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Media Cross References

  1. Computer hardware and software manufacturers, Includes a list of online magazines.
  2. Computer Magazines and News Links, From Design Concepts Unlimited.
  3. Directory of Technical Magazines, Mostly print magazines.
  4. Ecola's Newsstand - Computer Publications, guide to Web sites of paper-printed computer publications.
  5. Greek Magazines, from Compupress S.A.
  6. Legal Bytes, Comments and clarifications on legal issues of telecommunications.
  7. LENGUA, Online newspapers and magazines, Index.
  8. Links to online magazines, from the Electric Book Company.
  9. Magazine list, from Ziff-Davis Publishing quite extensive.
  10. Magazines, from ElectriCiti.
  11. Magazines, and Newspapers from Yahoo.
  12. Magazines and Journals, from Information Bank.
  13. MagNet, Computer Related Magazines Around the World. Extensive!.
  14. MediaFinder, Online media (magazines, mailing lists, periodicals) directory, Oxbridge Communications.
  15. Periodicals, from Network World.
  16. Periodicals, from the The Digital Information Infrastructure Guide (DIIG) at MIT.
  17. Publications Directory, from CMP quite extensive.
  18. Starting Point - Magazines, from Superhighway Consulting.
  19. TechMedia, Index/search engine/directory of European computer/communication (IT) publications.
  20. Trade Magazines/Journals, from Keith O'Brien's Telecom Info.
  21. Wimsey Magazine Shop, from Wimsey Information Services.

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