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Usenet News Groups (and 4 Cross References)

Note: if you have trouble linking to these newsgroups, you may have to work on getting your browser to link properly to your usenet feed. Consult your browser documentation for more information.

  1. alt.dcom
  2. alt.dcom.telecom
  3. alt.dcom.telecom.ip
  4. alt.fax, and FAQs - General Fax information.
  5. alt.hypertext, and FAQs - info about WWW and Xanadu.
  6. alt.internet.access.wanted, and FAQ - Help on how to get Internet access.
  7., and FAQs - Information about various Internet services.
  8., and FAQs - General information about Internet Talk Radio.
  9., and FAQs - General online and Internet services - FAQ has Internet book list.
  10. alt.privacy, and FAQs - General privacy issues.
  11., and FAQs - Underground radio.
  12., and FAQs - General computer security.
  13., and FAQs - PGP = Pretty Good Privacy - readily available public key encryption.
  14., and FAQs - RIPEM - public key encryption from RSA.
  15. alt.usenet.offline-reader, - FAQs - general discussion of access to usenet "offline" (e.g. via modem).
  16. alt.winsock, and FAQs - Socket library for PC windows.
  17. alt.zines, and FAQs - zines are sort of short informal maga"zines", usually distributed electronically.
  18. aus.comms, and FAQs - group for Australian networking.
  19. aus.computers, and FAQs - group for Australian computing.
  20.,, and FAQs - Australian networking subgroups.
  21. bit.admin, and FAQs - Bitnet administration issues.
  22. bit.listserv.banyan-l, and FAQs - discussing the "Banyan" and "Vines" networking schemes.
  23. bit.listserv.big-lan, and FAQs - Administration of large Local Area Networks (LANs).
  24., and FAQs - computer business services.
  25. biz.sco.announce, biz.sco.general, biz.sco.opendesktop, FAQs - Santa Cruz Operations (SCO).
  26., and FAQs - computer storage.
  27. comp.bbs.waffle, and FAQs - discusses the Waffle usenet bulletin board service.
  28. comp.compression, comp.compression.research and FAQs - data compression.
  29. comp.dcom.cabling, and FAQs - LAN cabling, including EIA/TIA 568 references.
  30. comp.dcom.cell-relay, and FAQs - Cell Relay-based products.
  31. comp.dcom.fax, and FAQs - Fax hardware, software, and protocols.
  32. comp.dcom.fax.cabling (for LANs and Telecom)
  33. comp.dcom.isdn, and FAQs - Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN).
  34. comp.dcom.lans.ethernet, and FAQs - Discussions of the Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 protocols.
  35. comp.dcom.lans.fddi, and FAQs - Discussions of the FDDI protocol suite.
  36. comp.dcom.lans.hyperchannel, and FAQs - Hyperchannel networks within an IP network.
  37. comp.dcom.lans.misc, and FAQs - Local area network hardware and software.
  38. comp.dcom.lans.token-ring, and FAQs - Installing and using token ring networks.
  39. comp.dcom.modems, and FAQs - Data communications hardware and software.
  40. comp.dcom.servers, Selecting and operating data communications servers.
  41., and FAQ - Info on Cisco routers and bridges.
  42. comp.dcom.sys.wellfleet, Wellfleet bridge & router systems hardware & software.
  43. comp.dcom.telecom, Telecommunications digest. (Moderated).
  44., Discussion of technical aspects of telephony.
  45. comp.groupware, and FAQs - discussion of groupware products.
  46. comp.infosystems, the general discussion group for network information systems:.
  47. comp.multimedia, and FAQs - discussion of multimedia systems and products.
  48. comp.protocols.appletalk, Applebus hardware and software.
  49. comp.protocols.dicom, and FAQs - Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine.
  50., Networking with IBM mainframes.
  51. comp.protocols.iso, and FAQs - The ISO protocol stack.
  52., The ISO Development Environment.
  53. comp.protocols.iso.x400, X400 mail protocol discussions.
  54. comp.protocols.iso.x400.gateway, X400 mail gateway discussions. (Moderated).
  55. comp.protocols.kerberos, and FAQs - The Kerberos authentication server.
  56. comp.protocols.kermit, Info about the Kermit package. (Moderated).
  57. comp.protocols.misc, Various forms and types of protocol.
  58. comp.protocols.nfs, Discussion about the Network File System protocol.
  59. comp.protocols.pcnet, Topics related to PCNET (a personal computer network).
  60. comp.protocols.ppp, and FAQs - Discussion of the Internet Point to Point Protocol.
  61. comp.protocols.snmp, Simple Network Management Protocol.
  62. comp.protocols.tcp-ip, and FAQs - TCP and IP network protocols.
  63., Topics related to Domain Style names.
  64. comp.protocols.tcp-ip.ibmpc, and FAQs - TCP/IP for IBM compatible personal computers.
  65. comp.protocols.time.ntp, The network time protocol.
  66. comp.std.wireless
  67., Modems & communication cards for the PC.
  68., Network hardware & equipment for the PC.
  69. comp.sys.proteon, Proteon gateway products.
  70. e-mail elm, and its' FAQ.
  71. e-mail mh, and its' FAQ.
  72. e-mail MIME, multimedia mail extensions.
  73. e-mail misc, ellaneous e-mail systems and some general FAQs.
  74. e-mail sendmail, and its' FAQ.
  75. e-mail smail, and its' FAQ.
  76. eunet.politics, and FAQ - European networking.
  77. gopher
  78., and FAQ - the "ph" personal data (e.g. phone number) access system.
  79. interpedia
  80. Nibble Information Systems, Uncensored usenet newsgroup access and online clip art (e.g. icons).
  81. sci.crypt, The science of cryptography (in general and not politics).
  82. talk.politics.crypto, discussion of the politics of cryptography.
  83., and a FAQ on Internet providers - networking in the UK,
    also uk.telecom.
  84. wais
  85. www.misc, www.providers, and www.users. FAQs - about such network information systems.
    Also, comp.infosystems.announce to announce new services.

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