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Computer and Communication Companies ("Y" entries)

  1. Yacht Design Software, Software to compare the sailing characteristics sailboats, Swans Island, ME, US.
  2. Yamaha, and their computer products, Buena Park, CA, US.
  3. Yankelovich Partners, marketing research and consulting, Norwalk, CT, US.
  4. Yantai HuaDong Electron Information Technology, (Chinese) Software development, harbour navigation, Yantai, CN.
  5. Year-2000-Project, Year 2000 (Y2K) consulting, testing, certification (e.g. free), etc., Auburn, NH, US.
  6. Yellow Internet (YI), (German) Web presence provider (WPP), Munich, DE.
  7. Yellow Magic, Business management and directory publishing software, Calabasas, CA, US.
  8. YellowZone, Consulting, software, programming, Web site design, B2B e-commerce, Encino, CA, US.
  9. YFactor, Web site design, graphics, database, consulting, programming, etc., Brampton, ON, CA.
  10. Yggdrasil Computing, open system software, Lewisburg, PA, US.
  11. Yoko Electronic Solution, Web site design, Web presence, e-commerce, etc., Mumbai, IN.
  12. Yokogawa, Industrial control hardware and software , Tokoyo, JP.
  13. Young Technology Group, Web site design, presence, support, network integration, consulting, Panama City, FL, US.
  14. Your Site, Web presence (WPP) and Web site design, Pittsfield, MA, US.
  15. Your Software Solutions, career opportunity development and support, Marlboro, MA, US.
  16. YourWebFuture, Web design and promotion products and information, Austin, TX, US.
  17. Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems, proposed venture, Internet related, Herndon, VA, US.
  18. Yphise, Software evaluation reports: help desk, Y2K, data warehouse, etc., Paris, FR.
  19. ySecret, Web site design, Web presence, colocation, promotion, etc., Port Hueneme, CA, US.
  20. Yurie Systems, Communication systems (ATM access, LDR, AQueMan, LANET), Landover, MD, US.
  21. YYZ Consulting Group, Integration services and custom application development, Newton Centre, MA, US.

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