strategic marketing and management, comm., and consulting, Westfield, NJ, US.
  676. Turner Consulting Group, Consulting, e-commerce, e-government, systems integration, etc., Washington, DC, US.
  677. Turquoise Business Services, Graphics, scanning, image enhancement, Web development and consulting, Dolores, CO, US.
  678. Turtle Island Enterprises, Web site design, consulting, and training, Camano Island, WA, US.
  679. Turtle Partnership, The, Lotus Notes/Domino strategy, design, development, and training, London, UK.
  680. Turtle's Web Art & Design, Graphics, Web site design, interface design, etc., Albany, NY, US.
  681. TUSC, Management/technical consulting, training for Oracle, Lombard, IL, US.
  682. Tut Systems, Copper wire networking, e.g. home, xSDL, MAN, LAN extension, etc., Pleasant Hill, CA, US.
  683. Tuxon Technology, (French) Computer systems (PCs), online catalog, Paris, FR.
  684. Tuxtops, Laptops running Linux, support, Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  685. TV Net, Television related information and advertising, Los Angeles, CA, US.
  686. TVisions, marketing, advertising, and publishing using interactive multimedia, Cambridge, MA, US.
  687. TVS Electronics (TVS-E), Manufacture computer peripherals - printers, keyboards, UPS, etc., Chennai, IN.
  688. TVS Online, Web site design, graphics and management, Fremont, NE, US.
  689. Twenty First Century, Internet service provider, Seattle, WA, US.
  690. Twics, Internet service provider, Tokyo, JP.
  691. Twin Antennas, Antenna manufactureres, Baroda, IN.
  692. Twin Cities Digital, Buy/sell used cisco, compaq, hp, ibm, sun equipment, Burnsville, MN, US.
  693. Twin Data, Hardware/software/services for IBM AS/400, AS/36, 3270, Union, NJ, US.
  694. Twin Industries, Prototype boards, etc. for PCI, AGP, PCMCIA, VESA, ISA, VME/VXI, etc., Santa Clara, CA, US.
  695. Twin Rivers Communications, Web site design, graphics, Web presence provider (WPP), Atlanta, GA, US.
  696. Twisted Pair Services, Web presence provider (WPP), Belle, WV, US.
  697. Twisted-Pair Networks, Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Attleboro, MA, US.
  698. Twister-NET BBS, Web authoring and artwork, Shawnee Mission, KS, US.
  699. TxPORT, Data, voice, SNMP, T1, T3, DDS, ISDN - WAN technologies, Madison, AL, US.
  700. TygerHawke, Web site design, graphics, training, e-commerce, consulting, etc., Corpus Christi, TX, US.
  701. TymeWyse Internet, Internet service provider (ISP), dial-up 56k, Canyonville, OR, US.
  702. Tyrell, Internet service provider (ISP), Kansas City, MO, US.
  703. Tyrex Manufacturing Group, cabling products (connectors, fiber, etc.), Austin, TX, US.

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