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Computer and Communication Companies ("Z" entries)

  1. Z Computer, Computer services, support. Site visits, Vancouver, BC, CA.
  2. Z Tech Computers, Computer systems, peripherals, and accessories, Mentor, OH, US.
  3. Z3 ENGINEERING, Consulting, network integration, training, IT support, San Jose, CA, US.
  4. Zaehler Netpromote, Web presence and promotion, Web counter software, Wuelfrath, DE.
  5. ZAF, Web site design, Riyadh, SA.
  6. Zan Software, Network communication software, ZanNet - Windows to Unix, Gaylord, MI, US.
  7. Zansys Technologies, Offshore outsourcing software development, Web site design, Suite 910, Chicago, IL, US.
  8. Zarquon Media, Web site design, Lachine, PQ, CA.
  9. Zaxor Software, enterprise document management software (Zorb), Gaithersburg, MD, US.
  10. Zayla conception Web, (French) Web site design, Web presence, consulting, Montreal, PQ, CA.
  11. ZD Bueche Web Design, Web site design, Charlotte, NC, US.
  12. ZD Exposition and Conference Company, conferences and computer literature, Foster City, CA, US.
  13. ZDI Net, Graphics, Web site design, Fayetteville, NC, US.
  14. ZDNet, Computing content, anti-virus and other support tools, Cambridge, MA, US.
  15. Zeba, Computer hardware distributor, San Diego, CA, US.
  16. Zebra Communications, Web design and computer technology and consulting, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
  17. Zeeb, Agentur fuer Werbung und Kommunikation, (German) marketing services, Grabs, CH.
  18. ZeeGraf, Web site design, discount, Bluefield, WV, US.
  19. ZeeSoft, Custom software development, consulting, Los Altos, CA, US.
  20. Zei Microsystems, Computer hardware and accessories, CPU's, memory, motherboards, etc., Henrietta, NY, US.
  21. Zeitech, "The Consultant's Homepage", consulting information and networking, New York, NY, US.
  22. ZeitNet, ATM adapter cards and software for PC's, workstations, and servers, Santa Clara, CA, US.
  23. Zend Technologies, PHP promotion, software, support, etc., Ramat Gan, IL.
  24. Zendex, PCB's, multi-bus, cimbus, LCD displays, flat panels, etc., Dublin, CA, US.
  25. ZeNETeX, Network integration, consulting, esp. US government, Herndon, VA, US.
  26. Zenith Data Systems (ZDS), personal and server computer systems, Buffalo Grove, IL, US.
  27. ZENO, Web site design, Cincinnati, OH, US.
  28. Zentrum für Interaktive Medien (ZIM), (German) Center for interactive media, Koeln, DE.
  29. ZENWEB, Web site design, Aspley, QLD, AU.
  30. Zeos Informatics, Software development, consulting, Java, J2EE, DBMS etc., Munich, DE.
  31. Zephyr, Legacy-to-Web and host connectivity (e.g. IBM) software, Houston, TX, US.
  32. Zephyr Telecommunications, Competitive local exchange/International long distance telephone services, Madison, NJ, US.
  33. ZEPnet, (Dutch) Education, training and consulting (e.g. Java) Netherlands, Middelharnis, Middelharnis, NL.
  34. Zero Assumption Recovery Software, Data recovery software, disk support tools, Moscow, RU.
  35. Zero G, Software deployment software, systems (e.g. InstallAnywhere), San Francisco, CA, US.
  36. Zero One Networking, 3Com networking equipment, Santa Ana, CA, US.
  37. Zero-Knowledge Systems, Privacy software for the Internet, encryption, Montreal, PQ, CA.
  38. Zeus Technology, Web servers (hardware/software), Cambridge, UK.
  39. ZF Linux Devices, Linux systems from semiconductors to appliances (e.g. real time), Palo Alto, CA, US.
  40. ZFC, UNIX and Atari Software, Amsterdam, NL.
  41. ZFC Consulting, Web site design, Web presence, network integration, multimedia, etc., Toronto, ON, CA.
  42. Zhong Lian Electronic & Technology (Z&L Sceptre Group), (Chinese) Long distance, PBX, PCM, Wireless, telecommunications, Beijing, CN.
  43. Zi, Computer input of Chinese characters (Zi Input), Calgary, AB, CA.
  44. Ziatech, CompactPCI and STD 32 industrial computer manufacturer, San Luis Obispo, CA, US.
  45. Ziehl industrie-elektronik, Monitoring, measuring equipment (eg. temperature), Schwäbisch Hall, DE.
  46. Zif Internet Services, Web presence, web site design, email services, Atlanta, GA, US.
  47. Ziff-Davis Publishing, computer related magazines and benchmarking software, New York, NY, US.
  48. Zilker Internet Park, Internet service provider, Austin, TX, US.
  49. Zilog, electronics, datacommunications, computer peripherals, Campbell, CA, US.
  50. Zinc Software, object-oriented, multiplatform, intnl. software dev. tools, Pleasant Grove, UT, US.
  51. Zing Network, Interpage entertainment (Zing player) software during Web waits, San Francisco, CA, US.
  52. Ziost Technologies, Software development, outsourcing, offshore, Sevastopol, UA.
  53. ZipLip.Com, Web based secure communication - e.g. email, Mountain View, CA, US.
  54. Zippo Dot Com, Usenet news index publishing, "The Daily News", Sunnyvale, CA, US.
  55. Zitel, high-performance storage and communication products, Fremont, CA, US.
  56. zNET, Internet service provider (ISP) SF and SD areas, Solana Beach, CA, US.
  57. ZNYX, PCI based adapters and switching hardware, Fremont, CA, US.
  58. Zocalo, Engineering and Design, Berkeley, CA, US.
  59. Zogoz Design, Web site design, promotion, graphics, fonts, etc., Ithaca, NY, US.
  60. Zona Research, Internet information and advice/consulting, Redwood City, CA, US.
  61. Zoom Informatica, (Spanish) Internet and PC products, Molina de Segura, ES.
  62. Zoom.Com, Internet service provider (ISP), Fremont, CA, US.
  63. Zoommax Computers, Custom built computer systems, Sacramento, CA, US.
  64. Zorgnet, (Dutch) Helpdesk/network services for EDI in Dutch healthcare, Apeldoorn, NL.
  65. ZTI, Telecommunication testing tools, IP, ISDN, ATM, etc., traffic, protocol, Lannion, FR.
  66. Zuck, Computer systems (PCs, custom), Brooklyn, NY, US.
  67. Zycad, Electronic design automation hardware and software, Fremont, CA, US.
  68. Zycko, Networking equipment, storage, security, etc., Cirencester, UK.
  69. Zydigo Technologies, Web/CD-based training, Web site design, multimedia, etc., Lake Oswego, OR, US.
  70. ZyLAB, Full text retrieval and publishing software, Buffalo Grove, IL, US.
  71. Zynet, Internet service provider (ISP) and Web presence provider (WPP), Exeter, UK.
  72. ZyXEL, Intelligent Modems, Anaheim, CA, US.

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