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Organizations Cross References

  1. American Universities, from University of Florida.
  2. ANSI Gateway to Standards Organizations
  3. Associations Involved in Multimedia Development and Related Activities, from University of North Carolina.
  4. Australian Cooperative Research Centres, Information & Communications Technology.
  5. College and Universities, (hundreds) international from MIT.
  6. Community Network Information related Organizations, from Paul M.A. Baker at George Mason University.
  7. Consortia and Research Centers, from general index site, Galaxy.
  8. Directory of Hi-Tech Organizations, Engineering and Medical/Life Sciences.
  9. Federal Web Locator, from the Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy.
  10. Information Technology Trade Associations, from the US Department of Commerce.
  11. Internet Trade Associations, from the US Department of Commerce.
  12. Network Research Sites, from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.
  13. Networking technology consortia, from the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab.
  14. Nonprofit Organizations on the Internet, from MIT, small percentage telecom related.
  15. Professional Organizations and Government Labs of EE Interest

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