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Programs and Projects (and 16 Cross References)

  1. 6bone, An IPv6 testbed.
  2. ACTS, Advanced Communications Technologies and Services, Europe.
  3. ACTS ATM Internetwork (AAI), ARPA research network providing wide area ATM connectivity.
  4. Adv. Net. System Perf. and Appl. Group (RDN-CRC:ANSPAG), at Monash University.
  5. Advanced Technology Demonstration Network (ATDnet), US Dod ATM over SONET test network.
  6. Alewife, cache-coherent, distributed shared memory multiprocessor, MIT.
  7. Andrew Consortium, Project to develop the Andrew User Interface System.
  8. Apache HTTP Server Project, based on the NCSA 1.3 http server. Industry collaboration.
  9. Argo, collaboration system research at DEC.
  10. Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Artificial intelligence research project.
  11. Aurora, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Packet Transfer Mode (PTM) testbed.
  12. BATMAN, the Boulder ATM Area Network.
  13. Bay Area Gigabit Network (BAGNet), ATM testbed.
  14. Baynet-ATM, Montery Bay are ATM pilot project.
  15. Benton Foundation's Communications Policy Project, Public interest advocacy in communications.
  16. Berkeley Internet Name Domain (ISC BIND), BSD based domain name service.
  17. BERKOM, German B-ISDN project.
  18. BLANCA, gigabit network testbed and the related Xunet program.
  19. Boutell.Com, Windows software (WebLater) for "catching" clipboard saved URLs.
  20. CalREN, program to stimulate development of high speed comm. applications, from Pacific Bell.
  21. CANARIE National Test Network, Canadian ATM test network.
  22. CASA, wide area collaborative applications over HIPPI over SONET.
  23. Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval/CIIR, University of Massachusetts.
  24. Center For Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC), at Rice University.
  25. Center for the History of Information Processing, Charles Babbage Institute, U. of Minnesota.
  26. Center for the Study of Computer Communication, Clarion University of Pennsylvania.
  27. Code 'n Quill, Desktop enhancement software, custom software development.
  28. Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI), and its Virtual Institute Columbia University.
  29. Communication Networks Laboratory, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
  30. Communications Research Centre, general communications research.
  31. Computer history, The development of scientific computing at LLNL .
  32. Cooperation, Implementation and Operation of Multimedia Teleservices (CIO), (also PS) Europe.
  33. Cornell Gatedaemon, project and consortium, "gated" software.
  34. Cornell Robotics and Vision Laboratory, Ithaca, Ny.
  35. Cosy - Concurrent Operating System, project from the University of Paderborn.
  36. Cryptography Project, promote the use of cryptography for privacy and law enforcement, Georgetown U.
  37. CU-SeeMe Desktop Videoconferencing, from Cornell University.
  38. Dept. of Telecommunications, at Bowling Green State University.
  39. devNULL, Linux computing/networking project at North Carolina State U.
  40. DFN-RPC, European Remote Procedure Call project.
  41. Digital Equipment Networking, Distributed Systems, and Argo (a collaboration system).
  42. DIMUND, Document Image Understanding Project, University of Maryland.
  43. DTM, dynamic (fast) circuit switching project, from KTH, Stockholm.
  44. eCity, electronic virtual city on Internet, London, U.K.
  45. Electrical Engineering / Communication Systems, at FernUniversität Hagen.
  46. Electronic Commerce Network (ECNet), project at Arizona State University.
  47. Electronic Freedom Foundation, gopher server.
  48. European Academic and Research Network, "EARN" - gopher server.
  49. Exploit, ATM Platform for traffic experiments in Europe, Basel.
  50. Flash, FLexible Architecture for SHared memory multiprocessor, Stanford.
  51. Flexible Computer Integrated Manufacturing (FCIM), from the US Army.
  52. Freenets Home page, from the University of Saskatchewan Canada.
  53. FutureBasic, basic programming language project for Macintosh computers.
  54. Gigabit Testbed Initiative, from the Corp. for National Research Initiatives (CNRI).
  55. Globus, Software infrastructure for distributed supercomputing.
  56. GNU, and the Free Software Foundation - "free" Unix-like (e.g. parts of Linux) software under GPL.
  57. Hermes, commercial uses of the World Wide Web research project, U. of Michigan.
  58. High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP), from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).
  59. High Performance Storage System, scalable parallel storage system for highly parallel computers.
  60. High Speed Interconnect project, at Cern with info on: ATM Fibre Channel, HIPPI, and SCI.
  61. Hipparch Project, related to "ALF" or application level framing.
  62. I-WAY, experimental high-performance ATM network linking sites for Supercomputing '95 (SC'95).
  63. Impact, Information Market Policy ACTions Program, Europe.
  64. Information Assurance Outreach Program, from the Department of Energy at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNL).
