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Programs and Projects Cross References

  1. American Universities, from University of Florida.
  2. Bell Labs research projects
  3. College and Universities, (hundreds) international from MIT.
  4. Electrical Engineering Programs
  5. European Community Programmes, related to the Information Market, European Commission.
  6. Gigabit Testbed Initiative, from CNRI, list of projects and related organizations.
  7. Knowledge Discovery in Databases: Projects
  8. Projects, from the Rechenzentrum, Universitšt Stuttgart.
  9. Research Project Descriptions And Reports, from the Center for Telecommunications, Stanford.
  10., Open source collaboration support site.
  11. Supercomputing and parallel computing groups, from CMU.
  12. U.S. Government Resources
  13. U.S. Universities
  14. WISE, Information Board on European R&D.
  15. Women's History & Technology, Canada, Canadian women, computers, the internet, technology.
  16. Zapa Digital Arts, easy-to-use product enabling the creation of interactive banners..

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