  65. Information Infrastructure Project, Policy issues adapting to an II, Harvard University.
  66. Information Processing and Computer Supported New Media (IICM), at the Technical University Graz Austria.
  67. Institut National des Télécommunications
  68. Institute of Public Policy Studies, at the University of Michigan.
  69. Internet 2, A US university collaboration for applications of high speed networking.
  70. Internet Multicasting Service, presenting the Internet Town Hall.
  71. IPng, (French) a student project, Telecom Bretagne Rennes.
  72. iPOINT Project, an ATM Pulsar Switch, CCSM M, U. of Illinois.
  73. JANET, the United Kingdom's academic and research network.
  74. Java Network Management System (JNMS), Northwestern Polytechnic University.
  75. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, from the National Research Council.
  76. LBL Imaging and Distributed Computing Group
  77. Legion, Large scale "metacomputing" project, parallel, OO, etc..
  78. Linux, portable Unix system with emphasis on PC systems.
  79. Linux, Information about Linux from CymruNet .
  80. LLNL's Advanced Telecommunication Program
  81. LLNL's ES Network, Energy Sciences Network.
  82. Magic, gigabit test bed. ATM over OC48 and other lines.
  83. Marketing in Computer-Mediated Environments, from Vanderbilt University.
  84. Media Farm, multimedia for public use, Keio University.
  85. Media Futures Program, at SRI International.
  86. MICE, Multimedia Integrated Conferencing for Europe.
  87. Minnesota Internet Center, Helps MN communities plan and use IT for community development.
  88. MIT Communications Policy Research Program
  89. MIT Telecom Archives, ftp service, Boston, Ma.
  90. MIT Telemedia, Networks, and Systems Group, Boston, Ma.
  91. Multimedia Application Development Environment (MADE), European project.
  92. Nectar, high-performance networks and applications, CMU.
  93. Nero, Network for Education and Research in Oregon - ATM LAN, etc..
  94. NetBill, Electronic Commerce Project from CMU.
  95. Next Generation Internet (NGI) Initiative, US high speed Internet project.
  96. Nottingham, U.K. Communications Research Group
  97. NOW project, network of workstations, from University of California.
  98. NTT Media Lab
  99. NTT Telecommunication Networks Laboratories
  100. Obsolete Computer Museum, Physical machines and Web descriptions.
  101. Open Microprocessor systems Initiative (OMI), European program (ESPRIT) to develop microprocessor technology.
  102. Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), Various Web/Web security related projects/info..
  103. OpenSSL Project, Collaborative project to develop open source SSL.
  104. Optical Networking, and Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) from IBM.
  105. Ottawa, Canada - Network Services and Interfaces Laboratory
  106. ParaStation, Workstation parallel clustering project, University of Karlsruhe.
  107. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, Server-side HTML embedded scripting language, GNU freeware.
  108. Portable Parallel File Systems
  109. Pride, Policy based Routing, Implementation and Deployment in Europe.
  110. Project EDISON, European Distributed Interactive Simulation over Networks .
  111. Project Oxygen, Telecommunication cable complex for global multimedia communication.
  112. Regent University College of Communication, special programs in communications.
  113. Research Institute for Telecommunications and Information Marketing, University of Rhode Island.
  114., low latency, serial, optical, shared memory interconnect, from Sun Microsystems.
  115. Scalable I/O Facility, developing approaches to high performance parallel data transfer, LLNL.
  116. Scalable I/O Initiative, investigation of data movement in parallel systems, CIT.
  117. Squid Web Proxy Cache, Web proxy cache project from NLANR.
  118. Stanford University Center for Information Technology (CIT)
  119. States Inventory Project, The, On-line clearinghouse for US state information infrastructures.
  120. Steve Hogan, Cartoonist and illustrator, artwork - e.g. for Web sites.
  121. Stuttgart University Communications group, CSD-BelWü, in the RUS.
  122. SuperJANET, information, U.K.
  123. Tactical Advanced Signal Processor Program (TASP), Navy program to standardize DSP equipment.
  124. Technorealism, Developing principles for the information age.
  125. Telecommunications Research Institute, Katana.
  126. TRON Project, from the Dept. of Information Science, Univ. of Tokyo.
  127. U.C. Berkeley Tenet group, real-time protocol research.
  128. Vision and Autonomous Systems Center, at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).
  129. Wisconsin Wind Tunnel (WWT)
  130. World Wide Web History Project, The, Project to record and publish the history of the Web.
  131. WPKG, Open source software deployment, upgrade, removal program for Windows.
  132. www-buyinfo, Info. and mailing list about WWW commerce [from AT&T Bell Labs].
  133. Xunet, network (recent Charts) and the related BLANCA gigabit network testbed.

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